Guatemala Announces Plans to Move Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem

December 24, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Following in the footsteps of President Trump, Guatemala’s leader announces his country will also move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales took to Twitter Sunday and saids he made the decision after speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He also instructed the country’s foreign ministry to move its embassy from its current location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Guatemala was one of only a few United Nations member countries to vote against a resolution denouncing the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

  • James Edmond

    Good for Guatemala.

  • andrew Befano

    On this news I will begin planning my 2018 summer vacation to Guatemala. I normally never vacation outside of the United States, but, in this case I’ll make an exception. Bravo to President Jimmy Morales.

  • Comanche457

    Here is a leader with guts. To bad there are only a few of them in the world.

  • tophat1984

    Love you Guatemala! This is why you get the mission work 🙂

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Just read about a $285M cut to UN from Amb. Haley. That is a good start to remove these leeches from our soil.

    • Tyrone

      That cut would not have happened if Hillary had won the election the DNC rigged for her.
      Haley has been doing a great job.

  • Tyrone

    Apparently, after 8 years, America is no longer “leading” from behind.

    • Frank

      Nor bending over for our adversaries.
      And Russian collusion? Contrary to what the Marxists in the Democratic party would have the public believe; the Russian collusion ended when the “more flexible” Obama left the White House.

  • Chunk

    The Palestinians and the Isrealis want it to be the capitol so why wouldn’t we move the embassy there?

  • Ken Sebastian

    Not much problem for Guatemala really. Just hook up that Nissan King Cab to the trailer hitch and that mobile office will be in Jerusalem before nightfall. Only thing they gotta change is the address.

    • desertdawg2

      At least they’re Doing it.

  • Ken Sebastian

    Israel plans to rule the world from Jerusalem. Gotta give credit where it is due, they may just do it, and soon. Then, as Netanyahu says, the USA can just dry up and blow away.

    • Larry

      Are you one of these die-hard international Jewish conspiracy theorists? Sure gotta give credit to your (idioitic) persistence.

    • Andrew Moore8

      God won’t allow his children to treat other believers that way

    • Frank

      You prove yourself a complete imbecile.

  • Expat47

    If you want to know which side the bread is buttered on, just ask Jimmy!

  • internettoughguy

    Since Trump is trying to turn the United States into a banana republic I don’t think it should surprise anyone that banana republics are falling in behind him.

    • Andrew Moore8

      Only banana around here is the one you stuck up your sheet hole.

    • Andrew Moore8

      And he is still YOUR President.

    • R Honaker

      Back to Yahoo with you

    • S Mol

      I live in a mostly third world country. I know what Banana Republics look like, plastering their “dear leader’s” picture on everything. I never saw that in the US until Obama’s “shovel ready” projects. His name and sometimes even his face was on all of the road construction signs. I’ve yet to see any government projects in the US named “Trump” or bearing his picture.

      Trump is all about “we” and “us.” Obama was all about “I” and “me.” Trump isn’t trying to turn the US -into- a banana republic, he’s trying to turn it back -from- a banana republic.

      • Swampdrainer

        You mean our 44th president was Barak Obanana?

      • Tim maher

        Hear, hear!!

    • Wanda

      toughguy, That was a really weak attempt at something but not sure what.

    • Winabego

      Last time I checked Trump is turning America back around to the days where the PEOPLE had more say so.

  • PatrickJ

    And now it will begin. Starting tomorrow you will see more. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Thank you, Mr. President, for doing what was right. My sincere congratulations to Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala.

  • shafawn

    God bless Guatemala

    • Andrew Moore8

      You watch….Now that Guatemala has supported Israel God will bless their country as well.

      • Ken Sebastian

        I supported Israel for years and I cannot see any difference in my blessings except maybe for the worse.

        • Huks

          I can.

        • Larry

          Don’t take it personally.

        • shafawn

          Ken you don’t know how many things God spared you from happening. You may not know until you stand before HIM and give account for your life.

        • Andrew Moore8

          He didn’t bless you because the all knowing God knew you were a fair weather supporter who would lose interest and move on to something else rather quickly….God can see into our hearts and can tell…As for the worse….that would be satan dealing that sheet show to you because you are so ripe for his picking.

      • shafawn

        I was thinking the same thing


      I wrote a comment to you but it is pending still after a whole day. Check out Matthew Henry Commentaries on Revelation….online. Great study resource for understanding!!!! Great for Daniel 9 also. Check my profile.

      • shafawn

        Hey I’ve been wondering where you were 🙂 Merry Christmas and I will check out Matthew Henry Commentary on Revelation. God bless you


          Have had extreme trouble commenting on this site….can’t even type most of the time so I just don’t. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Let me know how you like the commentaries. I am studying Revelation and it is truly revealing!

  • DrMitoFit

    There is a modern secure US consolate building in Jerusalem ready to be named the new US embassy. Just needs a new sign over the door. It would be a good place to hold peace negotiations. Trump calls it the ultimate deal and it would cement his growing legacy for all time.

    • PatrickJ

      Then let’s get it done. Next week would not be too soon.

    • Charlie

      I foresee a lot of suicide bombing attempts on that building, Not saying the move is wrong, just that things will probably be ugly until the Palestinians run out of people willing to die to make a pointless gesture.

