Nearly 150K Hacking Attempts into S.C. Voter Registration On Election Day

A poll worker assists voters casting their ballots in the U.S. Republican presidential primary at a polling place at Kilbourne Park Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina February 20, 2016. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

According to a South Carolina State Election Commission report, hackers tried to infiltrate South Carolina’s voter registration system nearly 150,000 times on election day.

The state reportedly didn’t find enough evidence to suggest the attempted breaches were successful.

President Trump won the state of South Carolina by large margins in the 2016 election.

The election commission said the hacking attempts were likely the work of pre-programmed computer bots.

Some states, like neighboring Georgia, have gaping holes in their election software, but officials have been reluctant to push for modernization.

  • trid2bnrml

    that we know of.

  • Ian Campbell

    Last I heard was the electronic system was utilized by an outside company with possible ties to G. Soros. Start peeling back the layers and see the collusion there.

  • Matt

    And like the Democrat’s said
    There’s is no voter fraud
    The dead voters have risen and are trying to vote
    i bet they’re all Democrats too

  • TexanForever

    That’s 150,000 attempts in just South Carolina alone. How many were successful? And what about the other states? … The truth is that Trump also won the popular vote by a wide margin.

  • Dexter Morgan

    Here’s a suggestion to any and every state that doesn’t have a paper trail tying back to their votes. GET ONE !

  • Toots

    So Georgia needs to up grade their soft ware asap.

  • BillVA

    No longer will Democrats come screeching to the curb on election night with boxes full of “discovered” ballots. They’ll just show up and pull a thumb drive out of their pockets with the required extra votes on them.

  • Bill Jr

    Nearly 150K Hacks Per Minute Registered In S.C. At Polling Places On Election Day. RJ Reynolds Says It Has Nothing To Do With Smoking Tobacco, It Was The Gags, Coughs and Bile Coming Up As People Tried To Vote For Hillary Clinton.

  • Kim C

    Democrats only win when they cheat. If we were to clean up the voting process and make it honest, they’d probably never win again.

    • Dexter Morgan

      Hey Kim, you do realize there are more registered Democrats than the Republicans in the United States? Yet the majority of States have Republican dominated legislative branches. How do you think that happens?

      • Scotty

        Probably because so many democraps are disgusted by their representatives stupidity.

      • intimeforthedime

        “you do realize there are more registered Democrats than the Republicans in the United States”,
        this may or may not be factual, but given the way our leaders are elected with “ELECTORAL VOTES”, it does not matter if there are 5 billions Democrats and only 1,000 Republicans. If all the Democraps live in one state, then they get a total of those electoral votes. The rest go to the 1,000 republicans.
        So your logic has ZERO meaning in the real world.
        Go google and learn something about how our elections work before you puke your garbage around here.
        Done with that conversation.

        • Matt

          But if they ever checked and removed the Dead ones
          what would the count be?

          • trid2bnrml

            minus about 5 million or so…

          • FreedomFighter

            at least that much!!

      • trid2bnrml

        “the majority of States have Republican dominated legislative branches” BECAUSE EVEN DEMOCRATS ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE LYING, THIEVING DNC LEADERS! Even THEY expect better than pelosi, feinstein, mccain, maxine waters etc…

      • Tango Uniform

        Glad you asked. It’s the same math where Trump overwhelmingly won the electoral college and became president. State legislative districts choose members of the electoral college. Most major cities are overflowing with raw democrats. Most of America’s surface area and legislative districts aren’t part of a major city and tend to vote more conservative. Remember, America is not a democracy. She is a representative republic, so two wolves and a lamb don’t vote on what to eat for lunch and they don’t vote on who the next president is.

  • Mick60

    It was either the Dems or the (other) globalists.

  • Kent Amick

    Hacking and changing the vote is next to impossible because our nation’s voting system is completely decentralized, with
    different processes and equipment used in thousands of different
    locations. Hackers could get into voter registration records, but nearly half the jurisdictions also have paper ballots as a back-up system… no voter ID though. Paper ballots are a necessity, and voter ID is a necessity, unless of course, you want to allow hackers into our registration records to be able to actually change the vote.

  • Steve Garay

    This was done during the primaries? If so, we know who it was, and not the Russians

  • Kestrel Blackfeather

    Were these actual hacking attempts, or were they:
    1. Security scans (either by government agencies or other actors; a scan is not a hack)
    2. Automated attacks by botnets / worms / etc.
    3. Someone’s IPS freaking out and making false positives?

    What machines were “attacked”? What methods were used? What was the origination of the attacks? What was the time line for the attacks? Was there a DDoS attempt happening at the time in the data center in which the registration system is located?

    Lots of questions.

    • Jonney Quest

      Questions they will never give you an answer for. The media and law enforcement think the Public is stupid and can’t add things up. Little do they know all the technology they use comes from the Public, which shows how dumb they are.

    • Xanga

      You need to work there.

      • Kestrel Blackfeather

        I would love to work with a news organization and cover information technology, but I’m going to guess that the pay cut would be too large. (o:

    • trid2bnrml

      Um, a security scan OFTEN COMES BEFORE THE HACK. You check for an open a door before you walk through it.