Documentary Film Looks at How Mass Immigration is Hurting Europe

November 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

With a wave of Islamic terror spreading across Europe a new documentary about mass immigration is getting international attention.

One America’s Christopher Carter sat down with the filmmaker to discuss the problems Europe is facing.

  • hjole

    being called racist no longer has the sting it did few yrs ago. Call me racist if I disagree with anyone, muslamb of not, I don’t care,doesn’t bother me, I know I’m not a racist.

  • BigC

    Under the plans of George Soros you now see the same thing here on American campus’s, a group called Antifa. He began his communist plunge in Europe. Trump has opened this conversation by speaking the truth about the consequences in Europe, Sweden, etc.. And the liberal judges here tried to stop him from blocking these miscreants from coming here. Take a good look around your neighborhoods. Tell me about all the No-Go zones in our country that never existed before (Dearborn, Hancock, NY and hundreds more). Prepare yourselves for a war, a civil war disguised as racism.

  • pippin2

    Eastern Europe is what Westrn Europe used to be…am glad I got to spend time in the west before Angel brought in all the migrants…what a mess and now, give me the Eastern countries.

  • Recapitate

    Specifically, they keep CHOOSING Socialism.
    They keep turning their freedom, decision making, and responsibility over to government.

    More government = more socialism.

  • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    The video clip says “Friday at 7pm Eastern” but where?? On what network? I check my Dish Network, nothing mentioned about “Killing Europe” documentary anywhere.

  • Wayne Kennedy

    too many elements of Satanism for my liking

  • walcon

    Fill a pot with mud and what do you get? Mud!
    It’s plain and simple. The elites want this to happen to aid in the new world order. The governments do not want smart hard working people- they want dumb, lazy, easy to control workers and voters. The muslims fit the senerio since they are already brainwashed and are easily fooled and manipulated by a religion that can control everything they think and do.
    How stupid are they? They really believe islam is a religion of peace- that should be enough evidence for proof.

  • Tony

    Allah promotes lying and deceit to Islam’s Muslims from the Qur’an.

    – Allah, the best deceiver, is the actual source of Muslim deception. Qur’an 3:54 says, “And they deceived, and Allah deceived. And Allah is the best deceiver.” Qur’an 8:30 says, “…And Allah is the best deceiver.” Qur’an 13:42 says, “… to Allah all the deception…” If Allah is supremely deceitful to non-Muslims, believers can also be deceitful. Allah is morally corrupt. Also, Islam’s Shariah is a seditious legal system opposed to the Constitution.

    – Allah permits believers(Muslims) to lie in an oath. Qur’an 2:225 says, “Allah will not hold you responsible for your mere utterance in an oath, but he will hold you responsible for that which your hearts gained. And Allah is forgiving, forbearing.” Qur’an 5:89 says, “Allah will not hold you responsible for the mere utterance in your oath, but he will hold your responsible in regard to an oath taken seriously…” Muslims are permitted to lie and deceive. Truthfulness is not encouraged. See also Qur’an 66:2.

    – Allah permits believers to lie when compelled. Qur’an 16:106 says, “Whoever becomes an infidel in Allah after he believed, except one who was compelled and his heart is secure in faith; but whoever opens his chest to the infidelity, so on them wrath from Allah, and they will have great torment.” See also Qur’an 40:28; 9:3; 66:2; 8:30.

    – Allah permits believers to lie to Christians, Jews et al. Qur’an 3:28 says, “Believers do not take the infidels for friends, rather than the believers, and whoever does this so he has nothing to do with Allah, except that you should guard yourself from them, cautiously…” Qur’an 5:51 says, “O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Nasara(Christians) as friends. They are friends of one another. And whoever takes them as friends, so surely he is of them. Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”“Hiding faith” to deceive is acceptable(40:28).

    – Allah commands believers to kill Jews and Christians until they convert to Islam or until they pay the extortion penalty(jizya) to stay alive. Qur’an 9:29-30 says, “Engage in war with those who do not believe in Allah nor in the last day. Nor forbid what Allah and his messenger forbid, nor believe in the religion of the truth among those who have given the book until they pay the jizya out of hand and they are subdued. And the Jews said, ‘Uzair is the son of Allah.’ And the Nasara(Christians) said, ‘The Christ is the son of Allah. ‘ This is their saying with their mouths; they repeat the sayings of those who became infidels before. Allah engages in war with them. How perverted they are!” Allah allows lying to family, friends, and enemies. Everyone!

