Filmmaker Says Israel Hopeful for Trump Administration

February 15, 2017

New York, NY – Claire Hardwick, OAN Political Correspondent

President Trump met with Prime Minister Netanyahu at the White House, and Ami Horowitz, a Jewish filmmaker, is hopeful about the future of the relationship between these two countries.

Horowitz has spent many years traveling in Israel and the Middle Eastern region.

He said that President Obama was by Israeli accounts one of the worst presidents for the Israeli-US relationship.

And that Trump has already improved this relationship with one of his first actions as president.

“It started off with a bang of him stopping the money flow that President Obama tried to sneak in the last hour of his administration. So I think Israel is pretty positive about the prospects,” Horowitz said.

  • Dens

    It is good Israel is hopeful about Mr. Trump. He may just need Mossad’s help soon in ironing out some ‘internal’ security related problems affecting both Israel and America.