Jordanian Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing U.S. Trainers

A badge with a photo of Sgt. Matthew Lewellen, a slain U.S. Army Green Beret, is shown pinned to the chest of his father, Charles, in Amman, Jordan, Monday, July 17, 2017. A Jordanian military court convicted a Jordanian soldier of killing Lewellen and two other U.S. military trainers at a Jordanian air base last year. The defendant was sentenced to life in prison with hard labor. (AP Photo/Reem Saad)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

A Jordanian soldier is sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor after being found guilty of killing three U.S. service men last year.

The accused soldier was tried for first-degree murder and pled not guilty.

Jordanian military officials said the soldier opened fire on the U.S. trainers after they failed to stop at a military base checkpoint, but the U.S. embassy refuted that claim.

They said the American men followed procedure before they were killed.

The attorney for the guilty soldier says this is not the end for his client.

This is not the first time a U.S. service member was killed in the country.

In 2015 a Jordan police captain opened fire at an officer training center killing two Americans and several others.

  • Linnie

    Thank God, he wasn’t in Canada where he would get $10M for hurt feelings.

  • global citizen

    And Canada recently just paid Omar Khadr an Islamic Terrorist $10.5 Million. This guy killed one and injured another US Soldier while fighting for the Taliban.
    Our f***ed up liberal, democratic system made this guy a celebrity for Muslims and the Left; framed as a “child soldier” who was abused by U.S. and Canadian authorities.
    Hang ’em all high.

  • Just Saying-2

    He will be out in a couple years if he’s not already. They couldn’t give a crap about our guys.

  • He should have been shot in front of fellow military Jordanians so the rest of them could see what the punishment for such a heinous crime is. Death by firing squad.

  • mkdavis

    Execute the dude so the Jordanians don’t let him out in a few years when no one is watching.

    • My Head

      The Jordanians typically don’t mess around. Life with hard labor means life with hard labor. He already has a harsher sentence than traitors and leakers get at home.


        Won’t happen. He is a hero.


      He is a hero to the Jordanians.