House Votes to Curb Pensions of Former U.S. Presidents to $200K a Year

Former President George W. Bush, center, speaks as fellow former Presidents from right, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter look on during a hurricanes relief concert in College Station, Texas, Oct. 21, 2017. (AP/Photo)

November 14, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The House votes to cut the pensions of former U.S. presidents.

In a voice vote on Monday, the House passed the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act, which would cap presidential pensions to $200,000 a year.

Lawmakers cited the money made by former presidents from speaking at events and from book deals, adding they shouldn’t be a burden to taxpayers.

Former President Obama has vetoed similar legislation in the past, arguing it didn’t allow enough time for compliance.

Under the new bill, staffing costs would also be gradually reduced from $500,000.

“It’s a noble purpose, but times have changed,” said Georgia Representative Jody Hice. “When the former presidents act was passed, Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman were the only two living former presidents…Unlike the more recent former presidents, they did not earn millions of dollars from speaking fees and book deals after leaving office.”

The bill now requires a vote in the Senate before it can be sent to the president’s desk.

  • Deloy Burbank

    Isn’t it curious that it takes a man who isn’t a career politician to finally start to correct the idiocy of past “entitled door knobs!!!!!!” Thank-you Mr President. A real president.

  • stephaniericotta

    $1.99 would be too much

  • stephaniericotta

    Just look at these clowns. And that Benedict Obama Him and the Mrs. ( and I use that term loosely) they spend 200k a day!

  • ginjit.dw

    Not everyone had the Clinton foundation…….

  • tractornuts

    Now lets get to work on reducing Pensions on the rest of the swamp!

  • Cassandra

    I agree with Ray. They should have to live off social security like the rest of us.

  • Ann Marie Buffa

    They shouldn’t get any pension at all especially if they receive money for speaking engagements and books being published.

  • Veronica Hippensteel

    If they make over 200 thousand in speaking fees how about no pension. Working just 4 or 8 years to get this kind of money is not right when you then make thousands a year speaking fees since you were president.

  • Mark Heinzen

    You need to have the GAO confiscate Obama’s pension and apply it towards all the expenditures that didn’t have proper appropriations.

  • Mercedes

    America has a crazy person in the white house.

  • Melissa McShane

    Revoke them. They can live on social security or whatever they managed to swindle. We’re in a budget crunch and it’s time to cut spending.

  • SRVES339

    Obama vetoed earlier bills… hmmmm, I don’t recall many reports about that… anyone else?

  • SRVES339

    The laws need to be changed to restrict these mega bucks scams… let’s face it, corporation throw $millions at former presidents to influence lawmakers… just more pay to play the Clinton machine perfected.
    End it all congress… or at least put a reasonable limit ($500K/yr) on it!

  • An American Patriot

    They need to forfeit their pensions altogether. None of them are like Harry Truman was back when he left office. Congress needs to forfeit their pensions too.

  • Steven

    Can they just use their money wisely and not be paid a dime out of office ?

  • Dorothy Lozada

    Let’s hope the Republicans can see past their political crap and vote Yes on this particular bill.

  • Mark

    Push them all off a cliff. It’s cheaper and we lose nothing!

  • …remain calm and return fire

    this should be retroactive…..they should be writing a check payable to the US Treasury…

  • Karen Elizabeth Senecal

    Are they saying they have also been getting a staff pension on top of their regular pension? Oh ..isn’t that nice. And they all take in money from books and lectures. We continue to make them multi millionaires while our low income continue to get no relief. Wow, such giving men… NOT

  • Too_Late_4_America

    The POTUS has the legal right to completely do away with the Senate . . . and after seeing how they do their jobs, I think he should! And when the corrupt establishment began to complain about it, follow it up with a citizen’s rebellion to oust every politician in D.C. and replace them with everyday people who have TERM LIMITS!

    • Jason Lamson

      No. See the Constitution.

  • John Edward

    one day we will all get together and refuse to pay any taxes and on that day we will show the political class who is really in charge.

  • jbfurby

    Too much for the bevy of a$$holes in the picture.

  • Too_Late_4_America

    And if the House were honest and truly for the best of America ….. the next thing they would do is initiate TERM LIMITS for themselves! But they will not do that, will they? It would ruin a good gig.

  • Ron Brown


  • stevens123

    Neat. Now can you please get back to tax and health care reform?

  • jlsharks1

    The swamp.

  • jlsharks1

    No problem the Clinton’s and Obama have made enough on all the crooked deals while in office.

  • semperfipar

    That is the standard military pension for his pay grade. 50%

  • Long overdue step taken! Now as for the house and senate, we’re waiting.

