Donna Brazile: Death of Seth Rich Made Me Fear For My Life

Donna Brazile, then the acting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, talked to the media on the floor at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July 2016. (Photo/Carlos Barria /Reuters)

November 7, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazil is promoting her new book in which she speaks out on the Clinton campaign, the hacking of DNC emails, and Seth Rich.

Rich was a DNC staffer who was murdered shortly before Wikileaks published thousands of DNC emails, provoking theories surrounding his involvement and death.

Brazil defended her decision to release her book, saying she has insight into many issues very few others possess.

“Here’s what they don’t know…they don’t know what it was like to be over at the DNC during this hacking…they don’t know what it’s like to burry a child…I do… Seth Rich… they don’t know what it’s like to protect a staff from harassment,” Brazile said.

Her new book is dedicated to sevenpeople — one of whom is the murdered DNC staffer.

In the book, Brazile says Rich’s murder haunted as far as to the point of installing surveillance cameras at her home, and closing the blinds in her office for fear she could be seen by snipers.

  • Steve Suiter

    This makes Watergate look pretty insignifcant.

  • Rose

    This is the normal for Democrat party.

  • nfcapitalist

    Donna Brazile said on Tucker Carlson that she gave questions to all three of the Democrat candidates… like she thought that we would understand she, Donna, was being fair and balanced… and that’s how even FOX talking heads are seeing it!

    That’s just CRAZY!!!

    The Democrats and their agitation propaganda CLINTON NEWS NETWORK are good with giving the questions they will be asked on what is represented as a debate on how they might react to this that or the other… is this NORMAL NOW?

  • Billy Coleman

    This woman is very very brave. My admiration of her courage not only to publish her book but to continue risking her life by crossing the clintons so brazenly and on so many different situations and criminal activities being perpetrated by the clinton machine is baffling. I am a conservative libertarian and have no love for the left but this woman is shaking of the political dogma of liberalism and is warning us all of the depravity and heinousness of the criminals in bed with clintons. Jeffsessions needs to be fired for not forcing this issue to be vigorously investigated and all participants prosecuted for treason. These crimes against the american people were and are a danger to the nation and should be treated as such. Donna Brazil needs to be protected and granted immunity.

  • Meritocrat

    I just heard Brazile on Carlson show, and when asked about this directly, she said that she feared for her life because Trump said her name repeatedly. What a crock. I cancelled my order for her book.

  • Ed L

    Brazile needs to be put in witness protection ASAP. Before they find her in a park done in by a self inflicted cross bow injury

  • weldon2

    Gave Candidate Clinton advance Debate questions. These people read like a Soap Opera.

  • Carol Upton

    Just think what Brazile could have done with that information had Hillary Clinton been elected President!

  • 0ld_Fart

    So, Donna was Seth Rich’s mama? That’s Rich. Pun intended.

  • Letmesay

    My thoughts are is she blaming the Democrats or the Republicans for her fear. Because she is careful not to be clear. She was talking to the view and stated she had great respect for Hillary.
    I believe the woman is just promoting her liberal book. She was part of the voting fraud and hacks.

  • Porkeating Crusader

    Brazil thought she was scared then, she better spend every bit of the book royalties on security now!

  • thecleaner45

    With the Clinton’s kill team her last sentence could be so true.

  • Okie


  • Okie

    C L I N T O N S ????????????

  • C B

    Somebody must have licked the Red off her Lolly Pop …………..

  • Barbara Burke

    She also said Clinton MONEY was needed to fund the DNC but my question is where did Clinton get all of this money??? Lets talk about THAT since I recall them stating they were totally broke when they left the White House. Follow that money.

  • John Titor

    The Clinton’s and their accomplices are responsible for over a dozen murders. The criteria to be killed was “you just had to be a threat to Bill or Hillary.’ Why have they not been prosecuted? It is to America’s shame that no one else stands up and just says, “The Clinton’s are murderers.”

  • Razorback

    The FBI, CIA, and DOJ under Obama, were transformed into arms of the deep state. With Obama in the white house, the entire government was corrupted. That’s why the swamp must be drained.

    • hobartneck

      can you imagine the machine that was made placed into the hands of Hillary Cunton?

  • Scott Henke

    I wonder who ticked her off so much that she’s now whistleblowing on her party’s corruption, the Clintons, even Obama. Even if it’s only a cheap ploy to sell books, these talking points are priceless.

  • Derek Dominico

    The Clintons are like a Hollywood violent horror movie where the bad guys got away !!

  • Chuck Brown

    Careful Donna, Clinton has a large body count.

