Fla. Gov. Scott: Listen to Evacuation Orders, Hurricane Irma Stronger Than Hurricane Andrew

Max Garcia, of Miami, waits in a line since dawn to purchase plywood sheets at The Home Depot store in North Miami, Fla., Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017. Florida residents are preparing for the possible landfall of Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier)

September 6, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Florida Governor Rick Scott urges residents to listen to evacuation orders as Hurricane Irma rapidly moves through the Caribbean.

During a press briefing Wednesday, Scott said all Floridians should not ignore the orders and urged the public to be alert of all warnings.

The governor said over 1,000 National Guard troops will be deployed across the state Wednesday night while the remaining 6,000 troops will report for rescue and recovery efforts throughout the weekend.

Health and Human Services has also sent disaster teams to the sunshine state to help with aide.

Scott said all roads are open now, and if people follow evacuation orders they should be able to leave the region.

“We are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every Floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family,” Governor Scott announced. “A storm of this size could have affects statewide and everyone must be prepared.”

The Florida Keys is currently under mandatory evacuations with Irma projected to hit the string of islands by this Sunday.

Scott urged people to check fl511.com for all commuter and emergency services.

  • Drillboss

    Why is the Weather Channel down-grading this storm? Several days ago it was projected to strike Florida as a Cat 5 and this morning Irma is projected as a Cat 4? That’s still a serious number, but why do all of these natural events have to be hyped as the “worst thing ever seen on the planet”? The smart people will get out of the way and the stupid will stay behind and contribute to their own destruction. No amount of “sky is falling” rhetoric will ever change that equation.

  • River

    If you live in the path of Hurricanes you know what to do. You hear it from your Insurance Agent, your utility companies, your phone/internet/tv service, your local news media, etc,etc,etc, ad nauseum. If you have EVER been in the path of a Hurricane, you also know it is better to LEAVE. There is no excuse for not being prepared ahead of time except for complete, moronic stupidity. In that case, there is no help for you anyway.

  • 2lilkitty2

    The good new is that Angela Merkel was pelted with tomatoes.

  • danahan01 .

    I’m looking at computer models hourly, and Miami has a high chance of taking a direct hit!! Andrew came in from due East and was not over Florida long. Irma will come in due south and rake the entire state, then continue north taking on the entire eastern seaboard. This has never happened with a storm of this size in the last 40+ years. This storm WILL be the costliest natural disaster in US history!! And if people do not leave it could be very very deadly. People have a chance to pack up and get out now. Anyone that doesn’t should have their social security number tattooed on their arm to make identification of bodies easier. You have been warned!!

  • eladtoor

    These repeated hurricane traumas are inane.
    Any intelligent folks who insist on living in a hurricane zone (that seems a stupid premise), e,g, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, the Carolinas, should have alternate residences, one of which is in a hurricane free zone.
    They should have portable plywood screens for the vulnerable parts of their homes which are in hurricane zones, so they don’t have to wait in Home Depot lots when hurricanes are announced, they merely go to their personal hurricane storage facility, get all the necessities, and cover-up those homes, before leaving for the safe home.
    Portable generators, water pumps, surveillance cameras, etc., all operable remotely by phone apps, would let them control the threats to their at-risk home when they are away.
    If they put supplies of pet food in floating dishes, they could even feed Bowser and Fluffy while they are away. And Trixie and Flippy and Slider if they didn’t have time to pack the kids as they were leaving.

    • FreedomFighter

      We get that you aren’t very smart. In fact, you are downright stupid.

    • Scott Snerd

      I dont think you have a firm grasp of reality. Not at all, no.

      • eladtoor

        The ‘Net is a poor place to search for reality.

      • eladtoor

        I don’t think you think.

  • Tom Horn

    Could go out to sea

    • landy fincannon

      First comment, welcome to disqus and your first up vote.

  • landy fincannon

    With seas expected to reach nine feet and the average land being around four feet, well , do the math.

    • theo


  • eladtoor

    Everyone’s talking about hurricane Irma, no one mentioned the big news of the day.
    A BBC headline reported that a meteor was caught on camera!!
    Wow, that must have been a very slow and small meteor, and/or a very large and resilient camera.
    I wonder, did anyone get that catch on film?

  • mkdavis

    Why not buy what you need and store so when yu get slammed with a hurricane you won’t have to do the wait game.

