Facebook Fighting Court Order Over Law Enforcement Access

A man poses with a magnifier in front of a Facebook logo on display in this illustration. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Facebook is fighting a court order blocking it from notifying users when law officials request to search their online information.

Tech companies and civil liberties groups have joined the social media giant in the D.C case, claiming it violates first amendment rights.

While the hearings are closed, court papers mention search warrants related to protests taking place during President Trump’s inauguration.

Facebook states over the past six months the government has made nearly 41,000 information requests, and provided data in about 83% of those cases.

  • My Head

    I am rarely on Facebook’s side, but in this case I can’t see why they, as a company, would not be allowed to tell it’s customers when law enforcement is investigating them. Are LEO’s trying to circumvent the 4th amendment?

  • captainbars

    all the FB games require you to provide access to your account, including your friends. Many of the games won’t go further if you deny access. Even if you don’t play any of the games, your friends are allowing access to your account when they play. It’s becoming impossible to protect our privacy, may already be impossible. I can understand why people “live off the grid” and return to frontier living. But we all can’t do that. Meantime, we sweat and worry, watching our private lives and records become open arenas, with cameras in every place but the bathrooms. I’m sure they’ll find a reason to have one in there, too.

  • The Deplorable Joe Rocchead

    I support and defended the US Constitution. FaceCrack is not a gub’ment entity and entitled to do what it wishes with one’s posts, banning and removal, or anything else it wishes to do with them. Read the pages of their TOS ( terms of Service) and you will see, you gave up every right you had to dispute what ever it is they think they can and will get away with.
    I read them and decided to Delete my account. Two weeks later it reappeared as thou it never left. I then deleted the content of the account, pictures, friends and posts, and then had facecrack delete what was left. It may be back up as thou i never left. So be it, it zuckerturds platform. If you want a platform that you can control, Built it and they will come.

  • gregg56

    FB and their lawyers seem to be sorely mistaken on the Amendment that is in play here!

    A search warrant falls under the 4th Amendment not the 1st Amendment.

    BTW, the first Amendment gives you the right to speak and publish stupid things.
    It DOES NOT give you the right to do it without consequences!

    FB believes that it’s own censoring of conservative posts is THEIR right to violate my 1st Amendment rights.

    • Fat Vader

      The 1st Amendment protects you from the Govenrment. Facebook can censor whatever content they want. Them deleting content they don’t like, albeit annoying, is not a violation of your 1st Amendment rights.

      • freebird22

        In Tec terms your in a “Walled Garden” so they control all that is published….it’s in their terms of agreement you submit to.

      • freebird22

        In Tec terms your in a “Walled Garden” so they control all that is published….it’s in their terms of agreement you submit to….

    • A marcus Young

      You can say whatever you want. Facebook can block you all they want. They are not government, nor are they restricting you from saying what you like. Who said they have to let you on their website?

  • Doug mau

    We all know FB love to protect criminals and terrorist. They hate law Enforcement.

    • A marcus Young

      That is the same thing as saying all white people are racist. Its simply not true.

  • Matt

    Why don’t they pass a law to MAKE all the social media and Internet giants
    GET our permission to do what they are doing with our privacy first
    instead of hiding the way to opt out on some small fraction of the information they make billions off of.

    • A marcus Young

      Why pass a law when you give them permission? If you post on social media, you do so knowing you dont have to,

  • Doug mau

    One thing about it we know FB love to support criminals. They hate Lae Enforcement!

  • willnkc

    Funny hearing Facebook talk about violating the 1st Amendment when they do that to their users all the time. Facebook is run by a communist who stole his company from his friends, and now acts more like a dictator telling people what they can and cannot say. They will protect an individuals right to post rape and murder on their site, but try referring to a Muslim terrorist in any derogatory way, and they will shut you down. Facebook is pro-communist and pro-terrorist.

    • Rick in TX

      Facebook and the first amendment have nothing to do with one another. If you want total control of what goes out do it on your domain, not theirs.

      • Gary Rogers

        Cute. You remind me of the person that sided with Delta in the Ann Coulter situation. He posted that the wonderful thing about capitalism is having the right to serve or not serve any customer you want. To which I replied, Unless you’re a baker and you refuse to serve someone that goes against your religion and morals, then you’re prime time news and referred to as a bigot and homophobe.
        The article clearly states: “Tech companies and civil liberties groups have joined the social media giant in the D.C case, claiming it violates first amendment rights.” So it would appear to me, that Facebook indeed has something to do with the first amendment.
        It’s not about having total control of what goes out, it’s about being treated equally, and not favoring something that fits your agenda or your way of thinking.

        • Rick in TX

          Just because someone says it doesn’t make it so. It’s their domain, not mine or yours, just like the cake decorators. You can’t argue it both ways.

    • A marcus Young

      The first amendment says nothing about citizens not being able to tell each other the cops are watching. It does however protect the citizens from unlawful search and seizure and needing a just cause for investigating you or a business.

      • dave22q

        Obstruction of justice would include disclosure of police operations in order to warn criminals to destroy evidence or to flee. If you tell someone the cops are watching, you become a co-conspirator and deserve what you get. It is exactly the same as outing an undercover or warning of a scheduled police raid. When information is specific to individuals your freedom to disclose if far from absolute. Your intent might be a key element in your obstruction trial.