GOP Leads Nationwide in Gubernatorial Elections

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 9:40 AM PT — Thurs. July 12, 2018

While Democrats are hoping for a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterm elections, Republicans are looking to retain and capture governorships.

There are 36 gubernatorial races this year, and some of the closest watched races are in historically blue states.

Connecticut’s Governor Dannel Malloy is retiring after two terms. After eight years of presiding over a sluggish economy, deficits and tax increases, Malloy has become the most unpopular governor in the nation.

The GOP sees a chance to recapture ‘The Nutmeg State,’ and a recent poll shows 58-percent of Connecticut residents are more likely to support a Republican than a Democrat to replace Malloy.

Minnesota’s incumbent Governor Mark Dayton — a Democrat — is not running for reelection, which paved the way for former governor and GOP presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty to announce his candidacy for his old job.

The Republican Governor’s Association contributed more than two million dollars in advertising just days after Palenty’s announcement.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (AP Photo/The Star Tribune, Brian Peterson)

The RGA has also earmarked more than $20 million on key gubernatorial races in Florida, Ohio, Nevada and Arizona.

Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado is term limited, and while recent polls show many are undecided about which Republican they would support for governor — there is overwhelming support for President Trump.

Once “liberal strongholds” across the nation are becoming increasingly weak, and currently only 16 of the nations 50 governors are Democrats.

Even Charlie Baker, the most popular governor in America with an approval rating of 71-percent, is a Republican in Massachusetts.

Those hoping for a “blue wave'” should prepare for nothing more than a ripple.