Mass. Defies Federally Protected Employer Moral, Religious Objections to Birth Control

November 21, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Mass. becomes the first state to require free birth control regardless of an employer’s moral or religious objections.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the possible conflict between the state and federal government.

  • veryoldcop

    If states are going to pick and choose which laws they will follow , what would they do if some decided to ignore civil rights or disability laws etc ?

  • Joshua Campbell

    if your are religious. This is the start of removing our religious freedoms.

  • BillVA

    Birth control pills cost under $10.00/month.
    Heck, that’s just a few Starbucks drinks, or a cheap meal.

    This is a better litmus test for women’s “empowerment” and independence than it’s a test for “Are Your A Misogynist?”

    And recent incidents tell us who is truly waging a war on women.

    But all that truth has no place in our media or politics.

  • BillVA

    Then no more Federally protected classes.
    No Medicare.
    No Medicaid.
    No food stamps.
    No Department of Education.
    etc etc etc

    If you want to go Enumerated Powers and10th Amendment, then dammit let’s do it.

  • PatrickJ

    I find it interesting that the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by Puritans with very strong religious views and morals and now this. I guess things have changed.

  • Leo Smith

    Mass. is run by Russian Socialist/Communist. What does anyone expect from these IDIOTS?

  • seawulf

    Funny how liberals scream about “law of the land” when a federal law supports their perverted agenda and defy the “law of the land” when it doesn’t.

  • Elton Johnson

    How ironic is it that Mass is one of the most anti Constitutional states?

    The ability of a company to not provide both control has bee upheld by the SCOTUS. There is no denial of access , because massive programs already exist to get free birth control.
    Democrat are again lying.

  • brad m

    Being an power not awarded to the federal government, and state can then make laws on it.

    If you can’t afford birth control, then you shouldn’t be having kids because you probably can’t afford them either. And a 100% proven method to not have kids is don’t have sex. But that takes personal responsibility, which is a trait of a good adult and good parent

    • Ana Garcia

      Y’all should really educate yourselves on the wide variety of aid that birth control offers. Although I agree that it should not be free, I cannot believe the singularly held conception of the purpose of birth control. It is for sexual organs more than for sexual acts.

      • Andrew Moore8

        You know Ana, I googled it and didn’t come up with anything that say’s birth control aids a woman in anything other than regulating her period and preventing impregnation…both of which can be achieved by natural means. Impregnation by keeping the knees tightly closed, and regulation of the period by natural herbs that have been proven to help a woman.

        • Ana Garcia

          You’re right… but not completely. Further reading beyond the initial result of what birth control does (which is the point of my argument) would yield that birth control does regulate a period and prevent impregnation but only because of the purpose of birth control; that is, /hormone/ regulation. Although preventing pregnancy is one of multiple effects of consumption (and there are various ways of doing so), it also aids women who have serious health concerns. Natural herbs cannot chemically alter a women’s body that develops cysts (PCOS), nor the development of tissues outside of their appropriate organs (endometriosis), nor abnormal amounts of bleeding (menorrhagia).
          So yes: BC regulates periods and not having sex prevents pregnancy. Roots and leaves don’t help the I’m interpreting the way you think they should.

          • Andrew Moore8

            Where your argument falls apart is when you examine WHY so many women are taking birth control. You quickly find out that it is not for hormone regulation and health but rather for preventing unwanted pregnancy…..I will grant you that birth control in some cases are necessary and prudent for medical conditions….however, that is the exception and not the rule. My argument however still stands that the cheapest and most effective means to preventing unwanted pregnancy, which is the majority reason for women to be on the pill, is to keep the knees tightly together and it is absolutely free and costs employers and tax payers absolutely nothing.

          • Ana Garcia

            Abstaining from sexual activity IS the best, cheapest, and most effective form of preventing unwanted pregnancy. This I agree with. I don’t agree with the over-assumption that it is ONLY for unwanted pregnancy.
            If possible, I would like to see the source for the claim that the majority take it solely for preventing pregnancy, as I have yet to find such a report…

      • brad m

        It was designed to prevent conception which occurs from a sexual act. If it failed this primary purpose it would called something else like period reducer. Yes there are other possible benefits, but it’s primary purpose is to prevent conception

  • ImwithRome

    There is an easy button for this situation. Hit’em where it hurts. If they don’t want to abide by federal law, then pull the federal money!

