NBC says Hoda Kotb to replace Lauer as ‘Today’ co-anchor

Television personality Hoda Kotb arrives at The Hollywood Reporter's 23rd annual Women in Entertainment breakfast, in Los Angeles
Television personality Hoda Kotb arrives at The Hollywood Reporter's 23rd annual Women in Entertainment breakfast, in Los Angeles, California December 10, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

January 3, 2018

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Television host Hoda Kotb was named the new co-anchor of the NBC News “Today” show on Tuesday, replacing former co-host Matt Lauer several weeks after the longtime anchor was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior, according to a network statement.

Kotb will join Savannah Guthrie during the first two hours of the popular program, starting at 7 a.m. EST (noon GMT), and become the first pair of women to host the show along with weatherman Al Roker and Orange Room host Carson Daly. Kotb will continue co-hosting the 10 a.m. hour of “Today” with Kathie Lee Gifford.

“It’s 2018 and we are kicking off the year right because Hoda is officially the co-anchor of Today,” said Guthrie, 46, who announced the news during the program’s opening moments.

Kotb, 53, quickly filled in as co-host when Lauer was fired on Nov. 28 after a female colleague complained to NBC officials about a pattern of inappropriate sexual behavior that began while they were on assignment at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia, according to the network.

At least two other women went to NBC with similar complaints against Lauer following the first allegation. None of the women has been publicly identified.

“Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort,” Lauer said after he was fired.

Reuters has not independently verified the accusations.

Kotb joined NBC News in 1998 as a correspondent and has co-hosted the fourth hour of “Today” with Gifford since 2008. She also hosts a program on Sirius XM satellite radio.

“Over the past several weeks, Hoda has seamlessly stepped into the co-anchor role alongside Savannah, and the two have quickly hit the ground running,” NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said in an email to staff, according to Today.com.

#SavannahHodaTODAY was a top-trending topic on Twitter following the announcement as fans and NBC News colleagues congratulated the host on her new position.

(Reporting by Gina Cherelus; Additional reporting by Susan Heavey in Washington D.C.; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)

  • iMacBob

    LoL this is listed under ‘ENTERTAINMENT’ !! 😂 ❄️ How fitting.

  • Stonecrusher

    Hoda, your fly trap is open.

  • obie tiger

    Just like with Affirmative Action we will have a period where women will be filling preciously held jobs by men. Some will deserve the job and others will be “tokens” as the pendulum swings.

  • Curly Surfhouse

    Imagine the hissy-fit Megyn must have thrown over this one!

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    Who cares, I don’t watch this liberal crap show.

  • Ed L

    Got to think she might have a thing for guns growing up in Oklahoma and West Virginia

  • Patriot_Ink

    Another intellectual dullard that looks like Manchelle’s “sistah.”

  • Andrew Estes

    Looks like there is an opening for Matt Lauer.

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    • Stonecrusher

      The mouth?

  • Quantum Leap

    The liberal media is constantly looking for opportunities to replace men with women. Lauer was slated to be a goner no matter what he did.

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      • Quantum Leap


  • Roy Beane

    So what. Don’t care. Another spoiled rotten rich liberal be-atch already grossly overpaid and overrated will now become even more grossly overpaid and overrated. Old news.

  • conquest915

    WHO CARES, the majority of working Americans don’t have time to watch that crap.

  • Stonecrusher

    Another wannabe who thinks that laughing with your mouth agape is attractive. Hildebeast is another. It is uncouth.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Pull her string, watch her act like a fool.

  • JohnGalt11

    Perfect for NBC. Qualifications – Female (and therefore unable to be a sexual predator – by lib definition)….check. Semi-black (TVs new color of ‘choice’, mocha)…check. Liberal to the roots (the kinky roots, not the bleached straightened blonde ones)…check. Devoid of any talent (a MUST for a TV ‘personality’)…check.
    Perfect for NBC and a shoe-in for an Emmy, a Pulitzer, an Oscar and a Noble prize.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Digging their hole deeper.

  • Greyford06

    Never heard of da ho!

  • What is it with parents giving their children unpronounceable names?

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      Immigrant parentage. We all came from immigrants.

      • conquest915

        Yeah, but mine did it legally and came for the love of America and not the love of their home country and just wanting the benefits of being American. How about yours?

        • Stonecrusher

          Back before the country was a country. On both sides, they came as colonists. BTW, No reason that the current immigration requirements shouldn’t apply to the Dreamers.

          • conquest915

            Yes, they came as colonist but the USA not a country with its own sovereignty at that time. Now some may claim it was native Americans that had sovereignty, but they were tribal and fragmented and fought amongst themselves for land and territory for thousands of years with no organized system of government. So the colonist were just another player in the on going land grab. And like all things in nature, the strongest, smartest survive and conquer when it comes to territory.

            Agreed on the no reason, They do apply now! How many of these so called Dreamers have applied for citizenship? They don’t have a problem applying for education finance and enrollment. They don’t have a problem with applying for social services. They can get citizenship by doing military service for one. So why don’t they go thru the steps instead of demanding a right they don’t have or have earned? So you tell me why.

          • Stonecrusher

            Slippery slope.

  • Andrew Estes

    I would sue the photographer who posted this picture. I pray she is not on her knees.

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    I think that she is a guy wearing a wig and a dress.

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    Did her parents come up with that name by staring into a bowl of alphabet soup?

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      Her name makes absolutely no sense- forward, backward, scrambled nor abbreviated. Alphabet soup explains it all. You are correct!

      • Mike Drop

        She makes absolutely no sense- forward, backward, scrambled nor abbreviated.

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    Fake news ……..

