Expert Says American Health Care Act Step in Right Direction

March 9, 2017

New York, NY – Claire Hardwick, OAN Political Correspondent

House Republicans are working hard to make changes to the American Health Care Act before it heads to the House floor for a vote, but according to one healthcare expert, the bill is already a step in the right direction.

Paul Howard is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and an expert on health care.

He said that the American Health Care Act takes power away from the federal government, and gives it back to the states.

This will allow voters in each state to decide what works for them, and will give lawmakers more accountability.

The bill passed its first major obstacle by clearing the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives, but further markups are expected.

Especially if the bill passes in the House and heads to the Senate, where Senator Rand Paul will have a major impact.

“Senator Rand Paul has been advocating for more of a deregulatory approach, he doesn’t want to see I think new tax credits, just wants to see deregulation of the market which is part of what other Republicans want, but he views offering refundable tax credits as another entitlement, so he doesn’t want that wants to see Republicans step back from offering those kind of credits,” Howard said.

President Trump said in a tweet that the “healthcare reform bill will end in a beautiful picture,” and Congressional Republicans are working hard to make this happen.

  • Jose Arcadio Buendia

    the first people to lose healthcare should be the senators, representatives, and all the other officials who get the best healthcare in our country at the taxpayers expense. then we need to address the vetting for those who claim they can’t afford healthcare, we to vet these folk, and medicare and medicaid should not be available to immigrants who have not paid into the system

  • chesty52

    As it seems to be in every major issue facing our nation, this (healthcare) argument/debate will be determined by which political party best snows the American people into believing its side of the story. What a shame and what a lousy way to run a railroad! We, the people, are truly pawns in this evolution and will remain so until we dig-in our heels and demand clear and understandable information about Obamacare, its strengths and weaknesses, and the Republican’s plan, strengths and weaknesses. Then and only then can we make informed decisions about which is the better of the two. And therein lies the problem. Neither side truly knows how their respective plan will play out into the future. And we, the people? An additional decision we must make is whether to leave some portion (5 million, 15 million, 40 million….pick your poison from the different estimates thrown at us) of our people without health care (and that does not include having to free load off emergency rooms) because they do not qualify for Medicaid but yet do not make enough money to buy health insurance. As businesses and government (at all levels) continue to cut costs, including health care and/or health insurance subsidies) this question will become more and more pertinent to those who currently have health insurance.

  • Jose Arcadio Buendia

    I don’t understand what’s holding up the repeal and replace. could it be Washington both Republican and Democrat are haggling over who gets to make money;
    -why does everyone need health care, if i am young and healthy why should i be forced to pay for insurance i will not use
    – why are people who should not be getting treatment because they can’t afford it demanding that they get treatment
    -just like we are getting extreme vetting for immigrants, the US health care industry must also vet the doctors and their patients who ‘can’t afford’ to pay for their medical expenses
    -I have seen ‘charity’ patients roll up in Benzes, fancy sneakers, diamond rings, fancy phones…
    -Of course they can’t afford health care, they are buying other goodies. Solution double extreme vetting is what is needed. Decisions have consequences too, no
    -Further, people who live off of public assistance should not be able to vote for getting more public assistance.

  • badass

    I just don’t care what version of insurance BUT don’t like to pay for those laziness. they should earn their insurance, period.
    I don’t mind to pay for govt’s employees, why? because they’re servicing us, daily.
    All the illegal aliens, lazy pigs; Rosie O, John L, M. waters, nancy P., chuck s. , they’d pay for themselves.

  • daisydoyle

    The people are wondering why there is lifetime health care for all reps on Capitol Hill. How now brown cow?

  • Margaret Keller

    I am glad that the HH mandate will be gone and abortion I don’t want any body to be without health care insurance. I just don’t want the HH mandate and abortion

  • All American

    NO AMERICANS WANT 1,2,3 all at one time.
    NO AMERICANS WANT full repeal and replace.
    NO AMERICANS WANT The “plan” to pertain to “everyone” not limited to but including All Government Employees!