  • Red Feather

    Anarchy by any other name.

  • Sergio Bungholio

    For the last 8 years of president zer0, states defied the feds because they knew zer0 was more concerned with playing with Reggie Love than supporting rule of law. Im hoping Trump et al will be different

  • blkhorse73

    Time for businesses to leave Massachusetts…

  • intimeforthedime

    Whats wrong with helping to keep people from popping out unwanted kids that become wards of the state?

    My state gives away free sand bags during a flood, so why not this to help curb that flood?

  • Andrew Moore8

    My nuts hurt because i haven’t had sex in so long…..When are the libtards going to pony up some of their tax dollars for my free healthcare so I can get a hooker to relieve my pain?

    • Scott Henke

      You need to run for office on that platform alone.

    • Ana Garcia

      Especially in the event that your blue balls prevent you from fully functioning as a contributing member of society. Even to help cover that box of kleenex and bottle of lotion you need because no one else is going to help you off…

      Actually, no. Pop an aspirin and get back to work like the other half of the population does.

      • Andrew Moore8

        LOL….Didn’t even think about that angle…..Free tissue and lotion for life….Male birth control and it should be paid for by the government.

  • Andrew Moore8

    libtards are always about separation of church and state…..right up until the state supports their agenda….then it’s fine to have the state dictate religious beliefs…..i cannot wait until America has had enough of these azzclowns and we take back our country.

    • semperfipar

      They have already gutted the second amendment so that will not happen.

      • Andrew Moore8

        not in Texas they haven’t….

  • Perry

    Why do I think “sinister” when I see a “left handed” politician signing something?

    • Scott Henke

      As a Southpaw I take offense to that. BTW, I’m just kidding. ;^)

      • Perry

        So is my ‘young-un”, but she is not and I’m assuming you are not a politician. :^) I did try batting left-handed once and it only got me a baseball to the head. Not good at “dodging” from the left like the “-crats”.

    • Nick Rose

      Idiot racist cop hating LIAR Barack Hussein Obama was…..
      left handed too.👺

      • Perry

        Nick, Here’s a list of most recent left-handed Presidents. Reagan was reportedly ambidextrous.

        James A. Garfield.
        Herbert Hoover.
        Harry S. Truman.
        Gerald Ford.
        Ronald Reagan.
        George H.W. Bush.
        Bill Clinton.
        Barack Obama.

  • Alan Lindquist

    here we go again. when is the fed’s going to lock up the lawless people.

  • Lorie Barnett

    What happened to states rights??

  • ShemSilber2

    Per Isaiah 5:20-21: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

    In other words, “Woe to those who call murdering their unborn babies a right, whereas they have a responsibility to guard the life that our Master Yahusha is forming in them,” for He gave that life when He united that sperm to the ovum and thus assigned the upcoming baby its place in the genealogy of its parents. That is a fact of life, regardless of the parents’ race, religion, nationality or what. He gave us the possibility to be fruitful and multiply, and He gave us a right way to go about doing so, but He also gave us freedom of choice either to do right and be blessed or to do wrong and suffer the consequences. These prenatally murdered babies are innocent victims of people going about doing evil instead of righteousness, and they will be compensated for the cruel and unusual capital punishment that was inflicted on them. The Master takes their spirits into His care and custody to take care of them, to give them a proper chance at life.

    The murderers also have time to repent and turn from this abominable activity, for the Master has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, as He says in Ezekiel chapters 18 and 33. There is joy in heaven over every one of us when we repent of evil and turn to the Master Yahusha for life and blessing, for He paid for our sins with His sinless blood and assured us of a resurrection to everlasting life by His resurrection (Romans 5:1-11). HalleluYAH and amein, in the Master Yahusha’s Name, amein!

    • Rick

      Forcing an employer to contribute to our country’s wickedness is not right if it goes against that employer’s religious sense of justice and morality. State-sponsored murder of the innocents has just hammered another nail into the coffin of people’s choice to follow God’s will. Judgement is coming for the many things this nation is doing.

