Lawmakers to End Taxpayer-Backed Sexual Harassment Settlements

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Senator Al Franken walks out to speak to the media outside his office on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., November 27, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

December 4, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Congress is working to rid the use of taxpayer money in sexual harassment settlements involving lawmakers.

The move comes after news surfaced in November that more than $17 million of tax-payer money has been used to settle claims against lawmakers.

So far, three bills have been introduced.

The first would require lawmakers to pay back the funds, and have the amounts posted on a government website.

The second would stop the use of tax payer money and have the lawmakers face possible expulsion.

While the last bill would require lawmakers in past cases pay back the funds with interest, stop future payments, and ban non-disclosure agreements.

U.S. Representative John Conyers (D-MI) participates in a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S. July 12, 2016. Picture taken July 12, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

  • Delano Thomasson

    all should have to pay back their bill

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  • Joe

    I want the money paid out back

  • jenmikeolson

    At this point I think it’s demeaning to swamps to call DC one. After all, swamps are an intricate ecosystem and serve a purpose. DC is more like a sewage.

  • bless us all

    now they will all be doing the Pence Practise [which he was ridiculed for] of not being alone with a female or male in a room

  • Scotty

    Ha! They got caught and now they’re cleaning up their act to keep their phoney baloney jobs.

  • KevinR.

    Congress is working to rid the use of taxpayer money in sexual harassment settlements involving lawmakers.

    Where exactly did they get any authority to use public money for their personal actions???????

    Why is there even a need to pass legislation to STOP this……

    • hobartneck

      Who STARTED it in the first place?

      • Scotty

        I would guess Bill Clinton.

  • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

    Where’s the list? FOIA! Publish the list.

  • Russ Hardgrove

    Look up scum in dictionary. See a picture of Alvin Frankenberry.

  • mark abby

    Make the list public then force each one to repay, out of their own pocket!!! Then criminalize any future abuse of tax dollars.

  • jenshadus

    American Natives, who are just fine being called Indians, are laughing their heads off.

  • jenshadus

    The worst part of all this is that women like Barbara Comstock were condoning and paying it out! They take care of their own, but for once the media did their job and called them out.

  • pippin2

    Best new of the morning; now let’s get it done!

  • lagun

    what will happen is that someone will add amendments to any bill put forward
    and all will vote ‘no’ because the additional pieces are not what they wanted
    ie, DACA, Guns, the wall, budget

  • marcthepig

    And in the end they will all vote in favor of one of the three, but none of the three will pass. Same old scam they always pull.

  • Commander Balok

    Release the list of names and payouts!

  • No1Familiar

    There’s something missing here. At the very least, oust the offender. How is it that this was ever truly ALLOWED? Anyone else would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and held personally liable for any money going anywhere. This is a good start, but all you are doing is telling the lot of criminals that their cash cow till from the taxpayer will just be made smaller. The offender is still not being held responsible, their budget overall is just shrunk.

  • ja ko

    Why need for a new bill? Is it even remotely possible that there’s a standing bill in existence ordering taxpayers to cover sexual harassment settlements on behalf of criminally behaving lawmakers?

  • seawulf

    Bills have been proposed, but will never pass. Congress doesn’t want to be held accountable.

  • Re

    I Would be happy to learn who iniatated this rip off and the names of the elected who used it i dought we could make them pay it back.

  • Expat47

    So, after they shut this one down what are they going to call the new one?
    Term limits & removal of ALL special treatment is a MUST if we’re ever gong to drain the swamp.

  • Twinkle Toes

    The bill to protect government sexual perpetrators was passed in 1997; Bill Clinton was President and the Republicans controlled the House. Draining the swamp is long overdue.


    Please pass all three bills and hold these dirtballs accountable.

  • Rollerstop

    Not just end…., those offenders should fork their own money out, if some dead, they left assets to cover…

  • Bannaghar

    Make sure they pay us back our money.

  • A marcus Young

    Im afraid its not going to be that easy. Whoever created this fund, who ever approved it, and whoever knew about it but did not say anything will be considered a traitor. All of them should be expelled in the upcoming mid-term elections,

  • Tado

    Shameless Dîcks !!!

