Japanese pop group chants cryptocurrency choruses

Members of Japan's idol group
Members of Japan's idol group "Virtual Currency Girls" wearing cryptocurrency-themed masks pose after performing in their debut stage event in Tokyo, Japan, January 12, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

January 13, 2018

By Kwiyeon Ha

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese pop group hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon on Friday, dedicating themselves to singing and dancing about the cryptocurrencies that have taken the world by storm, and especially their homeland.

In their debut, the eight “Virtual Currency Girls”, or Kasotsuka Shojo in Japanese, cavorted in maid costumes with frilly skirts and full-face professional wrestling-style masks with fuzzy pom-pom ears, extolling the virtues of decentralized digital currencies such as bitcoin.

“They’re so convenient you kind of have to wonder why we didn’t have them before,” said Rara Naruse, 18, the group’s leader. “We want everyone to learn more about them.”

Each group member adopted the guise of a different cryptocurrency, offering a brief self-introduction to 20 fans gathered at the venue in downtown Tokyo.

Then they launched into “The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me”, a stirring anthem incorporating lines such as “Be careful about your password! Don’t use the same one!” to warn against the dangers of trading cryptocurrency, and also more obscure ones, in English, such as “Hot day, forget myself, go to the moon.”

Naruse emphasized on the group’s website that it is not out to promote investment, but rather to teach people about cryptocurrencies in an entertaining way.

The maid costumes aimed to raise the group’s popularity with the use of a globally recognizable “uniform,” she added. Naturally, all merchandise sold at the venue is paid for in bitcoin, as are concert tickets and the members’ salaries.

“I know absolutely nothing about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but I want to make sure I have some on hand for further concerts and to buy merchandise,” said fan Kensaku Nagao, 46.

Japan and South Korea are home to some of the bigger digital exchanges, with investors piling in as growth in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soared last year, provoking regulators’ concerns.

On Thursday, South Korea said it planned to ban cryptocurrency trading, sending bitcoin prices plummeting and throwing the virtual coin market into turmoil.

(Writing by Elaine Lies; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)

  • marcthepig

    18 years old, Japanese, and in French maid outfits. I’m a fan already.

  • dracolisk

    Hmmmm what everyone fails to mention is: one is controlled by Satanic forces of this world, two not one of you who is asleep understands anything about how the world really works. Wait till the indictments for so many start dropping soon. This is about control, manipulation, Baal sacrifices of children. Every singer, actor in Hollywood is controlling you. Repent, those who go to Jesus will go away soon. You will have your single cryptocurrency and one world religion. You will be lost even further. The indictments for people who ran the world are coming, I am going to laugh a little and then have to explain slowly to dimwits here and other places. Peace in Christ if you can accept it, if not 🙁 so sad for you. Tin Foil Hatt Man out

  • JusticeVegas

    The title of this article should be “To Catch A Predator.” It’s about 20 weirdos, including a 46 year old man, who showed up to see teenage girls scantily dressed as French maids singing about Bitcoin.

    • Spud51

      What is wrong with admiring talented and lovely young ladies.?? Intelligent and mentally well balanced people of both genders do it all the time.!!!

  • Legion

    They are going to change their “tune” when they lose everything.

  • whoselineisitanyway

    An imaginary currency?

    • Neukdan

      Should probably learn more about blockchain tech and cryptocurencies. They are no more “imaginary” than our fiat paper is.

      • Jeffrey Martin

        The problem is that 1s and 0s must exist somewhere, in storage media, transmission media etc.. There they are vulnerable. Without an electronic means to convey the cryptocurrencies, they are not negotiable. I can give hard currency to a complete stranger in the street without the need to read any blockchains.

        • Neukdan

          That is very true. However, the moment you try to do such a transaction with anyone that you are not face to face with, your hard fiat currency has to be converted somehow into 1s and 0s, to make that electronic transfer of funds happen. At that point, your Dollar is no more “real” than a bitcoin.

          There are intricate tracking mechanisms built into blockchain technology, making it almost impossible to “lose” the currency. No housefire, no flood, no lost wallet will ever cause you to lose your Litecoin or Monero, so long as you know your password.

          You say they are not negotiable… but people buy things every day with cryptocurrencies. I know you are not an uneducated man, or void of intelligence. You should research them- you will be rather impressed!

          • Jeffrey Martin

            I agree there is a great deal of fallacy in hard fiat currency. After all, there is no functional difference between a $1 bill and a $100 (other then two more 0’s printed on one!) Both, hard and cyber currency rely on the arbitrary value we place on them.

        • intimeforthedime

          Yeah, good ole hard currency. If that were the only thing you use then I would go down that road with you. But I am certain you are paid by your employer straight to your “digital” bank account at the local bank. And your debit/credit cards use “digital” currency every time you buy something…or wait, pay your bills online.
          If only the argument about paper money were half of what you say it is, then I would be on your side. Truth is, hardly anyone really uses paper money as much as they would like to…or say they do.

          So you know what is sitting in your good ole hard currency bank account? 1’s and 0’s.

          Try to use your debit/credit card at the local store the next time their internet is down.