Former House Tech Aide Ran Car Dealership as a Money Laundering Operation

December 20, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The FBI is looking into serious violations made by a former congressional information technology aide and his family.

While working as an IT aide for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan and his brother ran a used car dealership in Virginia.

The dealership is now suspected as a front for an overseas money laundering operation, allegedly taking money from a Hezbolla-linked fugitive.

Piles of cash: A police record left on display by Awan shows that he was carrying almost $10,000 in cash when he tried to flee to Pakistan. He had previously wired nearly $300,000 to the country. He was indicted on Thursday. (Photo/DailyMail)

At least seven million dollars in congressional funds also went to the dealership as well.

Awan was arrested in July and was charged with multiple federal charges including bank fraud and conspiracy.

He is currently facing fraud charges, and being electronically monitored.

  • aldoro

    GEE, another crooked democrat.

  • Frank

    While working as an IT aide for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
    This hyphenated beotch is Jewish; but, sells her soul by supporting Hezbollah. WHAT could be more telling about her level of honor, integrity, and ethics?

  • Henry McKay

    Surprise surprise…..the Democrats and IMRAN AWAN were breaking the law.

  • Tony Anthony

    And Wasserman and Clinton are still free to celebrate another holiday.

  • C B

    This Woman is a disgrace to America and the Job She was elected to do …………… She has proven herself to be a Liar and a Cheat time and time again …( ask Bernie )….. She hires an IT Aid from India because apparently her constituents are either too stupid or not terrorist connected enough for her Shadow Obama / Clinton agenda . Lock Her Up !!!

  • nfcapitalist

    Democrat aide was used car salesman… who could’ve guessed?

  • Wanda

    Yes, both sides of the political aisle have issues, but the Dems/Left have become vile. They now feed us a steady stream of lies and distortions and “truth” gets lost in the noise. Definitely wears a person down and that is the intent. Hopefully, they will be held accountable.

  • AlexanderYpsilantis

    The reason the Dems are so dirty with respect to sexual harassment scandals and everything else is the MSM has been focusing all their efforts on pillorying the GOP. This has been going on for DECADES. When it comes to the Dems the MSM give them a bye. The News Media have become criminal enablers for Democrats. If the TRUTH regarding all the crap that Obama Administration pulled, Hillary, DNC, Deep State and all the other wings of today’s Democrat Party, the American people will demand their heads and rightfully so.

  • Varangian Guard

    It just keeps getting better…….

  • Dan Taylor

    American politics has been criminalized by the criminal left-wing, but it’s spread to both sides. No one wants to live under liberalism/socialism, so they have to cheat to win elections. However, the left’s greed is power, they lie, cheat and steal to get and maintain their power. That’s why they hate Mr. Trump so badly – he’s upset their criminal applecart. We’re finding them. And I do mean the criminal liberals, on both sides of the aisle…

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      There are parts of the GOP that are corrupt as well, but nothing like the Democrats. Sure, a few RINO’s aid and abet them, but it’s 99% on the Left side of the aisle. Mainly because the MSM has looked the other way on Democrat law-breaking for decades. They are enablers.

  • bucketnutz

    And Debbie Was-a Man Schultz was in on it too. It should be raining Subpoenas.

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      The problem is it is so deep and so bad that it would bring down our government if all Dems that are dirty are called to accounts. It has been let go for too many decades by the folks that are supposed to keep our political leaders in check-the Media.

      • Uncle Roddy

        Time to drain the swamp and clean house. Part of reason for the out of control gov’t spending.

  • Letmesay

    Good and that curly hair Wasserman needs to go to jail as well. It’s going to be a great 2018.

    • Brad

      Would be a perfect cell mate for killary

  • iwontell

    Oh Damn, why didn’t I think of the Scheme………cars and money.

  • Twinkle Toes

    Say it isn’t so 🤭

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      I never thought I’d live to see it this bad. And I blame the Mainstream Media for focusing all their attention on bringing down the GOP and giving their buds in the Democrat Party a free pass.

  • harrydweeks

    OAN the next good Fox News. Good job guys. Better keep your eye on the story especially if , FBI are doing investigations.

