Goodell signs extension to remain NFL Commissioner

Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell is pictured at an event in the Manhattan borough of New York City
FILE PHOTO: Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell at an event in Manhattan. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

December 6, 2017

(Reuters) – Roger Goodell has signed a contract extension to remain the commissioner of the National Football League, according to a letter from the league’s compensation committee that was sent to owners on Wednesday.

Financial terms of the contract for Goodell, who has been commissioner of the most popular U.S. sports league since 2006, were not disclosed but multiple media reports said the two sides agreed to a five-year deal worth $200 million.

The contract ends weeks of hostilities during which Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened to sue the NFL and the six owners on the compensation committee.

Jones had said he did not feel the committee understood his demand that all owners – not just the ones who served on the committee that were negotiating the contract – have a voice in approving the terms of Goodell’s extension.

“Our Committee unanimously supports the contract and believes that it is fully consistent with “market” compensation and the financial and other parameters outlined to the owners at our May 2017 meeting, as well as in the best interests of ownership,” the committee said in the letter.

“We also have expressed in those conversations our strong and unanimous belief that we should proceed to sign the agreement now, consistent with the unanimous May resolution and to avoid further controversy surrounding this issue.”

According to the six-person compensation committee, there was a nearly unanimous consensus among the ownership in favor of signing the contract extension now.

Goodell has overseen significant revenue growth for the NFL but has also been the subject of major scrutiny in recent years for his handling of sensitive issues such as domestic violence and concussions.

(Reporting by Frank Pingue in Toronto, editing by Ed Osmond)

  • Steven O’Brien

    Hi, I’m Steve, and I’m a recovered NFL fan and game watcher…
    1. Was complaining, but still watching and getting infuriated with multi-millionaire crybabies disrespecting flag, military, police, and all…
    2. Was protesting, and not watching Monday/Thursday nite football. Just some on Sundays – sorry.
    3. Was boycotting, and not watching any NFL, but was expecting that NFL would get their act together. You know, stand, respect, honor…
    4. Was done, and not expecting to return to watching NFL.
    5. Now – just really enjoying the extra time, going out for dinner, kid activities, horseback riding, museums, volunteering, and wondering “why did it take me so long”.. 🙂

  • jlsharks1

    Boycott NFL

  • old409

    Goodell or not ,,,, To he77 with the NFL and their sponsors. Don’t forget to take the time and notify all sponsors of the NFL that you will no longer purchase their products, Hit them where it hurt ,,,, their wallet!

  • William Everett Hendry bhendry

    Too bad fans…you keep paying the asking price…they’ll keep asking…are these your real hero’s? economics is not a bell-shaped curve…it is a 45 degree angle to infinity…but you can really tailgate on that shooting star!

  • Larry

    Obviously, the boycott isn’t having the needed effect. The gate attendance, TV viewership and (most important of all) the ADVERTISERS need to be hit HARD.

  • FoolIggy

    DESTROYING the No Fan League one small step at a time!

    Give this idiot a billion dollars a year, bottom line is that the thermometer has already been stuck in this TURKEY and it ain’t done but it sure is COLD!

    Rigor mortis is setting in.

    Ain’t much life left in this ANTI-AMERICAN group of cutthroats, thieves, and modern day pirates.

    These professional whiners can’t even define their grievances in a coherent manner.

    All they know is they don’t want to follow any RULES but what their own self-indulgent, self-absorbed, and self-promoting lil’ hearts feel like following!

    Everything else is racist and restrains their elitist lifestyle!

  • Deny

    There goes the NFL….

  • Captain America

    The NFL will feel the continued financial loss from this extremely poor and tone-deaf decision. The NFL has ‘Officially’ disassociated itself from Main-Street Americans by continuing down the path of ‘Flag-Kneeling’ and showing a renewed and defiant contempt for this country, our flag and ALL those who defend the same today, as well as ALL of those who died defending those values and symbols throughout ALL American history. The NFL is sinking (think Titianic) and the band plays on!

  • charlie

    Shows exactly what they think of fans, NOTHING.

  • Carmen Acosta

    not for long, they simply won’t have the money this time next year to keep that gravy train rolling

  • The Lisan al Gaib

    Damn! I was hoping to be able to go back to watching NFL next year. guess I’ll continue with college football as long as they stay semi-sane.

  • America First

    NFL? Whats an NFL?….

    • Huks

      No idea, First. I am through with them for good!

  • Robert E Lee

    Well darn 5 more years I won’t watch the NFL.

  • Dell Wilber

    I refuse to support the NFL at all, unless Goodell resigns…

    • Huks

      Same here. I also refuse to support them if he does resign.

  • Alice Yoerger

    How pathetic

  • AtomicFury

    A group in denial continuing to make the same mistake over again.

    Boycott the NFL!

  • grandmother5

    How will he get paid if no money is coming in?

  • Oh yeah

    5 more years of not watching football. I don’t miss it.

  • JoAnnthePlumber

    “Goodell has overseen significant revenue growth for the NFL but has also been the subject of major scrutiny in recent years for his handling of sensitive issues such as domestic violence and concussions.” EXCEPT for the current year. These people don’t have two brain cells to rub together.

  • Andrew Estes

    Who is the mental midget that allowed this deal.

  • Another Deplorable

    I guess they figure old “Peter Principle” Goodell has risen to his level of incompetency…and beyond.

  • FromThe70s

    “Goodell has overseen significant revenue growth for the NFL…”

    Roger is going to need a helmet now too.

  • denise

    The biggest NFL mistake ever…five more years of “non leadership”, poor choices and TOTAL lack of control by the NFL over it’s players and their behavior both on and OFF the field.
    Another GOOD reason why we are boycotting the NFL in our house and have already canceled our Bucs tickets.

    • AtomicFury

      I congratulate you on cancelling your tickets. You’re the first person I know of who did that. I never had season tickets to the Eagles, but I did buy them regularly until 1987, the year they carried on with the season using replacement players. But I’ve gotten rid of anything related to the Eagles in 2016 that I’ve amassed since I began following them in 1968. I’m done for good. Nothing will get me back.

  • Pete Greco

    With him funding Soros’s social media like terrorist group Antifa, where will the NFL be next year? The kneeling and now supporting Soros’s treasonous groups will end what could have been. Bring on Baseball, America’s Sport!

  • gregg56

    I guess they are allowing him to reap the rewards of his mismanagement.