Ivanka Trump Gives Speech in Japan on Women’s Empowerment in Business

Ivanka Trump, right, the daughter and advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stand together at World Assembly for Women: WAW! 2017 conference in Tokyo Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko, Pool)

November 3, 2017
OAN Newsroom

“I felt an obligation to seize this moment and join the administration,” Ivanka Trump announced during a speech at a business conference in Japan. “I saw a chance to help fuel the number of women-owned businesses and grow our economy.”

Ivanka Trump shared her inspiration while championing women’s issues.

During a summit in Tokyo, the first daughter encouraged more women to peruse stem careers, and other fields typically dominated by men.

She also praised Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for supporting women in Japan’s work-force through paid-family-leave programs.

“Five years ago, right after I became Prime Minister, I have raised high the banner of women’s empowerment and have placed it in the center of my economic growth policies,” Prime Minister Abe announced.

Ivanka is set to return home Saturday, just one day before President Trump begins his tour of Asia.

  • Trixie

    What is she wearing??? All wrong…..she needs to stay in the USA in empower women here…..love her—but no place for mini skirts…

  • Moronic Pentameter

    Stay away from anti-Americanism, anti-normalism, Heterophobia, etc. No links to demoncrapism. Watch your language and don’t break the Snowflakes.

  • Letmesay

    The skirt is not only short but the hem seems uneven. Thank goodness we did not see a pic of her sitting..just wondered if the skirt disappeared when she sat. Surely she would have more sense to look in the mirror before stepping out. I was just thinking today i had not seen her in a while that she must hiding in the background,but now this.

  • 808Americans

    I have to admit, I am worn out to the core on womens rights.
    Black rights.
    Asian rights.
    Hispanic rights.
    White rights.
    Animal rights.
    Muslim rights.

    I have a deaf ear to them all now.

    I’m going to continue to live my life as best I can.
    I suggest you all do the same.

  • Norma Elaine Simcosky Rafferty

    My understanding is that our first daughter, Ivanka, takes no salary for her work in the White House. I don’t think there is a law against a member of the first family participating in the government for no pay. Seems like this happened when Bill Clinton was President. He put Hillary in charge of trying to do government health care and I don’t remember anyone complaining. Whoever says she has an illegal nanny probably doesn’t know what they are talking about. Just because her name is Maria, doesn’t mean she’s illegal! I do agree that the skirt is a bit short for this meeting but one can find something wrong with anything anyone does, particularly if you’re a Trump.

  • landy fincannon

    She’ll be running in 2020. WATCH!!!!

    • Letmesay

      She is not ready for 2020..maybe later, in my opinion.

  • brandehhh

    Why is she talking about our economy in Japan? Did we move over there?

    • Jimbo

      She was there to encourage women, something the left professes to do without any actual accomplishments. Yet the left comes here to dis her. Sad.

      • brandehhh

        Who is dissing her?

  • Irene Haugen

    Why do I feel that the outfit was all wrong??? A mini just doesn’t look great for such a serious meeting. The look on the Japanese P.M. face reveals an uneasy smile.
    Other than that, Ivanka is a good ambassadress for empowered women in business. But I do wonder who raises her children???

    • brandehhh

      She does with help. I raise mine with help.
      And I thought the same thing about her skirt.

    • lagun

      I like it, but I think the skirt should be longer.
      its business not a nightclub.

      and I don’t like it that short at the night club either.

      • Disgusted Citizen

        Nobody cares what you like. Especially when making inane comments of no value.

      • jill

        I agree. Was disappointed.