LGBT characters on U.S. TV at record highs

2017 Teen Choice Awards – Show – Los Angeles
2017 Teen Choice Awards – Show – Los Angeles, California, U.S., 13/08/2017 - The cast of "Riverdale" accepts their award for Choice Drama TV Show. REUTERS/Mike Blake

November 9, 2017

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The number of lesbian, gay and transgender characters on U.S. television shows have reached record highs, and campaign group GLAAD said on Thursday that their stories were more important than ever given moves in the United States to roll back LGBT acceptance.

In it annual report on diversity on the small screen, GLAAD found 329 regular and recurring LGBTQ characters across all broadcast, cable and streaming TV platforms, including the first asexual and non-binary characters.

GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis said TV was a critical place for the portrayal of LGBTQ characters and their lives.

“At a time when the Trump administration is trying to render LGBTQ people invisible, representing LGBTQ people in all of our diversity in scripted TV programs is an essential counterbalance that gives LGBTQ people stories to relate to,” Ellis said in a statement.

U.S. President Donald Trump in July announced he would ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. The White House has revoked guidance on letting transgender students use the bathroom of their choice in public schools, and Trump’s administration has said that federal law does not ban discrimination against gay employees.

The GLAAD report found that LGBTQ regulars on the main U.S. broadcast channels in TV shows like “Riverdale,” “Empire” “Designated Survivor” made up 6.5 percent of all characters, making the highest percentage in 22 years of GLAAD tracking.

Netflix’s dark comedy “Bojack Horseman” and Freeform’s supernatural “Shadowhunters” brought audiences the first asexual characters on television.

Showtime financial drama “Billions,” Netflix and Family Channel teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Class” and Spike TV’s comedy “Heathers” all feature non-binary characters, a term used to describe those who experience their gender identity falling outside the categories of man and woman, the GLAAD report said.

The emergence of new stories reflects the real world, GLAAD said, citing its own research which found that 20 percent of 18-34 year olds identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning.

The GLAAD report examined original scripted series airing or which were expected to air in primetime between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by David Gregorio)


    “The number of lesbian, gay and transgender characters on U.S. television shows have reached record highs, and campaign group GLAAD said on Thursday that their stories were more important than ever given moves in the United States to roll back LGBT acceptance.”

    The acceptance of homosexuality in this country is tantamount to inviting God to judge us as he did Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Cut the cable.

  • Expat47

    I just remarked on this yesterday in another article. You can’t have an award winning show without there being a whole litany of “liberal'” values which, of course, includes some on-screen homosexual act.

  • Impaler

    Sodom and Gamora returns and chooses America as it’s home.

  • AtomicFury

    Not a good way to attract audiences. I don’t claim to take a high moral stance against homosexuality. They can do what they like as individuals, but I don’t like their sick lifestyle being passed off as normal to impressionable kids when in fact, there are few truly happy homosexuals. I also don’t like their on-going practice of insulting the intelligence of people by claiming that millions of them were born homosexual.

  • The Lisan al Gaib

    Watching TV has become quite difficult now that most shows have become showcases for Liberal mental disorders. So many good shows ruined!

  • eladtoor

    Lotta jack-offs there, too.

  • Frank Meccia

    It’s amazing, TV Guide had an article that GLADD was upset at the amount of killed off gay and lesbian characters. GO Figure.. I’m just sick of it.Every show has to push this , which is just stupid.

  • GBWO

    So that’s a big draw for the majority of the population that watch that drivel.

  • nekronic

    Bottom line is that Hollywood and the lefty media can bombard us with LGBT aberration all they want, but it will never, ever be considered normal.

  • UEM

    Thats interesting, because my watching US TV is at a record low. Wonder if there is a correlation.

  • Politically Incorrect

    This is sickening. Glad I don’t pay for TV anymore

  • Steven Dietrich

    Real numbers: LGBTQ 4.1%, Trans-gender 0.6%

  • sillystring

    I cut the cord many years ago. The only “New” TV show I watch is the current version of Jeopardy!, but I can barely tolerate some of the overt liberalism on it. I used to enjoy Big Bang Theory, but haven’t watched this season. Even though none of the characters are overtly gay, I’ve gotten tired of the innuendo.

