WATCH: Exposing the Far-Left ‘ANTIFA’ – A Look at the Assault on the First Amendment

June 7, 2017

OAN Newsroom

The far-left activist group known as ANTIFA has been at the forefront of attacks on conservative speakers, as well as the supporters of President Trump.

One America’s Marty Golingan has more on the origin of ANTIFA and the globalists who back their unconstitutional behavior on American soil.

  • MLCross

    In April, a mob of hooded and masked white people stormed onto the campus of a public university to attack a gay man and firebombed the Martin Luther King Jr building.

    The KKK?

    Nope. They call themselves Antifa now.

  • the great kazoo

    Globalist Brownshirts.

    McCarthy was right.

  • grandmother5

    They can not help that they are stupid and ignorant . I would like to see them in 10-20 years. I would like to see the change in the way they think. Are they paid for looking and acting stupid? They even attacked a news reporter while he was reporting the riot. Why do they cover their faces? If they are proud of what they are doing, show their face for the world to see. I think they are paid to do what they do. Employer…….Soros. Is he the Anti-Christ?

  • Use Common Sense

    They look and act like ISIS

  • Use Common Sense

    Please come to Dallas. Make a big media event of it so we know you are coming. I will go buy some special ammo for you.

  • All American

    Prosecute Soros. Confiscate his wealth. Arrest all those that financially support this radical agenda.
    “They” profess to be anti-fascism when in fact they project the true meaning of fascism.
    “They” prohibit free speech and destroy personal as well as public property.
    “They” promote violence, injury and destruction while wearing a black hood to hide their identity but they are not apprehended?
    How do they get away with this in America today? Would I or my neighbor get away with this? NO!!
    Find them. Prosecute them. Lock them all up together @ GITMO. Let them rot there!
    How is the ANTIFA agenda any different from Hitler and the Nazi’s?
    It is not!

    • tedlv

      From what I can gather, Portland OR police quelled the riot there quickly and decisively. Surprising, but good for them.

      • All American

        Yes good for them. Quelling with arrest and prosecution would be nice to see

  • Matt

    look at our new Democrats
    keep voting democrat
    this is their new path
    better hope your children will live thru this
    you don’t see the politicians kids in this
    or the supporters kids
    just your stupid kids they are influencing
    in our colleges, your children are the pawns
    for this war, prepare for more youth deaths

  • Fight4theRight

    Strip Soros off american citizenship (he is hungarian) and confiscate his funds, Restrict financial activities to all organizations he has been sponsoring and see how the whole world will become better.

    • Javin Bond

      Let’s not forget he’s a LITERAL Nazi.

  • Marcus Oakenshield

    if you stand for something and thing you are doing the right thing then one would not hide behind masks and hoods, only criminals do that hence antifa

  • sue

    Why are they allowed to wear mask, start firers, hurt people WHY
    Antifa = Terrorist Why is all this not stopped by our FBI

    • the great kazoo

      Because government swamprats support their cause.

  • maurinemwheatley

    You wear masks and shout down and throw anything at others because of their beliefs,,,, you will go to jail and answer for your assaults…and insults!!!! America’s freedom of speech is for ALL not just yours….have the courage to take off your masks!!! Cowards!

  • 11B_Retired

    ANTIFA is the new black shirt Fascists!

  • FreedomStorm

    ANY assault directed toward me or mine will result in a legally appropriate application of overwhelming force.

    • All American


  • Expat47

    I thought going masked was illegal in most (all?) states & cities in the US.

    • gregg56

      What does that have to do with lawless hate groups?

      • HarryObrian

        they shouldn’t even be allowed on the street…

      • Alice Severson

        ummm BECAUSE they have mask on. too much of a fridycat to show their face.

    • My Head

      Only if you voted for Trump. All other violations are currently being ignored.

      • dan Lindsey

        F head

    • All American

      That is what I thought so why isn’t law enforcement doing anything? The FBI?? DOJ??
      Someone better beforevthe normal folks crack and then what happens…

  • old409

    ANTIFA ,,,, the New KKK. Hit me or throw something at me and you can expect to be shot. It is that plain and simple. Assault me and I’ll shoot you.

    • gregg56


      Assault me, I assault back, with superior force and accuracy!

      • R A.

        Center Mass!!!

  • rabidchimp

    ANTIFAFA= AntiFacist Facist!

    • gregg56

      This could turn into the department of redundancy department joke VERY quickly!

  • gregg56

    You can tell that these hate groups KNOW that they are doing the correct thing because they all wear hoodies and cover their faces! THAT tells me EVERYTHING I need to know! These people KNOW they are breaking laws and trampling on other people’s rights which is why they do not want to be identified.

