Former Voter Integrity Commission Member Reacts to President’s Decision to Dissolve Commission

January 5, 2018

Washington, D.C.- Emerald Robinson, Political Correspondent

President Trump’s decision to dissolve the voter integrity commission Thursday came as somewhat of a surprise, even to the members of the Commission on Voter Fraud.  Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky says that members received an email only shortly before the president signed the Executive Order to end the commission.

Von Spakovsky says that he understands why the president made the decision to do so, despite his disappointment and frustration.  Von Spakovsky validated the president’s explanation for the decision.  Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that “rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense.”

Von Spakovsky says the demise of the commission can be attributed to two reasons– the refusal of some states to share voter registration information and litigation.  “We’ve had almost a dozen lawsuits filed against the commission, all of them frivolous. And those lawsuits were intended to keep us from being able to work and unfortunately they were successful,” said the former commission member.

According to von Spakovsky, commission members spent nearly 100% of their time fighting litigation rather than investigating voter integrity.  “It basically became impossible for us to do the work we were intended to do,” added Von Spakovsky.

Members of the panel also suffered personal attacks. Von Spakovsky was accused of sending an email to the Department of Justice requesting that “democrats” not be allowed to serve on the panel.  However, the Heritage Foundation fellow refutes that claim saying that he had expressed concerns about democrats joining the panel in a private email months before he himself joined the panel. That individual forwarded the email to the DOJ.  Von Spakovsky said that his concern was that democrats would join the panel to sabotage its work–a prediction that proved true according to von Spakovsky.

“One of the democratic members, Matt Dunlap- he’s the Secretary of State of Maine- actually filed a lawsuit against the commission as a member.  Again, making all kinds of frivolous claims.  And it was lawsuits like that that made it practically impossible for us to work,” said von Spakovsky.

The former commission member says that, despite having little time to work on actual investigation, the commission found evidence of voter fraud citing one specific example where a group evaluated voter data from 21 states.  “There ‘s 8,500 cases of clear convincing voter fraud and they said if they looked at the rest of the country there estimating that there were upwards of 45,000 To 50,000 people may have voted illegally twice,” explained von Spakovsky.

Trump signed an executive order abolishing the panel and turning the matter over to the Department of Homeland Security.  However, von Spakovsky is concerned DHS will focus solely on cyber security attacks rather than addressing illegal immigrants that may be voting and those people are registered and voting in more than one state.


  • Stuck_in_Ca√→

    I hate democrats.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Good for you. Hatred based on stereotypes. Very unAmerican.

      • Stuck_in_Ca√→

        I hate you too.

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          Hate will NOT set you free.

  • A marcus Young

    That is why we need to stiffen the penalties for those caught cheating. Loss of citizenship if proven beyond a reasonable doubt to defraud our elections.

    • KMA

      Agreed, we need to be tougher with violators. Banished from U.S. territories. All assets forfeited.

  • A marcus Young

    Oregon is rampant with fraud then. We are a representative form of government Not every single person will get to vote. We need to make sure those who do are real citizens and vote only once,

  • A marcus Young

    Democrats do not want to prevent cheating, Its the only way they can hold onto power.

  • nancy

    Illegals have voted in California for at least the past 8 years! My dad passed away in 1991. Just for kicks I looked up whether or not he had voted since his death. Not only has he voted in every election since his death but he changed from a Republican to a Democrat!!!

    • Pirate Bill

      Wow, how do you go about confirming something like that? I moved from Galveston County, Texas a number of years, ago, and even though I sent the election commission a letter instructing them to remove my registration from the rolls I have often wondered if I didn’t just give them notification to commit voter fraud. How would anyone know if they were being used to vote in multiple states?

  • Pezgun

    Yet another good decision from the President. The initial investigation by the commission showed a positive result and their work was done. Time for them to disband and pass the baton of following the issue up with a full investigation onto a Bonafide agency. This is a pretty big shock coming from a time when a comitee once started, generally lived forever.

  • DannyBoy

    Is it just me or does everybody feel this when you go to vote to drop off your paper ballot or electronically vote at the polling station it seems to me all the people that work there are liberal Democrat office workers and volunteers of the liberal establishment I don’t see too many give me a smile because they know that I’m going to vote Republican I get the most scornful looks from them as I turn in my ballot terrible systems got to be changedYou know they are doing something illegal with those numbers

  • Tony Anthony

    You had one year. And could not come up with much. You had blue states not willing to give you anything. Yes, we did find out that there were more registered voters then citizens in some states.. but that has been going on for over 50 years. Ever read the book called the Boss, about Mayor Daley, he was doing this back in the 60’s. nothing new. democratic run cities and states have always done this.