  • Mark Heinzen

    I think the silent majority has had enough of this alternative behavior shoved down their throats, tolerance is ending. Hit them where it hurts by cancelling service. A perfect example is a show like the Kardashians. $100+ million dollar contracts for what? Look at the garbage on MTV which doesn’t even show videos anymore.

  • pajamakat

    At a time when the Trump administration is trying to render LGBTQ people invisible ??? Did I miss something ? I am so GLAAD that we don’t watch any of this crap.

  • Christopher Binkowski

    It’s the sign of the end for any culture, peoples.

  • danny lemon

    This portion of society is nowhere near 6.5%. People such as myself (with gay stepson) do not enjoy the over simplification of this lifestyle as presented in the media and the activist groups. In fact it is insulting to those of us who know better and to those in our family who live the lifestyle as it should be lived, i.e., without noise, glorification, public displays, rancor, hyperbole, etc.
    America will cut the cord and the print if this continues. Then those perpetuating the stereotypes will be left to wallow in their own vomit by themselves.

  • Roy Beane

    > “The world has become so bad now that If the end doesn’t come soon, then God may need to consider apologizing to Sodom and Gomorrah.” ——— Paul Harvey

  • looneytoonsindville

    This is EXACTLY the reason I and my family do not watch commercial broadcast TV. I use Amazon and AcornTV. There, I can control the content and don’t have to watch commercials!

  • henry

    even in Walking Dead……..last place I expected to get smacked with it….

    • wildfire1944

      Just saw that crap. Excellent example of what happens with them in a combat situation. Your ‘boytoy’ gets shot so you leave the firefight ! I guess things have really changed since I served.

  • John Degel

    The only show I watch out of that list is Designated Survivor.

  • Bamf

    “At a time when the Trump administration is trying to render LGBTQ people invisible”

    Since when?

  • tired

    TV used to be no sex,no cursing,no nudity,no hardcore racism,good family shows.Cut the cord 5 yrs ago.

    • Sunflower

      It can be that way again if we choose wisely and many are. A Katz Media Group Report found that Antenna TV, MeTV, Grit, and Laff, beat cable in household ratings according to a recent CordCuttersNews article.

  • stevens123

    So now GLAAD is saluting the place where Harvey Weinstein was allowed to define sex as just a massage and Kevin Spacey excused his attempted molestation of a child because he had been drinking.

    I’m very confused.

  • stevens123

    And Hollywood is wondering why their ratings are in the tank.

    Asexual? According to high school biology only certain frogs are asexual.

    WTF is non-binary? every living thing, including asexual frogs, is either male or female. Rocks don’t have gender. Are these people rocks?

  • Sergeant_rock

    Television, like the rest of the immoral and disgusting actions of “UNHOLYwood” has become a sewer for the sick and depraved minds of those who watch it…

    Stick to watching the Angel network channels, classic movies, or animal planet, programs without that trash…
    Contact the sponsors and tell them to stop sponsoring that trash…

    Another option is, people seem to like to “boycott” everything else, so boycott the satellite and cable companies, drop them until they pressure these disgusting shows off the air…

    WE the viewers have the power, we only need to use it….

  • Roy Beane

    Guess all the bathroom signs now will have to be changed to ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘he-she’, ‘she-he’, ‘whatevers’, and ‘its’. No doubt ALL of these different groups will demand their so-called “civil rights” and have bathroom fixtures and other comforts installed to satisfy their individual desires….and all at taxpayer expense, of course. Excuse me now while I go heave chunks……whole thing just makes one want to vomit.

  • brandehhh

    I’m all for people being themselves but some of these “categories” like non-binary are out there…. good thing we cut the cable cord too and my toddler is too small to pick for himself besides which truck or shark show he wants to watch.

  • Visualverbs

    Make that, “LGBT Characters On U.S. TV At Record LOWS”, record low for commonsense and decorum. Anyone who doesn’t identify with the sex to which they were born is mentally ill.