  • Expat47

    Why aren’t Pocahontas and her cohorts also under investigation?

    • iwontell

      Hell NO MORE INVESTIGATION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HANG ALL THE SWAMP PEOPLE………they don’t need to go to PRISON for free room and board.
      There’s at least a dozen names in this article to START WITH.
      And at least two dozen more on the list

    • Brad

      Why, haven’t been able to drain the swamp with the obstructionists throwing up road blocks.

      • Expat47

        Either Jeffy is waiting for them all to step into the trap or he’s not doing what we think he should be doing.

        • AlexanderYpsilantis

          Sessions is an empty suit. Useless.

  • Jennifer

    Then someone on Twitter pointed out😡
    Replying to @lukerosiak and 2 others
    Did you hear the Fox report add parenthetically?…FBI likely will not chase #Awan for spying because he has too much dirt on the Dems and other US secrets. Full-on blackmail by #AwanBrothers.

    Fox..just because you haven’t been “on” this story. Thousands have and NO this won’t continue to “fly” under the radar. Disgraceful of Brett Beir to even imply this HUGE story will be swept under a rug because of Awan black mail.

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      FOX has been a disappointment the last year or so. If not for OANN and a handful of others this story would have never developed.

  • Scott Snerd

    “He is currently facing fraud charges, and being electronically monitored.”

    NOT in JAIL???? WTF….lock his ass UP!!1

  • Rick in TX

    This is an excellent example of why we need a bulldog of an AG instead of Sessions. He’s a nice guy, honest as the day is long, but we need a bulldog.

    • Twinkle Toes

      I think you are right. I don’t think he deserves the bashing he gets, he’s just too nice.

      When you said Bulldog I thought of that guy on Frazier.

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      Sessions is absolutely useless. He has been part of the Washington elites for too long, he’s never going to go after people for what he probably views as political intrigue only. We need someone brought in from the outside as AG to clean out the stables. But, it will never happen-too many people are tainted. At best, we should demand someone with energy and good ethics-like Trey Gowdy-be appointed as new AG. Sessions needs to be replaced.

      • Twinkle Toes

        I love Trey Gowdy I know he wasn’t a fan of President Trump but he’s the perfect bulldog as AG, President, any position of authority. What a guy!

        • AlexanderYpsilantis

          Trey has respect on both sides of the aisle for his ethics. We don’t need another ‘Yes Mr. President!’ person as AG like Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder-that’s how we got into so much trouble.

  • Ed L

    Money laundering?? Let the Secret Service, NSA and CIA (overseas areas) investigate

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      They’re all too tainted. The political implications of this scandal will lead to another Mueller-like coverup.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Nothing surprises me about the libtards anymore….It’s only a matter of time before it’s uncovered that they eat their young as well…

    • Bill Smith 999935

      Yep, that’s why they can use their SNAP cards for purchasing drugs.

  • J. Waltam

    Gosh, shocking, just shocking. How could this happen w/in our government?

    • AlexanderYpsilantis


  • Santiago 1314

    Good Jew Wasserman…Helping Fund Hezbollah, who turns around and kills Jews in Israel…Traitor.!!

  • Bob Ritthsler

    When are the espionage and terrorism charges going to be filed and was DWS in the know?

  • RobertMWarren

    Democrats In Action

  • nancy

    Wait until the entire story comes out . . . the part about Obama and his ties to Hezbollah! Ever wonder why it was so important to Obama and his Regime to keep the Borders open? Because Hezbollah was bringing heroin into the US to finance terrorism. The deal with Iran wasn’t to keep peace. It was to enable Iran to build nuclear weapons sooner than later financed by the pallets of cash delivered by Obama along with the billions provided by Hezbollah from American drug sales. By the way the DNC was aware of the entire program including the car dealership!
    They were all getting rich. Obama is a despot and he belongs in Federal Prison!

    • Twinkle Toes

      What turns my stomach is we the taxpayers are supporting that racist puke and his racist family for the rest of their lives. Michelle Obama is the epitome of racism and no class.

  • Robert Adams

    Lock the bastard up, impound his passport.

