Jared Kushner Set to Visit Middle East for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner leaves a note at the Western Wall in Jerusalem May 22, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

June 19, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Jared Kushner is set to travel to the Middle East this week as part of early Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

White House officials made the announcement on Sunday, saying Kushner’s scheduled to arrive in Israel on Wednesday.

He plans to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem as well as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

They will reportedly discuss the next necessary steps in the peace process.

The White House says the president has made peace a priority, and has enlisted some of his best people to tackle the long-standing dispute.

The visit is seen as an early step in the negotiation process.

  • Donald York

    Good luck Jared.

  • IceColdLogic

    Any literal translation of islam’s holy book promises a complete eradication, by the hands of muslims, of all jews. I’m not sure how you fix that with a traditional peace process….

    • Come Andfindme

      Their ‘holly book’ also calls for the eradication of Christians, not just Jews. Hence, most of their attacks have been on Christians. Just like the Jews were not the only ones persecuted, imprisoned and put to death during the Holocaust.

  • HillCountryTexas

    The list of people that have tried to get these two sides to get along is long. Hard to believe that something substantial has changed in the Middle East to facilitate real peace in the middle east.

  • paqza

    This should be good. Trump did a great job with Saudi and Qatar on his last trip.

  • R A.

    I’ll bet Herr o’Bama is turning over in his golf course over this!

    • j jones

      You just know that the Arab world is tickled to death that a Jew will try to work out and agreement, smooth move Trump