N. Korean General Details Guam Strike Plan, American B-1B Bombers Flies with Allies

One of two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers is refueled during a 10-hour mission flying to the vicinity of Kyushu, Japan, the East China Sea, and the Korean peninsula, over the Pacific Ocean August 8, 2017. (U.S. Air Force/Airman 1st Class Gerald Willis/Handout via REUTERS)

August 10, 2017
OAN Newsroom

In what may be its boldest move yet, North Korea details an upcoming plan to launch missiles targeted for waters off the coast of Guam.

Its head of strategic force’s released a statement Thursday morning saying talks with President Trump are not possible, and only force will work.

He also outlined his plan to launch four intermediate-range missiles, which would fly over Japan and land around 20 miles from Guam.

However, this will need approval from Kim Jong Un in the next week before its carried out.

In a show of military force, two American B-1B bombers fly alongside the our South Korean and Japanese allies during a series of bilateral missions.

After taking off from the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, the aircraft flew over Japan and the Korean Peninsula during a 10 hour mission before landing back in Guam.

Photos show the group practicing intercept and formation training following North Korea’s threat against the U.S. territory.

A pilot on the mission said the more “we interface with our allies the better prepared we are to fight.”

  • Guest

    Next time they fire any missiles take them out and continue to do so,,,,,

  • Realist

    REMEMBER THE USS PUEBLO incident!!!!!!!

  • Roy Beane

    Nuke arrival in Guam — 14 minutes. Hawaii — 17 minutes. Hollywood, Calif — 22 minutes.
    San Fran — 23 minutes. NYC — 45 minutes. ( Assuming missile speed of 17,500 mph is maintained.)

  • Sonny Shaw

    This is the result of Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama not doing anything to curb this maniac. Now they will blame Trump for the hell of it…

  • Roy Beane

    Instead of an all out nuclear shoot out, Probably best to send in some Navy Seals to arrange a convenient Black Ops nuclear “accident” for Fat Boy Slim, making N. Korea uninhabitable for the next 10,000 years. Even China and Dennis Rodman won’t want to vacation there.

  • daisydoyle

    Amazing to me the readers of this web site are so badly informed in the face of serious danger to our country.

  • Rhoadie

    Nuke No Korea now.

  • Tado

    Maxine and Dennis.
    Back Channel.


    If it would only take one seal it would have been done a long time ago

  • 10X

    C’mon…if the zippers were serious about attacking us do you think they would be telegraphing their plans? That’s insane.

  • Fight4theRight

    Lets them bomb Hawaii and west coast snowflakes first then take NK down.

  • deadandwicked

    Kim is just plainly a psychotic raised by psychotics…this most likely makes him Bat #%$^ crazy his entire life. How could you ever trust someone who never stops smiling. As Pink Floyd so succinctly put it, The Lunatic is on the path.

  • deadandwicked

    we should stuff that fat cabbage patch freak and let South Korea use him for a Pinata. This is the day that I thank All Mighty God that Trump is in office instead of Pansy Obummer or Killary.

  • Ted Coronel

    What a beautiful sight! B-1B!

  • Dr Food

    At least it would then be visible from a satelite at night!

  • Michael Benson

    This has happened before but with different players. The Cuban Missile Crisis or October Surprise or 13 Days in October 1962. President Trump as Kennedy, Kim Jong Un as Castro, and Xi Jinping as Nikita Khrushchev. With 80-85% of N. Korea’s goods comes from China, Xi Jinping could put sanctions on N. Korea but will they? As China trades with the USA is at question, Xi Jinping might be using N. Korea as a bargaining chip. How can one be trusted that murdered his own step-brother, of one that videoed innocent citizens and punished them if they didn’t show adequate emotion at Kim Jong Il’s funeral, one that will execute anyone caught with English material.

  • Susie Que

    As soon as a missile drops within any US boundary we need to immediately retaliate with focused military force to kill that fat NK idiot. If we do not, he will end up killing Americans. If we act in response to an invasion of our territory then we will be justified. Do not wait for Americans to die before action is taken!

  • Kevin Krueger

    NK Fat Boy will probably make a stupid move during the 2018 Winter
    Olympics in SK in February!