    • ncskeptic

      What’s funny is people are complaining about no bottled water in the stores. Have they ever considered collecting/storing their own TAP water (which is still running since the storm hasn’t hit yet); the same water most of them drink every day? No! They’re screaming for the government to make available more supplies of bottled water. Walmart and others sell food grade containers, pitchers, etc. for about the same price the equal amount of bottled water costs. If their municipal water is chlorinated it can be stored in clean, food grade containers for up to six months without any sort of special treatment. People just can’t seem to think or act for themselves anymore. The Florida governor addressed the bottled water shortage today and never mentioned this either.

      • mark abby

        lol I never understood that either. But I guess hoarding is just human nature

      • mkdavis

        I’m sixty six my wife and I raised 3 kids and we taught all of them to think out side the box and plan ahead all three are doing well .

      • AtomicFury

        This isn’t meant as an excuse, but I think families with two incomes and kids are too preoccupied with their lives and those of their kids to be prepared. I live in a relatively safe area of the northeastern United States where we might see a brief tornado once every twenty years. But we do get snowed in on occasion and until recently, we’d lose power each time the wind picked up. But we’re always prepared. We got through about 4 straight days without power in the dead of winter about 5 years ago. You’re right – it’s just common sense, and not every human is blessed with it.

        • William Glass

          Every recent college graduate reading your post is now asking themselves “What the hell is common sense?”

    • Scott Snerd

      ….because people ARE stupid, vapid, mindless animals as farmed by our schools and government and big business so they spend every penny they have and die in massive debt while their keepers are filthy rich.
      ‘Let them eat cake’….oh wait….

  • AtomicFury

    I know time is of the essence, but if you know of anyone who may have difficulty getting out on their own, check in on them. You could be saving a life.

  • dianecee

    Whatever all Americans choose to do, please take care and refuse to be taken to the FEMA camps.

    • mark abby

      I heard you never return from the FEMA camps and they keep you there with promises of a new flat screen tv

  • Rose Ribitzki

    PLEASE evacuate as you are told !! The life you save could be your own !! ..God have mercy on Florida !

  • a voice of concern

    OK Gov Scott you need to call President Trump and here is what we need to do!

    Drop 100 cargo planes of Dry Ice CO2 into the eye of the storm to freeze the ocean below it and then detonate a thermonuclear device several miles above the eye to reverse the hot to cold difference and the storm will just stop instantly! I suggest this be done as Irma moves over cuba!
    Oh and have everyone wear their tin foil hats for protection from the Nuke fall out!

  • Tado

    Who is mightier:
    Hurricane Harvey of Texas or Hurricane Irma of Florida?
    How much estimated damage?

    • Observer8710

      Obama and the Democrats created more damage than any hurricane…

    • William Glass


  • Barry Soetoro-Chin

    The South Bay Surfer’s are anxiously awaiting the “Surge” so they can finally get some good surfing in.

    Negro LIES Matter and Antifa are anticipating everyone leaving so they’ll have some easy pickings. Natural disasters are “winter solstice (commonly referred to as Christmas) come early” to those animals.

    • Rose Ribitzki

      There are some crazy people ! … too bad, and so sad, that they have no more respect for their precious lives. …

    • mkdavis

      To the looters Florida has the stand your ground laws meaning if you break in they can shoot first and ask questions later. If you don’t want to get shot dead don’t loot.

      • Barry Soetoro-Chin

        with everybody gone, who’s gonna shoot whom? thieves killing one another, then drowning? we can only hope.

        • Biggymu

          Im not leavin’, or drownin’ but I am packin. Don’t touch what don’t belong to you!

          • Barry Soetoro-Chin

            I’m 3,000 miles west. the only thing I’m looking forward to is beach front property in Nevada. Mexifornia’s got the big one comin’…

          • danahan01 .

            If you’re not leaving, your firearm will not keep you safe!! I guarantee it!! I would make sure your SSN is tattooed on your arm to make identification of your body easier. This storm WILL be the costliest in US history. It doesn’t need to be the deadliest also. No man made building can withstand prolonged winds of 200 mph unless its underground. But then it would need to be watertight also. Don’t fool yourself!! You can shake your fist at God all you want, but he ain’t listening. You should leave if you are anywhere near Miami!!

  • Saw live footage of overturned bus in St. Martin. Human chain of people trying to save those on the bus. As one exited he was blown away with others trying to save that person. This is an incredibly dangerous storm. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

    • FreedomFighter

      Good to see you Ginette!! Yes Irma is a bad storm. It looks to be more powerful than Andrew was. The destruction will be great in this storms path. Hope and pray that it stays far from land.
      You can tell tedlv when you talked to him that he blocked the real FreedomFighter. I don’t know what got into that boy but he’s been doing some strange things lately.

      • Oh no! I will tell him. Hope you are doing well.

        • FreedomFighter

          Doing OK here. Hope you are doing good too. Stay safe!!