    • Jeffrey Martin

      And you still lost even with the fraudulent voters.

  • Bill Cape Coral

    The only people who should be allowed to vote are property owners. They are the only ones with real skin in the game.

    • Jeffrey Martin

      And taxpayers. You should not be a ward of the welfare state and be allowed to vote for more free stuff from the rest of us who are expected to work for a living. That comes crashing down when it hits 51%.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      How is that so?

      • s7rabin

        Free-loaders do not pay for anything.
        Why should these people get to vote for more freebees?

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Baloney. How does property ownership affect your federal taxes? AS for local taxes, renters also pay property taxes, albeit indirectly through the landlord, and everyone pays sales taxes. To say that property owners are the only ones qualified to vote is simply ludicrous.

  • Bill Cape Coral

    That fraud they found is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Trump is no genius.

  • C B

    Don’t waste time with a Commission . Send Federal Agents into the Field to independently target , investigate and Criminally Charge individuals that are caught breaking the Voter laws . Give them Jail time , Deport them and levy heavy fines . Concentrate on the Sanctuary Cities . They’d be easy to catch . We know where they are and we know how they do it . Just pick a few out and watch them do it . You only have to get a few at a time to make the other Lib Voter Criminals realize it’s too risky .

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  • Sigint

    How about just requiring all states and territories to comply with the ‘Real ID Act’ under penalty of loss of highway funds, including citizenship status and require this validated photo ID for voting in federal elections. No excuse for not having ID since you need one to drive, have a bank account, fly, get unemployment, welfare or SNAP cards or cash a check. Pass a law restricting absentee or mail voting to the military or others overseas in government service.

    • Jeffrey Martin

      All those things would happen if the fake voters were voting for Conservative candidates and issues. There is no such thing as right and wrong to the Left. Only power and who wields it.

  • eladtoor

    If this commission and its members had any integrity, they’s just admit they deserved to be cancelled, ”Cause we weren’t accomplishing a **cking thing”.

  • Popeye111

    I get so tired of all of the resistance against doing what’s right. It seems like half of the population supports cheating, or even breaking the law, to get what they want? The only reason to support illegal immigration is to pander for votes and the only reason to oppose a voter fraud investigation would be to hide the truth.

  • Bobby Green

    Democrats don’t want voter accountability! All these secretaries of States came out and said no problems here but they can’t explain why they have over 100% participation. Corruption so deep here makes Venezuela look like a democratic society.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      Who has over 100% participation? Your source?

      • KMA

        11 CA. counties. This VIC a year ago. This is the reason this commission needed to stopped before it could prove voter fraud is widespread.

        • Arbeit Macht Frei

          The commission can’t be a source. Where did it get that tripe?

          • KMA

            Judicial Watch, you can do your own objective research into the “tripe”.

          • Arbeit Macht Frei

            Judicial Watch is not a source. Where did they get the info?

  • Sylvia Avila

    What! you people are all so corrupt, how do we know your commission is honest? President did right again! MAGA!

  • monorprise

    They need to appoint a special proscutor.

  • Pirate Bill

    The answer to voter fraud is blockchain validation. (the technology underlying Bitcoin).
    Everyone needs a mark placed on their hand and their forehead that can be scanned at the time you vote. It could also be directly associated to a whole host of things that require validating Identity, such as banking and debit/credit purchases. Many, many benefits.

    • Pezgun

      Somehow, I feel I’ve heard this idea before.;-)
      The exchange would have to be a federal agency and I’m not comfortable with their record on security.

      • TexasDeplorable1134

        Yea, The Chinese already got my information from OPM, so their track record for keeping their systems secure has not been stellar.

    • Spud51

      How about something real simple, like Fingerprints.???

      • Pirate Bill

        I would prefer fingerprints but scanning technology is not as easy or as reliable as blockchain. Finger print scanners have a lot of problems. For example, the week before you vote you decide to pour a new patio…the lime in the concrete messes up your fingerprints-scanner won’t id you. You cut your finger-new scar over key points-scanner won’t id you, etc. The only foolproof method is the mark of the beast in conjunction with blockchain validation. We might as well get this one world government underway…it’s inevitable, anyway.

    • Arbeit Macht Frei

      How about a chip implanted at birth?

      • Pirate Bill

        We might as well get this mark of the beast / one world government thing going…I read that it is inevitable, anyway.

  • Goodforall

    It should be clear that the states refusing to cooperate are the ones who have something to hide. Gotta be a way to force them to use a voter ID system.