    Then watch the whole world light up North Korea!

  • AshJonson

    Don’t listen to a thing the liebral clowns in DC say. Wimps will get us all killed. NOKO is a zit on a pigs asss.

  • Rabbit1949

    KJU must learn that he is NOT dealing with a career politician……

    • Pam

      And we thank God for that

  • dbMurrDog1568

    It’s time to raise old glory in nk.

  • LucaBrasi

    Loretta Lynch wants to meet Kim Jung Goon on the Tarmac.

  • Red

    Go SEALS

  • Midair refueling! Cool!

    • Pezgun

      That is an indispensable job that can get hairy on a moment’s notice. I thank him for his service.

      • I’ll send him your thanks in my prayers, meanwhile you have mine. He died in 2001.
        Yes, he told me of a few close calls in lining up with the jets.. Before he did that he was a gunner, so the “seating” arrangement was similar – kind of lonesome sounds like. This was around the time of the Korean War in the 50s when midair refueling was new. He was stationed in Guam for awhile. He really loved that job.

  • Peter G

    1 bullet = saving many, many lives

  • Jesse

    Surely he can’t be serious giving out his attack plans? He is serious. And don’t call him Surly.

    • famouswolf

      He’s got a boss who is nuts, and will firing squad him if he doesn’t? It doesn’t mean they can do anything except threaten.

  • turnipweed

    Breathe. The little pot-bellied, dog-eating dictator is only posturing. He knows he would join Saddam and Qadaffi if he really attacked. Let him posture, it tweaks China and they will eventually spank him. NK is becoming an embarrassment and liability since China has started modernizing. If Koo Koo Kim gets serious, his own Generals will have an et tu Brute moment. So not to worry, the MSM are over blowing this to make Trump look bad.

  • Brian Clinton

    Ain’t Inbreeding Fantastic!

  • 808Americans

    See what happens when a kicked-can meets the end of it’s road.

  • TRUMP 2020

    The party’s over, your dealing with a leader now….TRUMP!!!

  • Not A PC Guy

    Our word for the day: Bloviate. Example: N. Korean General BLOVIATES that he plans to strike Guam.
    Bloviate: To blow hot gas that smells like BS because that’s what it is. Or as Shakespeare put it, “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    • LOL You took the words right out of my mouth!!!

    • turnipweed

      Posturing. Kim wouldn’t dare. He values his life too much. It’s great to be king.

      • Dr Food

        King of what? A crap hole? I feel for those born and living in North Korea as they are literally trapped in a time wrap with no exit door. Pretty sad that the UN is so worried about redistribution of U.S> wealth and virtually ignores the atrocities in North Korea.

  • sandrala

    Take them out as soon as they leave NK’s air/sea space…Kim leaves no other choices.

  • Mocha

    Its sad it has come to this, kim jon does not even care about his own people, He is a horrible man, all those missiles launched into the ocean he is ruining the environment, ruining he own people. We will whoop his ass he will be sorry.

  • tj hessmon

    Interesting that a NK General made the statement and not the supreme leader. Medium range missiles can’t reach Guam (around 3200 km or 2000 mi). NK’s KN-08 can achieve 3000km which is about 200km – 120mi short of Guam, what would be the point?

    To fire missiles and fail would make North Korea the laughing stock of the world.
    Fact remains if NK possessed the ability to attack it would have already done such.
    NK obviously does not possess the ability to reach Guam with its missile capabilities, therefore Kim Un is simply an insane, ranting, tyrant. Something most of us had already assumed to be a fact

  • Pastor Bob West

    He scares the democrats and liberals, spits in our face like he did with Obama, so he will find out what real America thinks of his shenanigans after 8 years of having his way.

  • Biform25

    What’s the weather like tonight?
    Remember Baghdad?
    We don’t need to resort to nuclear weapons.
    You won’t see it coming fat boy.


  • Rhinobuster

    Hillary Clinton should invite Fat Kid to a meeting at Ft Marcy Park.