  • Easyrinos

    I did not tip off Hillary to debate questions.I did not tip off Hillary to debate questions.

  • PGCDan

    I don’t blame her.

    • PatrickJ

      I don’t either.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    ho, hum, still no investigation into the Clinton Crime Syndicate…….obviously the Clintons ARE, ABOVE, THE LAW…

    • PatrickJ

      You may be right, but I don’t think that story is finished just yet.

  • PatrickJ

    I know some of you don’t like me supporting Donna Brazile. I understand the concern. But on the flip side of that, we have a real whistle blower here on the corruption of the Demcratic Party big time.

    I think we shouldn’t miss the chance. Right now she’s pissed at the Democratic Party for what she perceives as the way they have treated her. Me, I’m lovin’ it.

    What is that that phrase? You should never let a good opportuninty go to waste, or something like that. Actually, I think he’s the mayor of Chicago right now. Whatever.

    • Scott Henke

      Wow, I just commented basically the same things.

    • jvlewis

      Never let a good tragedy go to waist. I agree with you, we should take this seriously, but Mueller and Rosenstein are up to their eyeballs in this scandal and I question how many RINOs might be hiding something as well, that includes Sessions. They sure can’t seem to do anything to get an investigation going. That is deliberate.

  • survivor50

    Donna didn’t want to “Wake up with the fishes…”

    • Jim

      The DC police (LOL) and the FBI (LOL) should pull her in and ask her more about those comments. BTW,what ever happened to the DC investigation??

  • Jack R.

    The Russians did it? Why? If, as the left claims, it was the Russians that leaked Podesta’s dirty tricks against Bernie to voters, then why wouldn’t they want him to stick around to say it? On the other hand, if he had talked, then the whole Democrats’ Russia, Russia, Russia, dance around the campfire chant would have fallen apart, hence a motive to kill him?

    • Dan Beok


  • DrSheilahere

    How can any one family (Clinton) have a power that never, ever, ever,
    leaves any clue? No one ever spoke up? Assassins never flip? We are
    talking a long list of strange deaths. How do you engender that loyalty?

    • survivor50


    • PatrickJ

      Maybe because you don’t to wind of dead on the sidewalk. Just saying.

      • Jim

        Plus, they have dirt on every body, every body!

    • tully bascomb

      Not one family, it is a syndicate.
      Filegate in 93 is a prime example as to how they can and did blackmail, bribe and murder their way to the top.
      Look at Billybobs history in Arkansas including when he was working with the CIA at Mena airport.
      Money and power, power and money.

  • DrSheilahere

    How can any one family (Clinton) have a power that never, ever, ever, leads any clue? No one ever spoke up? Assassins never flip? We are talking a long list of strange deaths. How do you engender that loyalty?

    • PatrickJ

      Maybe you threaten them with death?

  • RightofCruz

    Hillary will probably use the same hitman she hired to kill Seth Rich.

    • Patriot

      As she used in Vince Foster. There’s a very bad person who works for her. Far worse than Blumenthal.

  • Patriot

    Makes you wonder if a former Arkansas State Trooper has become a rogue agent of the Clintons. A lot of dead people, with the original ones in Arkansas. There’s a likely serial killer loose.

  • Phil M. Kelley

    We know of five murders Hildabeast engineered: Vince Foster and four in Benghazi. Seth Rich may be another and there are doubtless others we do not know about.

    • PatrickJ

      There’s a lot more than that, Phil.

  • Patriot

    Guess she believes Rich was not a robbery victim. I really, really wonder just why she would even think such a thing.

    • Jesse

      She appears to be the only one of the left with a conscience.

  • KCR

    Rich, Foster, how many others? When the Clinton’s are involved people seem to turn up dead.

  • chatty cathy

    “I was so afraid for my life I wrote a book about it!!!” Really?? She’s just hoping to cover her butt because she was corrupt like the rest of them. Just hoping the attention will help ‘save’ her. Not too sure about that. Better still be closing those blinds. I would if her! Trying to jump ship before it sinks. We’ll see if that boat sinks like we all hope. Ugh!!

  • Daniel J. Lopez

    The Democratic Party insulting behavior virtually the same as: President Trump: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters.” except, the Democratic Part actually did…

  • Chris m

    Very brave woman to speak out, I would hope to see her continue her endeavor in politics. The truth is mostly absent nowadays. Oh, and help her get some protection, swamp rats will be looking for her.

  • Roy Beane

    Hillary will do the usual Clinton thing with this, and just deny, deny, deny, and claim the whole thing is nothing but the”usual” “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. Poor thing, everybody’s “just out to get her”.
    Well, she may be right on that part, anyway.