  • CharlieSeattle

    BTW, Let’s vote out the e/GOP RINO’s …..regardless of this vote.

    RINO Paul Ryan re-elected 2016
    RINO Mitch McConnell re-elected 2016
    RINO John McCain re-elected 2016
    RINO Roy Blunt re-elected 2016
    RINO Lamar Alexander re-elected 2014
    RINO Lindsey Graham re-elected 2014
    RINO Thad Cochran re-elected 2014
    RINO Orrin Hatch re-elected 2012
    RINO Bob Corker re-elected 2012
    RINO Ben Sasse elected 2014

    I know I missed a few others.

    Ironically, most RINO seats saved by Trumps election, most likely voted for Hillary Clinton!

  • CharlieSeattle


    GOP Healthcare Plan Would Allow Illegal Aliens to Get Tax Credits — Tell Congress to Close the Loophole!

    Dear activists,

    On Monday night, GOP Leaders unveiled a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Unfortunately, the legislation, as introduced, would allow illegal aliens to access taxpayer-funded benefits.

    NumbersUSA takes no position on the healthcare issue in general. But we do oppose taxpayer benefits going to illegal aliens.

    Under Obamacare, as many as 500,000 illegal aliens were able to obtain healthcare subsidies, amounting to $750 million, according to a 2015 Senate report, even though the law specifically excludes them from accessing the subsidies.

    At best, the GOP healthcare plan would keep the same failed verification process from the Affordable Care Act in place. But our Capitol Hill team is hearing from multiple contacts that the plan may not have a verification process at all to keep illegal aliens from accessing the plans tax credits.

  • CharlieSeattle


    By: Daniel Horowitz — March 07, 2017

    One of the most memorable moments of Obama’s presidency was when Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C. (D, 65%) could no longer contain his anger as the president touted his signature health care legislation before a joint session of Congress. When Obama promised that illegal aliens would not be able to access the subsidies, Wilson shouted, “You lie!”

    Sadly, eight years later, Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (F, 51%) and Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (F, 40%) are well on their way to tweaking Obamacare and owning it for themselves under the stratagem of calling it “repeal and replace.” Now it appears that we might need Joe Wilson to direct his truth bomb at his own party. If nothing is done, Obamacare 2.0 will contain the same verification provisions as the original version that have enabled illegal aliens engaging in identity fraud to access the subsidies.

    On page 37 of the draft legislation released by the Committee on Ways and Means, the bill calls for the use of the same verification methods as spelled out in sections 1411 and 1412 of … Obamacare!

    Obamacare was based on verification provisions passed in the Democrats’ 2009 SCHIP bill, which required verification of citizenship but NOT identity. During the Obamacare debate, our side constantly said using the SCHIP provisions would encourage identity fraud and could qualify illegal immigrants for subsidies.

    However, this bill would make the situation even worse than Obamacare. Although Obamacare didn’t require photo ID and fingerprints to verify identity, it did harness the Department of Homeland Security’s Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) database. Thus, officials were at least able to check immigration status against Social Security numbers.

    The problem with this bill is that because it tweaks Obamacare and creates a new massive entitlement system through the budget reconciliation process, it cannot have the statutory effect of mandating HHS and IRS work with Citizenship and Immigration Services to use the SAVE database because that issue is outside the jurisdiction of the reporting committees. And no subject matter from other committees can be included in reconciliation.

    Thus, to pass Obamacare 2.0 instead of plain repeal via budget reconciliation, Republicans must use weaker verification language.

    • Eric Stoddard

      Tell you what – when those of you who have a problem with “illegals” step up and do the work they do, then you can complain. Until then, spend your time and energy trying to come up with a plan that allows those who want to come here and work, but not live, the opportunity to do so – in the numbers we need to fill the jobs American’s won’t (laboring in the agriculture fields, landscaping, and other similar types of work), All blow and no go most of you.

