Graham’s ‘Final Thoughts’ – March 31, 2015

The disaster in Switzerland. Whatever emerges from the talks between team Obama and the Iranian regime will undoubtedly move Iran one step closer toward its ultimate goal: The destruction of Israel and the systemic death of potentially hundreds of thousands of Jews.

The prime minister of Israel gets it. Benjamin Netanyahu continues to sound the alarm bells over what we are hearing about the deal with Iran. The big picture…Iran’s desire to control the entire region.

Imagine Iranian control of the Gulf of Aden leading into the Red Sea. It’s a global game changer. The Obama administration is simply sitting back and allowing it to happen.

It’s up to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states to beat back the Iranian backed shite militia in Yemen.

Imagine Iran with inter-continental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. If you were Israel what would you do?

Any deal that allows Israel to retain a single centrifuge threatens Israel. In fact, any deal at all threatens Israel, because Iran is a state sponsor of terrorists and cannot be trusted.

If team Obama allows Iran to proceed enriching uranium for any purpose, this administration will be directly responsible.

Responsible for unleashing on Israel a modern day holocaust.