  • Tony

    Muslims are deceivers. Allah’s Apostle and Allah say that Islam CANNOT be REFORMED even if Muslims deceitfully say they can reform Islam to force Islam’s Law(Shariah) on a country’s citizens. Muslims cannot criticize Islam under penalty of death; therefore, non-Muslims cannot criticize Islam. Everyone, please educate your family and friends about Islam. Allah’s words in the Qur’an cannot be changed. Qur’an 6:34 “…And no one can change the words of Allah.” Qur’an 6:115 “And the word of your lord has been completed in truth and fairness, and there is no one to change his words. And he is the hearing, the knowing.” Qur’an 10:64 “… There is no change to the words of Allah…” See Qur’an 3:7… Islam has NO: freedom of speech, religion… Islam must be banned.

    – Allah forbids believers(Muslims) to question the words in the Qur’an. Qur’an 5:101-102 “O you who have believed, do not ask about things which, if they were revealed to you, it would be harmful to you. And if you ask of it when the Qur’an is sent down, it will be revealed to you. Allah will pardon you for this. Allah is forgiving, forbearing. The people before you asked such questions, and by them they became infidels.” Allah commands Muslims to kill infidels[non-Muslims](Qur’an 47:4).

    – Allah demands complete obedience to him and his Apostle. Qur’an 33:36 “And it was not for a believing man or a believing woman, if Allah and his messenger judged an affair, that they will have a choice in their affairs; and whoever disobeys Allah and his messenger, so indeed, they err in a manifest error.” No critical thought is allowed in Islam’s totalitarian system. No liberty is in Shariah.

    – Allah sends the disobedient to the fire of hell. Qur’an 72:22-23 “Say, ‘Surely no one can protect me against Allah, and I will not find any refuge without him except a deliverance from Allah and his messages. And whoever disobeys Allah and his messenger, so surely for him the fire of hell. They abide in it forever and ever.’” No freedom of the press and no pursuit of happiness is in Shariah.

    – Allah sends the transgressors to the fire of hell. Qur’an 5:47 “And that the people of the Gospel[Christians] judge by what Allah has sent down in it. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has sent down, so those are the transgressors.” Allah hates the transgressors in Qur’an 2:190.

  • Tony

    We should make ISLAM AGAINST THE LAW because the Qur’an legalizes hatred, discrimination, terrorism, and violence against women and non-Muslims. From the time a Muslim is born, a Muslim is taught hatred, deceit, terrorism, violence, and victimhood from the Qur’an. Allah and his Apostle created Islam’s ideology and doctrine 1400 years ago for this purpose. In Sahih Muslim (B1,N31), Allah’s Apostle said: “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the Messenger and in all that I have brought. And when they do it, their blood and riches are guaranteed protection…” Either you become a Muslim or you will be killed or not protected from Islam’s violence. Allah demands jihad and terror from ALL MUSLIMS.

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  • Tony

    European politicians are destroying their economies by providing social benefits to non-citizens. ALL Muslims are terrorists. Allah and his angels instruct ALL MUSLIMS from the Qur’an to be terrorists because Allah’s Apostle was a terrorist. Islam must be banned as unlawful because it is the political system of violence and slavery. Please educate your family and friends.

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    – Allah is a terrorist. Qur’an 8:12 “When your lord revealed to the angels: ‘I am with you so make firm those who believed. I will cast a terror into the hearts of those who became infidels. So strike above their necks(decapitation), and strike off(chop off) every finger from them.’” Qur’an 3:151 “We will cast terror into the hearts of those who became infidels because they partner[other gods] with Allah which he did not send down with any sultan. And their abode is the fire, and evil is the place of the unjust.” “Believer” means a Muslim. Hypocrites are Muslims not practicing Islam.

    – Muslims are to be Allah’s terrorists. Qur’an 8:60 “And prepare for them whatever power you can and of the tying of horses. Strike terror into the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others, without them you do not know them; Allah knows them. And what you spend from anything for the sake of Allah, it will be repaid to you, and you will not be dealt with unjustly.“ Non-Muslims are Allah’s enemies; you cannot make peace with Allah.