  • William Everett Hendry bhendry

    Replace one swamp-dweller with another. Of all the new and fresh talent in our country available to recruit they pick [hillary-liberal-worned-out] heads. Let OANN find you some candidates, they know how to pick’em!. On second thought, forget that, you’ve found The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

  • Tym O’Byrne

    Will they be having “Slappy Tuesdays” during the morning show now? Funny how Hoda gets a spanking from Cathy every Tuesday and thats not a problem.

  • pemaddin

    Great move by NBC, I am kind of shocked to see them make a good decision. Hoda will keep the show alive and interesting.

  • ibbolton9

    An unknown source says she had sexual relationships with 77 teenage minors. Or maybe she was a 15 year old at the time, source unclear about timing. Source did indicate that at least one minor could see Russia from his back yard, therefore, there could be collusion! Dossier to follow.

  • Donald York

    Better make sure she is clean. No payoff’s for sexually abusing men a decade ago. No seriously .

  • No Mas

    Oh, ba jeebus!!!!! these people are friggin NUTZ!~!!!!!!
    intelligence of a rock, personality of a robot, and humor of a Sanitarium inmate.

  • AtomicFury

    I’ve been in waiting rooms for my parents’ appointments and endured hearing the tripe from these shows. The commercial ads are more interesting – and I can’t stand commercial ads.

  • semper liber

    Don’t know anything about her. Is she homosexual or heterosexual? Obviously she is a liberal. Mixed race? Vegan? Single, married? Believes in global/climate/warming/change/Polar Bears are dying? Recently adopted a black child from some impoverished African Country? Has she had a serious illness recently to draw the sympathy vote? Since a straight, white, conservative christian female stands no chance of getting a top job, I suspect this woman probably is the perfect P.C. model.

    • obie tiger

      Involved with Joel Schiffman, is Egyptian American, grew up in Morgantown, WV and Alexandra, Virginia, had breast cancer and is now a big supporter, went to Virginia Tech, adopted a baby girl last girl (race is unknown), works for NBC so probably a liberal, unknown about climate and polar bears.

  • Living in the Times

    I have briefly watched Hoda and Lauer. From what little I know of each, they just seem to be on opposite ends of the reporting scale. Not sure that she is the best fit for this job. Doing a talk show with Kathy Lee Gifford giggling and sipping cocktails in the AM is a far jump from a morning news program.

    • AtomicFury

      Since when do they care about news?

      • Living in the Times

        More of a news BASED program that Hoda’s former show.

    • FromThe70s

      Right, she will have to drink off air and sexually molest people in her office. Big jump in responsibility.

      • Living in the Times

        Yes it is. The two programs are completely different forums. That was my point.

  • HonestTom

    How to get to the top in the media (and politics) …climb the pile of corpses of the fallen right to the top.

  • Joseph Crowder

    I have potatoes that are brighter and more interesting than Hoda. What a bunch of daft losers…

    • TexanForever

      Look at the bright side; at least she didn’t hit a bong on camera like the Cannabis Network News lady did.

  • Varangian Guard

    Will they start serving cocktails on that show now?

    • Living in the Times

      I wonder what crowd they were trying to reach with the cocktail in the AM theme? Sure isn’t the working class!

    • Tony Anthony

      my first thought.. she can now stat drinking at 7am. be totally buzzed by the time she get to the 4th hour


    Hoda will do a great job she’s smart & funny .

    • CD Ard

      Spoken by more alphabet soup. Maybe we can keep you all contained in the same bowl.

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  • HarryObrian

    Well I guess that’s one way for women to break the glass ceiling. Heaven forbid they do it earnestly.

    • Living in the Times

      I am sure there are many “earnest” and qualified women to fill this position. I just don’t think Hoda is one of them.

      • whoselineisitanyway

        Have to have “diversity” you know.

        • Living in the Times

          Yea, good ole diversity.

          • Vera Orsova

            My sentiments exactly. And I am a woman, too. It offends me that certain positions are awarded to women simply because they are women.

          • whoselineisitanyway

            I’m 74 and am disgusted with modern day females. Dress like a hooker, guess what people treat you like a hooker.

          • AtomicFury

            Dress like whores, expect to be treated like queens.

          • Living in the Times

            Yes! I think these redundant current “women’s movements” have done nothing for women but set them back. They are foolish. If you are truly an intelligent and successful woman you don’t need to scream and rant and march wearing ridiculous attire. Your actions speak for themselves. However, the left protest’s are comical to watch…if you can stand it!

      • HarryObrian

        I was inferring to all this decades old #metoo crap being funded by the mentally challenged silver-spooned anti-Americans who deplete their trust funds for political partisan BS.. I’m sure you’ll see many maids-in-waiting filling the vacated posts of old men who once had testosterone and power.

        • Vera Orsova

          Diversity, you say? When the majority of TV “personalities” is women, diversity is clearly out of the window. I wish someone out there, deciding who to appoint for a certain role or position, would have enough brains to select the best people for the job. The best, as in “the most qualified”, not the “best” because it is a woman, minority, transgender, etc.

          • No Mas

            They limit “diversity” to multiple races that have identical irresponsible and selfish ideals.
            Redistribute your stuff so they live better.

            Oh and HATING all Caucasion (especially conservative freedom and liberty types) success is the primary goal.

          • Living in the Times

            WELL STATED!!!! Agree 100%! I posted a similar comment. Shouldn’t be about PC but about qualifications!

          • HarryObrian

            You forgot married to or sleeping with a politician as many of the media talking heads are and do.
            Nepotism is as old as time but full on censorship via PC that puts the wrong people in wrong job was created back in 1992 when they put Bill and Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife in the WH and it’s been rabid ever since.