      • CharlieSeattle

        BS! It is against the law!


        Help Keep U.S. Jobs! Report Employers who Hire Illegal Aliens

        Believe it or not, reports are starting to come in from all over the country that ICE is suddenly interested in learning about employers who hire illegal aliens.
        We are hearing that citizens who report employers who knowingly are hiring illegal aliens, are getting a good response.

        The new number to call to report employers who are knowingly hiring quantities of illegal aliens is (toll free): 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (866-347-2423)

      • CharlieSeattle

        It was an act of TREASON by Obama, Lynch and Congress to NOT enforce existing immigration laws as they ALL swore to do!

        It was an act of TREASON by Obama, Lynch and Congress to legalize the dumping of 11-34 million illegal aliens and their naturalized children into this economy and let the unemployed American citizens pick up the tab for their crimes, healthcare and children’s education.

  • sensen22

    What a worthless article. Take this sentence: “He said that the American Health Care Act takes power away from the federal government, and gives it back to the states.”

    This sentence could mean everything or nothing. What powers, and to what degree is power being returned? What does the mean to plumber Joe? Gibberish to be sure. Demand meaningful statements, accept no generalizations.

  • All American

    How about this:
    The States should manage Medicaid. The Fed should manage Medicare. The people should manage “private” health insurance and the government should stay out of it!

    • Randy Culbertson

      I agree with all you have said except that states should manage Medicaid as that would mean more illegals on Medicaid for states like California whom all along have been allowing numerous illegals on Medicaid………..I say take if you give Medicaid control to the states make them fund it or make sure that those on Medicaid are actually USA citizens…..the staggering cost of Medicaid is because states that allow those whom are not citizens are on it………….I just got a notice in the mail someone used my SSI number to work and they cut my SSI disabilities now I have to either file all over again or file charges against whomever is using my number illegally……………….facts…………

      • All American

        Maybe it will get tax payers off of their duff to fight for their rights and get illegals off our books! Most Americans citizens are highly scrutinized when they apply for any assistance.

  • Frank

    You Political hacks want to impress the American people? Show us the part of the bill that REQUIRES ALL politicians, and their staffs, to be covered under the SAME healthcare legislation.

  • Dens

    This Republican attempt at ‘fixing’ Obamacare is just one more act in the big bi-partisan kabuki theater known as Congress. With this ‘new’ version of taxpayer funded socialized healthcare being pushed by Paul Ryan and his establishment RINO cohorts the fines and taxes for any taxpayers who refuse to play are simply called “surcharges” and are to be collected by big Insurance companies instead of the IRS.

    The bottom line is, Obamacare is not being repealed but instead is being politically massaged to benefit ‘friends’ of big government control over healthcare. An interesting aspect of this ‘new’ plan is that millions and millions of illegal ‘immigrants’ pay nothing to anyone for anything yet they, their children and extended families are fully covered. Just imagine how this makes those legal citizens feel who are working part time jobs without healthcare coverage, paying income taxes, struggling to pay for food, housing, transportation, child care costs and cannot afford to buy health insurance but are advised they must pay a fine, tax or ‘surcharge’ as punishment for being part of the massive working poor.

    Paul Ryan and his fellow snake oil salesmen should be horse whipped for pushing this nightmare as a viable plan for anything except more of the same.

    • All American

      You hit it!