  • Seventh Light


  • Dakota

    OAN what a breath of fresh air great news station

  • Dakota

    Obama ran such a clean administration not a smidgin of corruption not even one scandal:). 🙂

  • Pedro Muhammad

    Imram Awan – Hezbollah, Paki
    Barry Soetoro- Hezbollah, Iran
    Uma Abadeen HRC – Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood aka CAIR.

    WTF is going on with liberals? I knew you were treasonous at heart but you wouldn’t make it alive 1 mile
    In Iraq or Pakitown, why the red carpet

  • erin

    FNC is reporting that Dept AG Bruce Ohr (the same one connected to Fusion Dossier) was overseeing this money laundering investigation – any truth or sources on this?

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      Man, if that is true then this is going to turn into a scandal that would make Watergate look like a commercial break. Even their allies in the MSM won’t be able to keep a lid on it, much as they will try.

  • Martin Nicholson

    I can’t wait, for OANN, to go out there and REALLY teach America just how bad we have been taken to the “BANK”… From the Federal reserve act, through the confiscation of our Gold, Nixon’s move of off of the Gold Standard and the credit reset, all the way to every piece of corruption that Marines and the the US Troops have been duped into believing that these wars were for freedom, but actually were over our own demise for profit…… Show them BALLS boys and girls, or are they for only select few Veteran’s who are ready to move? Why did we go into Panama, Nicaragua, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria? Central Bank, Central Bank, Central Bank; American Disaster after disaster; we would call them red flags……….. Including protecting poppy fields for the war on opiods…Bay of Pigs farce, Panama, Contra, Iran, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and so on……. Central Banks and the CIA will not get out of this one….. Sorry, but the Donald is taking too long to spread the word to fix America, not to mention ensuring his own life of he come clean with it all. Only Americans can fix America, NOW !!!! You know what and who needs to be done, DO IT! Or are we just keyboard warriors? Semper Fi. Where’s the news?

  • Jim

    Don’t worry, DWS was just doing what she could to support Obama’s Iran Nuke deal.

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      Wonder how much SHE got out of that deal???

  • Wright Thinker

    No wonder Debbie Wasserman Schultz wanted that laptop back so bad….Obummer interfered in a narcotics investigation of Hezbollah…This is what happens when you have the media in your back pocket and they refuse to report on anything including sexual harassment, drug trafficking, pedophile rings, Slick Willy taking numerous flights on a pedophile’s private plane…this is why the FBI and the DOJ will not investigate these people in Washington. It would put half the people in Washington in SuperMax or executed and the other half would be dead from committing suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head with a pistol on a park bench.

    • Jim

      Don’t forget to mention the Clinton Foundation directly as well as Uranium One sell out. Fast and Furious and private email accounts too.

      • AlexanderYpsilantis

        Why do you think Eric Holder just jumped into this on the side of Robert Mueller? He is the only firewall the Dems have from the dam busting wide open. That is how worried the Clinton/Obama criminal cartel is.

    • Dakota

      Nice post Wright

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      You nailed it, Wright Thinker. The MSM is complicit in all this corruption and it is MONUMENTAL.

  • FromThe70s

    I have said it before. This Awan was probably one of the least corrupt people she associated with.

    • Pedro Muhammad

      Please do tell?

  • michaelparsons

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz having a bad week, again.

    • Jim

      Yeah, but that hair!!

  • gaillowerybriggs

    The corruption in the last administration runs wide and deep . Expose and root out each and every person and prosecute to the fullest degree ! Despicable and probably just the tip of the iceberg too .

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      It needs to be COMPLETELY brought out into the sunlight and exposed. And I mean EVERYTHING. And the MSM need to own-up to they’re being ENABLERS and doing coverup.

  • jteagle5

    Electronic monitoring? He should be locked up.

  • mark abby

    Wait a sec, “7 million in congressional funds”????? WTH was that all about???

    • erin

      exactly, shady

    • AlexanderYpsilantis

      This is far bigger than just DWS’s tech support, MANY Dems were working with this guy. This one is going to bust wide open.

  • FoolIggy

    Seems like many, even at the lowest level, learned from the Clinton Crime Family that you can go to work for the swamp rat feds for whatever pay you can negotiate and then ALL YOU CAN STEAL!