  • gregg56

    There is a difference between being on TV and being seen on TV.

    Kinda like with ObamaCare, the difference between having healthcare insurance and actually being able to get healthcare services.

    I do not watch any of the shows listed.

  • swifty656

    WHAT EVER! Sick is still sick.

  • Jesse

    Rearrange the letters. BlGQT’s

  • Jesse

    Rearrange the letters. BIGQT’s

  • Only if you’re stupid enough to watch this type of crap! The hell with them and any sponsors they may have.

  • landy fincannon

    There has been a rise in the number of blackish programs as well.

    Now less than 1% and 13% of the population have a greater influence over society than what is the norm.

  • FogHorn_LegHorn

    WTF is this??? ” non-binary characters, a term used to describe those who experience
    their gender identity falling outside the categories of man and woman. ” What are you???

    • landy fincannon

      I think the new word add to the lexicon will be tain’t

  • ginamero

    I don’t understand why they feel they are being attacked…or is that just a phrase they use like ‘racist’ to keep themselves relevant? Trump hasn’t done anything to the alphabet groups…nothing. Why do they insist he is killing them? Is there some secret camp in the far northern woods where they are being held and skinned alive for entertainment? What do they keep harping about? I think it’s just all smoke so they can be on tv.

  • shafawn

    LGBT owns Hollywood so yeah. My directv contract is over in Feb and I will not be renewing.
    I feel so sorry for children who think this is normal America. This isn’t even the same country it was 20 years ago. I’m so disgusted with it that it makes me physically want to throw up.


    This is why I have turned my TV OFF….I no longer go to movies and if I just happen to turn to something that shows this kind of behavior, I turn the channel.

  • NoBS

    This Homosexualization of our children is why cutting the cord has become a national call to arms.

    Next stop is the US Department of Indoctrination, formally known as Department of Education.

  • Mark

    I personally have not walked into a movie theatre or watched regular TV or sports in almost 2 years. I just recently cancelled cable and now just stream what I want to watch. Saved $100/mo in the process. This is my own small version of protest.

    • NoBS

      Congratulations on not supporting CNN with even “basic” service, now called extortion fees.
      Same goes for Satellite subscribers. Let them eat their own excrement.

  • Fed Up !

    It is part of their agenda just like all of the commercials and shows that portray blacks as smart and successful people explaining to whites how to do things. Blacks are about 15% of the population but are featured in 99% of commercials while gays are about 2% and featured in 70-80%. It is nothing less than demonrat propaganda.

    • jlsharks1

      Fed Up, great comment. I always make the same comment to my wife on a daily bases (I sometime think I am back in Africa). It is a challenge when it comes to nature programs to cast them into the scene. As animals only have two genders and nothing in between.

  • rgeiken

    Ratings are driven by how well viewers receive any given show. If they do not want to watch those characters ply their trade they are perfectly free to avoid those shows and just watch the ones that appeal to them. We lvie in a free country and free to pursue the things that interest us, Networks are free to put on whatever they want. I don’t have any cable service at the moment, and just watch You Tube, Netflix and Amazon and some local TV newscasts. No network episodic series, and not network news shows. I get my news on You Tube.

    Getting rid of the MSM is a freeing exercise of freedom. I just wonder how the Networks will survive in the future when younger people become independent and have to determine how they want to receive TV, but Cable Service or by Streaming Services. I have grown up with Cable Service, but now depend on Streaming. A good choice for me.

  • Robert Adams

    “It’s own research?” It is own research – doesn’t make sense. The possessive of it – its – has no apostrophe.

    • NoBS

      Grooming Children is the message.
      Yet our resident Grammar Nazi must deflect the message with obsessive compulsive disorder demands.

      Desperation is beautiful on an open forum.

      • Robert Adams

        The two aren’t comparable. To speak and write incorrectly is not the same as being bombastic.

  • My Head

    So it appears that straight white couples are under represented in television. If this were any other demographic there would be outrage.

