Kellyanne Conway Slams Hillary Over Delayed Response to Weinstein

File- Hillary Clinton, Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein attend the TIME 100 Gala (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage for TIME))

October 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Kellyanne Conway slams Hillary Clinton over her delayed response to sexual harassment allegations against Hollywood producer and Democrat donor Harvey Weinstein.

In a tweet Tuesday the counselor to the president criticized Clinton for waiting five days to condemn Weinstein, but only taking five minutes to blame the NRA for the Las Vegas rampage.

Nearly a week after allegations against Weinstein surfaced, Clinton finally broke her silence saying she was shocked and appalled.

Conway called her response inadequate.

Clinton received more than $46,000 from the Hollywood mogul during her presidential campaign.

She has not said whether she will return the money.

On top of that, new reports show Weinstein attended Planned Parenthood’s gala back in May, and donated $100,000 to the abortion clinic.

He and his wife, Georgina Chapman, presented at the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, which featured a lifetime achievement award for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

It’s also unclear if the organization will return Weinstein’s six figure donation.

When reached out for comment, Planned Parenthood issued no response.

  • Ipickedaside


  • denise

    Hillary is a SWINE…Of course she knew…AND she is going to give that $46,000 to HER Clinton Foundation and right back to HER OWN POCKET!! You watch…I mean she said it herself, Who do I give it to?
    Dems…corrupt as usual..

  • Diane Coto

    mrs. almighty hillary clinton never would have said anything if the news didn’t finally come on board and report it.

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  • H. P. Hazard

    Seriously, Clinton give money back! Get real, they will think of some reason not to return one red cent. Just keeps getting better and better, when will the Clinton’s foundation be investigated by the government??

  • Aldo

    kreepy killary klingon has alot of NERVE !!! slick willie did NOT have sex with that woman he had sex with ALL of those women

  • Sui-Juris

    What’s a little rape among Democrats. They like it in life, music and movies. But it’s not for Republicans. The very idea of a Republican involved in such matters gets the Dems moral outrage all buzzing like a hornets nest. LOL

  • FoolIggy

    Hillary just keeps sinking further into the morass of crap she has built around herself!

    She reminds me of a great white rhino backing up to her dung pile. She just can’t get enough of it out of her to build the largest pile of jungle dung!

  • Sheriff Bart

    They’re all nvts over there on the left. N V T S nvts!

  • Shane Norkus

    only ‘$46,000 for her presidential campaign.’ what’s the total for all her other campaigns?

    the Wicked Witch of the East says she’ll donate all of his dirty money to her favorite charity – the “Clinton ‘Crime Family’ Foundation.” how appropriate.

    perhaps Harvey, Jeff Epstein and the Arkansas peckerwood can spend some quality time together sharing the same jail cell?

  • Hillary is stoic to these matters since she is in the middle of similar problem with her husband. For them, it’s just one, big party.

    • Diane Coto

      You remember Trump’s inauguration? Bill was checking out Melania and Hillary gave him a ‘gotcha’ look. It was priceless. 🙂

      • It was!

      • HarryObrian

        Actually I think that was Hillary checking out Melania and Bill giving Hillary the old ‘boy’s club nod of approval’.
        Where is Huma hiding these days anyway?

  • Tony Anthony

    She will donate the money back to Charity. And the winning charity will be , Clinton Foundation

  • Jimmy O

    I am sure that it is really painful for the left-wingers to have to admit that they are mostly hypocrites, and that a lot of their heroes are scum. I am just surprised that this story wasn’t covered up by their lackeys in the MSM. I am sure that heads will roll because of their failure to do so.

    • HarryObrian

      Liberal hypocrites don’t know they’re hypocrites, the public de-education system doesn’t teach that anymore.

  • Roy Beane

    Considering Bill’s age and heart problems, Hillary has probably been boffing this guy for years anyway, so not surprising she wouldn’t want to jump on her boyfriend without being pushed into it by the powers that be behind the scenes in the women’s movements and the Dimm Party.

  • Richard Crowe

    I am absolutely sure that she had her extra curricular with old Swinstein. Let’s not forget that Obama was a “towel boy” at a country club in Chicago not many years ago. Who knows what any of these deviates who promote inordinate sex, abortion, and same sex marriage will do for campaign donations. Of course Hill, Bill, and Bam Bam will only bash their cohort Swiney if they are confronted openly like they were.

    • HarryObrian

      The only job bathhouse Barry was and is qualified for.