Iran Labels U.S. as ‘Number One Enemy’

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei waves as he arrives to deliver a speech in Tehran, Iran, November 2, 2017. (Photo/ via REUTERS)

November 2, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Iran labels the U.S. as its “number one enemy,” and threatens to continue its efforts to increase its defense capabilities.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei delivered the warning Thursday as Washington slaps new sanctions on the Middle Eastern nation over its nuclear missile activity.

President Trump says the sanctions are aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons and becoming a problem like North Korea.

Iran’s supreme leader denies the country is investing in a nuclear program, and claims maintaining its missile system is solely for defense purposes.

“If we do not develop our defense capabilities, our enemies will be more audacious, more aggressive, more encouraged to attack us,” announced Ali Khamenei . “What I’ve been emphasizing is that U.S. is the country that is literally our enemy and is hostile and evil.”

President Trump has also accused Iran of supporting terrorism in the region, which the Middle Eastern nation blames the increase of militant groups on the U.S.’s policies.

The rising tensions come after the Trump administration de-certified the Iran Nuclear Deal, and threatened to pull out of the accord entirely.

  • Pat S.

    So what are you going to do Iran? have a bunch of idiots in the street waving flags and throwing the hands in the air, You people make me sick with you empty warnings like ” rivers of blood will flow” the only thing that’s flowing is all the BS you dish out. Iran, your pathetic.

  • ginjit.dw

    This is quite a news flash….

  • H. P. Hazard

    OK, new rules of engagement then. Next time on of the fast boats approaches a US ship, only one warning shot. The new distance is one half nautical mile and after the one warning we turn the “Pharynx” loose and reduce the boat into scrap and it’s crew into shark food.

    • Pat S.

      Don’t wast tax payor money just hit the damn thing!

      • H. P. Hazard

        Well the warning shot is sort of international law plus it gives a crewman some time on the 50 cal. If they don’t stop (and I’m counting on them not doing so) the Phalanx system will drive our point home (literally) and if you have seen one fire there are several videos out there. The gun does not miss and it shoots thousands of rounds a min

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Gee………………………..thanks for telling us what we already know!!!


    Iran has been chanting Death To America for years, the only difference was Obama kissed Khamenei’s butt and then gave them $ billions. I don’t trust Islam they will lie to infidels ( aka anyone not muslim) at the drop of a hat and think nothing of it.

  • denise

    Good…we DONT want to be “friends” with them…They behead people, kidnap college professors and tourists. Took all that money as a ransom…WHY do we care what these “Persians” think, want, need or beg for…
    NO MORE from the USA!!!

  • JL Ziegler

    This sounds inflammatory so I hesitate to write it but there should be a list, a national “Pig” list that known terrorists names get placed on every time they commit a terrorist attack. Otherwise, what repercussions do the terrorists face? Jail time? Free meal, room and board to plan their next attack…

  • 🇺🇸

    Iran, get a job because my President Trump will not feed you for free any more 🤣🤣🤣👍🇺🇸

  • Studebaker_Hawk

    Everyone raise your middle finger and point it toward Mecca. Let them know they are number one with us.

  • Scott Snerd

    …and Obozo GAVE them BILLION$ of dollar$ to kill us all?? Obozo will go down in history as the first traitorous, treasonous, foreign born, mole POTUS

  • Robert Sigler

    So we bumped Israel from #1, nice.

  • Ed L

    Parking lot time??

  • mark abby

    *yawn*. So, what else is new in the world?

  • TruthBTold

    This is news? OAN I have a news flash for you. Just In! The sky is blue! It gets dark after the sun goes down ! And OMG! Fire is HOT!!!!!

  • Altha Fl

    good, you keep your muzzies over there and we will stay over here. but hear this, if you attack us we will return the favor 10 fold and never miss a wink.

  • intimeforthedime

    That’s enough for me, I say we kill em all. Or make them drive our taxis or Ubers.

  • Todo

    Ayatollah Ali Inbreedi

  • landy fincannon

    On the brighter side. We are no longer the “great” Satan.

  • HillCountryTexas

    Did they have to send some of the $1.7B to the Clinton Foundation for charitable works. That just may not be declared and come in thru Qatar etc.