  • Altha Fl

    and that is1 reason why my household watches a lot less TV anymore. I am sick and tired of that being shoved down our throats. another reason is all the lies and deception told on TV, so much that one never knows anymore what is real and what is false.

    • Numerical Logic

      I know. I fell like they’re trying to make us think that since it’s published on T.V that’s it’s okay… well it’s not.

      • Altha Fl


    • NoBS

      Yet you pay for CNN with just basic service. Sad.

  • Crazy_Jake

    P L E A S E…. I would be hard pressed to find a show on TV that doesn’t have a gay character in it or an African American who is in a position of the highest rank or Authority in it. Yet everyone bitches its not enough.

  • JR

    Bigotry against gays just isn’t the same as good ole’ racism I guess… Congrats to your indoctrination into hate.

    • Crazy_Jake

      Doesnt make what he said incorrect.

    • NoBS

      The difference between disgust and hatred is a fine line indeed.
      I hate pedophiles and have a legal right to do so. Same with militant gays who support perverted predators.

  • Sue L-J

    I don’t watch any of it. I feel you are who you are but why do you have to keep announcing it. The world has been a very sad state of affairs. The family I grew up in no longer exists.

    • JR

      Hilarious. People should just be who they are, but only if you don’t have to see or hear anything about it. Get over it snowflake.

      • Numerical Logic

        I believe that you are whatever you were born as. Either male or female, boy or girl. man or lady, how ever God made you!

        • NoBS

          Please, don’t use reason or logic on the poor child, the real world is just too scary.

          That safe space will break the smartest among them, snort.


          You cannot change chromosomes…..therefore you cannot change whether you are a boy or girl. You can only act different.

      • NoBS

        Cutting the cable is not happening, my precious Snowflake.
        Go back to sleep beautiful cupcake and the boogieman will go away.

  • Roy Beane

    Enjoy it while you still CAN. For those who remain unrepentant, the judgement of Sodom & Gomorrah stands as a warning for all time (Jude verses 5-7, the Holy Bible) and it is coming soon upon all of you people.

    • a non

      I know it’s hard to accept, but an increasingly large number of people in society simply don’t belong to your little bible cult thingy — we grew up and moved on.

      • Numerical Logic

        Believing in the Bible doesn’t make anyone childish. It is true though that more people are moving away from God’s word which is sad because when they resurrection happens, which is seemingly to be sooner than later, to many lost people will be left on this earth, only to be ruled by Satan.

        • Roy Beane

          As you likely already know, it’s no surprise some scoff at and ridicule the Bible. The appearance of such ones on the earth is just another part of the sign that the end is very close, and will overtake the world as a complete surprise when it happens.
          (2 Peter 3:3-10)

          • Numerical Logic

            Very true.

      • NoBS

        Sexulization of children is where “you” have taken us. You and your Progressive creed of debauchery.

        Tick Tock Mother Cucker.

      • nekronic

        Actually you dumbed down and chose to serve the god of this world. Hence your acceptance of perversion.

  • Gregory Smith

    This is the Very Reason I stopped watching Glee!

    • Numerical Logic

      Yep now there are even animated cartoons and shows for younger kids that now are making some of their characters gay. Sad.

      • NoBS

        Yet attacking the Bile is how you deal with it.

        The question is who did you deal with to require this emotionally dependent hatred of yours?
        Blame the message to justify guilt or jealousy. So what do you fear?

        • Numerical Logic

          First off it’s Bible and secondly, what are you talking about? I wouldn’t dare “attack” the Bible! Nor should anyone else.

  • TomSJr

    Very IMMORAL. They are getting SATAN’S blessings, NOT God’s, which means they now belong to SATAN and there will be eternal consequences. I turn the channel as soon as the show I am watching shows the person is gay in any way. Modern Family is a show that is about a gay family. There are other shows that show scenes of homosexual romance, etc.. Sickening stuff and I turn the channel. THIS is one of the reasons I dropped DirecTV and cut the cord. NOW, I can pick and choose, but mostly READING is what I do.

    PRAY FOR ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO IS HOMOSEXUAL. The know not what they do (spiritually).

