Macron Calls for Two-State Solution Between Israel and Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left, and French President Emmanuel Macron hold a joint press conference at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, Sunday, July 16, 2017. (Stephane Mahe/Pool Photo via AP)

July 16, 2017

OAN Newsroom

French President Emmanuel Macron calls for new peace talks and a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

Macron urged for the renewed negotiations on Sunday in Paris during a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The French President said his country has unconditional support for Israel and that he is deeply attached to achieving peace in the region.

Netanyahu said both nations share a desire to see stability, but considerable issues remain.

“I’ve made it clear that our view is that the root of the conflict, the reason it goes on is the persistent Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state, a nation state for the Jewish people in any boundaries, and this alongside the enduring question of security are the two pillars of peace,” said Netanyahu.

Peace talks between Israel and Palestine have stalled since a U.S.-brokered negotiation broke down in 2014.

  • silverbackV

    There already is a two state solution. The State for the Jews is called Israel. The State for the Palestinians is called Jordan. Was that so hard that even a liberal potentate could understand it? Let’s look at Joel 3:2.

  • Bill Jr

    French President Emmanuel Macron calls for new peace talks and a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. Saying The Palestinians Will Get a State In Antarctica and The Israelis Will Get a State of Peace and Quiet For Awhile.

  • J. C. Smith

    Microbe hasn’t been paying attention.
    For decades, Israel has been asked to give things/land up to get peace. They’ve done so, and the result has been more terror.
    Time for a new recipe.

  • Just Saying-2

    Not going to happen. There has never been a Palestine and God willing never will be.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Macron is a Globalist.
    He is damaged goods

    • Bill Jr

      Doesn’t Just Being French Qualify as Being “Damaged Goods?”

  • Javanne

    Macron may be te new French president, but he spouts the same, tired old rhetoric. So much for France.

  • jvlewis

    There are no Palestinians. They are Egyptian and Saudi. There will be no peace until Jesus is King.

    • Harry

      You speak of countries instead of religions. Judaism allowed select members to use the knowledge of the book to make them more successful than all others. Then Christianity gave the knowledge of the book to everyone and grew across the land. Allah used the book for criminals and sex abusers to use the sword lie and cheat their way to the top of the heap and so far that has been more successful than than the love your neighbor of Christianity.

    • Bill Jr

      He’s Already KING! Pontius Pilate Declare HIM “Jesus the Nazarean KING of The Jews” Two Thousand Years Ago. Even Every Jew Is Supposed To Agree With This If They Adhere To The Old Testament And Are “Obedient To Authority.”

  • Harry

    Israel gave up the Sinai Peninsula for Jimmy Carter to win the Noble Peace prize, Israel gave up the Gaza Strip for Peace that resulted in the Gaza Strip becoming a radical Islamic state at war with Israel. A little peace here and a little peace there and Jews will find the peace that comes from the grave so Allah and the world can live in peace just as soon as the Christians are all gone, well, maybe after the Shittes are all exterminated too.

    • Come Andfindme

      Oh no, are you suggesting Christians need to be exterminated?!?

      • Harry

        Specifically Christians but generally all infidels which includes wrong Muslim sects, it is a big task but Islam is not afraid of big tasks. Look at all the work they have done in Syria to destroy the Shittes, over 400,000 dead and still more work to do.

        • Come Andfindme

          Wow!! You are sick and twisted! Trust me…’s you princess who is the infidel.

        • Just Saying-2

          I sure hope they are watching you. You are a sick individual and Islam is evil.

      • Harry

        Just look at the EU today, Islamics are dying to kill as many Christians (infidels) as possible and the media covers up the truth keeping the infidels calm so they don’t fight back. The Media is the Islamics wingman.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Israel has offered that again and again and again but the muslims would rather hate, murder and destroy than live in peace.

    • Bill Jr

      Karnevil #9 Third Impression. ELP

      • Resist_Tyranny

        What does that mean?

      • Resist_Tyranny

        OH, the song:)

  • Thomas Sullivan

    Macaroni, stuck in the 1990’s.