  • mistro99

    “The rising tensions come after the Trump administration de-certified the Iran Nuclear Deal…” – how soon America forgets the ‘rising tensions’ on the sea during the Obama administration, when US sailors knelt on the decks of Iran boats, and when Iran ‘PT’ boats encroached too close to US warships, who should have fired on them, by the way. And this was all DURING the so called ‘treaty’ negotiations. Iran has ALWAYS hated Western culture and what we stand for – period! It’s like God having a relationship with Satan. Kerry and Obama should have never played in the sandbox with these lunatics.

    • GeneralMayhem

      Just a small correction to your comment : delete Iran, insert = Islam has always hated Western culture and what we stand for ( i.e. Christianity.)

  • USA#1


    • FromThe70s


  • Tim maher

    Is anyone else shaking in their boots over what supreme leader Yaba Daba Do had to say? Saluting him with my middle finger.

  • Disgusted Citizen

    Now tell us how it feels when your head hits the sidewalk five times a day.

  • RosieDa’Pig

    was it determined that the 1.7 bil in untraceable cash O paid to the ayatollah was legal? if not who’s in jail and if it was legal how the hell so?

    • GeneralMayhem

      LOL !!! Great avatar !!

  • BillVA

    “You Number One enemy, okay Joe? Me bomb you long time.”

  • Larry

    If the U.S., Israel or any country in the West did not exist, the Religion of Hate would just be blowing each other, and anyone they come across, away as they have for 1,400 years.

    • BillVA

      That “common enemy” tactic works on so many levels, including domestic politics.

  • TYvets

    That’s a compliment.

  • TYvets

    That’s a compliment.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    As long as your enemy fears you then you know your doing the right things

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    As long as your enemy fears you then you know your doing the right things

  • Fred Jones

    Tactical nuke, on the building in Tehran, where they regularly meet; during session…

  • LucaBrasi

    Only Obama could like them, and.find common ground enough to pay for the weapons they will try to destroy us with.

    • Sheriff Bart

      but why did you use the picture of Luca getting strangled? He was a gentle soul, God bless him .

      • LucaBrasi

        …may your first child be a masculine child.

    • Tim maher

      Obama was preparing our country for jihad led by Iran. Think about what he was doing: destroying our economy with over spending, reduced the size of our military and weakened it considerably, destroyed our system of health care and thereby our ability to care for ourselves, drastically increased unemployment by running our manufacturing to other countries, drastically increased welfare rolls. The final steps in the preparation were to disarm the citizens to be completed by Hillary Clinton and development of nuclear weapons by Iran. Thank goodness the people of this nation woke up and elected President Trump to reverse all of Obama’s socialist damage. That is why the left and the socialist media are losing their minds. President Trump is setting their agenda back a hundred years.

      • MrReality

        I believe you are correct about Obama’s motivations. He protected the Iranian nuclear program first by thwarting several plans by Israel to take out them out by leaking those plans to the NY Times. That was before he illegally gave them both money and then treaty protection to develop their own nukes. He let the Iranians humiliate our Navy. He ruined everything he could that makes America strong … our economy … our military … our solidarity as Americans …
        I believe he was trying to set himself up as one of the great Muslim “leaders” in history in his role as the successful “Manchurian Candidate.”

        • Tim maher

          I agree.

          • GeneralMayhem

            Let’s not forget the duplicitous “adviser” he had who had access to most if not all of what he knew – Valerie Jarrett, Iranian and Muslim.

          • Tim maher

            Good point.

  • brandehhh

    Who is next?

  • Aldo

    AND how much $$$ did obamaASSSsss give them ?

    • Tim maher

      Don’t you remember seeing the pallets of money on the news? I think it took at least two and possibly more planes to haul it all. It was in the billions. The news stations had video of the money being loaded on the planes. Traitor.

  • Revolution has Began…

    Gen. Mattis: Game On!

  • No Mas

    Finally! Positive sign the US policy is steered in the correct direction. If the Iranian Mullahs are upset, we are on the right path…

  • William Everett Hendry bhendry

    Obama was the biggest Dip…T in American history and Iran confirms it! Do they play golf in Iran? Go for it more free rides to Hawaii !

