Disney delays ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ after J.J. Abrams takes over

FILE PHOTO: Director J.J. Abrams arrives as a guest at a premiere of the film
FILE PHOTO: Director J.J. Abrams arrives as a guest at a premiere of the film "Arrival" in Los Angeles, California, U.S., November 6, 2016. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok/File Photo

September 12, 2017

By Piya Sinha-Roy

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co delayed the release of the ninth installment of the “Star Wars” saga to Dec. 20, 2019 after announcing on Tuesday the return of filmmaker J.J. Abrams to the franchise to write and direct the movie.

Disney pushed back “Star Wars: Episode IX” from its initial May 2019 release date after Abrams replaced filmmaker Colin Trevorrow, who parted ways with Disney last week citing differing creative visions with the studio.

Abrams launched Disney’s reboot of the “Star Wars” franchise with 2015’s box office hit “The Force Awakens,” which reunited original 1977 stars Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill and introduced a new generation of characters. The film made more than $2 billion at the global box office.

“With The Force Awakens, J.J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for, and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy,” Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said in a statement.

“Episode IX” faced creative challenges after the sudden death of Fisher, who plays the franchise’s Princess Leia, last year. Her character, now called General Leia Organa, has a central role in the upcoming December film “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the eighth installment in the saga written and directed by Rian Johnson.

“Episode IX” was the second “Star Wars” project to lose a director this year. Disney said in June that filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had left the upcoming Han Solo “Star Wars” spin-off movie due to creative differences. They were replaced by Hollywood veteran Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning director of “A Beautiful Mind.”

“Star Wars: Episode IX” is part of Disney’s expanding slate of “Star Wars” films that continue George Lucas’ Skywalker saga as well as introducing standalone spin-off films set within the galaxy far, far away.

(Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Nick Zieminski and Richard Chang)

  • Guest123

    Disney has gone too liberal and politically correct for me. I think I’ll sit this one out.

    • allright

      I’m with you. But more power to them and the audiences they’re trying to reach…

  • “The” Bobguy

    As I remember it .. Lucas’s original concept was a “trilogy of trilogies”. IV, V, and VI first. I, II, III second. VI, VII, and IX being the last. I and II were bummers. It will be interesting as to how Abrams wraps the “entire” Star Wars saga. IX needs to be the end. The related stories are a different matter.

  • R A.

    Walt Disney rolling over in his grave.
    I remember watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” every Sunday night in the late 60s, early 70s.
    Now Disney has shows which seem to verge on porn)graphy.

    • Fred_II_plus

      Yaaa.. We would eat Kraft dinner aka macaronia and cheese while watching Walt Disney. Betty Baker mac and cheese tastes the most how I remember kraft dinner tasted.

  • mark abby

    Please! No more Star Wars movies! Disney uses extreme special effects to hide the bad acting. I watched the very first and never saw another.

    • Scott Henke

      No! I need to spend my money on toys, and my free time going from store to store looking for said toys! Don’t make me grow up! 🙂

    • Kevin Droopy McKee

      What you seem to be missing here is that hundreds of millions of people love star wars, so your opinion that only covers the 1977 original film doesn’t matter in the least! Harrison Ford is one of the top actors to ever live, and the only bad actor in the original three would be Mark Hamill! So your claim is absolutely baseless, and shows how little you really know about a classic movie that was way ahead of its time! Stick to political comments and stay away from trying to dog out a franchise that has made so many children happy over the last 40 years! And yes, I count the adults as children also!

      • mark abby

        Obviously I’m much older than you. I didn’t grow up in believing in Star Wars and Harry Potter. Look at the generations that grew up with those two movies. I rest my case. Also I’m not a fan of any actor/actress. I’m not Star struck like you and the many others. I merely voiced my opinion of Star Wars and because you didn’t agree you go off on some hissy fit.

        • allright

          If you don’t like the franchise, don’t watch the movies. Done. But don’t petition to have them stopped on account of YOUR dislike. That’s akin to lieberal/progressive/socialist/democrat gun-grabbers pushing to repeal the 2nd Amendment because they’re afraid of guns. No! is right.

