House GOP: Congress Will Give Pres. Trump DACA Fix by End of Year

Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., center, is joined by fellow Republicans to discuss their support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

November 9, 2017
OAN Newsroom

House Republicans say they plan to deliver President Trump a bi-partisan and humane fix to DACA by the end of this year.

GOP leaders spoke out Thursday morning, saying they want to show the American people Congress can work together on this issue.

According to them, a majority of their constituents want the U.S. visa system upgraded, more secure borders, and better enforcement of DACA regulations.

However, lawmakers say they need a compassionate solution to dealing with DACA recipients who have become a part of local communities.

This includes illegal immigrant children who only know the U.S. as their home.

  • Eileen McRae

    Pass President Trump’s RAISE act first. Then deal with DACA. That must be the ultimatum to Congress.

  • mbrewer566

    Great…now we know what’s important. Forget border security, healthcare overhaul, tax savings to stimulate the economy…..

  • Michael Jarrett

    these are the same simpletons that attack Americans constantly but will grant citizenship to MS-13 and 30 year olds from south of the Border DACA Illegal Aliens

  • Pink Lips

    There should be no Amnesty or any deals. You don’t reward people for doing wrong. Depot them now, put American citizens first. Is this so hard to do. It’s ridiculous Congress will fight for people who don’t belong here ad disregard what Americans want.

  • Sue Boclair

    They’re going to give their “fix” to President Trump by the end of the year. How come they’re working so fast on this, they never do on anything else?

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    It should be part of the Immigration Reform, not an individual mandate. DACA was a mistake perpetuated by not enforcing our existing laws and need to be corrected. PERIOD.

  • Melissa McShane

    Nope. Congress means House and Senate. The senate is full of Democrats and wanna-be Democrats.

  • Henry McKay

    Typically I believe that your descendants are not liable for your mistakes or crimes. For example think of whites today and slavery in the past, whites should not owe reparations. On that basis I could be tempted to let the DACA kids stay. But I am not. One difference is that they were alive and present when the crime was committed. Maybe they were young but that doesn’t really matter. You couldn’t rob a bank, give the money to a minor before you’re caught, and expect the minor gets to keep the money. Deport them all, no broken-up families.

    • sillystring

      I use the rob a bank analogy all the time. Children shouldn’t be punished for the crimes of their parents, but they also shouldn’t gain from those crimes. Congress needs to eliminate Birthright Citizenship, create mandatory E-Verify and deny amnesty to any individual in this country in violation of our immigration laws.

  • Sergeant_rock

    DACA “fix”?? BUFFALO CHIPS…. They are here ILLEGALLY… They have had years to become citizens and didn’t… That indicates clearing they have NO interest in becoming American citizens, so that “dreamer” thing is a load of doggie-logs… DEPORT THEM… and if they “really” want to become part of the American dream, come back LEGALLY…

  • Marty Kirkpatrick

    Total BS…why do they need any type of amnesty compromise? What these guys are a shoe in for is a traitors noose.

  • The hell with the people that thought this was a good idea. Fix illegal immigration! Fix taxes! MAGA or leave. I’m so tired of the lack of cajones the Republican Party shows us all the time. Grow a set or get the hell out!

  • Roscoe

    DACA is CACA and the only “fix” is massive deportations. Get ALL of the illegal aliens out of the USA!

  • Letmesay

    DO AWAY WITH DACA. Lawmakers say they need a compassionate solution for those who are here illegally. Where is the compassionate solution when our American USA born children struggle to get their degrees while being single or married with children a mortgage and topping out their credit cards to be able to get a better job for their family. While the illegals get free most everything related to their life’s.
    These lawmakers should not be able to give their two cents worth. We the American people should have the last word. This program was developed by an NON AMERICAN insane man. It can be reversed. DO AWAY WITH DACA

    • HarryObrian

      Exactly, make it gone, seal the borders, throw out the ILLEGALS and improve the process for citizenship by giving the job to a private concern who will be held accountable for anyone they let in that even jaywalks.

  • Hummer

    DACA needs ended now period. I am sickened when I see most of what “represents” Washington state in Congress. Rinos and democrats almost one and all.

  • landy fincannon

    He campaigned on ending DACA on day one, so who has his ear, Richard Haass?

    Nevertheless, we can count on the uni-party to fix it.

    • HarryObrian


    • uncommon sense

      Kelly-Amnesty Cryptkeeper. He changed his tune on deportations last year after hiring her to run his campaign.

  • Lawmadsen

    If so many people from the same countries want to live in the USA so bad because their homelands are horrible, maybe the best solution would be for America to annex land in those countries and people can choose in their homelands if America is truly better they can move to the annexation or eventually become a US territory. DACA’s can then go be ambassadors and help develop the territory of Mexico.

