Gun Background Checks Called ‘Racist’

January 6, 2017

Washington, DC (John Hines, OAN Senior Political Correspondent)

To many Americans, gun background checks may sound like a good idea, but some conservatives are raising new criticisms of them because they don’t always work as they are supposed to.

“The background check system we have is a mess in many ways. But one of the big problems is that it is racist in terms of who is stopped. Has a disproportionate impact on blacks and Hispanics from being able to own and buy guns,” states John Lott, President, Crime Prevention Research Center.

Lott points out that the impact of background checks results because of mistakes based on similar names within racial groups.

“About thirty percent of black males in the United States are legally forbidden from owning a gun, because of past criminal behavior. Well, what that means is a lot of good, black males who may want to buy a gun to protect him and his family may be more likely to have a name similar to the 30 percent of black males who are legally prohibited from buying a gun,” Lott explains.

Of course being prohibited from buying a gun can be corrected through an appeals process, but that’s become more difficult in the Obama Administration, says Lott.

“But what’s happened under President Obama is that they have removed the government employees who used to check to see where the mistakes were made. Nobody’s doing that now. Now you can appeal, but most people are gonna find it’s necessary to hire a lawyer for the appeals process…. Middle income and poor blacks and Hispanics are unlikely to spend the thousands of dollars necessary to fix the mistakes that the government has made,” Lott notes.

The result, says Lott, is that the background check process disproportionately, permanently stops blacks and Hispanics from purchasing firearms for self defense. Lott also says, overall, this past November marked the nineteenth strait month of record gun sales based on his analysis of background checks.

  • Bill Tobias

    but no one has the identical background,,,,,,birth date,name,parents etc. if the right criteria was used there would be no problem. I haven’t ever seen Mr. Lott but i’m willing to bet he is either of Spanish or Afro-American . Seems like anytime you can find to try and make race an issue you do.

  • Rick Martinez

    I don’t know much about the process for buying a gun. This article says that people must go through a background check to own a gun, and if they have a criminal history they may be denied, or they can go through an appeals process. I don’t see racism here–even though this article mentions Blacks and Hispanics. It could happen to Whites and Asians and everyone else with a criminal background too. I respectfully say: A gun in the hands of a hunter is a tool; the same gun in the hands of a criminal is a weapon.

  • Okie


  • rusty

    Well, maybe if the welfare queen “baby-mamas” did not name their six welfare babies after the six different “baby-daddies” they were with, this problem would not be so prevalent.

    • Debi

      I don’t get it.

  • TwigaBob

    “nineteenth strait month”?

  • FriendOfJohnnyM

    Liberals and Democrats……
    First they demand background checks, then they say background checks are “RAYSISSSS!”
    Solution- just refuse sales of firearms and ammo to ALL Democrats and Liberals!

  • vince

    This sounds more like an enforcement problem rather than racism.
    The law needs to be amended, along with getting off the no fly list. Senator Kennedy made that list, twice.
    Mistakes are going to happen. We got that part. But the appeals process should not include having to hire an attorney, sue the govt, spend thousands of dollars and years of aggravation.
    Restaff the folks charged with determining mistakes within the databases. Easy enough. But if the govt does NOT answer an objection to a person’s placement on the no fly or no buy databases, then the govt has 60 days to prove to a federal judge why that person is on that list. The burden of proof should be on the govt, not the citizen.

  • louigi

    I like white peaches, white potatoes, white meat chicken and solid white albacore tuna!
    I must be RACIST!!

    • Debi

      No, you’re racist if you don’t like black eyed peas, black cars, black cats, or black beans.

      • louigi

        I confess!

  • Davo

    Democrats claim voter ID laws are racist……….that no one should have to produce ID to vote.

    Therefore, gun laws are racist, as well as liquor laws and drivers’ licensing. Marriage is racist, too. School regisration, employment, foreign travel, etc, etc,etc.

    • All American

      If one need not show a valid ID to vote in the USA then you are correct No one should be required to have a license for anything!! It is double standards and discrimination!!

  • bobruark

    No check box for race so how does he know this? Well ya’ know that it might be the black males commit violent crimes all out of proportion to their representation in the general population. I would suggest the Dr. Lott do a THOROUGH analysis instead of half-ass.

  • Chase H

    Y’all seeing this as pro liberal ideology are wrong. Lott is not pro-gun control, in fact he is just the opposite. The fact is, background checks are quite racist and one could argue unconstitutional.

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  • F16JetJock

    Inferring “racist” by generally intolerant Marxist liberals is a means to impugn anyone they disagree with. However, it doesn’t work because everyone knows that all humans are naturally racist. That’s why there are over two-hundred nations throughout the world; by God’s design, we humans prefer to associate with our own kind, that is a shared race, color, language, culture, creed, religion or even politics.