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    – Allah’s Apostle brags about terrorizing, enslaving, killing, and stealing Jewish and Christian money, land, and lives. Qur’an 33:26-27 “And he brought down the People of the Book who backed them from their strong places and cast the terror into their hearts. A group of them you are killing, and a group of them you are taking captive. And he made you to inherit their land and their homes and their money and a land which you had never set foot on. And Allah was mighty over all things.” If you want peace, Islam must be banned(see Qur’an 47:35). People of the Book are Jews and Christians.

    – Allah commands believers to kill Jews and Christians until they convert to Islam or until they pay the extortion penalty(jizya) to stay alive. Qur’an 9:29-30 says, “Engage in war with those who do not believe in Allah nor in the last day. Nor forbid what Allah and his messenger forbid, nor believe in the religion of the truth among those who have given the book until they pay the jizya out of hand and they are subdued. And the Jews said, ‘Uzair is the son of Allah.’ And the Nasara(Christians) said, ‘The Christ is the son of Allah. ‘ This is their saying with their mouths; they repeat the sayings of those who became infidels before. Allah engages in war with them. How perverted they are!”

  • TrueAmerican

    #WishfulThinking This film should be a training tool for all military and law enforcement abroad

  • No Mas

    America needs a movie showing how Communism is responsible for the greatest mass executions and imprisonment of peoples around the world and then show a comparison of the communist goal and tactics with the democrats…. its IDENTICAL

  • No Mas

    The ISLAMIST CALIPHATE IS disguised as “immigration and refugee assistance”.
    Don’t be FOOLS and destroy America with COMMUNIST and RADICAL ISLAMIST DISEASE!!!!

  • David Fox

    only blind idiot can pretend that the invasion of muslims is not noticeable… so any film of this kind just repeats what every normal person is seeing each day. However, treacherous “politicians” continue selling their countries to muslim agressors

  • Bill Jr

    Then You Surely Won’t See It At The ‘Sundance Film Festival.’

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    Massive Third World immigration will destroy European culture. In our own country, uncontrolled Third World immigration is designed to produce the next generation of low-intelligence, welfare-dependent Democrat voters.

  • Roy Beane

    These so-called “immigrants” (actually many are garden variety terrorists posing as immigrants), leave their homeland supposedly to make a new and better life for themselves in a new country. So what do they do? They proceed to make their new neighborhood just as dirty, filthy, rundown and full of crime as the one they just left. The Liberals just won’t LEARN that Some people just CAN’T be helped, even if a FEW are sincere in some cases. Like a boar hog lying in mud and slop. Sure, it’s filthy and stinks to high heaven but don’t you dare try to move him out of there and clean him up, because he’ll jump up and tear you open because that’s his HOME and he LIKES it that WAY.

  • weldon2

    Won’t be allowed to be shown in “Sanctuary” Cities/States. Free Socialist America ?!

  • SB

    Did we really need a documentary????

  • longlance

    HaHa! Hypocrisy alert! Check OANN Comment Policy.

  • longlance

    Diversity is strength.

  • Wicked Truth

    This is all a plot by the global elites. Trump is the one person that can stave this off, though I doubt in the long run it can be destroyed because there are too many people “on the take”.
    We are Americans and this is America and we refuse to be just like the rest of the world!

  • jenshadus

    Looking forward to it. I want to see it. I think every american who loves this country should go see it.

  • Fergus

    All this began with Europe’s politicians insane desire to be politically correct at all times, at all costs.

    All the British men in my extended family are to afraid to say anything for fear of being seen as intolerant or politically incorrect and they aren’t even in political jobs!


    Europeans too dumb to survive ? that might just be the case…

  • Melissa McShane

    Mass migration only hurts a country when those who are migrating refuse to assimilate and refuse to help themselves.

    • Costa V

      So true!! It has already hurt our country with all the illegal immigration. But definitely not the way it’s destroying parts of Europe.

  • iwontell

    WOW what a SURPRISE…………hahaha

  • C B

    The Hun’s have Invaded Europe in their Trojan Horse called ( EU open borders and immigration ) . How stupid can these people be to allow the Suicide of their own cultures . I’m convinced that there are No Men In Europe .

    • iwontell

      Or BRAINS obviously……….