  • Chester

    Beware the Underwoods!

  • All American

    Obama says “right to life gun control” and in the same breath “Support Planned Parenthood!”

  • Monique

    anyone who doesn’t think the Clinton’s had something to do with Seth’s death, I have a bridge to no where to sell you. I’ll also bet a rafting trip down Whitewater, that Vince Foster did not commit suicide!

  • Scott

    She KNOWS the DNC put hit out in DC and cover up is so great they WILL not investigate for to many DC people in high place will be exposed for what they are like the Clintons. Democrat cover up the best and Donna is big Democrats all her life and believe she still in heart a Democrat but what she sees is more corruption the even she can take. How much corruption of law, live and Constitution can American take before in falls apart like in Calif wanting to separate from the United States and Breaking the law of the Constitution. A whole State breaking basic Constitution law why all for illegals they want to run Calif. The cost to Calif is in Billions every year and state is broke and in decline you have to be rich to live here for taxes just keep going up and there is NO end. Calif is Democrat control one party state they fixed it that way under the cover of media being Democrat and lies and media repeating lies for as institution they are just run by few and they are Democratic.

  • xmisterx9

    Seth Rich … just another random death with links to Hillary Clinton. Glad to see Brazile has not forgotten him.

  • veryoldcop

    I wonder, does Donna know something about Richs death she has not yet shared ?

  • Biform25

    There is no honor among thieves, they are all thieves, Including Donna who is attempting to shift blame. She’s as rotten as the rest of the Clinton crooks.


  • Trzo9veuha

    Donna, do you mean the other 40 some deaths associated with the clintoons over the years didn’t upset you?

  • Sheila Garrett

    She is saying what we have all been saying all along about the Clinton crime syndicate. Cross them and you’d better get a life insurance policy that excludes suicide.

  • SR 71

    T hildabeast is going down and when she does and is arrested, She will sing like a bird which will be the end of the ESTABLISHMENT in the USA. Lets get it on.

    • Katfishkelly M

      hahaha mental image of her screaming with mad eyes like she does.. telling off about everyone… hahhahahahaa

    • Trzo9veuha

      They are all stonwalling and appeasing waiting for the next demo to be elected pres so he can exonerate/pardon them all.

  • Katfishkelly M

    she should STILL be living scared that way fearing the SAME MACHINE that took Seth.. after all her telling of the truth.. she too will end up on that same list of people who die but other excuses are made up about how they died.. and SHE KNOWS IT.. she is SAYING IT HERE.. … true monsters let the TRUTH be said.. then just say the source is crazy or deny since no PROOF.. and the proof gets killed off if it breathes… and PAID OFF to say it was just a robbery.. its been working for many decades now.. but this blantant telling of it will not be tolerated by them.. bad brakes.. mysterious illness.. random crime… horribly imposs to do suicide… she needs 24/7 security for life..

    • Trzo9veuha

      IMO, Donna is setting up a diversion to keep the investigators away as long as possible. She
      is appeasing the right in hopes of being the last one eaten by the
      right’s crocodile when the indictments come. If she can just hold out
      until the next demo pres is elected she will be safe.

  • Brad

    If it involves the previous administration or the clintons then it is criminal. Only thing that makes this worse is our so called elected representatives ignoring this criminal activity. Drain the swamp, MAGA.

  • landy fincannon

    What, you think Donna did not have the go ahead to release any of this?

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Wise consideration. Robbed my ass.

  • Roy Beane

    She has reason to be afraid……if you cross the Clinton’s YOU DIE.


    Tell me again how Seth Rich was a robbery gone bad ???

  • Mark Hom

    Data forensic analysis showed that the DNC email download was perform locally by an insider from a DNC network computer onto a thumb drive, not by remote Russian hackers.

    • ClearthoughtNY

      …never mind the truth…russia russia russia…

  • Ash Coleman

    hmmmmmmm why is it so QUIET in here?! All the libbies have avoided THIS story LOL

  • bry101

    Brazile knows for a fact that someone in that party called for the murder of Seth Rich and Brazile could collect the FBIs crime fee and Wikileaks crime fee on Seth Rich death if she would come clean,, but she also knows that she should’ve come clean about it a year ago,, the clintons have killed more people than Jack the Reaper and Charles Manson combined!!

  • randal varry

    ooh, girl, you gunna get suicided.

  • FromThe70s

    Creature from the turd water lagoon.

  • No Mas

    If working for the DNC makes you want to close curtains for snipers, you should have reported this long long ago…
    How much of this is sensationalized to sell a book, because if she felt this way, she should have resigned and then sold her book. She just another elitist opportunist scum.