  • FromThe70s

    Voters To End Electing Former SNL Cast Members

    • marcthepig

      Then who would represent the clown constituency?

      • FromThe70s

        My suggestion would be the taxidermied corpse of Nancy Pelosi.

  • Lou Blanchard

    so let me get this right…they do pervy stuff, get caught, use our tax payer money to buy off accusers and pay for NDA’s ….and then have the stones to tell us they need to raise taxes…they don’t have enough money….DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  • michaelparsons

    Who used it? I want names.

  • Arminius-Hermann

    Great, Dandy…..

    What you now need to do is release the names, dates, amounts and who were the ones on the committee who approved the payouts.

    If they are still in either house of Congress or working in any government position they need to resigned from their positions and forfeit any retirement, medical or 401’s they have.

    Everyone of you in Congress both houses and parties owe this to the American Voters and Taxpayers.

  • WitchWay

    Every single Congressperson who has used said slush fund should have to repay every single dollar that was taken out. After they pay it back they should be removed from office and have no further opportunity to hold any Political office.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Why is Franken still on the job? What does it take to Fire someone in Congress who has broken our Laws? If a regular citizen did what Franken did that person would be in jail! I’m real tired of this Elite rich Congressmen getting away with crimes. Are we NO longer a Country of Laws? Has our Country fallen in to a communist Country? It seems like it. STOP! The madness! Time to jail these Congressmen who commit crimes, especially against women!!

    • …remain calm and return fire

      America has become an oligarchy, the elites make law for the peons to follow, and they damn well hold the peons to the letter of their law, by force. The oligarchy is above the law.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, God bless our President, he is trying to clear the swamp, but it seems the swamp is very deep indeed. Who knew? God Bless!

  • …remain calm and return fire

    BS, they either renamed it to something else or will revive it by sneaking it into another bill, like the tax bill. Congress is not trustworthy…..obviously.

  • survivor50

    “Lawmakers to End Taxpayer-Backed Sexual Harassment Settlements…”
    Not good enough ! We demand to know who started it, who got their perverted little @$$e$ bailed out by the fund, and PAY IT BACK in triple !!!
    Then THROW them out !!!

  • Harold Swift

    Aren’t our law makers just great and thoughtful guys??? They have discovered we object to covering their butts with our money to buy off the young ladies they tried to rape. Be awake for the next elections…please.

  • Phil M. Kelley

    Who would pay YOUR legal fees and/or settlement money if someone accused you of harassment, sexual or otherwise? This is a total no-brainer

  • Lensgrinder

    If these people had even the slightest bit of integrity to know that the money should come out of their own pocket we would not need a law like this.

  • Pete Greco

    If you were a decent person you wouldn’t need this freakin taxpayer slush fund that was criminally hidden from the American people and taxpayers.

  • Varangian Guard

    Why this would ever be a “thing” that would have to come before lawmakers is in itself disturbing. It opens the question of how many other proclivities we must be paying for. Many for certain, but how low can they go?
    There is a bottom below, the bottom we know.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Include a provision in this bill to demand a full refund from misappropriations, with mandatory public hearing on who abused this fund.

  • tedlv

    Whoever thought the hush fund was a good idea should also go to prison.

    • chatty cathy

      Oops. Sorry. Meant to up vote that (red face)

      • tedlv

        I’m using a tablet. It happens a lot because the “buttons” are so close together. Have a good evening!

        • chatty cathy

          Whew! Lol! Thank have a good evening also 🙂

  • redheadgirl

    I guess Rrump will be joining this crowd of men, Women are starting to come forward.

    • john smith

      Well can you imagine the crowd he will be in with Clinton all three Kennedy’s and Roosevelt just to name six other known philanderers. And Clinton included in rape! The women already came forward with Clinton rape charges and the Demacraps didn’t care.

      • redheadgirl

        The main thing is that he pay the price. You should senior Bush to the crowd as well. And what about Moore in Alabama and Joe Barton in Congress? And Vitter and who was the guy in the men’s stall?