    How can any car dealership in Virginia attract $7Mil in federal founds and not get noticed within the first $100,000 going their? What were these used cars, Ferrari’s?

    America’s government and its swamp rats are OUT OF CONTROL!

    The FBI is tainted, biased, and can no longer be trusted to perform ethically their assigned duties without CLEANING HOUSE.

    The DOJ has been compromised along with the Secret Service who gets paid to PROTECT the crooks after they leave office and while their still stealing from the taxpayers of this GREAT country.

    Sad, truly sad, where are the patriots or are there even any left?

    DRAIN THE SWAMP, re-institute American Law and quit protecting the criminals who make a mockery of America’s systems!

    • Heremeroor

      These DC swamp rats make the mafia clans look like law-abiding citizens. What’s worse, the evidence is out and the still deny it AND nothing happens!!!!!!

      • OldGal46

        Or, they ‘do not recall’ (McCabe today, behind closed doors)….

        • Heremeroor

          and NOTHING happens…you or I try to pull a stunt like that, and see what would happen..

      • Dakota

        Amazing what a Chicago thug can do in eight years

        • iwontell

          Sure is too bad he didn’t go “organizing” on the South Side of Chicago………we might have got lucky.

        • Heremeroor

          let’s not rob others from receiving their credit. This is not an eight-year process. It’s been a slow freight train plowing over anything getting in its way. the last eight years were merely the tip of the iceberg, which I think Trump and a few others (Hannity, Rush, etc) have exposed them for what and who they are: CROOKS. They make the Nixon’s crew look like a little rascals…

          • Dakota


          • Dakota

            Your Wright

    • Connie Cizmadia Brown

      well a lot of money disappeared when HRC was Sec of State :/

      • AlexanderYpsilantis

        I used to think that was simply bad government bookwork, just an oversight. Now I’m beginning to suspect it was funding for their illegal schemes. This is becoming scary.

    • Twinkle Toes

      Flynn’s on house arrest and they treat this foreign puke better? This is disgusting. Flynn’s crime pales compared to him.

    • iwontell

      NO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,HUNG IN HE PUBLIC SQUARE……..TOMORROW

  • Clay Goodwin

    Thank you OAN. It’s not covered by other media outlets.

    • Judge Dolittle

      Why is this not covered by all the media outlets, I don’t understand, this has nothing to do with Trump.

      • nancy

        Because they are protecting Obama.,

        • All American

          ⬇️State 😂 yeah

        • Scott Snerd


          • Hoosier100


        • Sane_Person37

          The entire DNC machine was redirected to aid moslems worldwide using America as a virtual rape victim. This obama —– really needs to be charged with high crimes.

          • iwontell

            Hell I was thinking more like a PUBLIC HANGING…………I’m damn tired of even hearing his name or seeing it in print……….
            But worse, WE ARE PAYING THAT CRIMINAL MORONIC NEATHANDRAL a pension till he CROAKS………..time to save the money…whatever that means. hee-hee

      • NotSure

        Didn’t this happen during the time that Clinton was running the D.N.C.?

        • iwontell

          Goes back to Arkansas 36+ years ago…….Criminal Scams……it’s just got more
          to work with now………………
          Just think the poor SOB’s were “Broke” when the left the White House…………haha

          • Letmesay

            Bill Blyth learned from the best, his mothers husband and brother-in-law mafia Arkansas style. Even the name is stolen “Clinton “.

        • Twinkle Toes

          I’m trying to remember the time frame and yes Clinton was running the DNC and DWS was accused of doing something wrong that was really bad and she was asked to resign or whatever. She and Amear both left and It was then that she remembered the forgotten laptop issue.

      • Twinkle Toes

        They always protect their own 😬 same reason why they never reported any wrong doings by the previous occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

        • Tim Pommell

          Snitches get stitches … or in some cases, suicided…..

      • Daninfla6th

        Dear Judge, You have answered your own question.

  • BuffaloBillie

    Mr. Awan and his brother should be in the slammer so they can’t go back overseas. No bond!

    • OldGal46

      And only ‘cheap’ ham sandwiches for every meal!

    • Twinkle Toes

      I don’t want to feed and house them, put them on a boat adrift the big pond