Massive Gains Against ISIS Occurred Under President Trump

FILE – In this June 10, 2017 photo provided by Operation Resolute Support, U.S. Soldiers with Task Force Iron maneuver an M-777 howitzer, so it can be towed into position at Bost Airfield, Afghanistan. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Justin T. Updegraff, Operation Resolute Support via AP, File)

December 27, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New figures show the Trump administration has seen massive gains against the Islamic State over the course of the past year.

On Tuesday, military officials said at least half of all territory once held by ISIS has since been recaptured during President Trump’s first year in office.

In addition, the number of ISIS fighters in both Iraq and Syria has drastically fallen from an estimated 35,000 troops to around 1,000.

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces calls his comrades during the fighting with Islamic State fighters in Raqqa, Syria, August 14, 2017. (REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra/File Photo)

This comes after the president departed from Obama-era policies, and allowed military commanders on the ground greater authority over operations.

“The rules of engagement under the Obama administration were onerous,” said Lieutenant  General David Deptula, former head of the U.S. Air Force Intelligence. “I mean what are we doing having individual target determination being conducted in the White House, which took in some cases weeks and weeks”.

Reports say — under President Trump — the military has doubled the number of civilians and territory liberated from ISIS in comparison to the former administration.

  • Richard

    Barack Obama allowed the terror
    group Hezbollah to sell $200 million in cocaine annually in American
    cities to facilitate Iran nuclear deal.
    Multiple DEA agents speaking anonymously to Politico have
    confirmed that Team Obama spent eight years derailing a multi-agency
    investigation targeting Hezbollah, in order to facilitate the
    disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

    In a nutshell, Obama allowed Hezbollah
    to operate a multi-billion dollar cocaine distribution and money
    laundering scheme IN THE UNITED STATES to “soften up” Iran for
    nuclear talks. Every time the DEA attempted to take action against
    Hezbollah, the Obama administration threw up roadblocks. Obama let
    Hezbollah establish itself as an organized crime operation on
    American soil, so that he could score what he viewed as a “foreign
    policy win” with Iran. Google it yourself, make your own

  • Andrew Moore8

    This is what happens when you don’t have a muzzie traitor terrorist in the white house trying to destroy America.

  • blueGiant

    Just like the improved economy… I see many on the left stating this was due to Obama. Funny Obama never had a 3% GDP and ISIS wasn’t wiped out while he was in office…

  • Macman106

    Imagine that! Real leadership vice a community organizer…

  • Scott Henke

    So when will all the refugees start returning home?

  • Mike

    Wonder if the lefties will actually notice Trump has done something else with positive results. Hmmm. Uhhh… I doubt it.

  • Attritionist

    Obama was managing his reputation and did not want to answer for civilian deaths & such… Trump doesn’t worry about those things for the most part. Bravo Sir.

  • 2EdgedSword

    Military school paid off for Cadet Trump. MAGA

  • Wanda

    And President Trump has not even been in office for one year.

    • Rufus Firefly

      Did you know he stopped the war on Christmas? And that he made the sun rise in the east? His interstate highway system is the greatest infrastructure program ever. When he invented the aeroplane, he revolutionized travel for everyone. If only the Titanic’s captain had listened to Trump, he could have avoided that iceberg. Trump avoided Vietnam – why couldn’t Johnson have kept us out? We need to reconstitute Trump University so we can educate a new generation of entrepreneurial government employees.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    I awake each day thankful this man is our President. He is doing good things ,no matter what the lying media say.

    • Wanda

      It is ironic that he IS what have said we wanted all along… A non politician beholden to no one.

      • Jeffery Rightmire

        I have said for over 20 years what we needed was a businessman in the office, I hope it becomes a trend-and we get many in offices. Trained professionals who have what skills are needed in their positions, not political hacks who have their own agendas-

        • Rufus Firefly

          The only skill that Trump learned in business was how to be a con man.

          • Jeffery Rightmire

            No, he is not a con man and if you look at the numbers he is doing a good job. And that is inspire of the left , democrats and ignorant haters. Look at the stock market and the GNP for two examples./ Get over it.

        • Respectfulguest

          Unfortunately, the Hollywood globalist followers of the New World Order are the ones eyeing the office now.