    • Native Born American

      That’s why God divided us by oceans and continents.

      • louigi

        Then why do people leave their own countries, come here, and refuse to assimilate? If you want to keep you customs, beliefs,and language, stay in your own country!

        • Debi

          Tell that to the British, French and Spanish If they had all assimilated, we would be hunting buffalo and other abundant game, sharing our crops with one another, keeping the rivers and streams clean and, for the most part, living peacefully together.

  • Bill Cooke

    Just because something happens more predominately to one race versus another does not automatically make it racist. Whites get sunburns more easily. That does not make the sun racist….Or does it?

  • sensen22

    “Has a disproportionate impact on blacks and Hispanics from being able to own and buy guns,”
    “Lott points out that the impact of background checks results because of mistakes based on similar names within racial groups.”

    I did not know that “name” was the only information used in a background check.

    The person who wrote this is absolutely nuts. The individual in OANN who permitted it’s publication is bent on destroying OANN.

    • Native Born American

      The shooter at Ft. Lauderdale had a Hispanic name, was a Muslim sympathizer, and a mental patient. The last two alone should have been enough to prevent him from owning a firearm. Yet he was not only able to own a gun but travel via commercial flight with it, permitting him to commit premeditated murder.
      We’re all his victims “white” or even half of them? It’s the radical leftist who are racist, they want us to be murdered in order to further their agenda.
      If it weren’t for a majority of “white” workers, taxpayers, educators, law enforcement, medical personnel and ministers the entire country would become a third world country in chaos within weeks.

  • Rick Williams

    What? 30 percent of black males in America are prohibited from owning a gun because of past criminal behavior? How is this possible? Maybe I have led a sheltered life, but dang.

    • Deplorable B Church

      A person convicted of a felony is prohibited from owning firearms. Blacks commit a disproportionate number of felonies, so that’s why the number is so high.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Certainly didn’t stop Esteban.

  • john smith

    This is not true. My son has this problem, someone with the same name comes up every time he wants to buy a new gun. Yes it dose take a little longer (a day or two) to get things cleared up but it is no big deal. And there is a way to get around the problem by getting an access number (not sure what its called) that will bypass this problem but my son feels its not worth the bother.

    By the way my son is white. This is just more bleading heart bullcrap

  • louigi

    When you apply to by a gun the is no check box for race!!! What kind of twisted mind could possibly connect background checks to racism. John Lott is a RINO!

    • Bob

      Yes there is

      • louigi

        There wasn’t one on my cc application.

        • Bob

          There was on mine…all of them.

    • Deplorable B Church

      They do ask this. If you buy a firearm, you have to complete federal form 4473. These days it’s computerized, but they do ask about your race.

  • Prius Dementat

    So now it is racist to stop a criminal from owning a gun?

  • Captain America

    Racism i s dead

  • Localdude

    Best definition of ‘a racist’; ‘one who views all things threw the prism of race’.

  • jlsharks1

    Sick and tired of hearing the word “racism” as I am of the name “Hillary”

  • Dave Chandler

    Race card to make a headline and anti-gun statement

    • Chase H

      John Lott is pro-Second Amendment

      • tedlv

        Reuters isn’t.

        • Chase H

          What does Reuters have to do with this article, the study or the research? Appears the article was written by John Hines, OAN Senior Political Correspondent.

          • tedlv

            Nothing. You’re very observant. This is the first article I’ve seen on this site that wasn’t Reuters. I stand by my statement.

          • Chase H

            thanks. I agree with you regarding your statement

          • tedlv

            Thanks for the polite discourse

          • Chase H

            Thank you as well.

        • Chase H

          Reuters is as bad as the AP, McClatchy or the NY Times

        • Dave Chandler

          Reuters is crap

      • Dave Chandler

        Lott is pro 2 but attaching race is nothing more than existing rhetoric that’s been said for years. Having similar names is not race related. Plenty of people of all races have same or similar names. This example of “racism” is ridiculous. Try again

        • Chase H

          nice try Dave, Lott is merely throwing it back in their faces. Don’t know why so many people here do not like Lott, perhaps they should actually read his work.

          • Dave Chandler

            I don’t think Lott said it. Reuters first reported it. I think it’s skewed left. My son and I both have the same name. Myself Sr him Jr. It has caused more than a few issues. We are white. As I say again…race has nothing to do with background checks

  • diamondplayer

    Racism/racism has become the default answer to common sense actions. Some people see racism everywhere, they’re kind of paranormal, one sees it while most/all others don’t.