      • Jose Arcadio Buendia

        dens, Paul Ryan is part of the problem. i can’t believe he looks at us with a straight face claiming ‘his plan’ is any different than Obama’s and pass-it-then-read-it pelosi’s Obamacare.
        Ryan and his insurance industry backers had really been working hard for 8 years to solve the obamacare nightmare, no

    • Robert Pollock

      Look at it from the doctor’s side too. They are also constantly under pressure from the insurance companies to do more for less. Like everything else in America, a handful of doctors are paid a lot and people think they’re all over paid. The truth is they are being squeezed beyond the point where being a doctor makes financial sense. My wife will take her $200k student loan to her grave. She’s paid almost the whole amount back over the 15 years she’s been working, because she went to school for 15 years, but with interest, fees and penalties still owes over $50k at 8.5%.
      Last year’s income after taxes, insurance and all expenses etc., for Fifty two, sixty hour weeks was about $55k. And yes of course it affects patient’s outcomes when you remove doctor’s options and incentives.
      A plastic surgeon working along side of her (she’s a general surgeon doing breast cancer exclusively) makes four or five times that much, because almost all of his work is paid through private insurance companies. My wife’s patient’s mostly, don’t have insurance, so she is paid by the State for usually $0.25/$1 billed.
      Is it hard to find a good breast cancer specialist surgeon? Yes. A mediocre plastics surgeon? No. Who saves your life?
      In America, money and looks are more important than breathing.

  • All American

    The people want verification that the new plan will include ALL government employees. Let us know will you DC??

    • William Wooten


      • All American

        Yes they are our employees we are not theirs as they tend to believe!

  • abc2xyz

    What is a camel ?
    It is a “beautiful” horse designed by [ a | Ryan ] committee ,
    That saying is known for a long, long time but we have ended up with lots of camels instead of promised beautiful horses .
    a) immigration, b) health-insurance [ antonym of health-care ] , c) taxation, d) ever growing debt,
    e) almost continous decline of USA place in the world [ math, education, best place to live in ]
    f) fill-good education g) continuous decline of the infrastructure, h) unnecessary, badly managed conflicts,
    i) etc .

    Why ?
    Because the politicians and their acolytes talk a lot and do not know / think what they are doing .
    They do not know what Antoine de Saint-Exupery told us long ago :
    “A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

    Think about that disaster called Obamacare which needed thousands of pages …… think about how much pork, our p1g-politicians put in that law .
    Think about how much obamacare-pork our p1g politicians still do not touch but keep for themselves .
    Why ?
    Hey that’s easy : votes, donors, [re]election, paybacks, and of course power .
    Also …… Goya’s “The sleep of reason, creates monsters” [ see above some of them ]

    • William Wooten

      I think Obama should be brought on felony charges due to irreversible damage he’s done to or forests by the sheer number of trees cut down to make the 20,000 page ACA. lol

  • Scott

    How is it a “step in the right direction”, when it still allows criminal aliens to gain benefits? How is it a “step in the right direction” when we the people, will have to pay penalties to the Insurers if we do not follow their guidelines? This is more like a “step into a pile of manure”.

    • Scott

      It is much better than Obama Care though, I will agree with that.

      • All American

        Why go from the pot into the fire!

        • Scott

          I have always had to pay for my healthcare. I have always been a taxpayer, not a taker. I like being able to control my own destiny. This plan allows this more than Traitorcare does. Barry and his band to traitors should have been executed for this.

          • All American

            Yes but Americans will never forget what the Democratic Party failed to do “For” America!

          • Scott

            Give them free stuff, and they will follow. This is how Libtards stay in power.

            I use Keith Ellison of Minnesota as an example of how this works. He is a ghetto master for Minneapolis/St.Paul area and has risen through the ranks in the Democrat party to royalty status.

    • Shawn Mary Reid

      Criminal aliens .cant still get healthcare ? Are you sure ? I also thought all of the mandates were gone too ?

      • Scott

        You should read the Bill. Look it up.

        • LB

          I did. Neither provision seems to be there. Cite the section, please, so I can see it for myself, because I’ve been unable to find it specified in the AHCA.

      • CharlieSeattle


        GOP Healthcare Plan Would Allow Illegal Aliens to Get Tax Credits — Tell Congress to Close the Loophole!

        Dear activists,

        On Monday night, GOP Leaders unveiled a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Unfortunately, the legislation, as introduced, would allow illegal aliens to access taxpayer-funded benefits.