  • Mark

    I will believe it when I see it. So far this year Congress has been all talk and no action. They contiue on that path, VA and NJ is just a start of what is going to happen to their majorities……

    • HarryObrian

      The RINOs will still have the majority regardless of anti-American liberal wins because they are one in the same, all owned and operated by anti-American concerns.

  • MirrorKrys

    Veto any path to citizenship. Amazing how fast they work for illegals and can get nothing done for American Citizens wanting President Trump’s agenda items. The President should have never tossed it over to Congress. He should have just ended the program. Period.

    • turnipweed

      Trump is in favor of DACA, he wants the Congress to take the heat from his voters.

      • MirrorKrys

        I am beginning to get that feeling too.

      • brandehhh

        I was about to post the same thing… Trump is in favor of it to a degree.

      • Localdude

        Trump is a pratical guy. Lots of battles to fight, this may be a cheap out, just get it done and seal the backside of it so it cant happen again. What did ‘low energy Bush’ say during the campain in responce to a question on illlegal immigration?…’we are all Gods kids’…We were not nominating a pastor, we needed a president to protect the citizens with writen law and courage to enforce established law. His family, back to Bush 1 – oversaw this entire problem. Bush 1 was Reagans VP, HE was supposed to press for the boader security, along with the GOP after the last ‘compasionate’ fraud on US citizens. They did not. Plus – the DNC did irrepreable damage with this issue – and now, they insist on counting illegal alien votes – stealing the power from US citizens. But to be a conservative, partly – is to take personal responcibility. The GOP ‘chamber of commerce’ ‘cheap labor’ – fraud is at the feet of the Bush family, the developers, restraunt associations, etc etc. The establishment GOP and the donors behing them – must be defeated or this fraud will surely continue.

        • turnipweed

          You don’t have to make excuses for Trump. We all knew he was not going to yank the rug out from under DACA before we voted for him. No one is perfect, he made some excellent promises he is trying to keep. I’m sure we are all grateful for that.

          • Localdude

            Damn straight I don’t. What a dude. Trump that is. He keeps going and going and going…the pre Trump GOP look like the idiots they have been – with every day that passes. I always knew the left were mean blithering fool idiots, just really pleased everyone sees it now…. since they have no problem actually saying out loud what they have always believed all along – the past 20 years. Love your pic. Go Trump.

      • Melissa McShane

        To be honest, Congress is suppose to represent the actual voice of the people so why not let the people decide. Too many Americans are use to having a president that legislates everything and pushes congress aside. The president is supposed to execute the law and not be the one doing all of the legislation.

        • turnipweed

          Good point. Obama would have waved his little fairy wand and deemed it the law of the land. Oh, wait, he did!

      • Sue Boclair

        Ya know, I think you’re right.

    • Michael Hawk

      I Agree…Your Statement Really Pissed me Off now that I think About It …Your Absolutely CORRECT …Lets Help DACA /Illegal Aliens /Muslims and Islam with USA Taxpayer Dollars that MOST OF US are Against ……….Yes lets Make ILLEGAL ALIENS and Anti American Groups demanding Handouts In our Country a Priority ……The People that are Putting LEGAL long Term Patriotic Tax Paying AMERICANS Last make me sick……I want All Deported and ALL benefits CUT Immediately …No Job or Job Skills Stay OUT …Here is MY Immigration Plan ….Have a Job …Learn English and Contribute to the USA and be a Benefit to THE USA …Only THEN will we “Discuss” Citizenship ..Do the Math 75% of 30 or 40 MILLION people getting OUR money For Free Just being here. I Am Beyond Angry and Disgusted I Demand OUR country back. Our RICO Organization we call OUR Government need to be bought Down…Remember “We the People” not WE the Government Rulers.

      • Sue Boclair

        Well said!

      • De Dene

        They can’t repeal ObamaCare because the ILLEGAL ALIENS depend on it for FREE. They can’t pass tax reform because the budget is bloated paying for healthcare, housing, food, clothing, transportation, education, cell phones, and tatoos for ILLEGAL ALIENS. All the big corporate chiefs want the customer based increased in size by ILLEGAL ALIENS and the government payments they depend on.
        We do not want DACA. Remember, they lost that case in court. Send them back to their country of origin and let them use their new skills there. The rent is cheaper there and they can live like kings on their own dime instead of mine!
        Congress should draw immigration way down and end the “Global Initiative to Destroy America”.
        The president should write an executive order reversing Obama’s giveaway to congress on their healthcare. My grandchildren have to spend $7,000 in deductibles before receiving any benefits while their parents are required by law to purchase that stinky insurance at high rates. Obamacare plans are named for precious metals; Gold, Platinum, Silver, Bronze. I’m here to say they should all be named “LEAD”!
        Screw any frickin politician that wants to continue their attack on our sovereign nation. That includes Pete King and all the others supporting this obscene attack on the Citizens of the USA!
        Call your Congressman and Senators TODAY.