Germany Loses Track of 30K Refugees That Were Denied Asylum

People hold signs during a pro-refugee demonstration in downtown Hamburg, Germany November 14, 2015. (Photo/REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer)

November 3, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A new report reveals Germany is struggling to keep track of all the refugees its letting in after doubling its admittance of asylum seekers over the past two years.

According to new government figures, by the end of 2016 Germany saw a total of 1.6 million people seeking asylum with over half being men.

This number is more than double of what it was in 2014.

In addition reports indicate that up to 30,000 migrants who had their asylum request denied and were supposed to be deported disappeared off the government’s radar.

The new numbers come out as parliament talked over immigration reform were delayed on Thursday.

  • Frank Dipalo

    We need to wake up and reject diversity as a goal or a requirement – in immigration policy, in employment, in education and in all aspects of life. Diversity serves no useful purpose. In fact, DIVERSITY IS A PROBLEM. Diversity creates barriers to communication, to security, to unity and to identity as a nation and as a people.

  • A marcus Young

    Notice the sign is in English , not German or Arabic. Why is that?

  • grit

    You know, during WW1 the germans with the ottoman (muslim) empire joined up to invade europe. During ww2, the germans invaded europe. Now, the germans (thanks to the EU) are directing the muslims to invade europe. pattern? naaaa

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Go back to your own shlthole country and fix it MF’rs! DON’T come here and fIück ours up.

  • EjB

    Wunderbar! Ausgeseichtnet!

  • Dell Wilber

    And, then the DA Germans vote to keep Merkel in power…the blind leading the blinder…

  • 84Cheetah

    Hey, it’s the same here. The government can’t even keep track of Afghan soldiers here for training, much less visa holders, illegal aliens, vacationers and temporary refugees.

  • Aldo

    “refugees” my A S S – achtung baby !!!

  • jane

    Europe is screwed.

  • Deny

    “30,000 migrants who had their asylum request denied and were supposed to be deported disappeared off the government’s radar.” GUARANTEE you there are still there. Man that woman screwed up her country….

  • Cmm us veteran

    German citizens go thank your stupid leader Angela Merkel for opening the doors to all those rapeugees

  • Old Phil

    I think it interesting, that the potential car bomber carry the sign in the above photo taken in Hamburg, has “We want to stay in Germany” written in ENGLISH. Why is it not written in German? Are these people not learning German?

    • S Mol

      The USA is the only country where an English education is not considered important. Throughout Europe, everyone learns English to converse across political boundaries. Even the French now use English as the international language. So, it is not surprising that the protest signs are in English.

  • bless us all

    can’t find em–may need to remove all of em then?

  • Expat47

    Now tell us the rest of the news about how crime and rape has gone way, way up and there are areas in most German cities that are under muslim control and even the cops won’t dare go in. Where are these stories?

    • Fergus

      Those stories already happened years ago. Now there will be just more of them.

  • white lightning

    They need to be found and deported. I very much doubt a protest sign in Germany would be written in English.

    Is that you Soros?

  • All American

    So are we vetting people coming to America from Germany?

  • Eli

    I love Germany….. sad generation.

    • All American

      Germany lost…it is sad

  • john smith

    I feel sorry for the German people they still don’t understand what’s coming, or what their government and the EU has done to them.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Soon the Muslims will be herding Germans on to train cars headed for slaughter.

  • Andrew Moore8

    It is no longer referred to as Germany….Mad cow merkel now wants it referred to as Islamany.

    • confedgal

      Either that or Germanistan.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Germans, the sins of your forefathers have been paid. Stop this open borders nonsense so that you can exist.

    • EjB

      Tell German politicians to stop laying the guilt trip on their people because that’s what is happening. You can find German news clips on YouTube of these guys just laying it on thick.

  • GeneralMayhem

    Rest assured that Merkel has a villa on some distant island or shore waiting for her as the reward for destroying the engine of Europe. Her East German past is likely what has driven this hatred of the civilized Germany who had become the EURO leaders. Once the mosques are up everywhere and elections confirm “immigrants” as lawmakers, she won’t be staying to see the end of it all. Count on it.

    • EjB

      That’s what all the elites have planned. Problem is that after they destroy the rest of the world the retrograde will invade their utopias too. I can’t wait.

  • RMB38

    “Losing track” of refugees is probably only temporary.
    They’ll show up for the next terrorist attack.

  • bill

    Perhaps we should reverse the results of WW2? Let Germany re-take North Africa, and annex the territory. That way millions of people in failed states will reap the benefit of living in modern Germany.

  • PGCDan

    That probably wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • PGCDan

    Well, what do you expect? Put ankle bracelets on them to track them If they’re that worried about it (which I’m sure they’re not). They should however be worried.

  • Kene

    We can learn a lot from this, I FEEL that these people needed assistance and now because they were rejected the have been forced into hiding…how will they ever be able to collect their Government Subsides if they are being forced to hide…Open Boarders for All…These folks need help regardless of what country they come from…

    • PGCDan


    • Nick Rose

      How about they move in with you!

      I’ll put you down for 6 Muslim immigrants.
      Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed, Mohammed and mockMOOD.😆

  • Wheel of misfortune

    Good luck Merky. You own this…

  • Native Born American

    Government geniuses in Germany, NOT!

