Manhunt Underway in Mo. After Police Officer Fatally Shot During Traffic Stop

August 7, 2017

OAN Newsroom

A manhunt is underway in Missouri after a rookie police officer was killed in the line of duty.

Officer Gary Michael, 37, was shot and killed late Sunday after pulling over a driver near Clinton, which is about 60 miles north of Springfield.

Authorities say the driver began firing at Michael as he approached the car.

The officer fired back, but the gunman managed to drive off before crashing a few blocks away.

Missouri officials say they are now looking for 39-year-old Ian McCarthy, identifying him as a suspect in connection with Michael’s death.

They are advising the public to avoid contact with McCarthy as he is considered armed and dangerous.

Left, 39-year-old suspect Ian McCarthy. Right, 37-year old Officer Gary Michael. (Photo/Clinton Police)

  • Jesse Taylor

    Blue lives matter

  • Priszilla

    You need more guns. Just imagine if that police officer had had a gun to defend himself. He’d still be alive.

  • Kody M.

    u shuld never shoot ur twin like that

  • Heremeroor

    I know there have been people out there disliking (even hating) those wearing a badge and in the military, but it has definitely gotten worse thanks to the atmosphere the previous administration left. May that stick to Obummer’s legacy.

  • Gregory Butler

    I’ve been pulled over plenty of times and never felt like I needed to shoot the Police officer in order to avoid a ticket…how does someone get to this point? Our world is spinning out of control…A world w/o love…Jesus is the only true answer to the issues our world faces…however we do live in the end times and these types of things are going to get worse…Know Jesus, Know Peace…No Jesus, No Peace…

    • Jack Green



    May he dwell with God……prayers for his family and friends.

  • TexanForever

    Odds are that McCarthy was drugged out on speed. When he comes down and realizes what he did, he’ll do himself in.

    Rest in Peace Officer Michael.


      Drugs are not an excuse. We all know that drugs can impede judgment before we take them.

      • TexanForever

        True. … I never said drugs were an excuse. And, yes we all know drugs impede judgement, as he surely did. He could have misjudged the degree of impairment and did something he wouldn’t do when clean. Then again, he could have just been born with a bad mix of genes and has always been bonkers. I’m speculating that he won’t live to stand trial, whatever the reason.

  • dskap201

    Very sad.
    Why do these police officers not stay in their vehicle and run a make first before approaching and find out just who is driving that vehicle?
    Rest well officer.

  • Jed55

    RIP Officer Michael. Ian McCarthy should die, no question. This must become a law & carry the unavoidable penalty of death. If you kill a law enforcement officer, you should get the death penalty. End of story.

  • andrew moore

    Clinton kills another cop….the list keeps getting longer and longer on the Clinton death list.

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    The democrats have made hunting police officers a sport…

    • Jules

      We shouldn’t really be surprised by a group of radical leftists who want a communist and socialist form of government. And try to make their point by causing violence. Not much different from ISIS in that they hate our Republic.

    • Liberty Belle

      Yes they have, so I suggest that we do the same…hunt them down like wild animals and shoot to kill!

    • Heremeroor

      As much as I disagree with Democraps’ agenda, I can’t even start thinking that this is a Democrap issue; leftist? yes. Socialist? yes. Anti-US? most definitely. Anti-establishment? yes. This act is an anti-social, just pure evil. I can’t think that those democraps who love the US will intentionally hunt down someone just because of the badge. Can those doing these acts be democraps? would not doubt it, but labeling all democraps is a bit unreasonable. It’s like the democraps labeling all conservatives, republicants as bigots, etc…

  • All American

    Prayers for the family of slain Officer Gary Michael…🙏🏻

    • Liberty Belle

      This violence against our Police Officers must stop.. Time to impose serious penalties against the violators!

      • All American

        Death by firing squad no blindfold


    Prays for the officer, his family and loved ones.

  • Localdude

    But I thought the ACLU travel warning was to blacks….I bet their would be no pictures of the suspect if he was black…gee…


      The so-called travel warning is a part of the whole LIBERAL HOAX on America. Keep ’em divided and at each other’s throats.

      • Localdude

        yes Lilli it really is..thank you for the response. Just reading the posts here and elsewhere the past few years to the news helps me gauge this issue, there are so many good decent people of all walks who are on to this. I am harsh sometimes because I do care. I like what Colin Powel once said, ‘let race be somebody else’s issue, just take advantage of all opportunities’….not enough room in this venue to expand on this but I am so grateful so many now are seeing the damage. God bless you girl.

  • Pat S.

    This Ian McCarthy looks like a looser, coward, scum of the earth, mama’s boy! He needs to die along with the rest of the family that created him.

    • Ken

      I suspect that you are not a parent, as parents can’t be blamed for what their kids turn into. I have seen too many examples of one rotten apple come out of a great family otherwise. My best friend in school had a bad brother, and one of my own brothers got into drugs for a while after serving in the Army.

      • Pat S.

        True, look into their background, I didn’t make that statement lightly, I’m a parent and as such I am responsible for their actions until they are of age, if they didn’t act as responsible parent, you make the call.

    • rhinobiker

      A short rope for the killer yes, but your second sentence is beyond asinine, hateful, and cold blooded. That’s the kind of thing Stalin, Mao, or north korean fatboy would do, Really? You would “kill” the whole family? Is it too late for you to use edit to redeem yourself? I don’t post much but what a horrible thing to say. Shame on anyone who would up vote such a thing.

      • Barry Soetoro-Chin

        How so? The Kennedy family were rotten to the core. Spoiled, drug-addled drunks who spawned even more spoiled, drug-addled drunks.

        Had ‘Papa Joe’ practiced safe sex, Maro Jo Kopechne would still be alive, but Ted certainly wouldn’t.

      • Pat S.

        Sorry you’re objecting to my point RE the parents, if they are a fine upstanding family then support should be giving, however if you explored them, you might agree.

  • Pat S.

    Prayers are with his family.
    Gallows for the PoS that shot him.

  • R A.

    This shiyse is getting WAY OUT OF HAND
    Guillotine for Ian McCarthy, immediately.
    RIP to Officer Gary Michael and prayers to you and yours.