    Of course, since most seem to be college age snowflakes, they may be concerned that having Mommy and Daddy–or some of the parent’s friends–identify the THUGS from news footage might result in Mommy and Daddy deciding that their little THUGS need to pay their own way through college!

    • Jarrad Williams

      The last part of your post hits on a glaring truth. Many of these brats do have moderate to conservative parents. If their parents are footing the majority of their college bill and expenses the threat of rescinding that funding SHOULD loom over their heads. If I had college-age children and were footing the bills I would make that threat very clear before the first admission application was submitted.

  • Sonny Shaw

    Those who call themselves Anti-Fascists are actually fascists. These are the same techniques used by the Socialist in Europe in the last century that brought us The Spanish revolution in the 1930’s, WW II and the Nazi’s and they should be stopped at all costs now. Unite and meet these leftist fascists on the street and start kicking some azz, that is what we need and to find out who is paying for all of this. If it is George Soros he should be tried for subversion and sedition and shot by firing squad.

    • whatsup

      They should throw the book at them.

  • gregg56

    ANTIFA and the BLM both do everything possible to deny ANYONE whose views do not align with those groups their Constitutional Rights under the 1st Amendment! Funny thing is that when ANYONE advocates suppressing the hate speech of these groups, THEY scream at the top of their collective lungs that the people who are trying to stop the hate as suppressing the 1st Amendment Rights of ANTIFA and the BLM!

    • Sonny Shaw

      They use our Constitutional protection to attack us and divide us.

      • gregg56

        THAT is the very definition of subversive behavior.

      • gregg56

        I believe a couple of time of WELL ORGANIZED conservative resistance employing similar–but legal–tactics against them will put a stop to their protests!

        Arrest, unmask, and make their identities VERY public, and these protests will come to a quick stop, right after Mommy and Daddy’ money does!

  • Roy Beane

    THIS is what all those kids at Normandy back in `44 and in all the battles and wars since then have DIED FOR??

    • Tom P.

      No, this is not what they died for. The country those guys died for has hasn’t existed for a few decades.

      • HarryObrian

        Since 1980 by my recollection, only intensified exponentially when the Dixie Mafia got involved in 1992 with Clintoon.

        • the great kazoo

          It started with bush1’s “new world order”.
          Or maybe even with the assassination of JFK.

          • Tom P.

            It started at the end of WW2 when the Greatest Generation prospered.

            Great as they were, they spoiled their children, after having themselves lived through the Depression and the war. They wanted nothing but the best for their little darlings, who grew into the hippie generation of the 1960s. And that was it.

  • Ash Coleman

    ANTIFA = Terrorist Organisation and should be exterminated to the last.

    • Ranter101

      ANTIFA and BLM, two domestic terrorist organizations that should be treated as such. Tell you one thing, I see someone throwing flares and bottles at me and mine, things I consider to be deadly weapons, only one thing comes to mind: “return fire.”

      • gregg56

        AS the tee shirt says:

        Keep calm and return fire!

        • 11B_Retired

          I have that shirt….

      • All American

        And the Muslim Brotherhood

      • Javin Bond

        Not so much BLM. Note that on exactly November 8th, you ceased to hear anything about BLM at all. BLM’s only job was to get the American voters (especially black voters) whipped into a frenzy, and then when the DNC came out and “pulled the trigger” by calling their opponent a “racist” (regardless of who their opponent was, this was the plan) then they should win hands-down with the anti-racist vote. It didn’t work, but that was the plan. Now that the BLM is no longer useful, you won’t hear anything about them again.

        • Lesli Perfili

          No, they are still active.

          • Javin Bond

            And? When’s the last time you heard about them? The pawns don’t realize they were just being used for the game, but they’ve lost their usefulness so are no longer in the news.

          • Lesli Perfili

            Last night Tucker Carlson had Lisa Durden on talking about events that BLM has been/doing lately, but she immediately went off the deep end. A must watch.
            Evidently they are pushing for segregation.

          • Javin Bond

            I’ll definitely check it out, but you’re only further making my point. They ceased to be “useful idiots” so now you only hear about them on Tucker. Not a peep on MSM.

  • AtomicFury

    These are the cretins who hijack the liberal agenda and rallies to make things uglier than they need to be. If only the liberals would stand up and unite against these anti-Americans, then we can have a proper discussion they hold so dear to their hearts. But good luck with that. They’re infested with leftists.

    • Sonny Shaw

      This is a slow moving revolution that should be watched by the FBI under the Sedition Act of 1918.

    • Scott

      These are Liberals.

      • HarryObrian

        these are Soros 0bamabots…

        • All American

          Yes it is a pure Nazi movement

      • All American