Freedom Caucus Likely To Drive Tax Debate Toward Conservative Priorities

June 16, 2017

Washington, DC – Young Richardson, OAN Political Correspondent

House Freedom Caucus leaders are now putting forward their ideas for overhauling the tax code, which could put the group of conservative House members at odds with GOP leaders and tax writers especially when it comes to a tax on imports called a border adjustment tax.

“We don’t need a new tax put on the American people. This border adjustment tax–most of our members think that’s a problem. You don’t put a whole new tax on the American economy… on American families. Second this idea of revenue neutral… since when did we think that allowing people to keep more of their money is somehow a cost of government? So whenever you hear revenue neutrality, that’s Washington speak for the tax burden stays the same, we just change who pays what. In that scenario, what always happens is that the connected class in this town gets a good deal, middle class families get a bad deal,” observes Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, a founder of the Freedom Caucus.

So a new tax like the border adjustment tax–which is supported by House leadership–is a non-starter for the Freedom Caucus says Jordan. But as Jordan explains, writing a tax bill this year could be tied up with reconciliation and government programs where the freedom caucus wants more changes.

“In order to get tax reform, you have to have this vehicle called reconciliation in order to get reconciliation you have to have a budget, in order to have a budget, you have to agree on a spending level…. So, we’re gonna push hard for real savings in the reconciliation package and real savings that would incentivize work, so work requirements for SNAP, TANIF–some of our welfare programs. We think that’s the key to moving forward…”

And if the Freedom Caucus members like Jordan want to push hard for something, like combining welfare work requirements with a tax package, they may just get it says Jason Pye of the conservative activist group Freedomworks.

“I think the Freedom Caucus wants to do tax reform that both gives a tax cut to the American citizens, not just something that is revenue neutral, which is what Republican leadership wants. As well as do some other things like welfare reform. Which would mean cutting spending by billions of dollars every year, just by adding work requirements so people move off welfare into the work force…. The Freedom Caucus has leverage. We’re talking about 22 to 30 members of the Republican Conference. Twenty-two defective Republicans means House leadership loses. They have to listen to the Freedom Caucus. They have to go along with what they want.”

So it appears that just as it did with health care, the House Freedom Caucus seems likely to leave its mark on tax reform.

  • DEadmenwalking

    Yes all other thing’s distracting us.

  • bless us all

    Jordan can replace Ryan as house speaker–then watch things really get done and done right!!

  • Beth

    The Freedom Caucus are the good guys fighting for the middle class!!

  • constitutiononly

    Work requirements to receive any kind of welfare, for sure. No illegals or foreigners should receive any welfare, ever, but they do.
    NobamaCare and Medicaid should just be repealed.

  • KMA

    Consumption tax , cut your overhead by training welfare recipients a trade & cut government pensions by 40%. End of story!

  • J. C. Smith

    Listen to the Freedom Caucus!

  • Donald York

    Thank you Rep. Jordan, and all Freedom Caucus members. The working class must be the winners of tax reform!

  • Jam Jenes

    The whole point of the ‘border adjustment tax’ (for real, let’s call it what it is – tariffs) is to make goods being made outside our borders just as expensive as goods made inside.

    The idea is to get manufacturers to open plants here in America.

    It will also be used to make mexico pay for the wall.

  • Bailey


    Get rid of Ryan.

  • I hope they let Scalise VOTE from his hospital bed 🙂

  • This Bull Rocks

    all politicians should not be allowed to run over 2 terms EVER – we do not need career politicians…..get them out – gov’t should be cut by 50% minimum – we do not need their ‘programs’…people need to get off their butts and help themselves..there is plenty for those that really need it – we often hear of people on lifetime welfare and their children – they are raised with this mentality…this needs to go – you do not work – you do not eat….if you are healthy

  • limapie

    here’s the deal….Americans MUST pay tax…not to spend…but to cover the tremendous debt racked up.
    I do not mind paying taxes….if the government wouldn’t waste! Look at all those lawyers that Mueller hired! They are not working cheap! And what are they looking for? Trump may have ‘bothered’ Comey, so he is obstructing.

    • limapie

      Also, another couple of FBI firearms were TAKEN last year out of some agent’s care….about 2 miles away from Seth Rich’s murder! No one says if those were the guns that killed Rich. But, those guns are GONE now, and money needs to be spent to replace them

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Do something because to do nothing (as you have for 7 years) won’t work anymore!! You are going to get voted out in 2018. Get off your asses and get going.