    • NoBS

      I do not care what adults do behind “closed” bedroom doors.
      Under 18 is the issue. The overt sexualization of children is the true crime.

  • tj hessmon

    The living attainment of Romans 1 … Its their choice, I don’t accept it as either normal nor entertainment. There are plenty of other entertainment sources, who are not using their film works as an attempt to proselytize viewers concerning perverse acts of intimacy.

  • rotbaron242

    I am getting so much done without wasting time in front of the TV since I’ve cut my cable. Try as they might though, LGBT will NEVER be acceptable.

    • brandehhh

      Why not? Do you want to be accepted when you are different? You still have rights regardless

      • Visualverbs

        That’s the problem – perversion is considered, ‘different’. It’s perversion. Period.

        • brandehhh

          So? Does it affect you in any way? They’re still citizens with rights. Don’t watch their crap and you won’t be bothered. When a person is hateful, we are supposed to be tolerate of them because its their right but the same isn’t extended to others. Hmmmmmm

          • rotbaron242

            It does affect me. It affects my children who have it constantly paraded in front of them. Why must we be involved in their lifestyle? Their relationships should be like everyone else’s relationships: private.

          • brandehhh

            I’m not disagreeing with that at all.

      • rotbaron242

        Because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

        • brandehhh

          Well there’s many of them too. I’m not sure about all of the other groups but straight, gay and lesbian, there’s a lot in each group. It still boils down to treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t act like the Democrats you hate.

    • alfred

      Congratulations for cutting your cable, I cut my cable service Two months ago also and I don’t miss it at all.

      • rotbaron242

        I miss it a little. Honestly, it’s a bit of an adjustment. It’s 20 years of habit to undo.

  • Varangian Guard

    There likely a higher percentage of “actors” playing that character than what is actually represented in society.
    In the Middle East society they execute the alternative lifestyle. But in the USA the GUB is called fascist……
    Clearly the Antifa and Hollyweird knows nothing of history OR current events.

  • thecleaner45

    And this is the major reason why many are cutting the cables. People are sick of this and soon there wont be anyone to watch these mentally ill shows.

    • Andrew Moore8

      except for the mentally ill themselves.

      • Sue L-J

        No everyone is mentally ill some people are just bad people who do bad things because they like to.

    • a non

      Poor babies, trapped in a world you don’t understand. Ask a millennial to explain it….

      • Mark

        No need to explain. I fully understand. Just CHOOSE not to watch. It’s called personal choice. We still all have that at our disposal….

        • NoBS

          Cable cutting is the only way to stop CNN from getting fake viewership numbers.

          Boycotting Hollywood is now fueling Bootlegging with a vengeance.
          Except we don’t call it Bootleg, it’s now called Play to Pay.

          Stealing is now out of style, it’s called Redistribution. Unless you look pathetic enough, then Welfare is the PC term..

      • Sunflower

        We do understand and are rejecting this particular bit of social engineering.
        Cordcutters article: OTA Digital Subchannels Are Outperforming Cable Networks

      • UEM

        OK Millennial, im asking. How can a man be a woman and a woman be a man, and either be neither and not be confused?

    • Lensgrinder

      Yup, cancelled two months ago and don’t miss it a bit.
      already ready several books since.

      • alfred


      • a French Chef

        Just a quick mental cost benefit equation and cutting makes more sense.

    • henry

      Nothing more embarrassing that watching tv with family and some crap comes on and you cant grab the remote fast enough. The left wants and expects everyone to think this crap is “normal” and “ok” when its not. this isnt what the Creator had in mind, sorry

  • No Mas

    The Follywood and demonrat agenda to wipe out straight white males, and anything GOD is hard at work

    • lu

      They’re too blind to see they are ultimately going to lose and lose big.

  • cdb

    The loony liberals have an agenda. They are insisting on shoving their agenda down our throats. They are going to keep trying to make us all accept the behavior of these delusional misfits as normal, just like they did with the queers.

    • Varangian Guard

      They obviously can’t shove it down their own throats….those are already filled with feet and fancy