        • john smith

          Where were you when they mentioned that Billy Boob had raped a woman? where was your outrage then? Now you show us all what a liberal Demacrap is, the same old story, now you want something done about it. Just another hypocrite Demacrap.

          I tell you what, why don’t you in all your wisdom tell us all why you are bring this up now, why didn’t you bring it it up a month ago and ask why we aren’t going after Billy Boob for rape. Go a head tell us, were all ears.

          • Russ Hardgrove


          • redheadgirl

            Who is Billy Boob?

        • Scotty

          Trump pay the price? For what? You’re on the wrong site there, sweetheart.

    • Swampdrainer

      These women are only coming forward after 40 years because they’re being paid to do so. There’s a word for women who provide services for money.

      • john smith

        President Trump had the women that accused old Billy Boob of rape and sexual harassment at the Hillary debate and that was only about one year ago and no Demacrap said a word. Why?

        • Swampdrainer

          Slick Willy (and/or Hillary) acknowledged the “accusations” by paying the women off to silence them (with taxpayer money no doubt). Demoncraps would have opened a can of worms if they had objected and would have negated the anticipated effect of the sex tape they brought out against Trump.

    • ReaganKnewBest

      O you sad sad liberal.

  • conquest915

    Congressional Politician are stewards of the taxpayers money, and boy, do they they suck at it!

  • Fergus

    I had to sign a non disclosure agreement decades ago in order to collect the money I had won in a lawsuit with one of the largest companies in the USA.
    I knew if I didn’t the company would simply litigate, and legally harass me for ever till the day I died, so I caved and signed the agreement.
    To this day I resent the fact that I felt this was the only way to get my money.

  • sue

    BUT are they going to pay the Tax payer back for the money thats
    already gone…… They better..

    • Swampdrainer

      Wishful thinking!

  • FoolIggy

    Keep digging into the muck & filth they call the SWAMP & rid America of these perverted, self-serving, hypocritical, and CORRUPT politicians!

    THEY ARE ALL SWAMP RATS covering for each other until they get caught!

    American Indian Warren is right in their gorging on taxpayer cheese!

    Politicians are OVERPAYED yet WARREN is more than happy to ‘steal’ houses from banks after foreclosures and then sell them on the open market for profits few of us could ever imagine!

    What posses a group of voters to elect someone as corrupt as this woman and not demand a reacall?

    Take your pick of any swamp rat, I am sure they are all growing their wealth while doing little TO SERVE this Great Nation!


    Taxpayers have the power, we just need to demand its use and take control of these rats and keep them in smaller cages!

    • Phil M. Kelley

      There is nothing wrong with making money by flipping real estate investments. What is wrong with the Warren situation is that she pretends to be holier-than-thou while she uses the system she condemns to turn a profit.

      • redheadgirl

        Not good when you cannot borrow from American banks and you sell your soul to the Commie Putin.

        • Phil M. Kelley

          Is that what Pocahontas did? Is Everybody in cahoots with the Russians these days?

          • redheadgirl

            That’s an unfair remark? Pocahontas is long dead and she was a heroine.

          • Phil M. Kelley

            You object that I nickname Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas because she lied about being of Native American heritage?

          • redheadgirl

            Do you have proof that she lied?

          • Phil M. Kelley

            It would be incumbent upon Warren herself to provide proof of her Native American heritage and she has never done so. My family history abounds with innuendoes of my own Native American heritage, but I would never claim that as proof of the assertion.

          • Jerry LaBrake

            Yes, to get native preference you have to belong to an official tribe. You need to show proof to the government of native american heritage. She could not show this because she lied.

          • redheadgirl

            She didn’t get any preference. Fake news perpetrated by right wing.

          • redheadgirl

            From The Atlantic, The Democratic Senate candidate can’t back up family lore that she is
            part Cherokee—but neither is there any evidence that she benefited
            professionally from these stories.