    • Localdude

      …there is. We presently do not allow anybody on planes without a thorough system to check everyone before boarding. Not perfect but it can be done. The integrity of voting should be as valuable as the integrity of our air transport system. It can be done and done well. Done fair and with integrity as well. Anybody who sez it cannot is either disingenuous, dishonest or just plain ignorant.

  • ChemicalDeath

    The court system was never envisioned to be used as a weapon like this. Judicial progressivism must be wiped out.

  • Patrick Horvath

    This is how a great country dies. Slowly and from within due to greed and lust for power. When the President we elected cannot make headway due to the entrenched corruption we are seeing the beginning of the end of the U.S.

    • KMA

      Keep the faith brother and fight to the bitter end for our country. Frustrating as it is we’re all in this TOGETHER.

    • Pezgun

      General Douglas MacArthur said that this nation needs a spiritual recrudescence. That’s a pretty heavy term. It’s going to require the same kind of blood and fire that created this country to do something like that – like Civil War. So it could be rough for a bit. At this point all we can do is hope to survive. Letting it go is not an option.

    • Jeffrey Martin

      After the civil war starts, the foreign invaders begin to arrive in force. What America looks like 100 years after that is up for grabs.

  • Max42

    There will never be consistent national integrity in federal elections until the US Congress enacts laws to ensure it. But since Democrats are opposed to any effort to eliminate fraud in national elections, that will simply not happen.

  • Joe samo

    The only thing a democrat should be able to participate in is a line at the airport with a one way ticket to someplace else…

  • BilltheBruinsFan

    I know of one Mass. resident that voted in New Hampshire using her vacation house address because there, her vote ‘would count.’

  • BilltheBruinsFan

    Quaere: How many of the 21 noncomplying State Secretaries were in ‘swing states?’

  • Spud51

    Why are the States conducting the elections for the Congress of the Federal Government and the President, that should be conducted and administrated under Federal perrview.???

    • BilltheBruinsFan

      Would you have wanted Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch/Eric Holder overseeing the last three federal election?

      • Spud51

        Judging the resistance of the States against the recently formed Election Investigating Commission, it would be safe to presume that they did.!!!

  • Victor

    Democrats fighting hard to keep the fraud and deception going , Vote early vote often as they say in Chicago.

  • caisson17

    “Spakovsky is concerned DHS will focus solely on cyber security attacks rather than addressing illegal immigrants.”
    Don’t worry Spav, we’re “addressing” illegal immigrants.
    Now, how many expense reports did you file last summer?

  • steve

    When your “platform” is socialism, proven through the TRUTH of history to always fail everyone except for the political “elites” and based upon lies, race, and class warfare all the democrats have left is to CHEAT and through ALIEN invasion, regardless of the detriment to “their people”, attempt to bolster their voting roles.

  • Christopher Binkowski

    What are the states hiding?

    • Spud51

      They are hiding voter fraud, and adminisrative collusion, what else; how else can 35% of the voters get more than 50% of the votes.!!!

  • Richard McMeekin

    Stop voter fraud – Voter Photo ID cards. Period!!

    • Spud51

      The best ID is a fingerprint.!!!

  • WBH

    Even India, one of the poorest per capita income countries, has free voter ID cards. The truth is that it is very racist and demeaning to rural/ poor blacks in USA to pretend that they are so helpless that they can’t figure out how to get an ID. It is truly a national embarrassment that some US courts actually pretend that requiring ID is discriminatory. The UNHCR should be complaining that the US doesn’t have voter ID! Of course UNHCR won’t do that because the only way the EU’s plan for a borderless, stateless, socialist North America can be achieved is to keep hysterical left party in power in USA. And half the legit voters in US would dispute or marginalize these simple facts!

  • Scott

    The Democrats have to protect the illegal voters and dead ones as will and all the other groups that believe in Marxist ideas like on college campuses. They are Marxist and giving away wealth, picking winners and loses for price is what Democrats do best and cannot tell the truth about voters. In calif there are more people on the voting roles then there are voting people but that is Democrats logic for corruption of the American ideas.

  • Roscoe

    The federal government, as much as I hate to say this, needs to crush these sanctuary cities and states with armed force if necessary and imprison these low level leaders who think that they have more power then the federal government. Some of these liberal inventive federal judges need to have some accidents. The ninth circuit needs to be split and some new conservative judges appointed in the new circuit which should reduce the ninth to a very small territory. It is time for the government to go to all out war against these losers.

  • Roger Cordi

    It is time to pass a law that every voter must have in his or her possession a legitimate drivers license and social security card and the information taken down to verify if the documents look suspicious and turned over to the Federal Voter Registration Board. Even better a National Voter Registration Card should be issued to all United States Citizens with proof.

