Minn. Commerce Dept. Recommends Against Line 3 Pipeline

September 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Minnesota Commerce Department recommends against the $6.5 billion pipeline project, which would update the oil-transporting infrastructure in the state.

Energy company Enbridge is seeking to replace the Line 3 Pipeline that transports Canadian oil from Alberta to the terminals in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Enbridge has secured construction permits in Canada and Wisconsin for the 1,000 mile pipeline that would transport almost 800,000 barrels per day.

Some Minnesota officials say the projected environmental risks of the pipeline upgrade outweigh the estimated benefits to the state.

  • oneprivateer

    You sound like a progressive liberal teacher!

  • Tango Uniform

    How does not replacing the line enhance commerce?

  • Constitutionalist56

    Warren Buffet owns most of the railroads that are transporting oil. Small wonder that Minnesota “democrats” are protecting his best interests

  • weldon2

    Good… Let them see/feel the effects of restricted flow. Maybe they will learn of the necessity of pipeline transport. Europe is planning a dry pipeline, for cargo, to take some pressure off highways and RR.

  • AshJonson

    muslims getting their way in the Minnesota gubmint.

  • BigC

    I used to rail against the Electoral College but being a somewhat conservative New Yorker I believe each state should have similar. I am so tired of major metro areas ruling the day in states such as these. It is time for each county to have a say in their state’s policies.

  • BigC

    You get what you vote for….. Hmmm…. a professional wrestler and a professional swindler. What was it that Forrest Gump said? Something about stupid.

  • Okie

    idiots ! cant they see a disaster at those lakes when the line breaks

  • Paul Simanauskas

    Minnesota is one of the least tectonic active states in the Union. The risk of a pipeline failing is minimal. Railway systems are far more vulnerable to derailment and environmental disasters. Plus, if a train derails with oil in a town center, you could have mass casualties if they explode, whereas the pipeline seeks rural routes to impact the least amount of people. Minnesota’s government is full of leftist whiners, look at Al Franken, for instance. Trump should withhold federal funding for other libbie agendas until they agree to the pipeline.

  • Hottotrote

    In other words the Minnesota government & “environmentalists” wishes to make SURE the citizens of Minnesota are without jobs and the safety of a new and improved pipeline. THEY want a disaster or a pay off!

  • Pantiger

    Rediculous how crooked the new proposed route is compared to the old route. That sums it up.

  • ken

    what else did you except from people that has no clue that a new pipe line is way better than a old one, I don’t get why some of these idiots are against pipe lines do they not get its a pipe line its not going in an open ditch wheres the danger to the environment

  • danahan01 .

    Diapercrats can’t get the US too Venezuelan utopian status quickly enough!!

  • creek house

    Easy enough, take them to court and make them prove it.

  • Phill Martin

    It would seem that this could be violation of the commerce clause, a good could lawyer could argue that not letting their commerce through the great state of Minnesota is a violation of the Constitution.

  • Lawmadsen

    are you telling me that we can put a man on the moon but we can’t figure out how to make a safe pipeline? Of course we can do it safely, the chicken little “potential environmental impact” crowd greatly underestimates the abilities of man AND mother nature (the earth will always heal). Besides if we want to be safe and environmentally responsible then constant maintenance and upgrade of our infrastructure should be a priority.

  • Michael T Thompson

    I am not going to jump to conclusions.

    Minnesota is right next to N Dakota – that place where all the oil comes from. Why are we piping oil in from Canada? Serious question

    • Babylonandon

      The deal was to connect BOTH the fracking fields AND Canada to the pipelines and bring it all to the refineries. The Canadians don’t have the equipment to refine their heavy crude and we do.

  • RichBoyd

    I live in Minnesota and the twin cities wants to be like California, regardless what the rest of the state wants. The largest percent of the population lives in or around the twin cities so the rest of the state doesn’t get a vote. Last election the entire state was red except 8 counties so the vote went to the Democrats. Dayton needs to go but too many liberal tree hugging snowflakes in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area.