    • Tim maher

      How quickly you guys turn on your heroes when they finally get enough of the DNC filth and start airing your dirty laundry. Better than watching a movie.

  • Caddolakeguy

    She will now probably commit suicide by shooting herself in the back three times.

    • Ash Coleman

      …or another nail-gun accident where the deceased nailed their self to the wall before going for the coup de gras

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      With no gunpowder residue found on her hands, although, to be fair, it was reported that the crack D.C. Park Police never tested for gun residue on Vince Foster’s hands. They missed class the day that was being taught in Park Police school, I guess. And no powder burns on Foster’s head, so he must have held the gun ten or twelve feet from his head when he shot himself. Must have had really long arms.

      • f4UPhantom

        …the gun, Melvin, as you likely know, was found in his hand, which, if you asked a forensic expert/crime scene expert, they will tell you that almost always, that suicide gun flys out of the person’s hand, the instant the bullet enters the body, assisted of course, by the pistols recoil…
        Vince’s arms, as well, were both neatly tucked against his body, as if he were laying ‘in state’….
        All of this…in Marcy Park; no one heard a thing.

  • michaelparsons

    She’d have more creditability is she dropped the name of the person that gave her the questions.

    • No Mas

      Very good point… lol she is just another elitist opportunist with her hands out for book sales…

      • Melvin Bonzarelli

        DNC troll alert!

      • xmisterx9

        Yet there is a lot of truth being told… even if the lure of money prompted the book.

  • Ziggy Swenson

    The dnc claimed that Seth Rich’s murder was just a robbery ! Why was donna scared ,maybe she knows it was killery that did the robbery just like stealing the nomination !!!

    • libertybells2

      I agree. Reading the concern Donna had for Seth, leaves me to wonder that Donna knows a lot, lot more than she is willing to bring forth..and that may just be the Seth Rich murder by clinton operatives.

      • Disgusted Caucasian

        She knows it all and is making the Clintons aware, via a public forum, that she will take them down if she feels any heat. Maybe Brazil has even sent evidence to Wikileaks in an envelope that reads…’only publicize upon my death.’

  • Sandy W

    Has she ever said who it is/was she fears? For all we know she thinks the right is after her…except the right isn’t the ones shooting up elected officials or tackling them while they cut their grass.

    • Sane_Person37

      I understand your point but given Seth Rich was potentially killed for sending the stuff to wikileaks, we can presume it was a DNC hitman.

      • Katfishkelly M

        DNC= Do Not Cross hillary!

      • Scalandria


        • Sane_Person37

          I wouldn’t put her in that role. Also see reply to above comment

      • A.reader

        And who controlled the DNC and its money? (Rhetorical)

        • Sane_Person37

          I read a pretty well put together piece that talked about a group that puts people like bill clinton into political power – the governor then the president and that they had some trouble controlling his hormone induced activities. So in short, I believe this group protects their puppets. They deal with the hitmen when a target arises.

      • Sandy W

        I’m just tired of the cloak and dagger. She lamented having to “bury a child – Seth Rich” then she needs to name names and see that he gets justice. Otherwise it’s all just talk to sell books.

        • Sane_Person37

          Understood. Well, it’s been a long road of murdering 30? 40? clinton close associates and staff over the years since bubba was Arkansas governor.
          The former Haiti official who was going to testify against the clinton foundation recently was killed while he was in protective custody. I don’t think Donna is going to get it done or that she even has smoking gun information. I do however view it as something that one of the insiders is providing at least some view into the evil that is the clintons and the DNC.

          • Sandy W


    • Sandy Harris

      The Right has no motive. The Left has a huge motive!

  • Tado

    Black woman, who killed that White Man?

    • Heremeroor

      and who made the order?? the Godcouple!!!!!!!

  • Kyle Smith

    Does anyone else understand how serious of an accusation this is?

    • Danny Fitzpatrick

      What`s amazing is that nothing will probably come from this.. The Democrats can be accused of murder and get away with it. Meanwhile; a simple Watergate burglary is considered the crime of the century by the left. The hypocrisy is astounding !!

      • allright

        What’s even more amazing is the MSM ignoring this day after day…oh, wait…never mind.

        • PatrickJ

          What did you exactly expect? Popcorn and Tuttie Fruities? We are dealing with the Democratic Party here. They could serve up dog poop and claim it was ice cream, and most Americans would believe them.

          • Meritocrat

            Not most, just the sheep.