  • Topper01

    New Rule: Unless you cooperate with Federal Election Rules, your state can no longer vote in Federal Elections.

    • Spud51

      Federal officers should oversee all Federal elections.!!!

      • willnkc

        I have very little confidence in Federal bureaucratic workers. Those are the people that would want more liberals in government.

        • A marcus Young

          When integrity is lost to ignorance, democracy fails. We need to decide our leaders with a measure of caution. I would rather some people not vote than to have millions of fraudulent votes. Dead people and cartoons do not speak up when denied the right to vote. Real citizens do. They make sure to be there if they want to vote.

  • Libhunter

    Every Mass Shooting in USA has been a Liberal Monster on the trigger!

    • Frank

      Not certain that statement s 100% true. But, I am certain it is 90% true.

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        Horse hockey

        • Frank

          I believe you mean Polo, Horse Polo. (Glad to help).

  • Gray Bryson

    HEY HERE IS A THOUGHT. Past is past. Voter fraud is part of the past so let’s not repeat those patterns. Sign into law a Federal voter ID card which should be legal according to the laws of the land meaning that only legal US citizens can vote and vote 1X only

    • KMA

      Unfortunately it’s already been tried (in litigation) and would do nothing for absentee ballots.
      Even federal overseeing at polling places would do nothing for absentee ballots.

      The only process that would be constitutional and successful is for people involved in the voting process TO DO THEIR “F”ING JOB AND SCREEN(& those doing the screening) VOTERS!
      Those in violation of not doing their job ..FEDERAL INCARCERATION!

      ALL election voting polling should be done at state level not ,town or county level! To eliminate multiple jurisdictions in the process. ie fewer people involved, hopefully less chance of fraud.

      • Another Viewpoint

        Not so. I am an elections employee in a 100% vote by mail state. We screen EVERY ballot that comes in before it is counted to verify that it is legitimate. It is all done by signature verification. And when elections employees don’t do their jobs they get fired.

        • charliehorsescout

          I live in whoregon and vote by mail in ballet.

        • WBH

          that is a crock of BS. Even if you are one of the few who is not blinded by hysterical left ideology, the cheating goes on in other locations, after youv’e done your job.

        • KMA

          If you are one of the few with integrity, it does nothing for your boss.
          Employees only get fired if their CAUGHT!

      • Sharilyn Hartwell

        CORRUPT DEMONCRATS AT the polling places have been caught in voting fraudulent absentee ballots…happened in 2016 in LAUDERDALE, FL … PROBABLY THOUSANDS OF ABSENTEE ballots were being used to vote by 4 women plus Mary Hall…look it up…they were caught by a temporary worker cause they would have her bring in boxes of fresh ballots and she was able to tell they were actually voting one ballot after another…google this I remember it well!
        TOTAL FRAUDULENT DEMOCRATS! That is the only way they can attempt to win. That of course is just one method….the illegals, dead people voting, etc etc etc

        • Sharilyn Hartwell

          another thing … I made the mistake last year and put in for a ballot to be sent in advance by mail…BIG MISTAKE in my probably corrupt DEMOCRAT county of KCKS … didn’t get my ballot … they said it was mailed … I get a lot of mail all the time, don’t believe them…had to do a provisional ballot … I WAS FURIOUS! will never do that again.
          this was for President Trump’s election I am writing about.

        • SkyCop2010

          There was also a family in Texas traveling from county to county voting, BTW all votes were for democrats and Hitlery!

      • Localdude

        …how bout on line absentee ballots. Yes, hackable, but also monitor able.

        • KMA

          GOOD idea, unfortunately unconstitutional it would discriminate against those who have no access. I know, I know you can access through your local library, but you as well as I it would be contested.

          • Localdude

            …in the current environment, the left will contest where the sun rises…

          • KMA

            YES sir,but it doesn’t change situation. We cannot stoop to level of disingenuous people.

          • A marcus Young

            We cannot afford to stoop the level of the Democrats either. Our elections need to be secured from fraud. Every ballot needs to have a verified name attached. The process to register should require proof of citizenship. If you do not have it, you do not vote.

          • A marcus Young

            Regardless of how you hold elections there will be people who cannot access. They simply will not be able to vote.

        • A marcus Young

          absentee ballots should be banned.

      • westriversd1

        The lack of a requirement to prove citizenship when REGISTERING to vote is the real problem. It is too late and the cat is out of the bag once a person is registered.

        • KMA

          Agreed, solution?

          • NFL_is_dead_to_me

            Re-register everyone requiring proof of citizenship.

