GOP Leaders Consider Adding Repeal Of Obamacare Mandate To Tax Bill

House Ways and Means Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady, r-Texas, speaks with reporters, with other committee members including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., right, after a meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

November 4, 2017

OAN Newsroom

As the effort to overhaul the tax code continues, GOP leaders continue considering repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate as part of the bill.

House Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady said Friday President Trump has told him three times he wants the mandate repealed as part of tax legislation.

Brady said the idea is being mulled over by republican leaders, but no decision has been made.

This comes as Senator Tom Cotton continues to lead the charge to add repealing the mandate to the bill, and other lawmakers have said they will not rule out the provision.

  • brandehhh

    LOL because it benefits the people? Of course they don’t want to include it.

  • Marc S.

    I pray to God that they will do it!

  • iwontell

    I thought that SCAM TAX was already GONE in the health crap they are working on.
    Seems that’s CRIMINAL that the Government MAKES SOMEONE BUY SOMETHING they don’t want anyway…….
    When will I be forced to buy a McD’s or else”?

  • Roscoe

    What’s this? Repeal Obozo Care like they have promised for 7 years? Never happen as Rand Paul has blocked this before and will find a way to block it again. The Flake, Paul and McCain have never made a promise that they won’t break.

  • Richard McMeekin

    Richard McMeekin • 3 minutes ago
    Response to Voncile:

    There never was a Mandate, dastardly or otherwise!

    I see no problem adding the Repeal of Obamacare to the new Tax Bill.

    The Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare on June 28, 2012. The final ruling on
    ObamaCare was a made by Supreme Court Judge Vinson. The basic idea of
    the ruling was that ObamaCare was Declared A TAX and Not A Mandate, and
    was therefore declared constitutional.

    Just as Congress has the constitutional right to legislate a tax, it has the right to repeal it and that is what this is all about!

    • voncile

      I accept your explanation. but with reservations. I’m thinking the Individual mandate was what was ruled a TAX, not the entire package…..

  • Tony Anthony

    Don’t read into this… This is a way for certain Republicans not to vote for the tax plan.. Remember we have 4-5 rouge Republicans..that first need to be kicked out of office and replaced. Then maybe the plan has a future. Remember, This should have been an easy year for the President, we have both houses, we should have been able to pass everyone og his agenda’s. But because of those 4-5 bums, nothing gets passed.

    • Bud

      Unfortunately, when some of those RINOsare kicked out they will very possibly be replaced with outright Democrats. All that does is create more votes for Chuckles Schumer as Majority Leader.

  • eladtoor

    If the GOPers want democrat support of their tax bill, they should add:
    “Repeal of the 2016 Election” to it.

  • MrReality

    Trump told Brady (Republican House Committee Chair) 3 times he wanted the mandate repealed as part of the tax legislation, and “the idea is being mulled over by republican leaders, but no decision has been made.” Really !!???? If this were an Obama or Hillary, and congressional Democrats situation, there would be no mulling. It would be done. These pathetic RINOs pretending like they have spines and principles are such a burden on my man Trump and on we the people.

  • Robert Adams

    Combination: Death knell for both.

  • monorprise

    John McCain , snow, and mercosky would veto it along with all other Democrats to protect their Beloved Obamacare

  • Joseph O’Donnell

    For God’s sake, won’t any body think of the children! O the inhumanity! There shouldbe a law against this. O wait. There is.

  • Richard McMeekin

    I see no problem adding the Repeal of Obamacare to the new Tax Bill. The Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare on June 28, 2012. The final ruling on
    ObamaCare was a made by Supreme Court Judge Vinson. The basic idea of
    the ruling was that ObamaCare was declared a tax and not a mandate, and
    was therefore declared constitutional.


