Mick Mulvaney to be Appointed as Interim CFPB Director

Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney (R) listens as President Donald Trump meets with members of the Republican Study Committee at the White House, March 17, 2017. (Photo/Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

November 17, 2017
OAN Newroom

The White House budget director could be appointed to a second position.

President Trump reportedly plans to nominate Mick Mulvaney as the interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Former Director Rchard Cordray recently announced he would be stepping down from the post he held for six years.

Some congressional Republicans have criticized the bureau, calling it a “rogue agency.”

Mulvaney has been a critic of the CFPB, saying it has too much regulatory power and needs to be held more accountable.

As director he is expected to make significant changes in reversing Obama-era policies.

If selected to head the position, Mulvaney would remain budget director until someone else is appointed to lead the CFPB.

  • TYvets

    Interesting choice.

  • Section Ate

    Mulvaney!?!? Why not appoint Roy Moore as director of a pre-school for girls?

  • MadKatFever

    That’s like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. Another Department helmed by a Trump appointee determined to dismantle it.

    • TYvets

      Works for me. That is pretty close to one reason for his election. Now, that written, consumers do need protection… the govt. is just not doing it.

  • All American

    Great News!! One more Obama Error appointee done⬇️ trickle trickke goes the swamp🎉

  • Recapitate

    We “consume” government services don’t we?

    • All American

      Many are leeches on society may be down sized under our President Trumps Administration.
      As we are aware we now have a Leader that is knowledgeable as well as savvy when it comes to profitable business ventures🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸

      • Recapitate

        You’ve got to watch Leftists closely. We need to make sure we are downsizing the bad. If the change is managed by leftisits, (the deep state) the “good” will go and the “bad” will stay.

        Example, the LEFT now has us attacking ESPN and the NFL, and they will likely be destroyed. Had we attacked the leftists within, we would not loose ESPN or NFL.

        The LEFT has us attack our own institutions for them.

        • Frederick1337

          You people are all idiots. Trump is as leftist as they come. I guess this is why we imperialists do not have any hope for you communists. War is an extension of state policy, state policy is an extension of economy. In order to subvert a nation you must get at its economy. That is why the communists have infiltrated both parties. Trump is a communist that works for the parliamentary folks of Britain. Parliamentarians are slave drivers of the worst sort, they control Stalin and all of his offspring. Bill Clinton, a.k.a. William Blythe, was the pimp scumbag that did the exact same things Trump is doing now, destroying the nation. Clinton was big on getting rid of all the “illegal immigrants”, it has always been a leftist agenda. If you do not believe me, please go watch the 1995 Bill “the pimp” Clinton state of the union address. Lmfao at all of you fake conservatives. By the way, mick mulvaney and bill clinton went to the same U.N. school, the edmund a. walsh school of foriegn service. You will be most interested to find out which other communists attended this terrorist training academy.

          • Recapitate

            Undigestible mixed salad. Get help.

    • All American


      • Recapitate

        Perhaps CFPB can be pointed at government.

  • Deplorable Jackphatz

    So Mulvaney is being brought in to verify the fraud and abuse then shut it down. We at least Ohio had been rid of Rchard Cordray for a time now someone make sure he stays away.

    • All American


  • Beverly Noble

    While I agree that the CFPB should be disbanded, I think it is unlikely to get the 60 votes necessary in the Senate! Putting someone like Mulvaney in charge is a much faster way to reverse policies put in place by Cordray and prevent future abuses. One more step on the road to reclaiming our country!!

    • Recapitate

      Perhaps it could be moved to Mississippi, far from an airport.

    • MadKatFever

      Wow. Your last name is really misplaced.

    • TYvets


  • Gray Bryson

    HYST GET RID OF THE CFPB, IT IS Rogue – costs money and we dont need it . then get rid of the slush fund for sex crimes in DC and make the individual accused pay for legal fees and watch how quickly sex issues go way down – btw the $15mil or so paid to date should be paid back by the accusers found guilty AND THAT MONEY DOES TOWARDS THE WALL

  • No Mas

    Consumer protection could be one person mandating and monitor issue to report to Congress,,, any “consumer” products sold must be backed up by the companies manufacturing and selling them for defects under normal use as intended..

    I just saved a Trillion in National Debt on government salary and Las Vegas trips.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Taking out the trash, one stinking bag at a time. Please let Sessions be next.

    • lcw oso

      Right after Ivanka and Javanka are shown the door also

  • Big Al

    Simple…..Close it, shut it down! – Another far-left demoncrat creation as part of the dodd-frank clusterfluck that was first proposed by….Wait for it……Pocahontas!!

  • Kyle Smith

    I never heard of CFPB before.

    • tedlv

      It’s pretty much impossible to know every ingredient in the fed’s alphabet soup.

    • All American

      Elizabeth Warren …shall I say more? To prevent future Republican-led Congresses from cutting the bureau’s budget, funding would be guaranteed through Federal Reserve profits rather than taxpayer dollars.
      12/21/16 National Review:
      The Tragic Downfall of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Conceived as a government watchdog with noble aims, the CFPB was doomed by a structure that made it an inherently political agency.

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    Aaaah, the legacy is being disassembled one piece at a time. Thank you, President Trump!