Graham’s ‘Final Thoughts’ – March 20, 2014

One nation one language. It’s the fundamental foundation, of any country.

People communicating in a common, “official” language is crucial to its success. If that communication is somehow severed, that nation is done. Finished. In the United States, sadly we are going down that slippery slope. Slowly, but surely

Hempstead, Texas: A principal at a middle school has been fired. Her crime? Asking her students to speak one, common language. Principal Amy Lacey was the head of a school located 50 miles northwest of Houston. She got on the intercom one day and asked that her kids speak English at school. That’s because many of them were speaking Spanish instead.

Now, there are many good reasons to speak one language at school, however, all the usual suspects emerged to cry “foul.” The League of United Latin American Citizens or LULAC and La Raza all wailed in protest. It’s discrimination, they said. It sends a message that we don’t want people of your color. The typical knee-jerk stuff. All nonsense.

Of course the school board showed no spine and fired Lacy, but lets look at reality, shall we? In the real world, speaking a common official language is a matter of safety. How can you help kids who don’t speak English in an emergency? Speaking one language is a matter of common sense. Should we really bring in teachers who speak another language to teach kids who don’t speak English? It’s not only a logistical nightmare, but it’s expensive…but they do it each and every day in California.

Where has it gotten them? The most spending per child with the lowest test scores. How important is speaking one official language in a country? Look no further than what’s happening in the Ukraine. In that country, several different languages are spoken…and, of course, in Crimea it’s Russian. This language division helped tear apart that country. It facilitated the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

It’s that simple folks. The Russian language separated Crimea from the rest of the Ukraine. It unified the region with Russia.

Bottom line: Allowing one country to speak more than one official language is like a house divided. It will eventually fall. You can call it multi-culturalism or whatever you want. In the end, a nation where speaking more than one official language is promoted and nurtured results in the balkanization of that culture.

If the United States does not stop pressing one for English, very soon we will all be dialing 9-1-1 for help.