  • sensen22

    The “Border Adjustment Tax” is needed to make it possible for Americans to produce and sell those products that are now made in foreign countries. It may also help where American products are taxed, by foreign govs, to stop American from selling American made products in foreign countries. Creating jobs and putting Americans to work requires that Americans produce something that Americans want and find as cheap as that make in foreign countries.

    • bootelowe

      Adding a tax onto imported items at the retail buyers level would be taxing Americans, making the price of imports as expensive as items made in America. Adding a tax at the WHOLESALE level taxes the importing company not retail buyers therefore punishing the SELLERS side.

      • sensen22

        1. In this case, “Importers”, by and large, are Americans, Exporters are foreigners.
        2. Any tax will ultimately end up costing the buyer more.
        3. They tax our goods to prevent importation of American made products.
        4 People must produce something, in order to have a job.

        5. It is better that American work, thus reduce the debt, which in large measure, is due to imports.

        6. A tax on imported goods will go a long way towards increasing the exports we need to maintain jobs for Americans.

  • Carroll Osteen

    LET’S MAKE WELFARE PAYMENTS PAID THROUGH A WORKERS PAYCHECK ! DON’T WORK , DON’T GET HELP ! That way we can help the WORKERS who aren’t getting enough pay to make it ! As their income goes up , welfare payments go down . But set it to where work ALWAYS pays over welfare ! STOP THE B.S. !

  • Opinionsgiven

    Some how the Government thinks they own you and your labor, so they tax you. I got news for you, they work for us and if we keep allowing them to make us slaves then we have only ourselves to blame.

  • Daniel C. Fay

    If the POTUS is serious about tax reform he needs to use his veto power. Keep throwing the ball back into congress’ court until they get it right.

  • Ray

    Simple concept: You earn a dollar, give Uncle Sam $0.25. No IRS, no tax returns, no cheating.

  • Pat Bowman

    Hope this works out according to conservative plans.

  • pemaddin

    RINOS please note You were not elected president. No one cares what your opinion is. You were voted in to represent the People not yourselves. Get with the program or kindly leave.

  • come and take it

    it’d be great if the R party would get back to conservative principles and focus on lowering tax rates rather than trying to prevent people from figuring out how to avoid them.

  • obama is the one who ended the work requirement for receiving welfare. I believe, and I am paraphrasing, he said, “it is an affront to the people’s dignity to have to work to receive welfare.” yep, he said it. I personally would be so thankful to have financial help I’d gladly pick up trash or whatever in order to try to pay back the community that was helping me. I don’t get the mindset that so many American’s have developed, as if their housing, food, healthcare, welfare and anything and everything else is the government/the american peoples responsibility. Maine brought back the work requirement for foodstamps to its state last year or the year before, they cut their foodstamp leeches by about 2/3 for those % who were able bodied which came to over 9 thousand people, significant savings for the state.

    • constitutiononly

      The states should have the power to REFUSE welfare of every sort. Refuse the welfare and the rules AND the federal money that goes along with the rules.

  • claymore cluepile

    new idea…..cancel income taxes entirely for the next 12 months and run the whole country from the profits generated by google, apple, facebook, microsoft…..there will be a surplus left over that we can use to pay down the debt

    • come and take it

      great idea, comrade!

      let’s exercise that part of the constitution where the framers wrote in that stuff about confiscation of profits for redistribution!

      • claymore cluepile

        the framers weren’t aquainted with transglobal monopolies and boolean algebra and quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence…….i suspect, comrade, that if we asked their opinion on the subject, they would reply that they did not intend for their new republic to fall almost entirely under the control of very tiny handful unelected technical oligarchs…..they would likely have suggested taxation (not confiscation unless you include all taxes as confiscations) as a possible remedy

        • come and take it

          that’s the same argument the leftists and statists use, comrade.

          • claymore cluepile

            and the leftists and the statists are in complete agreement with the rightists and the originalists….the government must have funds to operate…the funds must come in some way or other from the governed comrade…you can quibble about who should pay more and who should pay less……you seem to be saying that taxes are unconstitutional. Or you are saying that taxes are confiscations….in either case there will always be taxes comrade

          • come and take it

            “and the leftists and the statists are in complete agreement with the rightists and the originalists…”

            on what planet is that true?

            which part of the constitution delineates taxation?

            no one’s arguing that taxation must exist, the argument is about who should do the taxing to provide what (state or fed), and how much tax should be levied.