      • ShemSilber2

        Amein! Yahuwah’s loving correction will help us to “Straighten up and Fly RIGHT!” according to His Torah, if we use it properly, per Hebrews 12:6-12, which tells us that Yahuwah chastens us out of love, and we show that we are His sons and daughters by yielding to the correction, or if we refuse, we’re showing that we’re strangers and not His legitimate children. Verse 11 says we may not enjoy it, but we benefit if we are “exercised thereby.” Don’t we know by experience the excellent fruits of the Master Yahusha’s correction?

        HalleluYAH for His love, by which He qualifies us for everlasting life, in Yahusha’s Name, amein!

      • ShemSilber2

        It would be righteous to put a period after your opening statement: “Forcing an employer to contribute to our country’s wickedness is not right,” for even our Creator, the Master Yahusha (Lord Jesus), per John 1:1-18; Colossians 1:13-17; Hebrews 1:1-3, does not force us to make even right decisions, for He gave us freedom of choice by which to choose the right and be blessed or to choose the wrong and suffer the consequences. Thereby at least some people learn to choose rightly, choosing to follow His example, for that is how to be truly blessed, per 1Peter 2:21-25, to wit (from the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition):

        “21 For even to this were you called: because Moshiach [Messiah; Christ] also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps: 22 Who did no sin, neither was deceit found in His mouth: 23 Who, when He was reviled, reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not; but committed Himself to Him that judges righteously: 24 Who His own self carried our sins in His own body on the eytz [tree] that we, being dead to sins, should live to tzedakah [righteousness]: by whose stripes you were healed. 25 Because you were as sheep going astray; but now have made teshuvah [turned from evil] to the Shepherd and Guardian of your beings.”

        HalleluYAH, for His mercy endures forever, in Yahusha’s Name, amein.

  • Sui-Juris

    I’d pay someone to hand out a free morning after pill to every female employee each working day and to see it was taken before entry into the building was allowed. Refusal means loss of employment.

    • ShemSilber2

      What the governor has signed into colorable law is dead wrong. On the other hand, no way is that a solution to require the ladies to take such a contraceptive pill, for that is unrighteously stepping on their freedom of choice. There might be ladies who choose to bear their children, after all, and not murder them before they have a chance to be born. HalleluYAH for the ones who choose to bear children for the man with whom they are in the covenant relationship that we call marriage, in the Name of our Master Yahusha (Lord Jesus), amein!

  • survivor50

    Move the company across the border…after all… it ain’t like it’s Texas…806 miles across…

  • Ultrabass

    Can’t wait to get out of this crappy state. In 14 months I’m moving the family up to New Hampshire! And I’m NOT bringing liberal voting with me. Those few conservatives left in Mass are fleeing anywhere but here.

    • Lorie Barnett

      Um…New Hampshire went for Bernie.

  • 808Americans

    Boston tea party?
    Whatever happened to freedom from the government.

    Where are those people who would toss birth control pills, better yet politicians, into the bay rather then be forced to subsides them with their taxes.

    • Andrew Moore8

      It’s Mass….They love their socialism and high taxes.

  • Shane Delagrange

    It is mainly to keep the non-islamic population down, there are documentaries of the leaders of Islam touting that they do not need to go to war with the infidels to conquer them. That they will outnumber the whites through child birth and through birth control. Obuma and the libs are all supporting this theory. My own children have no desire to have children due to what they have been taught in our schools and the many sources of media.

  • Gene

    Hello Mass, Just like California you can hear the sucking sound of businesses leaving your state.

  • Dell Wilber

    Then, the Supreme Court will have another item to address….

  • Tyrone Jackson

    Here’s the real headline:
    Massachusetts taxpayers get stuck with the bill so people can have recreational sex

    • Ray

      … and produce unwanted pregnancies, leading to abortions paid by the taxpayers.

  • Mountainhiker

    Mass. is one of the more liberal states, regardless of which party it is. Yes, tends to be very socialist leaning!

  • Erdnay

    So when did pregnancy become a disease ?

    • Ray

      When I have to pay to undo it!!

    • CrazyHungarian

      When Kathleen Sebelius redefined pregnancy as a disease so Obamacare would have to cover birth control.

  • shazz

    A dear friend of mine, who is now in Heaven, wrote and recorded a song that is very appropriate for this. Since I can’t post the link, go to youtube and search for The Big A = The Big M by Gary Paxton.

