Fusion GPS Had Russian Ties For Years, Co-Founder Met With Russian Lawyer

November 8, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New reports reveal ties between the DNC and high-profile corruption in Russia resulted in the fake Russian collusion narrative.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has the story.

  • michaelparsons

    It looks like Fusion has ties with the Clinton’s too.

  • Vicki Smyth

    We need to drain the swamp BOTH sides are on the take. Also we need TERM LIMITS!!!! Also can anyone tell me how a “public servant” becomes a millionaire??
    Thank GOD President Trump was ELECTED to save our great country. Now drain the swamp & let’s get going.

  • tj hessmon

    The entire Russia House story was disinformation being created by the Russians, British intelligence and Clinton campaign to bring down Mr Trump. Obviously because HRC was already bought and paid for by the Russians via the Uranium One deal. Russia knew HRC was in their pocket, however Mr Trump was not therefore it was in their best interest to see HRC to the white house.

    Now their whole entire collusion to support HRC as president is coming into the light and no one can hold back the flood gates.

    I find it interesting that Americans (and Candidate Trump) could defeat the DNC and its staunch ally Russia, both at one time. Now we clearly understand why HRC was so angry when she lost the election.

    • grandmother5

      Yet she still walking around spitting out lies and blaming everyone for her lost. All she needs to do is look in the mirror to see the real person that lost the election. She was so sure of winning that all she did was walk around waving at people.

      • …remain calm and return fire

        Clinton believed her press reports….a classic case of hubris….prideful before the fall

        • grandmother5

          Exactly! BTW I have a tee shirt with Remain Calm and Return Fire on it.

          • …remain calm and return fire


  • skyhawk

    Well….just as most of us figured all along…..the REAL Russian Collusion was with the democrats! They colluded with foreign agents in order to tip the election to Hillary.

    As Ann Coulter once said:
    “You can always tell what the democrats are up to based upon that of which they accuse Republicans”.

  • kaiju

    Our congressmen are idiots. You don’t ask’ people like Glen Simpson to cooperate. You subpoena them, hold them in contempt, and throw the SOBs in federal prison until they remember they forgot to tell you something.

  • Scott Henke

    God, how I wish I’d been able to disarm that burly guy with a strange accent who put a Makarov to my head and told me to vote for Donald Trump.

  • denise

    SO what do we think will happen..NOTHING..as long as we have career politicians in D.C. NOTHING will change.
    Term Limits are the ONLY chance we have of taking back our country and We MUST outlaw lobbyists.
    The folks that will complain the most are the LOBBYISTS and the CAREER politicans Who will suddenly have to go out get a REAL JOB!…AND yes Washington will still be there, the ONLY difference is you will have people in those positions that have ONLY 6-8 years to get as much done as possible and they are OUT!
    No more LIFE TIME HEALTH COVERAGE or hanging around getting rich off the American Average Joe….OUCH!!!

  • C B

    This is no surprise , the DNC was corrupted by Hillary with the fix in for her nomination a year before the Primary ……. Russian Fake New’s ? A Given ! Let see some prosecution , millions of dollars wasted on Liberal Lies ………..

  • nfcapitalist

    Here are the enemies of America, those we swore to protect our country from, enemies foreign and domestic… remember your oath?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    the Deep State has something nefarious on AG Sessions, he had no problem appointing an SI to hound Trump over fake news but he does zero on the Clinton’s, Fusion GPS, Obama/Lynch/IRS etc, ….apparently Lady Justice dumped her blindfold….sickening

    • iwontell

      Seems a FIRING SQUAD is in order……..and a LONG LIST from the SWAMP including a a flock of Politicians AGAINST THE WALL………the ONLY ANSWER.
      Meanwhile the “MEDIA” will keep up the BS until the above is COMPLETE.
      I’m sure most of us know WHO all belongs on the list……………
      HINT: all the above as a starter.

  • Roy Beane

    Where’s the outrage? Where’s the investigation? WTH is AG Sessions? Where’s Schumer the Head Clown pounding the podium demanding action on this?

  • Eileen McRae

    A gigantic web of deceit, lies, collusion, etc with a black widow spider in the center.

    • All American

      Thank God that good begets good and that evil begets evil!