      • desertdawg2

        They haven’t run out of people in 70 years. it’s their life’s ambition, martyrdom.

  • BLUE

    Why not ?

  • Lenny Woodson

    Let’s send this guy a couple super bowl tickets.

    • Legion

      Why? So he can watch a bunch of anti-american prison felons disrespect America?

      Send him some Stanley Cup tickets! ^_^

      • Andrew Moore8

        I was about to say the very same thing….

    • R Honaker

      No he dose not need to witness anti American Roderic

    • Huks

      May as well, no one here wants them.

  • landy fincannon

    So, just how many refugees has Guatemalan had shoved on them?

    • Andrew Moore8

      they just got out of a civil war not to long ago….so I would say more are returning home than are trying to leave now that the war is over and the country is recovering.

  • Learning where our friends are……..

  • ShemSilber2

    Genesis 12:3 says that President Morales is blessed in moving the Guatamalan Embassy to Jerusalem, and all the countries that voted against the move are only cursing themselves, amein.

    When the Master Yahusha has made the kingdoms of this world the Kingdom of Yahuwah and of His Messiah (Revelation 11:15), not only will Jerusalem prove to be the eternal capitol of the Kingdom of United Israel, but that will mean the end of Islam, of the UN, and of all the other evils of this world, and we will finally have peace on earth with government for the PEOPLE, and the bureaucrats will be out of a job, in favor of those whom the Master Yahusha will appoint as rulers, amein and AMEIN!

  • DrMitoFit

    Jimmy Morales has more balls than Theresa May and Angela Merkel combined!

    • TruthBTold

      I think you mean more guts. The two leaders you referenced are women.

      • Andrew Moore8

        I think he knew that….

        • Huks

          Yes, I suspect he did too. 🙂

      • Larry

        Keen observation.

        • JoeAM

          Probably paid attention in physiology.

      • Mike

        Unless of course your Rosie Whatshername. She claims she’s got it.

    • PatrickJ

      While I might not have stated it in those exact words, I would agree.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Guatemala knows who butters their toast.

  • piper60

    Bravo!Free countries should not have their policies dictated to them by the rag-head lobbying the Puzzle Palace!

  • Good. Someone who knows who the good guys are.

    • mark abby

      Well, it’s nice and all that stuff that Guatemala supports us, but you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      I believe in the near future we’ll see more countries follow suit. Trump had a reason for this move and I think he’s telling the Palestinians to work on peace or be forever forgotten. Even other Arab countries don’t want the Palestinians in their lands.

      Just my opinion

      • Legion

        It’s a good opinion and I agree.

        • PA Running Woman

          Me, too!!

      • Ken Sebastian

        Please help me understand how the Palestinians could be more forgotten than they already are.

        • Larry

          Please help me understand how I constantly see the “plight of the Palestinians” on the front page of many news media sites.

        • JoeAM

          They can keep being or supporting terrorists, be annihilated, and then written out of history. That would make them “more” forgotten.

        • desertdawg2

          All they have to do is give Hamas the boot.

      • Ray

        mark – and my opinion as well.

  • James Smith

    Congratulations Quatemala.! A nation among nations

  • BurnToast

    Guatemala’s leader announces …

    Heh Heh It was the eggnog wasn’t ?

    • piper60

      This one’s a cut above the usual run of the mill military dictator!

  • A marcus Young

    Way to go Presidente Morales! You are a stand up kind of guy.

  • Pezgun

    Santa needs to visit Guatemala this year.

    • All American

      🎄A nice show of solidarity.

  • Varangian Guard

    Outstanding! Merry Christmas

  • Andrew Moore8

    I wonder if the UN is going to lambaste the Guatemalan President like they tried to do to Trump or if they save that for White Christian Male Presidents.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Considering who heads the UN now I’m sure it’s only Trump who’s a problem and why in God’s name are the most corrupt and dangerous countries on THAT counsel.

      • Andrew Moore8

        How do you expect the new world order to progress if those countries weren’t in charge of it?

  • Mr. Maga

    And the UN loses even more credibility… Apparently, that IS still possible.

    • piper60

      It was founded to institutionalize the war time alliance that killed fascismbefore it could wipe out the Jews. It’s become the Jew-hater’s playgroud and podium!

  • Greg

    Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for 2000+ years.

    I actually heard a newscaster say that Trump designated Jerusalem as the capital. Um….No. He recognized it.

    • PatrickJ

      Just for the record, Trump never said that. All he did was recognize Jerusalem as the capitol.

    • Expat47

      I’s a constant source of amazement the stupidity of what passes for news casters today. But it’s all part ans parcel of “The Dumbing Down of America” which I first notice back in the very early 80’s.

      • ManORight

        Reminiscent of the Don Henley song Dirty Laundry. They are not reporters, just prettied up news readers who take their scripts and read.


      Bingo …The PLO’s only objective is to drive all Jew’s out of Israel and establish Jerusalem as their capitol. Their not interested in sharing squat.

    • Tim maher

      Just goes to show you how ignorant our main stream media is.

  • Deplorable Dirty Harry

    Other leader who has a SET!