FDA Approves ‘Organic’ Second-Chance Treatment for Leukemia Patients

Cancer patient receives a regular treatment in a hospital. (Reuters / Mohammed Salem)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

An FDA advisory panel unanimously recommends the approval of a revolutionary organic cancer treatment.

The treatment called CAR-T THERAPY could provide a second-chance for some children and young adults fighting Leukemia and Lymphoma whose first-line drugs have failed.

It uses genetically engineered cells taken from the patient’s own body, and uses them to naturally attack the cancer.

One medical expert said the development is the most exciting thing he’s seen in his lifetime.

  • andrew moore

    There is a company BTPH is the stock symbol that is trying to get this type of treatment FDA approved for other types of cancer as well…..I think this technology is going to be the turning point in our fight to beat cancer.

  • All American

    Praise God! A recent NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC piece told of curing Lukemia using a patients T CELLS.
    Doctors discussed the encouraging successes using innovative T Cell therapy to treat leukemia patients.
    Also, a show featured Dr. David Maloney, Fred Hutch’s medical director for cellular immunotherapy who treated a patient with a type called CAR-T cells.
    They removed some of the patients immune cells, engineered them into cancer assassins and unleashed them into his bloodstream.

  • Frank Pisano

    Having lost a child to this terrible disease, I pray with all my heart they this works.

    • andrew moore

      A company called BPTH is having great success with this type of treatment in other cancers as well.

  • Gary Rogers

    Maybe they should look at cannabis oil as a treatment, and not the type the government has OK’d so far, that is void of THC and barely works. But wait, if they did that then the big pharmacy companies would lose billions of dollars and politicians wouldn’t be able to pad their bank accounts by taking payoffs.

    • DWontheplains

      The only thing Cannabis does for a person with cancer is make them not care that they are dying. Ask any oncologist.

      • All American

        Cannabis is one of many natural healing herbs.
        There are also meals that heal..
        Cooking with fresh herbs or chomping on them raw. Rosemary, Thyme, Cold pressed or expellar pressed coconut oil, Fennel seed, Aloe Vera, Anise, Spearmint, Parsley.
        Local raw honey for sweetner.
        Nuts are a good form of protein and many choices. Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Pecans, Brazil nuts.
        Fresh non GMO fruits, veggies and herbs. Eaten raw.
        Balance acid and alkaline intake.
        Meats that are range free, non-growth hormone and loaded with antibiotics.
        Fresh caught cold water fish not farm raised.

      • SunShine

        My husband died of head-neck cancer. His oncologist recommended cannabis to deal with the pain. Have you tried oxy and stronger? Have you? He most certainly did care that he was dying and it really bummed me out to read your words here. That said, it is not a cure for any form of cancer that I am aware of — but neither is burning people with radiation or fillng them with toxic chemicals that are so terrible that it pains me to remember.

        • andrew moore

          check out a company called BPTH….They are having wonderful results with DNA based delivery of cancer curing medication without the radiation or the toxicity involved with Chemo and they are in phase two trials with other cures as well…..and the only reason I am telling you this is because if your husband had cancer it is possible his children could be at risk as well…..Always good to know information like this if you know what I mean.

          • SunShine

            Thanks …made my day …first losing my husband and now being told our 28-year-old son could be at risk, despite our oncology team stating that head/neck cancer is not genetic as so many other cancers are. It’s been a great day. Quite frankly, though, if I ever am diagnosed with cancer or any other chronic or serious condition, I will refuse treatment. I’ve seen far too many people’s lives following “treatment” as well as the lives of those who have chosen to let the candle burn out, which it will for all of us anyway.

        • DWontheplains

          You just validated my point. Thanks.

  • I hope this is the chance they get without insurance companies getting involved and denying the treatment based on some stupid, exclusion jargon.