    I want it repealed as bad as anyone, but adding it to the bill will kill the tax cut bill. Yes, more people want it repealed that want it… but Congress does not care what people want, only what they THINK people want. The democrats that were going to vote for the tax cut bill will NOT vote for it if we put repealing the DEMOCRAT Obamacare law in it. This will be another shining example of republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • TYvets

      Well, or they care what the people who reelect them want, IF they think those people feel strongly enough about the issue. I do agree that adding a kill the ACA to it would kill the tax bill, but this is not a repeal of anything but the mandate.

  • Javanne

    Here we go again! If the House adds this provision to the bill, will the Senate buy into it? They had better consult with their Senate GOP colleagues before they even dscuss this.

    • TYvets

      You lose 100 percent of the battles in which you never engage.

  • Don G.

    Congress needs to vote straight up or down on a single purpose piece of legislation without bunching together pieces of controversial actions. Including the repeal of Obamacare into tax reform is ludicrous. That’s like asking someone, “Why did you decide to stop beating your spouse?” There’s no good answer to this question.

    Put the vote on single issues to make it clear who’s for and who’s against it. The GOP comes across as a bunch of semi-intelligent lame brains and I say that as a conservative. It’s time for these guys to exit the swamp for good.

    • KMA

      AGREED! The only reason to include this ACA legislation is if want the “Tax Bill” to FAIL!
      They all must go!
      As my father would say “you can’t fix a character flaw “.

    • TYvets

      Just doesn’t work that way. There are people who will vote for a bill to get the issue they want, even if they don’t want all of the bill… sometimes it results in more bills being passed. Do I WISH that wasn’t so? Sure. It is, however.


        And if they include ending the DEMOCRAT OBAMACARE law, the democrats who were being force by their constitutes to vote for the Tax Cut Bill will then no longer vote for it.

        • TYvets

          I do understand your point, I just disagree with it. You will pick up and lose votes either way. If it results in a 50/50, with Pence breaking the tie, I’m fine with that.

    • voncile

      BTW, Wasn’t that dastardly mandate ruled by the Supreme Court to be a TAX on the people?
      Yes, I believe it was. Sooooo, what a perfect place to put a ‘repeal of a tax’, but in a TAX BILL!
      Middle America will be able to keep a ton of their OWN money!! Right?

      • Don G.

        You are correct. However, the Democrats have circled the wagons on Obamacare as insane as that may be given the pending doom of financial failure. Including the repeal in the tax bill will ensure that the left will not vote for any tax plan – no matter how much it will benefit the country and the majority of taxpayers.

  • letsdance

    REPEAL it please!!!! It is nothing but a new form of robbery of the American people by the Democratic party! Get it out of there and repeal Obamacare right behind it.

    • TYvets


    • Marc S.

      I wish we could repeal the last 8 yrs. of the community organizer aka agitator.

  • Donald York

    Why not? The Democrats added the hate crimes legislation to the Defense authorization bill to get it passed.
    What goes around, comes around.

  • Expat47

    I’m startin’ to think it’s time to repeal DC.

    • antiliberal00

      Congress is about as corrupt as any humans can get. Even worse than the Mexican government.

    • hjole

      well past time.

    • brandehhh

      I’ve been saying this.

  • Bogeygolfer

    It would not get a single Demo vote and the same RINO turkeys will vote against it. Sometimes I think the Republicans don’t support their base.

    • antiliberal00

      I can’t remember the last time they did support us.


      Exactly. Pass the Tax cut bill FIRST…Then work again on killing the horrible evil DEMOCRAT Obamacare law. Not together. There are Democrats who know they have to vote for the tax cut bill… but they will never vote for it if the DEMOCRAT OBAMACARE LAW is attached.

    • monorprise

      Some Republican aka 3-8 senitors and 20 house members don’t, most do

    • Tyrone

      We need to vote in people who will support us.

      • Bud

        We do. Unfortunately, the people in some states do not.

  • voncile

    Repealing that dastardly mandate would absolutely ‘seal the deal’ on the GOP tax reform. Millions across our country would not only support it, but would stand up and cheer!!

    • Don G.

      But you must understand that millions aren’t voting on whether to repeal it. It’s the swamp people who have their hidden agendas.