GOP Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Reform Bill Next Year

A sign for the U.S. Customs and Immigration Otay Mesa Detention facility is shown in Otay Mesa, California, U.S., March 28, 2017. (Photo/REUTERS/Mike Blake)

November 3, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Top GOP lawmakers say they will bring an immigration overhaul bill to the floor early next year.

This comes after President Trump discussed immigration reform with House GOP leaders Thursday.

Republicans say their focus on tax reform and confirming President Trump’s nominees does not allow time to pass an immigration bill before the year’s end.

Democrats were pushing for the bill to pass this year, and to include deportation protection for the 800,000 DACA recipients.

After his meeting with lawmakers, President Trump said its up to Congress to pass a DACA deal, but funding for a border wall needs to be included.

“Yes, it will be part of a DACA deal,” the president commented. “DACA is a lot different than Dreamer…chain migration is a disaster for this country, and it’s horrible.”

Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing back against delaying a deal on DACA with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer arguing Congress has enough time to pass a bill before the end of the year.

  • Peter

    I hope the President is not going to cave and will stay strong on the 70 points list. Any relief for DACAs must be compensated with countermeasures.

  • DeeCeeCats

    GOP sets the timing of bills, time to put Big Boy pants on! If you Support this agenda (Trump adgenda) Get Louder. Make Daily phone calls, Fax and email all (R). We need to be heard. Living in a Border State, I Saw DACA buses Almost Zero “kids”. Criminals at the holding center before they were cleared. 95 Million Americans Unemployed & Millions of OUR Kids and Vets Homeless, Sick Americans are passed over.

  • iownlsu

    Yes, and after the USofA’s official language becomes Spanish, So long English speaking people of the USA!

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    Trump has screwed us on immigration. Almost one year in office and no wall, DACA is now OK and Kelly, during his time at DHS, increased import visas for “desperately needed hospitality industry workers.” We have been fooled in this department.

  • Just A Guy

    Same ol’, same ol’. No intent of ending the sucking up to illegal aliens. They’ll dance all around the immigration fire like drunken old hooligans but not a single one has any intentions of making any real changes. Let’s stop trying to fool ourselves into thinking that the US government has any interest in removing illegal aliens or preventing their entry into the country. Employers will continue to dangle the carrot, as will the feds with their free cheese, and illegal aliens will find a way around the biggest wall in the world. Hide and watch.

  • TYvets

    What’s wrong with today?

  • Native Born American

    Citizens first. Then legal, Christian/Jewish immigrants.

    All illegals should be shown the door and Muslims who are the biggest threat to civilization should not be accepted because they hate us, our way of life and they will never assimilate into modern society.

    No more PC BS, we need to stand up for our beliefs and our children’s future.

  • jill

    I think for every deported illegal we should send an elected democrats with them, We certainly would have a lot less problems. They are obstructing the safety of America.

    • Dottie

      Best idea yet! Send a Demorat for each deported immigrant.

      • Bob Ritthsler

        Keep the immigrants just deport the Dems.

    • TexasCoyote1

      There are so many people here illegally, I think we would run out of elected Democrats way too soon. Let’s just get deport the illegals and try to educate the Democrats to the error of their ways.

  • jill

    American’s being killed every day by immigrants. What is the problem with starting today? Sick lazy ass elected officials waiting to get their paws padded before doing anything. American’s enemies are here. As far as I am concerned. lawmakers are traitors to the American people.. None of them have any balls, just sit and fight like teenagers. Do nothing elected officials. America is my home, it’s not the home of immigrates. I sure as hell can run intruders out of my house with whatever mans necessary. Angry as HELL!!!

  • eladtoor

    In case you’re wondering, the GOPers are already planning their bills for 2086.

  • Scott Henke

    I got a better idea: how about you do it right now.

  • Letmesay

    The Democrats always want protection for the illegals. And the so called dreamers alias illegals lawbreakers need to start packing.

  • hjole

    why are they even messing with DACA, it’s illegal to start, just shut it down and deport the illegals.

    • Letmesay

      Only a made up dream by Obama, it can disappear as fast as it was written up.

  • Fred Weatherly

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • tedlv

      Trump is up against a very hostile Senate.