          • Scott

            Pocahontas was great but did not Warren lie to get her job at Harvard law school? She said she had Native America identity and being women so Harvard can say see we meet all Government quotas with her. Harvard made a special job for a Native American to be at Harvard so she stolen a place at Harvard from a Native American that is good Democrat for you.

            She is lawyer and fake emotions and lie are part of learning to be lawyer for they learn and live to be A-moral and immoral but never be moral in their thinking a Lawyer for you. She is a real left wing Democrat Marxist. I do hope the President just keep point to truth at her she lied for her job and stolen a place at Harvard for Native American fact not Democratic fiction.

          • redheadgirl

            Actually Senator Warren never received any benefit from her Native American heritage. Do you have proof of her llneage? Or are you just making up your own personal facts? I wouldn’t disparage Marxists considering Mr. Trump’s Close allegiance to Russia.

          • Scott

            Thank you we will deal in facts. First did she say she hand Native American blood? She put that down on her job application and Harvard law school had opening set aside for a Native America. You can check on that point going back in history and she did speak of her Native heritage in public you find. There have been people looked into her back ground and found NONE. You back and read NEWS papers and go look at all the Warren what she said. Getting information is fast and finding accurate information can be little hard. You cannot say she did not say she has Native American blood. If you will say she is liar if I do the work and find evidence and vote Republican next time I will spend the time find it. Now if anyone knows please comment were he can find it.

            Please give me example of Russian and Trump? Now with Hillary you did not answer my point her Husband got great speaking fees from Russian country while she was in government true. Who had more connection to Russian and powerful people Hillary or Trump? She sold 20 percent American Uranium to them how does that benefit the USA but made lot of people in DC very rich like the President Obama and Hillary foundation got 150 million and you find that.

            Thank you for asking questions but give me example of Trump connection over Hillary and all the money her family got from Russian people. She did approve the sell to Russian did she not that is being connected.

          • jd crowley

            Really? you are sticking up for her? & Russia? Mueller has been at it a year & spent over $5 Million & all they can find is Hillary Uranium!

          • Bob

            the real – predominant – point is that she does NOT have Native American heritage but lied in order to get preferential treatment

        • Scott

          What are you talking about? Where is evidences of Putin here for with Hillary she sold 20 percent of USA Uranium for over 150 million to her foundation and speaking engagement for her Husband. DC needs to make their money with all the lobbyist. Russian and Hillary have more connection did not her Husband get lots of speaking money from them after she became Secretary of State fact right. The Putin connection and Hillary and Democrats are very strong but there is NO evidence with the President. I am glad you are read this web site and commenting to things. It is hard to come un-braiswashed by liberal education and Media for its very emotional. Facts are key to understanding then place context around facts is the other part to see what going on and what is best for this Nation which are being sold out just like the Uranium One deal that so many people sign off on and Hillary lead the charge. Have laws been broken NO and if there is NO law been broken why is their a FBI investigation with special counsel its made up they are Democrats. Good luck on recovery from liberal thinking to normal thinking and judgement.

      • All American

        Insider failed mortgage list?

        • Phil M. Kelley

          That is also a no-no, and Martha Stewart got in a lot of trouble for that

          • All American

            Think of the time frane. The Enron Bankruptcy was dominating the news in all forums. Ashcroft,Bush & Cheney in deep.
            Then suddenly Americas Homemaker getting snagged on insider trading. This takes over the news and Enron has some smoke in front of their story?

          • USAagainstGlobalists

            Excellent recall, and context. Good post!

      • 101st Screaming Eagle

        Because she used her position at the consumer financial protection bureau to take advantage of all of these Americans while claiming she was a native american which is the only reason she was elected. Wake up to reality and quit getting your information from the fake news stations that has obviously corrupted any knowledge you may have…

        • Phil M. Kelley

          My most humble apologies…wouldst mind telling me about thy superior information sources in order that I might become better informed?

          • 101st Screaming Eagle

            Simple its called paying attention to the world, instead of paying attention to who pays my trolling fees.

          • Phil M. Kelley

            You charge trolling fees? How much do you charge and has anyone paid yet?

