Islamic State Militants Run Recruitment Camps in Uzbekistan

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader Usmon Ghazi pledging allegiance to Islamic State. (PHOTO/KHAAMA PRESS)

November 6, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A new report says Uzbekistan provides large numbers of recruits to the Islamic State’s branch in neighboring Afghanistan.

Pentagon and Afghan officials say ISIS-linked Islamic terror group Khorasan Province runs training and radicalization camps in Uzbekistan.

According to reports, some Uzbek nationals arrive at the camps as children and are raised indoctrinated with radical Islam.

In addition, U.S. officials say hundreds of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan belong to a terror group called Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

According to the DHS, at least seven Uzbek radicals have recently tried to enter the U.S.

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  • Scotty

    Remove all westerners from the middle east and then nuke all countries who’s name ends with Stan.

  • nickcnick

    So, we should issue an ultimatum to Uzbekistan!

  • John Titor

    These are nothing more than terrorists that need to be eliminated!

  • Clinicaleducator1

    NO surprise to anyone. Well maybe the idiots in DC.

  • 210’s

    They’re running recruitment camps here in the US, liberals and political correctness allows them to exist

  • 210’s

    Is their motivation that the west is trying to destroy islam or is it to make them want to destroy islam?
    Hard to tell.

  • Tado

    Attack Uzbekistan.
    Let’s INVADE and OCCUPY Uzbekistan.
    Recruit more young Americans; make them fight for and die in foreign countries like Uzbekistan.

  • semperfipar

    I am not looking forward to the day a real trained killer comes here to wreak havoc. The Vegas killer had all of the markings of a trained killer that just did not fit the guy they found dead in the room. Then again the whole story is never going to come out on that.

  • Fergus

    Don’t let these criminals who call themselves “Muslim” continue the blatant lie’s they seem to believe is the truth when in fact everything Muslim’s stand for is NOT the truth. Even their koran tells Muslims to lie when ever they like.
    Muslims have forts worldwide that have existed for centuries. Many are used not only for indoctrination of followers but also for weapon storage, recruitment, places of hiding for criminal muslim’s indeed as they all are.

  • Fergus

    Time to send in the drones…

  • Scott Henke

    They run training camps all over the world via the internet.

  • eladtoor

    They might have better luck recruiting in the US Justice Department, since everyone there is totally pist at the idiot Trump put in charge of the place.

  • 808Americans

    I can see it now;

    “Come in and get killed, while we hide and pee our skirts.
    It’s what your God wants of you.”

    So catchy.

  • Kent Smellman

    I wonder if we have any drones in the area that are available for use?

  • Comanche457

    Time for more MOAB’s.

  • GeneralMayhem

    “…as children and are raised indoctrinated with radical Islam.” CORRECTION: “…as children and are raised indoctrinated with Islam.” What a life it must be to think, breathe and sleep with such hatred as the purpose for your existence.

    • tedlv

      Moslimes are traditionally quite hard on children. Nasty bunch.

  • landy fincannon

    “According to DHS at least seven Uzbek radicals have recently tried to enter the US” however according to State Department records thousands more have successfully entered through the UN Refugee Program.

    • Kent Smellman

      And the Diversity Program.

    • Fergus

      or just walking across the US open borders.

  • Sir_Tanly

    It would appear that at least one made it and learned how to drive a truck.

  • barskii

    They Also run more than 100 Terrorist Training Camps in America-stan – Why look Overseas when the Problem is Already Here in America?