        • Recapitate

          Exactly. Those that successfully registered with false ID, are, practically, off the radar. Finding them would require states to re-process their voters to validate their identity.

    • Think 2 Moves Ahead

      Related idea. When you file taxes, then you get the ID card. Can be a simple barcode with your information then can be scanned when you go to vote. One vote per taxpayer.

      • Sharilyn Hartwell

        no, do not connect anything as important for voting to the corrupt IRS !!!!! ABSOLUTELY BAD IDEA!

        • The Punisher

          what could go wrong?

        • willnkc

          I agree wholeheartedly! The IRS cannot be trusted.

      • J. Waltam

        Hey! Lois (Take 5) Lerner would be a perfect fit for heading the barcode bureaucracy.

        • All American

          Yes felonious scandal Lois

        • The Punisher

          she should lose her pension and medical, at the least, prison for sure.

        • A marcus Young

          People who try to cheat in elections should be branded a traitor and lose their citizenship,

      • Red

        Do you honestly think that that idea, would ever fly? Do you have any idea how many millions of people don’t pay any income taxes? And what about all of the leeches and parasites that have been on welfare, all of their lives, costing the taxpayers billions upon billions of our tax dollars, do you really think that they are going to stand still while you take away their free ride? And what about the hackers, they would have a field day, getting into all of that info on the taxpayers, the people that actually keep this country above water. It may be a good idea, in theory, but not so much in reality.

      • Swampdrainer

        Permanent resident non-citizens file taxes, but aren’t eligible to vote in General Elections.
        Voter ID card given only to those who can produce a valid US passport, birth certificate or naturalization certificate, and include picture and fingerprint(s).

      • Sigint

        Would need a constitutional amendment to restrict voting ro taxpayers, not that I don’t agree with the sentiment.

        • A marcus Young

          We started that way. Only property owners/renters could vote.

      • Libhunter

        Make it Tattooed on every bodies neck on the back!

    • CWF

      What a great idea!

    • Perry Fernandez

      totally agree!

    • Localdude

      …like a passport. It does not keep record of whom one voted for, just that they did. State, federal and local. Its the only way to ensure the integrity of the system. Too many small elections turning on a few hundred votes. This is the core of many, many issues facing the country.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      We tried that here in Texas. State passed it, District court struck it down repeatedly. Argues that it create undue burden on the voters of minority status to obtain the requested “ID” to prove they are actually a citizen. Until the Federal Voter law is changed, they will continue to strike down any means to enforce voter integrity.

      • Frank

        Zero surprise here. Integrity and democrats are diametrically opposed terms.

    • R A Reed

      Do you have any idea how many lawsuits have been filed by the Democrats, ACLU, the NAACP etc to prevent this? The commission was to help prove that voter ID should be law.

    • Zee Katt

      WOW maybe a committee can be appointed to ensure that happens….

    • Frank2525

      Already exists in Driver Licenses, E-Verify, and other laws as part of immigration laws in effect through all the years. But the Coastal States, and Cities ignore those, and just do not comply. Until all is mandatory, and after Homeland Defense, ICE, and Border Patrol flood the states and cities that declare Sanctuary Cities, and remove all the illegals, (Criminals, Gang Members, Drug Cartels, then work on all with Felony on their records, there will time to remove those hiding undercover, using false IDs. Time to clean the swamp, not only in Washington DC, but also in those high taxing states and areas, where they raid treasury, to buy votes and cheap labor.
      ——–I am tired of paying taxes all my life to support that type of individuals for generation after generation. Working for cash, under the counter, and decreasing labor costs to tax cheaters. How do you think all those 1% to 10% income folks, got to that level?
      When they got to that level in past, they banked off shore, or invested in other countries, where our country borrowed funds, to pay illegals.
      Think about it. And don’t bother flaming me about this, since I worked since age 15 until health and age, forced me to retire from all work, when I became involved with volunteering and working with political represenatives who were honest.
      (Note: I even worked part time work, while in Military 26 years, but had worked Civilian work since 1945, through 1991) (Then volunteered 1991 to 2016) And still stay in touch with my representatives.

    • SkippyFlipjack

      Voter fraud is nonexistent in any real numbers. It’s not the past, it’s fiction.

      • KMA

        “Non-existent in any real numbers” what’s a acceptable number? 1,10,100,1,000,10,000,1% of population.
        Bussing people in,paying for lunch,threatening voters with racial slurs, racist flyers,illegal driver license .. acceptable?

        No different than our food supply i.e….rat droppings,bird feathers,mercury, lead,pesticides ; FDA has a acceptable number is that what you mean?

        IMO; NO number is acceptable!