London Center Urges Congress to Act Against Terrorism

December 5, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Recent tragic incidents due to terrorism have occurred in different parts of the globe, but many of these incidents share a common thread.

One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.

  • Aldo

    Radicals are everywhere – BUT I don’t believe I EVER heard of Christian Terrorists or Hindu Terrorists or Zen Buddhist Terrorists – Have you ???

  • Leo Smith

    Screw London and it’s Mayor. No Money for Anti Trump UK.

  • Aldo

    I believe Japan and China have THE SOLUTION for the “muslim problem” !!!! Deport and/or decapitate ALL OF THEM

  • Crusader Ammunition

    And the Brits arrested two men this morning plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister…… but David Kaicke’s comment below is correct.

  • Aireskoi B.

    Geez, people, come on, the liberals are going to think we are idiots. The London center has nothing to do with England. Seeing these comments just plays into the liberal mindset that we are incompetent idiots. DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU COMMENT, it infuriates me that my own people call out liberals for incompetence yet we can’t do our own homework.

  • Fergus

    Islam is NOT a religion of any kind. It is purely a criminal organization. Call it what it actually is.

  • Just A Guy

    London first. Hypocrites.

  • All American

    Isn’t the London Mayor Sadiq Khan a Muslim? I am not sure if this is about the city of London at all but “The London Center for Policy Research has been organized to engage in research on the key policy issues of our time: national security, energy, and risk analysis.”
    Everyone should check it out!
    Anthony Shaffer Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Operations is a retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel who gained fame for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart.

  • His Chick

    London center is named after it’s President, not named after the city of LONDON.

    About London Center
    The London Center for Policy Research (LCPR) has been organized to engage in research on the key policy issues of our time: national security, energy, and risk analysis.
    It is the mission of this Center to challenge conventional wisdom where appropriate, add texture to the current deliberations on policy issues and build support for positions that further the national interest and the interest of key allies.
    To advance the goals of the Center we propose to:

    Engage in a global mapping project in order to index “hot spots” and indicate strategies for mitigation.

    Provide strategies and tactics to manage chaos, which may be the key to our national future.

    Promote the relationship between energy needs and foreign policy at a time when energy independence may soon be possible

    Create and build an accredited foreign policy center for the next generation of policy makers.

    Influence policy decisions in the Congress that enhance U.S. stature and its strategic position.
    London Center Leadership

    Herbert I. London

    Eli M. Gold
    Senior Vice President

    Laddyma Thompson
    Secretary and Treasurer

    LtCol Anthony Shaffer
    Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Operations

  • Pedro Muhammad

    Moooslums have been doing this for thousands of years with some success.

    We need to rid ourselves of the ones that are here in our country working to undermine our Govt, using
    our democratic laws to wage a silent jihad. i.e Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and just about every mosque all paid for by Hamas..

  • David Kaicke

    Well, it’s about time politicians are speaking out about this. The Muslim Brotherhood has long been known as a funding source for Islamic terrorism, along with its many satellite organizations active in the USA.

    Act now!

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    Amazing how England Liberals finally recognize these Muslim terrorists when they no longer have control of them. Perhaps they should have asked President Trump for some advice?

    • Mr Krabs

      Wrong President… President Duterte of the Philippines has a better solution with quicker results!

      • “I’m a Rooster!”

        I plum forgot about that little fella. By golly, you’re right on that one!

        • Brad

          Don’t see repeat offenders in the PI lately

  • mark abby

    Every time Trump says or does something about crazy Muslim terrorists, the UK is the first to condemn him. Those people in the UK need to check the lead levels in their drinking water.

    • Roland Bradford

      Britain is becoming like California…a land of ‘fruits & nuts’…?

    • Mr Krabs

      Pack every muslim refugee along with every illegal alien in US prisons and ship them to Britain… If you don’t like our immigration policy fine… You love’m then you can have’m!

    • Aldo

      the uk is sinking like a bloddy ship – good riddance !!!

      • mark abby

        Now a store in the UK is selling Hillary Clinton Christmas tree toppers. Really. She’s in a pant suit with angel wings and it starts at $109 on up to $900. I would have never believed that u til I saw it.

        The UK has gone insane.

  • No Mas

    London loves its radical muslims… when they vote to not love radical muslims, I will pay attention.

    • David Kaicke

      This relates to Muslims in the US, so pay attention.

  • USAagainstGlobalists

    I guess now it can be told: Huma Abedine was a DNC-sponsored insider terrorist spy controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Please, somebody send a memo to the DOJ. -Better use red, bold letters at the top.

    • David Kaicke

      Indeed!, right along with Linda Sarsour. Jeffrey, wake up!

  • Sui-Juris

    (Radical) Islam is a threat to the free world in as much as the Sunni-Shia sectarian war is; since one feeds the other radical interpretations cloaked in, and wrapped up in the banner of “the true Islam”.

    When conservatives among the Sunni and Shia Muslim Clerics can accept the various Islamic sects with out reservation (as Christianity has accepted diverse Christian sects). Then the world will be made safe from the radicalized Islamic sectarian interpretation of “Allah’s will”. Which translates into any language as nothing more than a backwards, hateful expression of wanton murder and social oppression.

    The inherited contradiction of Islam (a religion weaponized by design) is that while it has by force of administration maintained a large force of believers, it is a cultural failure. As those who come to Islam from outside the faith come only to exploit Islam as the authoritarian weapon it was designed to be in the first place. No one comes to Islam to beatify. As it simply can not be nurtured by the authoritarianism that is Islam.

  • landy fincannon

    I doubt we’ll ever know all the actors involved in backing these terrorist groups.
    The common denominator is the western governments willingness to accept Muslim refugees.

    • David Kaicke

      Weeding out all members of the “brotherhood” would be a good start…active political figures, college professors, business leaders, clerics etc

  • Sane_Person37

    Common thread – moslems in your country working to breed you out if nothing else.

    • landy fincannon

      Yep, assisted by our benevolent government

      • No Mas