  • Warpaint

    They are temporary workers at best why do we pay welfare to the rich?

  • Farmerob

    Politicians should be paid by their performance, that way they won’t cost us anything.

  • Tony Anthony

    Makes sense.There hasn’t been a poor president in the last 80 years or more. Every past President has been a millionaire. Save the tax payers money, reduce secret service to past presidents only, and after there children hit 21, they loose it also. Reduce there detail to just one person after there 4th year out of office,

  • Angrygenxr

    Oh boy. Barry the communist won’t like this at all.

  • Linda Griffin

    Do we really care what happens to them after they leave office? Mostly I don’t care while they are in office. They all seem to be out for themselves and couldn’t care less about you and me.

  • Quantum Leap

    Token B S gesture. This is a drop in the ocean. All federal expenditures need to be cut by at least 15 percent.

    • Sane_Person37

      And many federal departments and agencies closed.

  • Robert E. Lee

    Until the national debt, starts going in the other direction, all federal politicians should get a 5% yearly cut in pay.

  • Monique

    ex-presidents should be paid nothing or have their pension given to a worthy controversy free charity. Each living ex-president is a multi-millionaire several times over, they don’t need our hard earned money. Time to cut them off and let them pay for their own secret service too!

    • Angrygenxr

      Well said.

  • reggie miller

    I get paid, I pay my bills and expenses and the rest I get to keep. As the government receives its revenue from GDP, pays its debts then congress should get paid. If there’s no money left after paying bills then guess what, they don’t get paid.

  • Jonney Quest

    Good luck on getting this passed in the Senate. They all appear to be Democrats who despise US Citizens.

    • Kathryn Lippincott

      It’s currently a Republican Senate. Not that it seems to matter

      • Janice Raxter

        Too many rinos there like McCain – we need to clean house there!

  • zeitgeist

    Train wrecker mcShame will probably de-rail it in the Senate.

    • jlsharks1

      Or start crying again

    • Pannos-Miceli Alice

      He doesn’t have long to live, the Devil wants him so bad.

      • antiliberal00

        It is a shame that Satan is afraid of Hillary…..

  • Ray

    How about they just live off of Social Security like the rest of us?

  • Ed L

    About time but not enough. Like none of the current living former Presidents really need the money. How about when a President or VP leaves office they must apply for their pension and reapply every 2 years. With an update financial Portfolio. And also the level of Secret Service requirements they feel they need or desire.

  • C B

    I’ll bet POTUS will Sign it on behalf of Obama who squanders money like nobody’s business ………..

  • Vicki Smyth

    That is so true Barbara Lynch. All of WASHINGTON needs to tighten their belts!

  • Varangian Guard

    Slick Willy needs the pension to keep himself in prophylactics alone.

  • ken moore

    About time this happens. $200,000 is still to high as most ex presidents are well off.

    • Sane_Person37

      It should be cut to zero. obama came out of the thite house with 63 million.

      • Karen Elizabeth Senecal

        How did that happen. He should not be paid any thing from anyone as president as that’s a full time job. No way he saved that much in 8 years…if so, whose his broker

        • Sane_Person37

          He got some money legitimately, but I think a lot of it is laundered money. How about 500 million to Solyndra that went bust 2 weeks later. I can see where some of that went into an obama offshore account. Lots of those kinds of stories. Or all the money he was throwing around to moslems, moslem organizations, Iran. Must have been like a feeding frenzy.

          Spent 18 trillion in 8 years. None of it on “America”. Not a single bridge built out of a 1 trillion infrastructure program. And people still love the guy. Unbelievable.

          • Mercedes

            You have a crooked president now.

          • Sane_Person37

            Go buy a brain. Hobby Lobby’s plastic model would even be an improvement.

  • Barbara Lynch

    Now how about the Senate & congress take a pay cut also? Also pay for their own medical benefits.

    • Ray

      … and have the same healthcare plans we do.

      • Sane_Person37

        They should be subject to all the legislation they make for citizens.

    • Too_Late_4_America

      …. you mean like they FORCED it on the American public? YEAH!!!!!

    • End they pensions, then, they won’t stay in office for 40 years.

    • Pat Phillips

      Hey Barbara Lynch, Congress consist of the House of representatives and the Senate. Your right they need to get a pay cut and not be exempt from any law. The are not better than we the people.

    • Paula Justen


  • All American

    This is AWESOME NEWS🇺🇸

    • Phil M. Kelley

      And I am certain President Trump will agree since he does not even take his active Presidential paycheck.

      • All American

        Amazing isn’t he🇺🇸MAGA