GOP Raises More Than $75M in President Trump’s First 6 Months

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. (AP Photo/Christopher Hermann, File)

August 3, 2017

OAN Newsroom

GOP fundraising efforts are reaching a new level under President Trump.

In the first six months of the president’s administration the Republican party has raised more than $75 million.

That’s more than double what the DNC raised during former President Barack Obama’s’ first year.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel says the president’s base has become more willing to chip in.

She claims the party has collected more cash online in the first six months of this year than it did in all of 2016.

Officials say the RNC is 100% loyal to the president, and believe he’s an asset when it comes to fundraising.

  • Vikram

    This may not be good news because those Republicans who oppose Trump will also benefit from these funds. Many Republicans are part of the swamp.

  • Kay Crawford

    Rhinos are at war against working americans, fix our damn healthcare, or cut out your own subsidy we pay for.

  • Section Ate

    Trust me: 3/4 of this $75M is for DTrump’s legal defense fund.

  • PatrickJ

    We will win this thing.

  • PatrickJ

    This one thing is for sure. After eight long years, we once again have a President.

  • Richard Franklin

    Don’t give a dime to congressional committees

  • PatrickJ

    He was a gift. We were lost in the wilderness of the Obama nightmare. And then he appeared. Seemingly out of nowhere. Pretty cool.

  • strawberryplains

    If they give any of that money to NeverTrumper those funds will dry up very quickly. Personally we give directly to DJTrump’s personal website.

  • PatrickJ

    The import of this article tells you something. Seventy Five million in six months.

  • PatrickJ

    We will win this thing. With this President, we will prevail.

  • PatrickJ

    There is a message here, if you want to read it. The President is reaching most Americans with what he plans for America going forward. The large majority of us get the message. End of story.

    • HarryObrian

      As a conservative, from what I see, it appears that only large communist/lib/rino majorities are the ones who have gotten results in the last 30 years..
      Messages mean nothing, results mean everything and I’m fearful that President Trump won’t be around long enough to produce any results what with all these traitors nipping at his heels.

  • PatrickJ

    My advice? Ignore polls. They have become the new tool of the left to influence this new generation of Americans who don’t have the brains God gave them.

  • gahh

    According to today’s news, Trump’s rating has dropped to 33 percent, and Rob Reiner wants to know when are the dumb Republicans going to wise up?

    If any of this was true and Trump’s rating was 33 percent, does anybody really believe that Trump and the GOP would have raised 75 million dollars in 6 months?

    Since the Democrats have raised almost nothing, the real question should be, when are the Democrats and Rob Reiner going to wise up?

  • 10X

    The GOP didn’t raise that money, President Trump did. Let’s be honest here.

    • HarryObrian

      Doubtful, I would bet big that the commies are helping the RINOs and you’ll hear of mysterious funds being shuffled into the DNC coffers.

    • strawberryplains

      Yup I get all the flyer they use his name throughout ALL the literature and marketing….

  • intimeforthedime

    I voted for Donald Trump because I want him to accomplish everything he said he wanted to do to turn this country around.

    I did NOT vote for the GOP.
    The GOP needs to support Trump’s agenda or they will NEVER see another dime from me for as long as I live.
    And I will not vote for ANY Republican candidate that does not support ALL of Trump’s agenda.

    • Elizabeth A. Parks

      Yes. I am so tired of Congress unifying to “put a check on Trump.” Why aren’t they unifying to support him? They are afraid of fake media reports, don’t realize they are bending over backwards to please a few who scream in the media. Most of the US supports Pres. Trump.

  • Peter789

    Too many RINOs. It’s hard to vote out the RINOs when it allows a democrat to win.
    Pay attention to the primaries. Filter out the RINOs. If your candidate is a RINO, then it doesn’t matter if a democrat wins. Vote for a smaller party. Libertarians, Independents, etc.

    • Ray

      Great concept, but practically, 99% of the voters are too “chicken” to do it.

      • intimeforthedime

        You are right.
        If I am going to “waste” a vote on a RINO, then I am going to do it right and waste it on either a Libertarian, Independent, or Democrat…in that order.
        I am tired of wasting my vote on a lying backstabbing POS candidate that sells themselves as a Republican. Then does nothing Republican while in office.
        F the RINOs, and F any Republican that does not stand up and help us OUT the RINOs.
        They are either with us or against us.

    • Elizabeth A. Parks

      RINOS are better than Dems, but just barely. We do need to watch the primaries. Where is the Tea Party these days, did Obama’s IRS stamp them out? We need them back.

      • HarryObrian

        Barry’s IRS is quietly still intact and operating below the radar.

  • Manitou

    I wonder how much of that is from their globalist donors?

    Everyone I know, thinks these criminal lying bastards aren’t worth 2 cents, and we intend to get rid of them soon as possible.

  • Ray

    “Officials say the RNC is 100% loyal to the president, and believe he’s an asset when it comes to fundraising.”

    Hey RNC, it’s not what you say; it’s what you do that counts. Get your RINO’s on board!

    • I agree. They are not getting any money from me until they work as a team and back Trump’s agenda,

      • HarryObrian

        Ya, I don’t think the people donating are Trump supporters, in the least. I imagine even Soros is donating to the RINONC.
        It would be interesting to see were the money is going, who’s getting the pension increase and who’s getting a new swimming pool or a bigger wall around their mansion?
        It used to be funny now it’s just plain pathetic.