  • Beachguy53

    Governor Baker shows what a real Rino is? F him.

  • aldoro

    Another RINO caves to the dumbocratic establishment. Exactly why I NO LONGER consider myself a republican. GO DONALD TRUMP, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • willnkc

    And now we will see another exodus out of MA, just like with NY. Liberals have become quite good at shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Mark Heinzen

    It’s still non-binding. The Federal Government supercedes state government. I guess they missed 5th grade American history class.

    • tedlv

      Read Amendment 10, please.

    • Greg Waters

      The creation is always subject to the creator. The States created the Federal government and can shut it down.

  • Sam

    i am for free abortion for all democrats!

  • Altha Fl

    not real sure anymore why we have a government when all of these federal judges, state lawmakers just do as they please. the lefties better wake up soon and get rid of these folks. i know, wishful thinking.

  • Charles Barnes

    For 40 plus years women were able to afford birth control – until the Dems used it as an issue to get free birth control – now all the sudden women can’t afford it?

    • brandehhh

      Maybe to get the welfare recipients to stop having babies?

    • Tyrone Jackson

      It was only a $10 per month co-payment when I had to pay for it.
      So, only $120 a year.
      Once it became “free”, my taxes went up $320 per year to pay for “free” birth control.
      At some point, I will not need my “free” birth control, but my taxes will not be reduced.
      Therefore, I will still have to pay for my “free” birth control that I no longer take.
      Socialism 101

  • Scott

    Question why is Democrats using women feeling for FREE birth control for votes and female want that. What Democrats are saying feel with Free birth control go out and have as much sex as want with liberal Democrat males. Be sure its only with Democrat feeling males for getting tax payer free birth control. Can the Business write it off as government expense then. Why should business be force to provide something so Cheap what 10 dollars a month so females can go out have have sex with Democrat men for providing forcing Business to pay for female ability to have sex. Real real reason for the free birth control is birth control business paid them given how that will increase their business and they can increase price given its force by LAW. Its money and votes.

    What if male want free sex pills as will for them to go out anytime for sex. Let business pay for every thing is Democrat idea. Really why is it so important for Democrat to provide free birth control for they must think all females just want to act like males and have as much sex and the only reason that stops their pleasure is the can have a Baby but Democrats want free adorations as will and Business has to pay for that one. Democrats get a kick back from manufactures of Birth control just look how much money they give to the DNC.

    Liberal Democrat government want to force business to pay for free birth control why it only cost 10 dollars a month but if they do not need it because of they do not want to have sex what then. Democrats want illegals to become citizens by the fact they broke the law. Democrats do not want to enforce good laws like have borders. They stand for NO border to define a this country, give illegals all right if not more then citizens at tax payer expense and protect criminal illegal from leaving this country then you have some Democrat want their state to leave the United States now. They just want more tax money and less to the working people and blame it all on the rich for not paying 100 percent of the cost of government base on their decisions.

    This is wrong but its Democrat and women thinking they are getting something free makes them FEEL special that makes them vote for Democrats. Its fake its Democrat and media plays on Democratic.

  • iownlsu

    Lawmakers declare MASS a Terrorist Organization.

  • CPar

    Can anyone explain how it is a 12-16 yr old can obtain free birth control or an abortion without parental consent but they are not old enough to have sex?

    • My Head

      Umm, they are old enough to have sex, just not with an adult. Happens in the back of cars every day.

      • J. Waltam

        Except its OK to have underage sex if it is with “Slick Willie” Clinton.

  • My Head

    Universal sterilization of those who think this is a good thing might be more beneficial.

  • Jrush

    I don’t give a crap as long as I do not have to pay for it.

  • Edman

    Once settled by religiously oppressed settlers, this former colony seeking religious freedom has undertaken the oppressive stance taken upon the original settlers by the Church of England. Makes perfect sense.

  • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

    Are you Massholes gonna let this happen? Most likely. Say goodbye to your federal funding.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Lets see what happens at the SCOUS!!! Going to LOSE!!!

  • It’s sad that all the pro-choice folks have already been born.

  • “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

  • One_way

    Let the lawsuits begin! They will loose.