          • 101st Screaming Eagle

            You really are out of touch with reality and can’t get the third person sense either. sorry I only converse with the intelligent. Have a blessed day

          • Phil M. Kelley

            Have talking to yourself.

          • Michael J Tomarchio

            Keep up, the woman went to college and pushed others away because she pretended to be a native American, got a professor position for the same reason, please get informed.

        • No1Familiar

          I do agree on the CFPB–nothing more than an additional agency created to confiscate money from businesses based on violations that assume the customer is just too stupid to understand the most BASIC of things. There was no need to create this redundant agency other than to create a new slush fund for politicians. There have been VERY FEW realistic violations to consumers that were not already covered under other laws–they just took this agency and expanded the definition of violations to ridiculous lengths. I worked in an industry that had to follow their guidelines closely–and in just the span of a year BEFORE they had their regulations on paper, the rules changed several times over. Agencies and industries were moving as fast as they could to comply with rules they were not being fully made aware of yet. And that was their plan with this agency. Kind of like the tax code–no matter what you do, someone is always violating it unknowingly.

          • FromThe70s

            They made my organization change the internal name of a piece of software because the name sounded too aggressive.

            They are fifth column thought police.

    • kaiju

      Remember the House banking scandal in 1992?
      Congressmen had their own bank setup with taxpayer funded overdraft protection. Several (mostly Democrats but a few Republicans also) took full advantage of it writing hundreds of rubber checks.

      How about the Congressional Post Office scandal in the early 1990s?
      Another perk Congress had their own post office setup. Democrats were using the operation for mail fraud, money laundering, and to top it off embezzling money out of it.

      Maybe the Countrywide Finacial polictical loan scandal in 2008?
      Congressmen ( Again mostly Democrats) were getting sweet deals on loans in exchange for political favoritism.

      I’m just scraping the tip of the iceberg here. And lets not forget that they exempted themselves from Obama Care before ramming it down our throats.

  • Darrell Wall

    All of the bills should be combined. It’s time to drain the swamp, on both sides of the aisle!

  • Cbrown

    Until the guys have to open their wallets to make compensation for their bad behavior nothing will change.

    • loren lane

      It’s downright disgraceful how they waste and abuse our hard earned tax dollars on their damn disgusting actions. I hope we see more of these criminals exposed and punished.

      • s7rabin

        Don’t hold your breath. …..Lots of posturing. Don’t expect these “lawmakers” to punish themselves too soon.

        • loren lane

          Perhaps if they fully understood the ugly political ramifications of not coming clean, they just might come clean. At least a few of them have been exposed.

          • Swampdrainer

            Yes, some have been exposed, but how many have actually been punished the way a non-politician would be? NONE!!!

          • loren lane

            They have an “understanding” that their crimes can get covered up. What bastards they are And our taxpayer dollars are used to pay for their covering up their sexual indiscretions and God only knows what else.No wonder they think they can do anything they want.

          • Harold Swift

            You have more faith in their judgment than I do.

          • loren lane

            Their judgment stinks. But I would like to think most of them are decent people down deep but I suspect some of them are just greedy, selfish bastards. No wonder they want to get rid of Pres Trump…he’s shaking their tree. LOL

        • Jenny O

          Spot on!
          My grandfather used to say to me when I’d boast of plans, “Tell me what you’ve done, not what you’re gonna do.”

  • bebbbe

    I choose door number 3 Monty….but actually want all there…I would put my money on number 2…That’s the one that acts like nothing happened and only threatens future abusers…

  • Aldo

    Good God !!! How did they get away with it all of these years ???? Seems like MAGA is coming from every direction now days

    • loren lane

      Because people are weak. Thank God for Pres Trump;he don’t go for any ‘doings’ and maybe that’s why this filthy corrupt crop of spineless politicians are so anxious to impeach him but they haven’t got the goods on him. If they can’t find any dirt on him, they’ll either create it or keep him busy denying accusations and allegations while the Clintons and others are still running around loose.

  • Linda Griffin

    Go get ’em.