          • whoselineisitanyway

            DON’T VOTE FOR THEM
            Hollyweird needs to go down in flames

  • JCAK

    Of course there’s massive gains against ISIS under President Trump. Obama did not want to see an end to ISIS, but wanted them to continue as a tool against President Assad. Just think how many thousands were murdered or displaced, because of yet another Obama failed policy.

    • thecleaner45

      He’s got 1035 failed policies to date. Anything he touched failed. Just like him!

  • Impaler

    President Obama liked and supported ISIS. President Trump understands the evil of ISIS and Islam,so of course he has done better,because Trump has actually done something against them.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    We are all finally in the presence of a great President.

  • USMC71

    Shows how little regard the former occupant of The White House had for the victims of ISIS and how little stomach he had for making decisions that helped the military.

  • Varangian Guard

    Military is reporting that only ~ 1000 of the JV soldiers remain in the hot spots. Big improvement for 12 months effort compared to the several years of lip service given by the previous admin.

  • seawulf

    All decisions had to go through Obama when he was president because he had to be able to protect those that were being targeted.

    • thecleaner45

      Failure barry only protected himself. He didn’t give a dam about Americans EVER!

  • 101st Screaming Eagle

    Can anyone name that group?

  • Jeff Hill

    This could have happened at any time but Obama was letting ISIS flourish on purpose. He’s on their side along with the progressive left

    • tedlv

      I respectfully disagree with the word “letting”. “Helping” would be more descriptive.

  • JL Ziegler

    Way to go President Trump!!!

  • Joe King

    Remember the mile long lines of US military equipment and toyota trucks with ISIS flags on them in parades and traveling from town to town under Obama ? That does not happen with Trump ! We have an American President now = Trump 2020 MAGA

    • Sheriff Bart

      they’re laying low brother

  • Deny

    That’s because NOW our guys can actually fight like they’re in a war instead of playing footsies with the enemy and the rules. Bout friggin’ time!

    • tedlv

      My cousin Dave flew choppers in Vietnam. He told me we could have easily won there and Korea had the military been allowed to do their job. The political limitations on what the military were allowed to do resulted in numerous needless casualties and eventual loss of the war.

      • carmenva

        As a former combat veteran I totally agree with you. AMEN!

      • WSWSapphire

        That is so extremely sad…

      • Deny

        I know. How are we supposed to WIN a war if we can’t FIGHT. make no sense to me. No rules of engagement in a war…NONE!

    • tedlv

      My cousin Dave flew choppers in Vietnam. He told me we could have easily won there and Korea had the military been allowed to do their job. The political limitations on what the military were allowed to do resulted in numerous needless casualties and eventual loss of the war.

  • Kyle Smith


  • Tyrone

    The Lame Stream Media will still lie and give full credit to their Messiah, Obama, for the success our military has had under Trump.

    • Sheriff Bart

      Right! They would credit Obismal for the liberation of Rock Ridge it they could , knowing all the while that it was me that brought peace and equality to all, including the Irish.

  • SingleCut

    Nice to know we finally have a president that loves America, cares more about our the safety of our citizens and troops than the lives miscreant terrorists.
    This one again magnifies what an awful president Obama was.

    • Tyrone

      I am thankful every day that Clinton lost her rigged election.
      I don’t even want to imagine where we would be today with her “leading” this country.

      • Michael Long

        You are right on point. God is good. Keep that liberal cow out of the office was one of the best things that happened to this country. MAGA. Thank God for Trump.

        • Jack Steffen

          Amen. MAGA

  • Respectfulguest

    In the fabricated by the media and globalists ‘cold war with Russia/Russia is the enemy’ climate, it is unfair that we in the west refuse to recognize that Russia has by and large been the reason that Syria is overcoming ISIS and becoming stable once again. Syrians recognize Russia as the country that has aided them, not the U.S.
    I don’t know what Pres. Trump has or hasn’t done, but I do know that we supported ISIS and Al-Quada in the previous administration in order to topple Assad for the sake of ‘our friends’ and for the sake of access to building a gas pipeline– forgetting, or not caring that he is the only secular leader in the Muslim middle east.

