FEMA Officials Give Update on Harvey

A road is flooded after Hurricane Harvey in Aransas Pass, Texas, Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017. (Gabe Hernandez/Corpus Christi Caller-Times via AP)

August 28, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Federal officials are warning of more tremendous rainfall is on the way for parts of Texas and Louisiana.

On Monday morning FEMA officials said Texas has never seen an event as severe as tropical storm Harvey as life-threatening flooding is expected throughout the week.

At least 30,000 people have been moved to temporary shelters, and more than 400,000 are expected to receive federal assistance.

Officials urged people not to drive under any circumstances in flooded areas.

Acting DHS Secretary Elaine Duke said relief efforts are focused on rescue operations, while state and local agencies will focus on recovery later.

President Trump is scheduled to visit Texas on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Governor Greg Abbot also warns the people of Texas that more flooding is coming.

During a press briefing Sunday afternoon he said parts of the state will continue to see heavy rain in the coming days.

He urged residents to stay off the roads and remain indoors, saying people who try to walk through rising water are putting their lives at risk.

Coast Guard officials also urged the public not to underestimate the dangers of flooding.

The governor also noted that while much of the focus is on Houston, it’s important not to forget about those suffering in neighboring counties.

He went on to thank several states which are providing assisting with relief efforts in Texas.

  • FLLoeffler

    I live in CC.TX and have family in Houston and Rockport. Niece in Rockport went to Houston to be safe and went from the frying pan into a pot. Thank God we did not get hit here in C.C. as bad as places north of us.

  • So sad. Family of six dead in van from flood waters in Houston. Prayers and thoughts to those there.

    • Diane Coto

      I hadn’t heard that, Ginette. Very sad. I’m praying for those in that area. Sounds like it’s not going to be over for another day anyway.

      • Was on the news. Watching live feed on RSBN as well. They are finding bodies too but are very busy trying to save people.

    • Grand Mimi

      Saw that last night on tv. I cried so hard. Overall the rescues have been great. I’ve lived in Houston since the 60s and this is just freaking me out! I can’t watch it on tv. I’m crying too much.

  • Deny

    The people of Texas are amazing. They are working together to help each other and that is a beautiful thing. I wish we could always get along like this. God Bless you all.

    President Trump will be there on Tuesday and his response has been incredible. Thank God HE is our President and that he truly cares!

    • Hubert Chin

      Ditto a billion times

  • Theresa Newberry

    I am so proud of the people in Texas. There is no rioting, not demonstrations, no complaining, no panic, no blaming…just helping each other regardless of color, creed or religion. Now why can’t it be like this always throughout the nation? Why does it take a disaster to bring out the true value of a person? It should not. I hope the remainder of the country takes note of this behavior, love and care of each other. May God continue to empower and protect not only the victims of flood but also the responders and their kindness and love for victims.

    • William Glass

      We the people of Texas are are the same “We the people” in the Constitution. We still believe in that document and what is embodied in it. That “American” spirit and resolve is not unique to Texas. It is part of ALL true American Patriots. That is why we now have President Donald Trump and NOT President Hillary Clinton. Okie by birth, Texan by choice, American always.

      • Grand Mimi

        We are the most diverse city in our nation. Houston has people of all walks of life. This is why you will see so many different people helping each other. We don’t have labels on.

  • Roy Beane

    The Media and the leftists can’t stand all this coverage of this disaster because it diverts most of their precious TV time away from the “Russia Russia Russia” investigation (witch hunt) and all the other political crap they would all much rather be spouting off about on the air instead of trying to help all these poor people in Texas. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.

    • Hubert Chin

      You’re dead right

  • Grand Mimi

    So I’m here. Tired of the rain. The plan last hurricane was a well planned evacuation that ended up a disaster. We were on the freeway 16 hours and only made 63 miles to the other side of Houston. That’s right. We live on south side near NASA and it took that long to get to north side trying to go to Austin. Roads were gridlocked and first responders couldn’t get anywhere. People were dying from the heat out on the roads. Gasoline was used up by millions trying to leave so nothing left for first responders. It is much better this time with millions of people staying home. Off the roads. Rescue to those needing it only. No crying. No screaming. No looting. No riots. Just the most diverse city in the states coming together and helping those in need. No labels on us. Just people. If this city can do it the country should be able to do it.

    • William Glass

      I live in Temple. If the folks in Houston need to come North and East , you know your fellow Texans ( Americans) will welcome you and do whatever we can to assist. Stay safe , Try to stay dry. Keep your faith. Just remember that even in the stormiest, darkest night there is still the light of the Lord. May God bless and keep you and all my fellow Texans (Americans) down there “on the line”.

    • a voice of concern

      AMEN, keep the faith!

    • Sandy Harris

      i have never seen anything like the way people are coming together to help care for each other. Let this be a warning to those people who think they can ever truly divide this country. We may shout and scream about politics and policies and lifestyles, and every other thing under the sun, but when the chips are down, Americans pull together! One nation…

      • Grand Mimi

        I was thinking about how people come together when there is a disaster and thought that may be why a war is started at certain times in history. A purpose to get your people behind. We humans are a weird bunch of critters.

  • Barry Soetoro-Chin

    Where’s Shirley Jackson-Lee (D, TX)? These drowned ‘RATs are her constituents and she’s nowhere to be found. You’d think she’d be the first at a microphone screaming that President Trump hates negro folk.

    Old Shirley, like “MadMax” out in South Central LA, doesn’t live in the district or anywhere near the neighborhoods she allegedly represents.

    • Grand Mimi

      While I can’t stand her, she is here and of course, on tv. I have to admit it was laughable how dressed up she was with gold earrings on. However, she actually is helping get information to people. Otherwise it’s her usual push to be in front of the camera.

      • Billy Bones

        Like Anderson cooper kneeling in rain gear in a puddle to make it look deep.

      • jfbtx

        Time people stop paying these people to be in congress. They quest for Power and are full of themselves. Time we cut the branches away from them. As Tom Petty says “Free Falling”

      • Barry Soetoro-Chin

        Not buying it. Television, of course, but to help? Not in this lifetime.

        She’s too old, too slow and too fat to help anyone. She would be in everyone’s way and these rescuers need to move fast.

        However, being fat could be useful in that fat people float and she could be used as a floating device.

    • FreedomStorm

      … .. .
      From Houston and the “representative” from TX 18:
      “The district of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the prominent, outspoken Democratic congresswoman—had 19,596 instances with six or more voters registered at one address.”
      —- Town Hall Magazine
      Here’s a quote that sweet Sheila certainly took to heart.
      “It doesn’t matter how you win. Just win.” … … Barack Hussein Obama

    • Deny

      It’s amazing that Ted Cruz is there in Houston, but you’re right Jackson-Lee is MIA. That’s because she doesn’t give a chit about “her people” in Texas. All she cares about is getting herself re-elected. Hell she doesn’t even live in the district she represents. She lives in a gated community with WHITE PEOPLE–too afraid of her own ghetto rats to live with them.