Homeland Security Announces New Extreme Vetting Procedures


August 29, 2017
OAN Newspaper

The Trump administration takes another step to improve the country’s vetting protocol.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security said it plans to require more people to undergo in-person interviews before granting them citizenship.

The groups specified are those already in the U.S. on business visas as well as refugees hoping to sponsor family members to join them in the country.

The new procedures include more in-depth questioning as a means to screen for underlying security risks and fraud.

Officials say the latest measure reflects the administration’s commitment to upholding and strengthening the integrity of the country’s immigration system.

  • I C Black Racists

    When I read “Homeland Security Announces New Extreme Vetting Procedures” I was thinking about the people who operate and work for Homeland Security. I didn’t pay attention to the first two, Thomas J. Ridge, and Michael Chertoff, But Janet Napolitano’s thinking seemed to be out of that of mainstream America, and now she is head of an extremist California school. Obama had Jeh Johnson, and on that point, he seemed evil and anti-American to me. John Kelly was not there long enough to make trouble, but Elaine Duke has been in the government, more or less, for 28 years and served as Under Secretary of Homeland Security for a few years. She knows exactly what is going on, and why corrupt Departments, Like TSA (where employees are not even vetted) or the Coast Guard, an agency that seems to be for sale to the highest bidder, is allowed to exist is beyond me. Elaine Duke is not going to rock the boat. If the system is going to use New Extreme Vetting Procedures, for God’s sake (and ours) vet the people who work there ! ( TSA – TSA – TSA ; And the Coast Guard – who never protect navigation on the upper St Johns River in Florida, like new low bridges, and the stealing of water that leaves parts of the river dry at times, but require airboat captains to have Captains Licenses and TWIC cards. 18 years, and I was checked one time by a drunk Coast Guardsman, who was drunk and out of uniform. ) We would be safer not to have those two agencies, who grope us and sell out our navigable waterways.

  • Jack Woodburn

    Whatt joke…if no records existed in ME countries, still no records exist. They can’t extreme vet what doesn’t exist.

  • Donald York

    A law should be in place making English our nation’s official language.

  • They need a sponsor as well.

  • Skynyrd Trumpster

    Everyone needs an interview….let’s keep it consistent.

    If you don’t want to assimilate, don’t bother coming.

  • R A.

    Spare the waterboard, spoil the terrorist, I always say

  • Deny

    Talking is not going to help because we all know islam allows them to lie. Stick bacon in their mouths, make them chew it and swallow it. Then start the extreme interrogation. Pity Mitch Rapp can’t do it!

  • Sui-Juris

    We need to do more vetting when the Islamist terrorist engages in so much skullduggery to defeat what little enforceable immigration law we do have. The social Democrat can go scream and shout their faux angst off.

  • Fergus

    This is the kind of news I like to hear. I don’t want a bunch of welfare recipients coming into America!

  • Jed55

    The in person interview is vital to prevent fraud. Illegal immigrants cost us more money every year than anyone realizes.

    Many immigrants come here specifically to commit tax fraud & cost the U.S. billions each year. The men arrive alone, claim a job that lets them ‘state’ their income with no proof. They know exactly how much income & how many children to claim to set themselves up so they pay $0 Federal & $0 state taxes, but qualify for the maximum amount of earned income credit. It can be up to $15,000/ year per scammer.

    In reality, their family is in Somalia or wherever, if they even have one, they have no earned income & they’re a drain on the economy because they collect welfare & Medicaid. The states take their word for the welfare & medicare benefits & never check for Federal income tax returns, so they get away with it.

    Last year was the first year that the number of these scammers was reduced & that was due to President Trump’s policies on illegals. We need laws to protect us & now we have a President that’s not worried about what everyone else thinks, he’s worried about protecting our country & it’s citizens.

    We have Americans that live poorly, can’t read & have no way out, we should be using those billions for our own people not to fund terrorists. This is a major problem that could be greatly alleviated by in person interviews where all family members must be present.

  • Jam Jenes

    We don’t need no stinkin’ extreme vetting.

    We need to stop all immigration.