  • Leopards Spots

    So we all can do whatever thehell we want now? What is good for the libtard elite is good for us right?

  • Aldo

    MassHoles !!!

  • John C

    Free birth control is not in the constitution.

  • Jarhead0311

    Way to go Mass. Not Catholic Mass of course cause then the ACLU would get involved. Left@rds are soo dumb. They support these commie politicians who are promoting nothing but Sanger’s Eugenics and cheer them on as they make these laws making sure the ‘minorites’ don’t reproduce.

  • Brandon

    Conservatives should boycott Massachusetts. MA businesses should move to South Carolina, Texas, Idaho, or another business friendly state. Why stay in that freezing, communist, authoritarian state?

    • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

      Cuz they need someplace to paak the caah.

    • Beachguy53

      Do you want all those Massholes moving to your state?

      • HarryObrian

        No, my brother up in NH says they’ve infested his state and destroyed it. He’s watched for years as on any election day there are more Mass tags than NH tags on cars at the polls, all same day registration voters being allowed to vote with a note from any landlord, 80% of them illegally voting.

        • Beachguy53

          They ruined southern NH. In fact the whole state.

          • Tyrone Jackson

            Yes, they brought their failed socialist policies with them when they moved and infested NH.

        • Moofie

          Not just NH … coastal Maine has gone the same way … actually, not just coastal Maine, but nearly the entire bottom half of Maine! They come here to get away from the filthy nest they made for themselves down in MA, and bring the attitudes that caused the problems up here with them. They don’t seem to get that MA is the way it is because THEY are the way they are!

        • ShemSilber2

          Likewise Colorado by displaced Californians. When I was living there, I saw bumper stickers urging the ex-Californians to go BACK! I don’t blame them one bit.

    • aldoro

      How bout Wisconsin. I see HELP WANTED signs all over the state.

      • Brandon

        True. Wisconsin used to be one of the most progressive states back in the ’70s and ’80s but most today of its representatives are republican, , republican state house, state senate, governor , and Trump won the state! The transformation in Wisconsin should be repeated in blue states across the country.

      • Brandon

        I know what you mean. I live in California and it is just as bad. The interesting thing is that while MA is liberal in every region, California has its conservative parts especially the inland regions and suburbs of inland cities. The reason the state is so liberal is because the left wing coastal cities easily out vote the conservative inland areas. It would be nice if coastal California and all of Massachusetts would just become their own communist country and take their electoral votes with them!

    • Tyrone Jackson

      I been referring to the state as the ‘People’s Republic of Taxachusetts’ for years.

    • Brandon

      I know what you mean. I live in California and it is just as bad. The interesting thing is that while MA is liberal in every region, California has its conservative parts especially the inland regions and suburbs of inland cities. The reason the state is so liberal is because the left wing coastal cities easily out vote the conservative inland areas. It would be nice if coastal California and all of Massachusetts would just become their own communist country and take their electoral votes with them!

      • ImStillaYankee

        Exactly, DJT won quite a large number of districts in CA but you’d never know by the numbers from SF & LA

      • Larrt

        Illinois is a good example, the Chicago Left have more vote than the rest of the State, The old
        Daley Machine still runs the state, wonderful people down south just not enough votes!

        • blkhorse73

          To some degree you’re right, although the Hillary supporters were out in force even in the O’Fallon area last year. Maybe the St. Louis wacko influence bleeding over into the suburbs over the line in IL, but still…

  • anotherday

    F that state.
    Surprised we were ever able to pull away from England with states like this.

  • Farmerob

    People won’t use birth control anyway as long as they know they will get more welfare for every additional kid they have

  • Topper01

    “Birth Control” includes “Partial Birth Abortion” for recreational purposes, which is where labor is induced and the baby is turned around (Breached) and “Partial”ly removed from the uterus and KILLED by vacuuming the brains out and then the head is removed from the uterus, thus completing the “Birth”. How is that any different than removing the baby and taking over to the sink and slitting it’s throat?

    • Aldo

      OMG !!!!

    • deadandwicked

      That is exactly right, good question. The tax payers have to pay for this abortion murder on demand. This really defines how pathetic and sick these Liberal demons are. I never thought I would see this level of sickness in my lifetime and it just gets worse and worse. It’s kind of funny how all of these people that are Pro-choice are people that have already been born. And don’t even get me started on the sickness of selling these baby parts on the black market. This is just as Evil as the infant sacrifice of the Old Testament. I don’t know how much more longer God is willing to put up with this.