      • Roy Beane

        And some of his biggest enemies claim to be Republicans…..the dirty turncoat baztards.

        • tedlv


        • TexasCoyote1

          At least Trump’s presidency has exposed them, so we can eliminate them at the ballot box next year. Without him, they could have continued to hide behind their minority status.

          We have only to look at the number of retirements to know that the conservative movement is making a difference in the type of person that will be elected to represent us in the future.

  • hjole

    they’d have plenty of time if the worked more than 3 days a week,. They best do it and do it right or they will have hell to pay in the coming elections.

  • zakarac

    Yeah, if Dems would stop obstructing Trump’s choices to fill positions, maybe Reps would make time to help pass a new DACA bill. (I hope not). Eat your actions Dems!!

  • Roy Beane

    I suppose this is what passes for “quick action” when congress gets in a hurry?? WTH is going on?? Sounds like the Dimms and the GOP Rinos have conspired and gotten together to sabotage anything Trump wants to do on immigration. The smart money bets that this time next year they’ll STILL be haggling over this and with NOTHING done YET.

    • WitchWay

      They have to leave plenty of time for their electioneering!! Laughing, we need to get more people to break away from the TWO Party and start electing people who actually want to do the work and bring us back around to following the Constitution.

    • TexasCoyote1

      The difference is we are going to elect a significant number of regular people to walk the halls of Congress in next year’s midterms.

  • intimeforthedime

    Yeah, we will get on that neeeeeeext yeeeeear.
    Until then, keep thinking we are doing our jobs hard with loooong hours at the office.

  • eladtoor

    The only way the GOP is going to “pass” a bill, is if they eat it first.

    • Roy Beane

      I am beginning to think you may be right.

      • eladtoor

        Of course I am.
        Where do you think they get all those crappy bills?

  • gregg56

    Heard this before. Do not believe they have the spine to do that!

  • Selene Brannin

    The democrats have bean throwing bones at the immigrants for years like DACA. If the republicans do comprehensive imagination reform they might brake the democrats hold on California. Game over

    • monorprise

      You’re dilutional these people vote for Democrat to get free stuff, not to evade the law they already evade regardless.

  • landy fincannon

    Okay, Donald campaigned on ending DACA on day “one” so what happened?

    This is no different than Reagan’s amnesty past in the 80’s the incentive to come here illegal is still there with the possibility of a reward.

    • No Mas

      Merit based immigration is the only method that is reasonable…TO COME HERE YOU MUST LOVE AMERICA AND OUR US CONSTITUTION!
      Demonbulbs communists and radical islam come to destroy and change America… THAT TIME MUST END!!!

      • TexasCoyote1

        Totally agree. If people have skills we need in the US, by all means they should be considered for legal immigration.

    • uncommon sense

      And he recently tweeted that no one really wants to report dreamers.

      • TexasCoyote1

        Did you mean “deport” rather than “report?” I have no problem deporting dreamers. We have educated them, so they should be able to do some positive things in their own countries.

        • uncommon sense

          Yes, i meant deport. Typo has been corrected.

          • TexasCoyote1

            Not meaning to be the English language police, but “report” would change the meaning of what I assumed you were trying to say. :=)

    • TexasCoyote1

      What do you recommend? Put up machine-gun nests at intervals along the border and shoot to kill? It sounds a lot like East Berlin, and I don’t think any of us really wants that. We just want our country’s culture to survive.

      • landy fincannon

        Not at all.
        I think it’s safe to say that Donald’s policies are ever evolving

        • TexasCoyote1

          I don’t think evolving is bad. Since Donald Trump has never been a politician before, he may have been advised of information we regular citizens don’t have.

          However, I don’t see his central core message as having changed at all. It’s still to increase the prosperity of the United States and reduce government’s control over all our lives.

          • uncommon sense

            Guy is calling for bigger government, not less.

          • TexasCoyote1

            Rolling back regulations always makes government smaller, so I see nothing in his agenda that makes government bigger. Repealing Obamacare, which appears to be the only reasonable solution at this point, will further reduce government.

  • Ken Roberts

    I’m sure Schumer will work just as hard on this as he did on his bill allowing terrorism into the country causing death and injury to Amrrica !