          • claymore cluepile

            thank you

        • come and take it

          and who are the oligarchs that control you?

          • claymore cluepile

            you can decide for yourself the sources and methods of social and political control in 2017…i listed some of the biggest in my first comment….

          • come and take it

            how do the oligarchs you listed above control how you and i vote?

            cuz i they those groups you listed above just produced goods and services and sold them.

            you claimed it, i’m just asking for clarification.

          • claymore cluepile

            i’ll expand the answer…i agree the technoligarchy produces and sells goods and services, as hopefully we all do. I contend that information is power in the same way that money is power. If i withhold certain information from you, for example the location of 100 gold bars buried under a rock in arizona, then i end up with a 100 gold bar advantage over you. If a man driving a tank shooting rounds at ISIS in pitched battle happens to run over a civilian without even seeing him and i tell you ‘careless negligent tank driver runs down helpless old man returning from grocery store’ without any other details i have formed an attitude in your mind that can strongly influence (social control) your personal attitude toward that tank driver…and i can even claim in a court of law that in the strictest sense i didn’t actually lie to you. Keeping these examples in mind recall that the democrat party is the party of cultural marxism and draconian economic redistribution. The democrat party’s strongest most powerful supporters are silicon valley, because while both silicon valley and wall street control enormous fortunes, silicon valley also controls the means of and access to information. There are no stronger democrats than the san francisco technological plutocrats. Their combined worldwide assets probably approach 3 trillion dollars, maybe more. Their information-control empire, personal and corporate wealth and political access make them the most powerful people in the world outside of government. The democrats and the technoplutocrats are always arguing for more economic ‘justice’ and marxist redistribution of goods and assets…..the problem i am trying to illuminate is that they are always calling for economic redistribution of MY and YOUR assets, never their own. They are constantly talking the talk but they carefully protect themselves from ever walking the walk. My point is that if they spent a year actually practising marxian mass economic redistribution using THEIR own corporate and personal assets rather than mine and yours……then we could come back one year later and ask them what their opinion is now of blindly supporting cultural and economic marxism……i suspect the flavor of their dealings economically, politically, and in the information control business would be considerably changed.

          • come and take it

            i am not concerned about your gold bars or how you got them. i am only concerned about my affairs and you and i will only have a problem if you start to infringe on that or my freedom.

            if i hear about the old man and the tank, i think, “huh, unfortunate accident.” i have no reason to think otherwise. if i really care about it, i will seek out the facts surrounding the event, but i’m not going to form my opinion on it based on what some clown i don’t know tells me to think. unfortunately i’m not that foolish. if i were life would be a lot easier.

            but i do see and understand your point about how that applies to the ignorant masses. your average voter was never taught critical thinking, how to analyze, and forming their own opinion about things based on principles. if they had been taught these things trump wouldn’t have stood a chance.

            leftist oligarchs can only influence you or your vote if you let them. if you have principles to stand on and think for yourself they currently have no control over you. that freedom will continue if we stay true to conservative, constitutional government. if we continue down the road of big-gov’t liberal populism like we are now it’s not so certain.

            however, i’m still perplexed about how “the leftists and the statists are in complete agreement with the rightists and the originalists”, and why (to your original point that started this whole conversation) you think it’d be a good idea to move towards complete confiscation of profits of businesses that have simply responded to the marketplace and won. that’s what leftists think.

            happy father’s day.

          • claymore cluepile

            “the leftists and the statists are in complete agreement with the rightists and the originalists”,……that phrase was intended to apply only to the two phrases that immediately followed it in the reply……..not intended as a global statement about political theories

            i think if you are going to propagandize for marxist redistribution as the technobillionaires all do, then they should be required to experience what they want everybody else to vote for

  • flash

    Congress…you want revenue neutral, cut spending dumb asses.

    • Pokerman

      I’m all for cutting spending… but that has nothing at all to do with revenues. Revenue neutral just means the government doesn’t want a pay cut. They want to collect at least as much as they have been collecting – just from different pockets. They had better get used to the idea of cutting expenses or they will soon be unemployed.