    • ChemicalDeath

      A liberal CESSPOOL, is what it is now!!

    • Jim

      That’s what I suspected. Liberals with zero sum environmentalist mentality.

  • A marcus Young

    Canada is digging up our gold and selling us our own oil. Shut that sht down!

  • conquest915

    Cut their gas supplies to their local service stations in Minnesota by 25% and I bet they will change their tune real quick.

    • Bud

      It wouldn’t take five minutes for an activist liberal judge to issue an injunction. Liberals must never, ever, ever suffer any consequences for their idiotic decisions.

  • ChemicalDeath

    More liberal nonsense from ‘Little Somalia’.

  • Reasonable Person

    Good! Fiscal prudence wins the day thank God!

    • Bud

      No “fiscal prudence” involved, unreasonable comrade. It’s private money.

  • P Cpley

    Land of 10,000 Flakes…

  • Harold Swift

    Screw Minnesota run it through Canada.

    • Bud

      Then it would have to come down from Canada through Wisconsin and….Illinois (without consulting a map). Good luck.

  • Tim Lass

    Yes, idiots. An aging pipeline is always a worse danger. But I noticed something else; the current older line passes directly through the main larger section and a smaller section of native-American Chippewa lands (reservation). The new more southern route completely skirts around them. Is that a factor?

    • ChemicalDeath

      Logic and reason evades liberals. They see the word ‘pipeline’ and instantly TRIGGER.

  • Brawny60

    By all means, transport by rail instead, thereby increasing the probability of harm to human health and the environment.
    Well done, politicians!

    • Babylonandon

      Warren Buffet’s railroad stock holdings just went way up.

    • Bud

      Plus, rail lines run right through major population centers.

      • Brawny60

        That alternative clearly puts human lives at risk.

  • Billy Bob!

    It must be Muskieites- he was such a cry baby! And so too are the democrats-

  • Bob

    A new pipeline poses a minimal environmental risk! This is what happens when social justice warriors run things! No common sense, only lies and inuendo!

  • mtmountainman

    Since, Minn officials are against it, the Feds should just cut the State off from all resources. Let’s see how long loving the environment will keep them alive and warm in those Minn. winters!!! Liberals= the epitomy of STUPIDITY,

    • Ed Corey

      Conservatives= closed minds

  • Thomas

    The same state that elected Jesse Ventura and Al Franken has a problem. I say fine, charge a .35 cent per gallon surcharge for all fuel purchased in Minnesota

    • ken

      35 cents that’s all? how about 3. 35 cents

  • fatboy46


  • Greg Fabrie

    All I can say is they are just fools waiting for a major disaster to happen to such a beautiful state within the United States.

  • piper60

    I used to live in Minnesota. They call it the land of 10,000 lakes. I call it the land of 10,000 idiots(politicians).

    • RMCS Ret.

      Me too. It’s been a long long time, but I still remember the political beliefs held by a large number of the populace. Just being Democrats isn’t enough, they have to modify it to Democrat Farm Labor. Doesn’t sound too bad until you find out it’s pretty much another way of saying Swedish style socialism.

    • A marcus Young

      I have heard that Minnesota is overrun with Islamic illegal immigrants. I guess it is Democrat Party’s Plan C In case the illegal immigration thing doesn’t work out.

      • Lawmadsen

        Well the population of MN was too homogenous and therefore lacked diversity which resulted in the systematic oppression often referred to as “Minnesota Nice”. Thank non-denominational god that the left imported muslims and pirates from somalia to enrich the state with diversity and put the rape and murder rate on par with urban national averages. It may seem hard to understand initially but this will make MN a better place more representative of the global population, just remember if MN had continued on it’s original path it may have ended up being known as “Minnesota downright friendly or even Minnesota nicest people ever” (shudder)

      • ken

        and that’s why its know as the stupid state

    • Babylonandon

      Minnesota – the land of 10,000 flakes. All of them are either teachers or politicians.