    How many more innocent lives will be lost because these backward lunatics are running loose in Europe?

    Mother’s, daughters, all women and children are now targets because the weak leaders in Germany and Europe would rather see their own citizens die grisly deaths than round up the biggest threat known to civilization and send them back where they came from.

    And, why do the men stand by and do nothing to fight back? Where is their backbone, their will to survive and stand up for their families? Have they all been neutered?

    • Flagfriend

      Government geniuses NOWHERE !!!

  • Caddolakeguy

    Great job, Merkle.

  • wildfire1944

    Just wait until they are doing their thing with muhumud and listen for the wailing.

  • 🇺🇸

    It’s so funny how easy is to fake german authorities 🤣🤣🤣

  • Just A Guy

    Huh! Imagine that.

  • CCTexas

    Of course they want to stay in Germany. Kind of hard to kill and rape Germans if you are not there.

  • landy fincannon

    At one point the Great Pond kept us safe until the global overlords fell in love with Islam

    • Roy Beane

      For a religion that’s supposedly about “peace”, the bodies are sure starting to pile up.

      • landy fincannon

        Indeed and good percentage are Muslims. Go figure!

      • confedgal

        I guess you didn’t hear. There was a mistranslation. It’s not “religion of peace,” its religion of pieces.

  • landy fincannon

    Europe the birth place of feudalism. Well, Muslims do not make good subjects

  • Dane Parker

    Oh, just 30K. Just believe in the EU, folks.

  • Bogeygolfer

    Hey, Germany, welcome to the middle eastern way of life. Those terrorists hide like fleas. Exterminating what you’ve brought down on your own people will not be easy.

  • Roy Beane

    KEEP them, Germany. DON’T send any of them over here. You people asked for this by throwing open your borders, don’t expect the U.S. to come to your rescue, although I am sure Schumer and his Dimmwit Dimmocrap associates would dearly love to do just that. Way things are going, we many end up needing more walls than just the one between the U.S. and Mexico.

  • Scott Henke

    That can’t be good news for any other country in Europe.

    • All American

      The EU will have their day of reckoning

  • Commander Balok

    The screams of alla akbar (I know I spelled it wrong, it does not deserve to be spelled correctly ) will ring out across Germany and all of Europe for decades. Well done Merkel. Well done. (Slow clap followed by crickets). (Crickets screaming alla akbar).

    • Tyrone

      Once they start committing crimes, they will be found.

    • A marcus Young

      She is finishing what her biological father started?

  • Gator Jaw

    yea right. lost. Thanks Merkel. Bad for the Germans if any still left in Germany

  • Localdude

    yeh, well – we have WAY more than that in the US! We are so much more ‘diverse’ and ‘inclusive’ than them…at the expense of the citizens and their children…and their children’s – children….what a preposterous joke.

  • River

    Oh, they will find them eventually when they come up for air with their hands out.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    round the refugees up, put them in railroad cars and…, never mind….

    • Heremeroor

      I believe that was tried before, but was not accepted worldwide. Ded not result well

      • SYG

        In my humble opinion, and I might be wrong on this, BUT. . . . . .I think the reason Germany, both as a political country, and the German people themselves, got into so much trouble with their “OPEN ARMS” attitude concerning the millions of refugees is because of their WWII history which has cased a very negative stigma over the entire country. This new approach to “foreigners” living in “their country” was to show the world that, “see, we’re not that way any more, and we welcome other people to come and live here.” However, as we all know, it quickly got out of hand, almost to the point that in 20 years there won’t be a Germany anymore. So sad they are still living the repercussions of their WWII defeat.

        • Julia

          For sure! This is what happens if you only live to make up for past mistakes which is a good example of why we can not let groups like ANTIFA succeed in doing it here. We WILL NOT rewrite our history, we WILL NOT cower our beliefs because of our history, WE WILL find the good and be proud to be Americans!

          • KMA

            Agreed, the past is just THAT the past. Learn from it and move on!

          • SYG

            Absolutely. A wise people will learn from their past mistakes and then take steps to prevent repeating them in the present & the future. Focus on the good in people while still being aware of those that chose the evil life.

        • Heremeroor

          I agree. One thing is respect your neighbor, another is letting someone take over your house. I don’t agree in all this PC jazz. The way I see it is like this: the door in my house is closed and secured. If someone wants to come in, they’d have to knock/ring bell and get my approval as to whether they can cross the threshold. Now, they’d have to abide by my rules, or get out to maintain the integrity of my house, period. Like many families in the US mine (I) were immigrants grateful for the US allowing us to reside here, and I wouldn’t expect it any different. I’m sure if we’d try some of the tactics and behavior in the home countries where some immigrant groups came from, we wouldn’t be welcomed to say the least…

          • SYG

            Great comment. Love the analogy. Makes perfect sense to me.

          • Heremeroor


    • …remain calm and return fire

      On second thought, more likely the Muslims will be loading the Germans into box cars…

      • Andrew Moore8

        LOL….That is exactly what I was thinking…

  • Stephen Sjurset

    Don’t worry. They will blow up eventually.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Awwwwww… they just blow up so fast…

  • global citizen

    That’s only the tip of the iceberg.
    Good luck Germany/Europe.