Napoleon feted in Czech reenactment of Battle of Austerlitz

Czech history enthusiasts dressed as soldiers march near the southern Moravian town of Slavkov u Brna
Czech history enthusiasts dressed as soldiers march ahead of a re-enactment of Napoleon's famous battle of Austerlitz, that will take place tomorrow, near the southern Moravian town of Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic December 1, 2017. REUTERS/David W Cerny

December 2, 2017

(Reuters) – Cannons roared and horses’ hooves pounded across the battlefield on which French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte won one of his most famous victories as hundreds of people took part in a weekend reenactment of the Battle of Austerlitz.

Known as the Battle of the Three Emperors, the clash which was fought on Dec. 2, 1805 saw Napoleon’s Grande Armee defeat a larger Russo-Austrian force through tactical brilliance.

The annual Czech event saw enthusiasts in historical costume wielding muskets, pistols and sabres as they re-enacted the clash, which historians regard as one of the most important battles of the Napoleonic wars.

(Writing by Mark Hanrahan in London; editing by Alexander Smith)

  • Osman Pasha

    Austerlitz was a masterpiece, but the most consequential battle (importance times how it countered the circumstances around it) of the nineteenth century was the one I won, Plevna in 1877. If I hadn’t held off the Russians for 3 months, they would have taken Istanbul, my Ottoman Empire would have crumbled, and the Middle East would look far different from what it looks like today.

  • jenshadus

    That must have been fun to watch. For all of Napoleon’s faults, he really was brilliant. He started schools for girls, the Napeolonic code gave women a lot of rights, and he was tactically brilliant. Too bad he didn’t know when to stop.

    • Osman Pasha

      I agree — like Hitler, Napoleon could do nothing about Britain, and that in the end ensured his downfall. It’s too bad that the Bonaparte name got further sullied by his nincompoop nephew, Napoleon III.