  • PatriotInk

    “Peace” talks have been stalling since the first day the concept of “Palestinian” was fabricated, and they started talking. Apparently, Macron has never read the PLO Charter and has no idea how “peace” is defined in the inbreed world of Arabs. It is precisely the way the “Palestinians” define peace that peace, as we know it to be, will never happen. Oh well, keep talking for what it is worth…

  • Carolann313

    Beware, Macron = antichrist

    • Grateful415

      Honestly, that was my very first thought when I opened the article…weird!

  • Lonesome Whistle

    Macron needs to give back the southern cities in France to the jihadis that were conquered by muslims from the 700’s’ through the 900’s.

    After all, muslims are now 20% of France, and there are whole sections that are completely muslim.

    • Harry

      Macron would not have a problem with that.

  • ReevaDiva

    Russia is wrong for taking part of the Ukraine which belong to them to begin with, and a bunch of Arab nomads (who call themselves Palestinians) want to take land that was never theirs. So lets split the country of Israel??????????

  • Tango Uniform

    Me thinks the frog doesn’t know his history. In 1947, separate Jewish and Arab Palestine were created. Israel spent this time creating a nation, a civilization, a legacy. Meanwhile, Arab Palestinians spent the time fighting for dissolution of Israel. That’s why they live like wild dogs now. BTW, Gaza, Sinai, West Bank, and Golan Heights belonged to Jewish Palestine going back to 1922. So, the six day war only took back what was rightfully Israel’s. The “Palestinians” should hunt for a place in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, or Egypt if they want to have a permanent home.

    • Harry

      Muslims don’t like history, they destroy any historical monuments they can, they say the Armenian genocide never happened and if you disagree with them then you can join the Armenians in the land of the dead. I once disagreed with a Muslim without knowing he was a Muslim and he picked up a heavy wrench and started swinging it over my head and screaming to me about the Crusades, he was very persuasive.

      • Bill Jr

        No, They Just Like Masturbating To Images of 72 Virgins.

  • PatrickJ

    If you don’t mind all that much, I’ll stick with Netanyahu.

  • PatrickJ

    Macron is a newcomer to this conflict. He’s like the teenager next door, who says, “don’t worry, I can fix this.” When he has actually no idea of how to fix it,

  • PatrickJ

    I would never support any agreement that hurts Israel or their freedom. Period.

  • Jam Jenes

    Macron is completely correct. There should be a two State solution.

    The State of Israel, which shall consist of current Israel and Jordan.

    And the State of Judah, which shall consist of Lebanon and Syria.

    See? Was that so hard?

    Yeah, they’re flipped from ancient times, but whaddaya gonna do?

  • sundevil633

    Sounds just like buffoon John Kerry..

  • drake

    It’s designed to be perpetual war. It will never end until THE END.

  • All American

    Macron has many of his own issues to address!
    Palestinians created their own demise.
    Any decision should be left to Israel alone…

    • Javanne

      True, but that won’t stop the EU, US, and UN from continuing to meddle. As long as they do, there will be no solution of any kind, and therefore, no peace, as the pals deem their policies will eventually wear Israel down and give them everything they want without firing a shot.

      • All American


  • RMCS Ret.

    What the two state idiots fail to acknowledge is that for all practical purposes Israel is already a two state country. Around 20 percent of the population is Arab with the majority of that Muslim. Why they fail to realize that and keep pushing for Israel to accept the radical Muslims that only desire the complete eradication of Israel is beyond my ken. All they need to do is look at the maps of the middle east created by the extremists.

  • A two state solution can only work when both states want it. If one of the states wants the other dead, it isn’t possible.

  • Betty Dawson

    Its so easy for people to split up stuff that isn’t theirs to split up ~ typical liberal.

    • All American

      You nailed it Betty Dawson!!

    • Javanne


  • Hans Pfall

    Israel was, is now and always will be for the Jews. Read the word of God to find out what He thinks of a “two state solution”. Woe to any country that promotes or supports THAT!

    Seven million square miles of Arab/Persian/Moslem land. Nine thousand square miles for the Jews, yet they have to give up half, including cutting Jerusalem apart. Yeah. Makes sense to me.