      • Scott

        This is the deep state kill and so long as your a Democratic in high place they will do everything to cover it up, Example is Hillary and all the laws she broke and NOT the FBI or the IRS or the CIA and Media goes along with that is real power above the law NOT in the law you have little protection but above the law where you kill and so many will help you cover it up that is DC run by Democrats. Just look at all the fake things that have been said about President Trump and democrat big media will lie for her or any BIG Democratic. We see above the law power Democrat hold at the Federal level Example how can you go from having NO money in 2000 by 2016 be worth 500 million and only give talks and work for the government and we have the uranium one deal and NO investigation why Congress is run by Democrats and employees are Democrats so you do not cross Democrats in power or you may have problem with your health and media will not say word for its being controlled by few Democrats.

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          In a word….demonrats.

      • PatrickJ

        I guess it winds up depending on your perspective. Anything, right up to murder, can be rationalized as necessary. It all comes back to what your objective was in the first place.

        • Razorback

          The absence of God is the presence of evil.

      • tophat1984

        It’s because of all the inbreeding at the top of the pyramid..

    • ConservativeWarrior54

      Everyone understands and she knows she can be killed at any moment by the Clinton machine. They have taken out many as we know, so many seem to just get killed or commit suicide under suspicious circumstances.
      The sooner Clinton is in orange, the better off America will be. We need to get rid of Sessions to make that happen. Either that and Trump gives him a different job, or nothing is going to happen.
      The media has done wonders running defence for Hillary. They are the true enemy. On top in that ticker that they have at Whatfinger News they have the latest fake news by CNN. You all saw yesterday’s fake attack on Trump re: Koi feeding? That Dice fellow at Whatfinger is hilarious and shows lots of clips in that video.
      Sooner or later lots of these leftists will be burning in hell

      • famouswolf

        I do like the sound of ‘sooner’.

      • JJake Spitz

        Clintons are the chess pieces for the global elite and disciples for Soros. Death has always surrounded them.

      • Disgusted Caucasian

        “Everyone understands and she knows she can be killed at any moment by the Clinton machine.”

        A very good point. This is the reason I think that Brazil is trying to stay in the public eye as a form of self preservation. Soon the leftist media will be given orders to ignore Brazil and, after an undetermined amount of time, she will die in a plane crash or commit suicide by shooting herself in the back of her head. I love it when the demonrats start to eat their own.

        • Razorback

          That’s my thinking also. She rushed to get her version of the story in print before it was too late. Unlike many, I believe that Ms. Brazile is basically a good person who became involved in something that she didn’t want to be a part of. When she realized what she was dealing with, it became very real and frightening. I haven’t read her book, but I do hope that it may open some of the blind eyes of other democrats to the element of pure evil operating within their party.

      • LP in AK

        WHY does Mr Sessions have to keep recusing himself? WHAT is his conflict of interest? Are
        we concerned at all about that?

        • MIke 54

          Because he’s a nuttless POS! Trump gave him 11 days to start doing his job before he left on this Asia trip. Sessions is part of the deep state, Trump knows this now and will eliminate him upon his return.

      • Susan Rebman

        But too late to do our country any good…

    • xmisterx9

      How about a serious investigation into this unsolved murder of a DNC staffer who apparently was leaking documents involving Hillary Clinton? I understand there was some rush to judgement investigation that it was a mugging but sometimes there is fire when you see smoke.

      • Kyle Smith

        Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not, but the guy’s name was Seth Rich and the problem with the “mugging narrative” is that, well, they left his wallet and cell phone on him, not to mention a $3k gold necklace he was wearing. Not very good robbers I would say.

        • Sandy Harris

          A don’t forget that his initial injury was so not serious that he was not taken to the hospital in an ambulance but climbed into the back of a police car by himself…then walked in-aided into an emergency room. The ER Doctor who first saw him told police it was minor injuries. After first doctor was dismissed, Doctor who saw him next pronounced him dead. As, of course, he was.
          Sound fishey?

    • Charlene Murphy Weaver

      Obviously, not everybody. You would think someone would be questioning her.

      • Kyle Smith

        Good point. I mean if I were the DC district attorney and someone brought this to my attention I would be obligated to questoin her. You would think.

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          The DC detectives were ordered not to investigate past the mugging call.

    • libertybells2

      Yes and it is frightening that she has put her life at risk. I can imagine Hillary pondering as to how she can permanently rid of Donna.

    • PatrickJ

      Yeah, it crossed my mind.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      It is as big as a story gets. The only way it will get out to the masses is if Trump tweets it.

    • 86em

      She knows what’s going on. She doesn’t want this for herself. I get that, but she fed Hillary.

    • Santiago Dunbar

      The deafening silence about this will be outrageous.

    • Ed L

      Brazile should be put in witness protection asap