Graham’s ‘Final Thoughts’ – November 19, 2013

Obama, Obamacare and the mess. Think about this as a private sector endeavor. Think about Obama as the C.E.O. of

If the C.E.O. of Priceline comes out and makes a promise, say for example you can rent a car for $5 a day, Then Americans go on the Priceline website and find out you can’t really rent a car for $5 a day. What would happen to Priceline? What would happen to the stock? What would happen to the C.E.O.?

Well, in the real world, Priceline stock would plummet, the C.E.O. would be fired and he and other company officials would be dragged before the federal trade commission for false advertising. Lying.

In other words, there would be real world consequences for telling the American people one thing and delivering another. You can’t do that. It’s illegal.

Now, when people go to Healthcare.Gov, they are put in two broad categories. They are 49 and under, and 50 and over. So, if you’re 48 and you get an insurance quote it could be based on a person who is 25. Likewise, if you’re 65, it could be based on a person who is 51.

This is nonsense. It’s totally misleading. Yet this is Obamacare.

Here we have the president promising the American people that they can keep their health care plans and their doctors. However, we have come to find out that for tens of millions of Americans it’s just not true.

It was a lie. The White House was warned, over and over, that millions of Americans would lose their health care plans.

The president has engaged in “deceptive advertising.” It’s a textbook case…and that, my friends, is against the law.

So, what do we do about this? Who will hold the president accountable? This is not some abstract thing. His words affected people…real people. Millions of Americans. They made real decisions, about their health, based on what Obama told them. Now these Americans are paying the price.

How in the world do we, as Americans, let anyone get away with this? The answer is, we should not. We, the people, need to call for this president to be held criminally accountable for breaking the law. After all, Obama, is the C.E.O. of Obamacare.

Obamacare, and the people behind it, are guilty of among other crimes “false advertising” to the people of America.