    No more refugees. Set up camps somewhere far from our country. Let them go there until it’s time for them to return to their own country. If they come here, the dims will never let them go.

    And to sound paranoid, the only way to pass extreme vetting is for the gubmint to know everything about you. No more anonymity.

    • Frank

      THAT is quite extreme.

    • Tootee

      You sound stupid and woefully uneducated. And, in other articles, you admitted you’re kkk.

      • Jam Jenes

        Go change your pampers, you little whiner.

  • My Head

    Example of extreme vetting……..
    DHS: Where are you coming from?
    Immigrant: Iraq.
    DHS: Denied.
    Immigrant: I meant Syria.
    DHS: Denied.
    Immigrant: Did I say Syria, I meant Iran.
    DHS: Denied.
    Immigrant: Sudan?
    DHS: Denied.
    Immigrant: Somalia?
    DHS: Denied.
    Immigrant: Mexico?
    DHS: Bienvenido a los Estados Unidos!

  • landy fincannon

    Extreme vetting. Sure, what ever.
    The State Department has been the problem for years

    • ABuck63

      Agree, you can make all the rules/laws you want but if you’re not enforcing them or making sure they are being enforced….then YOU are the problem….basically.

      • KittyKat27

        They not only were not enforcing laws (including border patrol and ICE), they were TOLD NOT TO enforce the laws by our previous communist president and his regime, and threatened lest they did, We never needed more immigration laws, we just needed to be able to enforce the ones we already had; but that flew in the face of Obama’s agenda.

  • ABuck63

    As an immigrant myself, I wish to bring up the fact that the requirement to speak/read English is pretty much a joke. While I waited, lawyers were coaching the immigrants (granted they were in fact doing it the right way with citizenship) on the *English* phrase they would say. hmmm meh doesn’t cut it for me at least. I think the non English speaking people should be proficient enough in English to read any paragraph in any English book. That’s where your real test is. Then, perhaps they can read the grocery store labels, road sign etc…. This is only MHO

    • Billy Bones

      Good on ya. Welcome

    • My Head

      The only problem is that would be holding those seeking citizenship to a higher standard than those born here. According to a study conducted in late April 2013 by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population.

      • Frank

        Yeah, and 95% of those are voting

        for Socialism. That is why the dems love the ignorant.

      • ABuck63

        You are right of course, but it would not hurt to turn those numbers more positive by insisting at least when entering the US you have a better handle on English. As for the others, were there is a will there is a way and an educator or government can lead the horse to water but not make him drink. Ultimately, no matter who or what your parents are the end is up to you.

      • joytrain

        wish we could deport them.

      • John Degel

        I’ll bet those statistics include the immigrants who fail or refuse to assimilate and learn English.

      • dave22q

        How many of the 32 were illegals? A significant percentage no doubt. Then add the recent ‘refugees’ as well. Yes, many Americans cannot read but damn few cannot speak English. We don’t need any non English speakers. If you want to come here learn the language and bring an employable skill. The intensity of your desire to come is evidenced only by the work you put in to qualify.

      • Mary Barto

        Those Public Schools are doing such a great job teaching English…!! They’re a pathetic joke…!!

      • KittyKat27

        On that same line, I’m sure the vast majority of people born in America could not pass the citizenship test – at least without studying. So what? That is our privilege by being born and raised in this wonderful country. That doesn’t make it right that we have not required naturalized citizens to learn our language, and that we pay millions of dollars a year kowtowing to these people who won’t learn our language by requiring schools to pay for teachers to teach these kids in their language, and producing signs and documents in multiple languages. If we tried to get citizenship in any other country, I am quite certain that most would expect us to learn their language.

      • T28

        Very good point. But do we want to add more who can’t read? MAGA

  • jlsharks1

    Good news.
    I left my country because of my security and degradation of the country. I hate this to happen here although the sanctuary cities do concern me and will fight to have them removed.

    • Billy Bones

      Yea this sanctuary thing has to be stopped

    • My Head

      They use “sanctuary” because it sounds nice. I call it aiding and abetting fugitives.

      • ABuck63