  • Aldo

    Thanks to obamASS – they have “the worst deal in history” from USA (Trump)

  • Lance H

    Pardon me while I pretend to be shocked and surprised.

    What’s funny is that the American left, who claim to be against ‘fascism’, is likely to side with Iran.

    • Tim maher

      You know they will. They will side with anyone who is against the United States.

  • SlowpokeSA

    Well, gee: cleared that up…

  • Skinznut63

    “What I’ve been emphasizing is that U.S. is the country that is literally our enemy and is hostile and evil.”
    Seriously?!? Because the U.S. has clearly been supporting terrorist activities around the world. Not to mention the constant intervention when it come to the REAL hostile nations threatening others. AND, oh by the way, the U.S. has NEVER threatened to wipe a country off the map (Israel). Get real you idiot!

  • Jason Lamson

    We were already the Great Satan. Sheesh.

    • Tim maher

      Wait. Doesn’t Hillary Clinton already hold that title?

  • Roy Beane

    Ooooooo the Aya-Toliet has spoken! Be afraid, be very afraid! HA. The US won’t have to lift a finger to swat this gnat. If they just look at Israel the least bit cross eyed, they’ll blow their sorry arses off the face of the earth. Go get `em, Israel !!!

  • Richard

    WOW, you can’t even buy friends any more, what the heck, LOL!!

    • Jason Lamson

      They won’t STAY bought.

    • BillVA

      You can only rent them.

  • Deplorable Diane Pugh

    No one is more hostile than Iran. They’re absolute savages that the world has to protect themselves from.

  • scott

    Dear Iran, You bet we F’n are!

  • Lensgrinder

    Do they think that is news to us?
    Even when Obama gave them all that money we were still their enemy.

    • Roy Beane

      Bad enough he was kissing their feet and apologizing to that bunch over there (and everybody else in the middle east), but no, he had to send over a plane load of cash too. Smells like Treason to me.

      Obama> Worst President EVER. WORST EVER.

      • Deplorable Diane Pugh


      • GeneralMayhem

        Totally agree !! How did this nation accept a Muslim for president I’ll never know. All you had to know is that he changed his name from Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t believe me ? Cassius Clay –> Muhammad Ali. Lewis Alcindor –> Kareem Abdul Jabbar. What did they have in common ?

        • Roy Beane

          Talk about “the fix” being in. Wow. I think the Dimmocraps would even elect Satan the Devil as President as long as it meant they could keep a stranglehold on power and around the throats of the American people. Vast wealth, power, and especially CONTROL over the public’s thinking and voting patterns, that’s what it’s all about in their view, NOT actually trying to help the people.

          • Tim maher

            Hillary’s hair do hides her horns and she tucks her tail in her panties. (Ooooohhh what a horrible visual)

          • Roy Beane

            I think I need a shower now…..EEWWWWW

          • Scott Snerd

            they would have if Killary the butcher would have been elected

        • Tim maher

          A majority of our people got lazy and started letting the main stream media do their thinking. It took two disastrous terms but they finally woke up and realized what the socialist media had done to the country and started thinking for themselves. Thank goodness President Trump was willing to tackle the disaster left behind by Obama. MAGA!!

      • Tim maher

        Are you sure it was their feet he was kissing? I bet Michael was jealous.

    • Lawmadsen

      And with the recent release of CIA/Osama Bin Laden files we know without a doubt that Obama KNEW Iran was funding Osama Bin Laden with instruction to attack American interests well before the Iran nuclear deal was even discussed! Obama is a traitor!

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Yep, and there’s a fella out here in California – Tom Steyer. (Remember the name) Running ads on t.v. everyday to impeach our fine President. He gave Obama the idea of the big payoff to Iran. We got ’em all here, folks!

    • Tado

      I think they want more.

    • Benny T (ygohome)

      Their idea (Obama administration) was to pay Iran as a way to appease them enough short term to not act aggressively toward us. Basically “protection money” like in an old mobster movie. Ob was worst Pres.

  • Ken Knerr

    Enemy? They’re still alive. They don’t know what an enemy is.