  • jomotro

    “Minnesota officials say the projected environmental risks of the pipeline upgrade outweigh the estimated benefits to the state.” That makes absolutely zero sense.

    • usa patriot

      2 them it does make sense. Minnesota Commerce Department and the whole state is run by DimoRats. When T old line breaks causing a disaster watch them come running to the Fed for $. Or maybe they should go C their old political buddy MoonBeam and get some $ from him. LOL

  • R A.

    Are the Minnesota officials out of their minds?
    An aging pipeline is a major recipe for disaster.

    • Gene Humphrey

      bingo! NOT running the new line is a risk to the environment! …idiots…

    • Captain Insano

      This is by design. Environmentalists don’t care one whip about the environment. Environmentalism is a means to an end, which is communism, and cutting off the pipeline altogether because of an environmental disaster is a cool two-fer for those people. If they ever do get their utopian workers paradise, they’ll live dirtier than we could even think of now, it always happens and it always will.

      • NavyCorpsman42

        one whit, not one whip

        • harvey50

          Mr. Corpsman, Mr.Perfect,why dont you concern yourself with your own spelling and leave everyone else”s comments alone. oops.

          • Jeffrey Waters

            I’ll bet when he was a kid, his Mom made him wear a tie to kid’s birthday parties…….

          • danahan01 .


          • NavyCorpsman42

            You made a mistake. Learn from it, don’t be so proud of your ignorance.
            Your welcome.

        • Hottotrote

          You know I was so involved with the meaning he was conveying that I didn’t even notice. Do you even know what the MEANING of his paragraph was?

          • NavyCorpsman42

            You should read more carefully.

          • NavyCorpsman42

            Sure, something about whips.

      • Bud

        One analysis I read stated that if all the goals of the environazis were met that we would have to live at 1830 levels.

        • Hottotrote

          More like around the times of the plagues!

        • oneprivateer

          Google Agenda 21 pdf. It states elimination of property rights. It was endorsed by Bush and Clinton.

          • Hugo Agogo

            If the U.N. supports it……it’s bad for America and freedom in general.

        • oneprivateer

          They deleted my first comment which had the sites to go to.

          • Leroy

            They are getting bad for deleting comments here.

          • oneprivateer

            Makes ya wonder! At least I do.

          • Joe Kaminski

            OAN comment policy at the top of the comments section reads in part ” No URLs or links.” I, too, like to include links but this website does not permit it as a way to reduce those phony sales pitches or off-the-wall websites. As for deleting comments? If the comment is, in your opinion, within the guidelines, you should challenge OAN management.

    • CDG

      Not to mention the lack of concern by these idiots for the nation’s energy needs as a whole. We need new pipelines (which is safer overall than moving crude oil on tankers and trucks), new refineries, new natural gas and clean coal power plants. Nuclear is out because the Yucca Mountain disposal site is not operational.

      • A marcus Young

        Require nuclear facilities to dispose of their waste by sending it to North Korea and Iran.

      • William Roosa

        but what about the bunnies and cute little deer? Will we be providing safe places for them to recover from the stress of having oil “right over there”. Will teddy bears be provided to the folks that this pipeline runs near. I mean really how could you even sleep at night knowing all that oil is “right over there”

        • CDG

          Don’t forget the night lights! 😂

      • ken

        so I guess moving it by truck and train just like the key stone is what some idiots don’t get hey al and odummy didn’t you tell these people about climate change these fuel burning trucks and trains do

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Anyone care to figure the odds that said “officials” are demonrats?

    • harvey50

      Yes R.A.Minnesota Officials are out of their minds and are only out to cause as many problems as possible for our President. When the old pipeline starts having problems and and it will , it will be Trumps fault.. This has socialist written all over it , we know it will eventually be done but it will end up costing millions in lawyers fees. Now if you wanted to bring a million terrorist and move them into Minnesota these idiots would be all for that,what a bunch of fools.

    • ken

      not out of the minds they have no clue about any thing