  • Philip Voida

    why is this garbage reported-it’s only purpose is to fool the NK people into thinking A) people OTHER than the regime want to harm them and B) even assuming their junk works that we will not annihilate them immediately after their one or two weapons are done fizzling. If we did not publish this crap you wouldn’t hear a peep out of those a-holes

  • Delia Vona

    How do we really know that Guam is the true target? Maybe it’s a distraction? It’s not easy to redirect a military force. What if they really want to hit California? President Trump says never tell the enemy what your plans are. Maybe NK believes that too.

    • antiliberal00

      If they hit CA, it would be a win for us.

      • Not A PC Guy

        I live in CA and totally agree.

      • SendThemPacking

        Give them Peelo see’s coordinates.

    • tj hessmon

      North Korea is not stupid enough to piss in its own food bowl. It must live in Asia with the Japanese and South Koreans after this incident has played through. North Korea knows whats in store should the piss off their neighbors. This current response means the Chinese have told them … your on your own.

  • My Head

    N.K. intends to fly missiles over South Korea, over Hiroshima and just shy of Guam. I’m sure Japan isn’t too keen on that. If Japan takes action, or asks it’s allies, I’d fully support it. Here at home, if Trump takes no action the liberals will call him weak. If he takes action, they will call him a war monger.

    • Not A PC Guy

      But then, who gives a flying phuque what the Libtards think anyway?

      • FreedomFighter

        You got it!!! Those morons are irrelevant now.

      • KennyEee

        As long as we can keep them out 2020!!

    • Brian Clinton

      Truism. You can’t win with LIBTARDS!

  • MisterSandman

    That’s a great picture of a Lancer right there…except…what’s that coming from the wingtips? OH MY GOD!!!! They’re spraying CHEMTRAILS! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! AAAIIIGGGHHH!

    Shout out to the tinfoil hat crowd…LOL.

    • Pezgun

      Look at the fog all along the top of the Wings. That is one badass bird that does not like to fly slow.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    I say, there is something fishy here, in Rhode Island. My better intuition leads me to believe there is a case of bait and switch going on here. You don’t telegraph the pitch, boy. Keep the batter thinking.

    • MisterSandman

      Likely a brash way of telling the U.S. that “these aren’t armed missiles and they won’t hit Guam, so please don’t vaporize us when we launch them.”

      • tj hessmon

        A Complete miss of Guam will make for tonnes of laughing material about the supreme leader for decades to come. I can picture it on Saturday night live now or in a Mel Brooks movie.

      • famouswolf

        If they are really unlucky, they will hit Guam, and we have our excuse.

    • tj hessmon

      Since Kim did not say it, he has plausible deniability and someone to feed to the dogs when this all goes south … which it will… but look at it this way, the 7th fleet will have a live target to work with as they test missile defense systems.

  • Bob Ritthsler

    The response problem comes if these 4 missiles head towards Guam, but not close, and are unarmed. Can we tell if, while in flight, the missile as armed with a nuke?

    • Red

      No we can’t we need to be careful of deceptive intelligence, stick to conventional until we know, use the systems that shoot down incoming missiles

  • Red

    We need to be careful of deceptive intelligence, this may also be a ruse to keep us off his real target, be smart prez. Trump WATCH HIM ( KJU )

    • Delia Vona

      I agree 100%

  • semper liber

    Does NK have smart bomb technology? So far all I see in the news is launch, flight and fall into the sea. Looks more like saber rattling than actual ability.

    • MisterSandman

      Ballistic missiles are not guided…they are aimed, then they follow a ballistic path to the target…hence the name.

  • Red

    Watching a piece on Viceland, they interviewed a man that escaped NK, AND KJU won’t feed his people BUT will spend money on weapons AND then blame the no food on the U.S. dude is CRAZY

    • MisterSandman

      Actually, that was his dad…Kim Jong Il. He has actually done quite a bit to put a stop to the cycles of famine in NK, but he could end all of the hardship for his people if he would just give up the reigns of power, embrace a democratic republic model of government, embrace capitalism and stop waving his d*ck at the U.S.