  • freethinkinglibertarian

    Members of the Freedom Caucus are the only true Conservatives in Congress

  • Fed up with CT

    I agree with all of the goals of the freedom caucus but they have to be willing to negotiate a deal that will pass and not stop anything from getting through like they did with health care. Sometimes getting half of what you want is better than none of what you want.

    • come and take it

      yeah, God forbid they inhibit the government from operating extra-constitutionally and get it out of healthcare.

      that would be a conservative solution and we can’t lose our socialized healthcare…then we’d have to be responsible for ourselves!

  • My2cents, ‘merican

    Freedom Caucus needs to hold HWM committee chair Brady’s feet to the fire. Brady is is a huge GOPe RINO. But, he’s weak, FC is going to have to lean on him and keep him away from Ryan.

    Otherwise, he’ll stall everything in committee and meaningful tax reform will be DOA.

  • Donald York

    I agree with Congressman Jordan that tax reformation must include middle class Americans first and foremost.

  • Max Kronader

    Here’s an idea – eliminate all payroll withholdings. Make people write a check for the entire year’s tax bill every April 15th, then make election day April 16th. Or if that’s too much, just eliminate IRS tax courts and make them prove in open court that you owe the taxes BEFORE they can seize accounts, garnish wages, etc.

    • rabidfox2

      Better yet, just do away with income tax, inheritance tax, corporate tax and capitol gains tax altogether and institute a three or four tier sales tax. 0% tax on basic food like flour, meat, milk etc.and prescription medicine and medical devices. A low tax on other food items and hygiene items like soap and tooth paste/brushes etc. A general sales tax for most of the remaining items and a higher luxury tax on luxury goods such as jewelry, yachts etc. And apply that luxury tax on any such items bought overseas and brought to the US.

      • Max Kronader

        I would be fine with that. One caveat. You can’t trust them not to ratchet up the tax, or reimplement a new tax later. The process of eliminating income tax and IRS would have to take the form of a Constitutional Amendment, as would the rates of sales tax, so mere law couldn’t as easily tamper with it.

      • come and take it

        eliminates all taxes and go to only a consumption tax.

  • Beachdude

    Why is this so hard to get behind……tax cuts to the people funding the government…getting people off welfare by providing more employment options…what an original idea.?.

    • Jules

      Great comments!

    • Craig

      Because the government believes ALL money belongs to them. They feel you should be thankful they allow you to keep a little. Spending YOUR money gives them power and prestige.

      • Borax, Proud Deplorable

        Agreed. It also gives the politicians abundant perks and benefits you and I can only dream about. Throw them out whenever they are up for reelection.

        • Elephant

          Support the Convention of States in your State. #1 priority is term limits. We can get this done without the leadership.

    • come and take it

      that is a conservative idea.

      currently the executive and legislative braches are controlled by big-gov’t liberals.

      • J. C. Smith

        I think it’s safe to say they have good grip on the judicial, too.

        • come and take it

          no doubt, but the judicial can’t cram pass and sign or cram new laws down our throats, yet…

        • come and take it

          no doubt, but the judicial can’t cram pass and sign or cram new laws down our throats, yet…

  • Roy Beane

    Finally — someone in congress is at least actually trying to do something with the President’s agenda !!
    Imagine that. If they don’t “getter done” on some of these major issues, it may be “adios” for a lot of these guys come next election day.

    • freethinkinglibertarian

      Like the lead RINOs such as the House Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. I don’t even like to say or spell their names.

      • Roy Beane

        You are right. These two “beauties” don’t seem to want to even act like they are in the same party with Trump, either. If they are not actively hindering the President’s efforts, they certainly are not helping very much, that’s for sure, and at the very least they are making his job a whole lot tougher than it has to be.

    • Kay Crawford

      no, we will still vote for trump, because nothing the liberals can come up with is anywhere near normal.

      • Roy Beane

        Ditto on that. You’re absolutely right.

    • HarryObrian

      Getting rid of them does nothing for, as history has shown, it takes about 3 weeks for the new alleged conservative ones to become full fledged members of the GOPe.
      The only conservative priority for tax reform there should be is the total scrapping of the existing tax code.

  • constitutiononly

    The Freedom Caucus should push hard for a lowered debt ceiling, a balanced budget, and repeal of all welfare programs, and immediate deportation of all illegal aliens. Incrementalism has never gotten conservatives anywhere.

    • Native Born American

      You nailed it. No more handouts!

  • RURC

    well they damn well better drive them that way. GO GO FREEDOM CAUCUS.