          • mark abby

            Petition who? All I said was there’s been enough Star Wars movies. Seriously how many times are you going to watch them fight each other? How many times are you going to watch a thousand storm troopers being held at bay by several untrained rebels and believe that could happen? You like Star Wars? Fine. I don’t nor do I plan on watching any of them…even the bootlegged ones. Again just my opinion…. deal with it

          • allright

            “Please! No more Star Wars movies!”, in case you didn’t realize it, this is a “petition” – look it up if you have to.

            Regarding your question, “Seriously how many times are you going to watch them fight each other” and all the others…answer: as many damn times as I want to; regardless your displeasure, disgust or petition otherwise.

            Some free advice, if you’re not forcing your “opinion” on me, or others this entire discussion/argument is moot. With that said, I’ll mind my own business of watching Star Wars over and over and over until my eyes bleed, and you mind your own business keeping your opinions to yourself, if you don’t want/expect a response. There, problem solved.

          • mark abby

            Obviously you’re having a hard time dealing with my opinion. For some one to get into a hissy fit over a make believe movie needs some serious therapy or you must be like 14 years old? Deal with that first.

          • allright

            No hissy fit at all. You give yourself and your opinion waaaaay too much credit. Just pointing out the lieberalesque attitude of those who believe only their opinion matters. That’s all. Now, you can finish melting snowflake. It’s not true, yours is NOT the only opinion that matters, no matter what mommy and daddy have told you.

          • mark abby

            Lol. So based on your endless rants and using your own argument, because I don’t believe in what you do, or because my opinion is different, you go on some emotional tirade, call me a liberal, accuse me of being liberalesque and a snowflake. Lol. Did you listen to yourself before writing that? Obviously not. Damn, how hypocritical can one be? And, FYI, I’m a conservative and registered as one, my little snowflake. You really shouldn’t argue with people and you’re an embarrassment to the party.

          • allright

            So based on your mind-numb responses, yet again, no one else’s opinions matter but your own. Hypocrite? Really? Furthermore, as a result of your apparent clinical narcissism, you believe you are the smartest person in any room you enter. Hint: you’re not, not even close. If in fact, you are what the conservative party (Hahahaha) looks like I don’t want any part of it. You may want to look up the word hypocritical, you either don’t know the correct definition, or you failed your govt. school grammar courses. You should really try reading and comprehending with less emotion and more logic. You might be surprised (or not) by the new things you can learn, with a better understanding of words and the context in which they’re used.

            By the way dumbmass, you can’t “register as a conservative”. Who’s the idiot that embarrasses the conservative party again? And you dare call someone else stupid? Hahahahaha! You fit right in with the registered establishment RINOs. Move along loser, you’re not going to win this. You’re ill-equipped to win a battle of intellect armed only with the room temperature IQ you’re sporting.

          • mark abby

            Wow. Where to begin? I am registered as a Conservative party voter ( we do that in NYS).

            Now for the hypocrisy: I merely stated I would not like any more star war movies and you are still having a hissy fit over my opinion. You’re as bad as those antifa morons who make every attempt to block another’s viewpoint. And you have the balls to say I’m liberal-like or a hypocrite?
            You, my friend, truly are a piece of work

            By now the forum must be very bored with all this, so I’m going to stop amusing myself with your Star Wars fanatical fantasy and allow you to live in your make believe pretend world of rebels fighting some evil empire. C ya

          • allright

            No matter how you spin your own words (lie), it’s you who are the hypocrite. In case you forgot, or just want to continue your lie to it’s natural conclusion, it was YOU who were “petitioning” to stop any more Star Wars movies. All comments after that have been of back-peddling and projection (your own behavior onto others). And YES, if you donned a mask and joined their marches (because you sure fit the ideology) YOU most certainly would fit right in with the Antifa crowd and no one would be the wiser, including you. Oh yeah, you being from NYS explains everything. Buh bye, snowflake. I’ve blocked your lunacy, from my view at least.

          • mark abby

            Lol. You need some serious help. I’ve toyed with you enough. I’m glad you blocked me. Little kids do that when they don’t want to see the boogeyman.

      • sweptarea

        That’s it, Droopy. First, make completely unsubstantiated claims (“Harrison Ford is one of the top actors to ever live”…) then base your conclusions on them. Brilliant.

        • allright

          The good thing about opinions, everybody’s got them. The bad thing about opinions, everybody’s got them. They do not require substantiation, one way or the other. But that’s just my opinion…