      • Robert Pollock

        Just your mandate is still there, everyone else is exonerated. Aliens qualify for healthcare, but they don’t have any Alien doctors isn’t that always the catch? And their blood is green, so much for our ‘Red Cross’. Criminals don’t need healthcare, they get great plans in jail.
        The “criminal aliens” you refer to can’t be found in my research. What do they look like?

    • William Wooten

      phase 2 and 3 are still coming be patient.

    • LB

      If by aliens, you mean illegal aliens, you are incorrect. Neither the ACA nor the AHCA allow this. Both allow health care for criminals who are here legally.

      I can find no such “penalties” for non compliance to insurers “guidelines” in the AHCA. Can you clarify what you mean by this?

  • Robin MacDonald

    Medicare and Medicaid were not broken they needed to be adjusted. Now since health care for everyone has kicked in the private insurance sector is wavering. We do not want the Government to pay for our health care. Citizens keep the healthcare in the private sector it keeps health care prices low (proven economics). Government control takes away citizen’s power to compete. Ask yourself will government allocate the taxpayers dollar appropriately? Use the Medicare and Medicaid as an example. Politics wants government control. The people want people control. The mainstream media thinks their job is to tell you what to think. Trump is fighting back against the mind control of mainstream media.

    • Rick Martinez

      You are so right, Robin, on all your points…especially putting our health decision back into OUR hands. Yet, people get a bit shook up with CHANGE…more excited than afraid at first. Healthcare is about QUALITY, ACCESS and then about AFFORDABILITY or cost. If it’s too cheap, no doctor wants to see or treat us. So we have to pay something. And we must not allow the government to either DECIDE or to PAY for us…if we can do it ourselves–which is what this new plan is all about. And we haven’t heard the good parts yet…about how insurance companies are going to fight competitively for OUR dollars–which will bring OUR deductibles and co-payments way down. Great overview, Robin.

    • William Wooten

      medicare would be in a lot better shape if Obama hadn’t messede with medicare to help pay the subsidies for the ACA.

      • All American

        The government has “BORROWED” billions from Social Security to fund their wars nearly tapping the fund to extinction. Since this money belings to the people that paid into it with interest, I hope that they plan to pay us back with interest soon!
        I sure would love to review these books!!

    • Robert Pollock

      Economics 101 from the 1970’s agrees with you. But in today’s real world, Canada’s system does everything America’s does for 40% less across the board why? because it’s not a business with armies of people working for insurance companies making salaries and profits. Arithmetic.
      The insurance companies don’t want any poor customers, they leave that money losing market to the Taxpayer or nobody. It’s that simple. Which system to you want? The one that cost much more and that the monopolists have been trying to sell you for 15 years, that Obama tried to fight or the one that costs far less and works very well and (that) they don’t want to talk about?

      • smallbusinessrocks


        Canada’s health care system is not impressive.

        You may have to wait up to 2 years to get a referral to a specialist.


  • JakeXIII

    We should use Tax Free HSAs up to $5,000 for the minor stuff. National Catastrophic Healthcare Coverage (for all US citizens not covered by Medicare or Medicaid) for the really big stuff. Commercial insurance to bridge to gap between the HSA and the Catastrophic Coverage for the medium stuff. This way the first $5K of most people’s healthcare is a true free market system and that will drive down costs. Over 95% of US citizens not covered by Medicare or Medicaid spend less than $5K on healthcare in any given year – so 95% of the time we don’t involve the government or a commercial insurer. Let the government ( through Medicare) negotiate the big stuff with the giant hospitals and drug companies because they have the leverage. Let individuals use their HSAs to find the best value for minor medical care in a true free market system.

    • Chris C.

      Makes to much sense for it to work. Big Gov would have to screw it up some how so they can get their cut. I like the idea though.

      • William Wooten


    • olddog1960

      That is one of the best solutions I have heard yet. I would only add to your idea the thought of a 2 cent consumption tax to pay for the catastrophic coverage.