      • Pinogam

        Hopefully not too much longer. Maranatha.

    • brandehhh

      Oh my …… 🙁

      • David Kledzik

        Now you know what a partial birth abortion consists of. Pretty disturbing huh!!!!!

        • David Kledzik

          I say de*th to all doctors that perform it.

        • J. Waltam

          G almighy! How could a licensed medical person have the stomach to do such an act?

        • brandehhh

          Aaaah I knew what abortions entailed but geez louise. :/

    • HarryObrian

      That’s how they keep the crime rate down in Mass. Doesn’t seem to help the welfare costs though, too many ILLEGAL ALIENS flooding in.

  • Civic Luna

    everyone crying about all these sexual assaults but then ask how did this happen. Lack of morality occurs because this is what happens when you take GOD out of the picture.

  • Kyle Smith

    And those women in the background actually smiling about forcing their social belief that sex should not have consequences on others. What an upside down world it is.

  • Tony

    It’s a crap hole anyway.

  • Vietvet68

    Just keeping their minorities and blacks under control.

    • Aldo

      WOW – ya think ???

  • ray

    I really do not understand why anyone supplies FREE birth control. I would like then … to be supplied with free underwear, and free TV. What does birth control cost .. $1 dollar?? I got enuff bottles and cans for that in my cellar … heck .. there are enuff bottles and cans on the side of the road to supply poor people who can not come up with a dollar.

    HEY – here is FREE birth control ::: don’t let anyone in!!

    • No Mas

      actually, I have considered it often…. as much as its against my “moral” belief that the child deserves a life. look at the parents and tell me you want more of “them” in America!!!!

    • brandehhh

      WTF does bc cost a dollar? A pregnancy test does, condoms do not, bc pills do not.

      • Ana Garcia

        Clearly you’ve never bought a pregnancy test…

        • brandehhh

          Actually I have. I’m a mother. 88 cents at the dollar store 🙂

  • No Mas

    Communist government knows what is best for you… better behave!

    • Aldo


  • georgec

    Once again a left thinks they are above the law. But if the people of Mass. Already one of the highest taxed state in the union. Wish to pay for it. Then go ahead. But don’t cry for federal money

    • Aldo


  • JaySands1234

    State imposed socialism at its liberal finest..

    • Edman

      It is hard to understand how a State law can circumvent Federal Law. Marijuana legalization in states, but against federal law. Or federal immigration law being thwarted by state and local law. I know state or local law can be “stricter” than federal law, but WTF?

      • Brandon Dockins

        As to MJ – they don’t circumvent state law, the states just don’t have their own law criminalizing certain cases of possession and do not have to enforce federal law. As to federal immigration, it is similar–the states do not have to enforce federal law. It comes down to the States not having to be the puppet of the federal government. Nothing stops federal agents from enforcing any of the laws.

        As to birth control, I think Mass. is in direct conflict with constitution, so that is a problem.

      • David Kledzik

        State law can’t supercede Federal law when it comes to any of those. This will be overturned by the courts somewhere down the line. Massachusetts is just flouting the feds, trying to force this to court, which it most certainly will be. They know this law will be overturned, they just want to waste as much time and money as they can. Typical worthless liberals.

      • BillVA

        Pure political move.

        “War on Women.”

    • aldoro

      The gov is a “R”.

      • caperick

        As in RINOsaur. He’s a joke….as is Maura Healy.

      • ImStillaYankee


        • intimeforthedime

          I think you meant Republicrate

          • ImStillaYankee

            Nope, Republicant—as in they can’t do anything real Republicans can do.

      • All American

        Nah he appears to be new wave RINO

      • Heremeroor

        A Republican Gov. from Mass? Really? That’s like Weinstein being the spokesperson for employment morale.

      • BillVA

        In Massachusetts, this guy just might be right-of-center.

    • All American

      U.S. House delegation: 9 Democrats (list)
      U.S. Senators: Elizabeth Warren (D); Ed Markey (D)
      Baker graduated from Harvard a very liberal school… just sayin