House Holds Hearing on Reforming Sexual Harassment Policy

December 7, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The House Administration Committee addresses serious flaws in congressional workplace policies in an effort to curb sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

Members of the committee argued sexual harassment prevention training is not enough to change the culture of sexual abuse in Washington.

The committee says lawmakers need to pass legislation to reform the complaint process for victims of workplace discrimination and harassment.

Equal Employment Opportunity commissioner Victoria Lipnic told lawmakers that better discipline of those accused of violating such policies needs to be enforced.

Victoria Lipnic was appointed acting chairwoman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by President Donald Trump. (Photo/U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

She also stressed sexual harassment prevention starts with congressional leaders.

“In closing I really reiterate a key finding of our task force report,” said Lipnic. “No system of training, monitoring, or reporting is likely to succeed in preventing harassment in the absence of genuine and public buy-in from the very top levels of an organization.”

This hearing comes as the House Ethics Committee is proposing legislation to reform laws in place that allow the identities of lawmakers accused of sexual harassment to The House Administration Committee addresses serious flaws in congressional workplace policies in an effort to curb sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

Members of the committee argued sexual harassment prevention training is not enough to change the culture of sexual abuse in Washington shielded.

Another bill being proposed would outlaw taxpayer dollars from being spent to settle sexual harassment claims against congressional members.

  • Lou Pare-Lobinske

    What about the identities of lawmakers accused of sexual harassment? Looks like that paragraph needs a better edit.

  • Huks

    All of this is a total wast of their time and our money!

  • No Mas

    Why do liberTARDS hate and attack VP Mike Pence for avoiding any isolated contact with women?
    Mike Pence is a fine family man and very smart to avoid all situations that could be manipulated or viewed as inappropriate in Public Service! I applaud VP Mike Pence intelligent and thoughtful position in this regard.,

    LiberTARDS are made because they cant take advantage and manipulate him.

  • Will Fish 4 Trout

    And the Swamp continues to drain…

  • airstart

    The military and Boeing Aircraft Corp have a good solution for sexual harassment. They both have mandatory training and the military calls the corrective action (Non Judicial Punishment) and Boeing calls it, You’re Fired.

  • Tado

    What is done cannot be undone.
    What is there to “reform”?
    Sex is a humane need – right or wrong.

    • Huks

      They can scream, they can pass laws, they can make people resign, nothing will change.
      We (humans) were made that way and nothing they can do will change it.

  • DCBlueBlood

    Seems like these guys in the House of Representativies need many hours upon hours of Harassment Training!

    Announced tonight. Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) steps down and announces retirement? Yeah.

    How do you turn a surrogacy discussion into something creepy? Hi I’m Trent, I’d like to put my sperm into you? It’s got to be really bad to discuss with staffers and then be reported where it’s inappropriate he says he’s resigning. WOW. There is a way to be clinical about science and surrogacy turning into sex/sexual is creepy!

    AND …

    $ 85,000 Settlement. Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim brought by his former spokesman — the only known sitting member of Congress to have used a little-known congressional account to pay an accuser.

    Lauren Greene, the Texas Republican’s former communications director, sued her boss in December 2014 over allegations of gender discrimination, sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

    Women are speaking out … Be Forewarned! They’re coming out in droves knives drawn!

    • Edward Biggs

      So why did you not mention John Conyers in your post? He used it in 2015 for 27,000 or is that something you do not want to know or admit? Was he or was he not also a sitting member of Congress?

      • Eta Kozak

        Because Conyers is demorat!

      • DCBlueBlood

        He resigned … in shame already. This Texas Twerp hasn’t.

    • Eta Kozak

      And who was her boss????

      • DCBlueBlood

        Blake Farenthold … he’s a sitting member of Congress right now.

        • Edward Biggs

          Funny Franken has not resigned yet also the one from Nevada said he will not resign because Poloski knew and funded his campaign and knew about those allegations. So from what I understand about your view is that only Republicans have used that “slush Fund” while democrats are as clean as new snow.

  • FromThe70s

    What other corruption has been going on that needs daylight shone upon it?

    • airstart

      Invent a dirt bag detector to place at the entrance of the Capital Building. We don’t have problems with metal, they’ve got metal detectors for that. A dirt bag detector is badly needed.

  • J. Waltam

    Allah mandates that all women should be home, fully covered, uneducated, subservient to their man, and forbidden to drive a car. So it shall be – Praise Allah.

    • DCBlueBlood

      That’s the exact thoughts of Roy Moore too. Hmmm.

      Roy Moore doesn’t think women should run for office.According to a new report.

      The Republican Party’s candidate for Alabama’s open Senate seat co-authored a government text that argued against women running for office. The book, produced by Vision Forum Ministries, also argued that Christians had a “moral obligation” to not vote for female candidates:

      The curriculum was a product of Vision Forum, a now-defunct Texas-based evangelical organization headed by Doug Phillips, which taught “Biblical patriarchy”, a theology that prescribes strict, unequal gender roles for men and women.

      Amen – Roy Moore thinks women — keep in the house, women should be dumbed-down.

      • Eta Kozak

        Why are you trolling?

  • Jess Greer

    This is tantamount to Hitler, prescibing morals to himself. What a worldwide embarrassment.

  • eladtoor

    A woman such as Lipnic should not be the spokesperson for revising sexual harassment policies, since women are demonstrably prejudiced when it comes to sexual harassment. Almost without exception, women take the ‘NO’ position when it comes to sexual harassment.

  • taxpayer22

    The Congress Critters “budget” for sex offenses? Sounds like a Hollywood / Weinstein contract.
    Democrat Conyers and other critters should use their own money, not ours.

  • taxpayer22

    Tell RINO Paul Ryan to shut down the congressional sexual harassment ‘hush fund’ that is using our Tax dollars.

    • Eta Kozak

      You think maybe he is on the list? We the people have the right to know all the names who used our money to pay their pleasure!

  • Donald York

    Do away with the slush fund that protect these predators !
    Women need to be careful of their accusations of men because this can, and probably work both ways.
    Innocent until proven guilty is what the law exemplifies. Seems men don’t get to confront their accusers.

    • Eta Kozak

      Women’s should be charge too if they lies!

  • Roy Beane

    Only way they’ll stop it is to force everybody there to wear chastity belts. Might put a crimp in all the sex in the halls going on around there…….

  • JL Ziegler

    A dress code for both sexes and parties is prudent and in order. Also, statute of limitations and time to report requirements need to be enforced.

    Women should be on guard but also need to be rational since they are in effect spending the tax payer’s hard earned dollars. Have common sense! But if you cannot have common sense, read and follow a [very, very] simple but thorough rule book written for both sexes. Then get the AG to enforce it for their protection.

    Unfortunatly, some outliers don’t understand what a boundary is.

  • C B

    All Crap and a diversion that nobody cares about , spinning out of control and way out of context . Still it is nice that the Liberals are eating each other right now . LOL

    • IceColdLogic

      For the past…. 20+ years it’s always been the GOP that ate their own. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still attacking their own in many cases but now we actually see some democrats stepping down…. for behavior that “didn’t matter” a very short time ago (that reference is to the argument the dems used once it was proven that Clinton was liar).

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad to see Franken and Conyers leave. But I’d also like to understand what changed.

      • C B

        There is a War against Males going on in the Country . Particularly against White Males . It knows no party , an has no honor to any creed or organization