  • thecleaner45

    President TRUMP is a real man. Failure barry not so much. Failire barry was selling America to ISIS. God Bless President TRUMP for taking control back from these heathens.

    • Rufus Firefly

      Trump is a draft dodging, racist, sexual abuser con man

      • thecleaner45

        Jealous. Much lol

      • Tyrone

        Did you call out Bill Clinton for dodging the draft?
        Any proof besides CNN about your other claims?

        • Rufus Firefly

          Were we playing “what about”?

        • WSWSapphire

          I can’t see his words, but sounds like his previous Trump ‘used’ bone spurs typical troll argument… I would hope we wouldn’t have drafted anyone who had anything, incl. bone spurs, that would negatively affect their ability to support their comrades while engaged in war.

  • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

    Why are Army Airborne playing the part of Marine Artillerymen?

    • Just A Guy

      They have to do something to stay busy while they wait for the Marine Corps to soften up their next target for them.

      Just kidding, just kidding!!! 😉

      • GovtCtrlIsSlavery

        Lol. I served 6 years in MC arty. I’m with ya.

        • Just A Guy

          Semper Fi brother.

  • gbrooks


  • Martin Arredondo

    I was watching something yesterday and the person commenting said that Obama was getting credit for the war on ISIS because he created the rules of engagement for this. He then said, while this may be true, with Obama what has taken three years to accomplish it’s take Trump just months.

    • Respectfulguest

      The truth is, (even Kerry admitted as much) is that we enabled ISIS in our obsessive desire to topple Assad-a secular Muslim leader and one much loved by his people, voted for by his people, and a very good friend and supporter of Christians…he even spends Christmas at Christian churches and monasteries.

  • Bagman182

    It’s amazing what you can do when you stop senators from arming the very people our soldiers are fighting against!

    • Respectfulguest

      Like McCain, posing with his pals of Al Quada and Al Nussra!!! Like McCain who rudely dismissed the Syrian bishops who came to the WH begging for help in the genocide of Christians in their country!! Foreign policy desires for hegemony and greed (gas pipeline)mattered more than the massacres of Christian people in their country…hopefully the neocons won’t influence Trump too much with their propaganda and lies and desire for wars…

      • ConCynic

        Brain damaged McCain will receive Justice soon.

        • kaiju

          I believe he has lived his life as a pompous fool, but I’ll have to say,
          may the Lord have mercy on him. The thought of him having to face the
          dead men of the USS Forrestal is a nightmare I couldn’t wish on anyone.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Obama was a snake and a member of NWO under Soros.
    Soros wanted him to bring America to its knees.

    • the ruthless terrier

      his goal was to fundamentally transform the country. as you said: he damn sure almost did it. and the leftists supported him ALL the way.

    • kaiju

      Obama was a snake, but too arrogant to work under Soros or anybody else. He would have eventually had Soros, the Clintons, and their families all killed.

      • LILIBETH

        I think he was in lock step with them.

  • Brad

    Helps to have a Christian on point rather than a Muslim radical sympathizer.

    • Respectfulguest

      It wasn’t only his sympathy for Muslims, it was the neocon foreign policy (for greed and hegemony), and globalist NWO influence existent in both parties which are to blame for our disastrous ‘involvement’ in Syria and Iraq and Libya which enabled ISIS.

    • kaiju

      The military could have taken these guys anytime, if they were allowed to do so. Obama’s rules of engagement made sure that ISIS wasn’t defeated. Not only did he protect muslim terrorist abroad, he imported and protected them here, and freed those captured while trying trying to make a heroes out of deserters. If Obama isn’t guilty of treason, nobody has ever been.

  • Ray

    Where are the libtards on this board?

    • whoselineisitanyway

      They appear occasionally,
      but some of us care enough to block and report them.

      • Wanda

        Sadly, I have had to block a few myself. Kinda hate blocking anyone, but some just can’t find it in themselves to at least be civil.

    • Tyrone

      This is a positive article about Trump, they need to make something up about him to complain about.

  • disqus_keIUj7bkpM

    And people still wanna hate our president who wants nothing but the best for Americans and for us to be safe from terrorist. What a great job he’s doing!!!