      • Red

        That’s if he can find it

  • Red

    Nukes are NOT a smart choice, but a butt load of conventional weapons should be able to drive NK into the ground, one day of continuous runs would fry his azz

  • Red

    Nukes are NOT a smart choice, but a butt load of conventional weapons should be able to drive NK into the ground, one day of continuous runs would fry his azz

  • ArmyAviator

    W may yet, need to glassify, Pyongyang.

    • gregg56

      An unannounced, surgical strike at multiple military targets, with conventional warheads will be more than enough to make our point and reduce NKs ability to retaliate.

  • Tillytalks

    Take the fat kid out once and for all.

    • Big Al

      Better yet Tilly:

      Mike Huckabee: Kim Jong Un Will Kill Himself If Trump Sends Maxine Waters To North Korea….LOL

      Love Mike!

      • Tillytalks

        Yeah I liked Mike’s suggestion too!


    What Discussion-Terms have been offered by KIM JONG UN? ANY???? His Generals say “No Talk w/Trump Possible”….What have they tried ‘Talking’ about? KIM must DIE.

    • Brian Clinton



        Guy, You ain’t much for writing, huh? HATE ICONS and TEXT-TALK …and those who love ’em so….


    That fat gook hasn’t got much time left.

  • Betty Dawson

    The fat Korean dictator needs to cover himself with his favorite barbecue sauce; cause he’s going to be fried crispy real soon.

    • Heremeroor

      I believe it’s Miso…lol


      It will cost many US Lives…

      • MisterSandman

        This is true…we have hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops in S. Korea that would be in danger. Nukes are not a good option…better to use conventional weapons to take out their nukes and make KJU assume room temperature.

        • Rhinobuster

          Six Seal team members could fix this problem.

          • dskap201

            Not as easy as some as yourself may think!

        • wildfire1944

          Currently there are about 28,500 troops in South Korea . The last time there was “hundreds of thousands ” was 1953

          • MisterSandman

            I meant to write “tens of thousands”…my bad.


            160,000 US Citizens and Military ON GUAM……THAT is area under PROMISED ATTACK!

        • FreedomFighter

          We won’t be using a nuke. A MOAB will fry Fatboy just as crispy.


          UNSUBSCRIBE me please…..

      • Betty Dawson

        If this North Korean threat isn’t fixed fast it could cost many more lives PERIOD.

    • MisterSandman

      You should always apply the barbecue sauce in the final few minutes so it doesn’t burn…c’mon, man!

  • Bill Jr

    “In what may be its boldest…” Movement of Lips Yet The Head of North Korea’s Strategic Force’s Outlined his plan to Lunch With Four Intermediate Weight Guamanian Girls Saying his Missile Was Fully Cocked and Ready For a Romp! Our North Korean Girls are Just Too Skinny, Ever Try Making It With a Bag of Bones? It Hurts.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    FAT BOY…………………..Prepare for anhillation!!

    • Heremeroor

      Pikachu should be given an option: Fat Man or Little Boy…

      • Clinicaleducator1

        I’d prefer B-61

        • Heremeroor

          That’ll work…

  • Volman482

    Bring them down!!

  • saliwanadochakakhan

    Fly missiles OVER Japan?
    What moron would say that?
    Heads up warning to legitimately shoot down airspace violations-weird
    More fake news?

    • tedlv

      I’m confused by your comment. It’s a ballistic missile. Japan is between NK and Guam. Are there expected to fly around Japan? I didn’t know ballistic missiles could do that.

      • saliwanadochakakhan

        Not a geography question
        Not a physics question

  • lou will

    “Photos show the group practicing intercept and formation training following North Korea’s threat against the U.S. territory.”

    That’s interesting. Will they also practice against the missiles launched by NK? No doubt that would cause a firestorm at CNN.

  • Observer8710

    Maybe the THAAD missile should shoot the North Korean missiles before they leave Korean air space…


      Maybe MASS ATTACK w/100’s of Missiles with MIRV’s…and besure to ROOT OUT KIM’S BUNKER…..Dig DEEP Pit by NUKE over HIS Bunker!

    • Freethinker00

      We have the ability but don’t know if his nukes go hot the moment they are launched. The result could be fallout on China and South Korea. If air born the risk is for Japan