  • Scott Snerd

    Madness!!!! sheer MADNESS and cultural suicide!!!

  • C B

    Globalism is Cultural Suicide . We don’t want your stinking Global Rot …………………

    • iwontell

      Does that include Kenya……….OK it’s too late for that……………hee-hee

  • Sylvia Avila

    About time someone realizes the problems these Barbarian’s are bring with them into other countries. They are Born, Raised and indoctrinated to violence, killings and stealing it’s in their genes, they have been going it for thousands of years and to them it’s normal? As hard as Countries try they are having problems accepting them into their communities. And they do not want to assimilate into the new Country. So they have a big problem. Time to deport them all back to their place of origin. Or some where close to their home country, or Try and school them? That will be a big task, since they have 3rd World mentality and refuse to learn anything outside of their religion. So what do the Countries do?

  • Deplorable Phytomorphogenesis

    We no longer envy Europe, especially western Europe. It’s FILTHY. The charm is dead.

    We are praying for Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia to keep those useless savages OUT of their beautiful homes.

    • iwontell

      Well maybe for the Czech and Polish Chicks……….

    • Volosolo

      Completely agree and hope they remain strong. Who would have thought eastern Europe would retain our values and become the new conscience of the continent?

  • Kyle Smith

    What is the name of the film, or the filmakers name?

    • Fidgets

      Michael Hanson made the film and Killing Europe is the name of the film

      • Kyle Smith

        thank you.

  • TruthBTold

    This will probably be banned as NeoNazi propaganda. It certainly won’t be shown on any college or university campus. We wouldn’t want the little snowflakes “triggered” to the point where they go to their “safe place” and have to use the crayons and play-doh for therapy from the devestation of the truth.

  • Scott Henke

    Remember when President Trump talked about what’s going on in Sweden and got ripped by the MSM? Just thank God the invasion got stopped for the next three years at least.

    • Deplorable Phytomorphogenesis

      SEVEN years! Thank you!

  • Catalina Heiras-Ramos

    PLEASE don’t tell me you ignore the reason government is letting this happen. The goal is a NEW WORLD ORDER. But first they have to lower the standard of living of successful countries like France, Germany and Switzerland to make everyone the ‘SAME. ” They were not able to improve the standard of living of the poor countries… many more of them… so they decided to lower standard of living of “few…” GET IT? its all towards the NEW WORLD ORDER.

    • C B

      I get it and your spot on ! This Globalism thing is worse than anything the World has ever witnessed .

      • Michael Hawk

        Your Correct ….Its Far Worse ….

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Oh crap, are we going to have to go back to Europe and help them stave off tyranny again? Why do they keep allowing this to happen to their countries?

    • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

      All of this is very interesting and fascinating but I’m an old man. I’ve enjoyed life but like all of us, we have an expiration date. And so does America and the World. I’m thankful I got to enjoy the world at a certain time in history of relative peace.
      My parents, born in the early 1900s enjoyed being part of the greatest generation in history. I also enjoyed it starting in 1950. I encourage young people to fight for good because they are going to have difficult times.

      • Volosolo

        Your comment struck a chord with me because I am also an old man – late 60s. I think I lived in America in the best of times, but I, too, have come to realize that the shelf life of my country is about to expire and it fills me with extreme sadness. Don’t want to get melodramatic and weepy here, but I lived abroad for many years and spent many years traveling, and I will tell you I have actually had tears in my eyes upon seeing an American flag flying in a foreign country. I’m cynical and a bit dour by nature, so I naturally doubt there will be a good outcome re our future. An expiration date indeed. With the exception of fewer than half of the country (the left coast and New England be damned) voting for Trump I don’t see conservatives winning the tide against the left – the left is just too good at destroying things. Hopefully, I’m just an old curmudgeon and simply prone to see the worst. Maybe everything will eventually work out for the best.

        • HurdeyGurdey ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

          I appreciate that reply, thank you.

  • kaiju

    A documentary? Because nobody has noticed the bodies piling up?

    • Vera Orsova

      DemocRats have a history of a sudden blindness when it comes to suspicious deaths related to Hillary, or conflict of interest related to Obama administration, etc. They only turn into Eagle Eyes when President Trump has a second scoop of ice cream, of Melania wears high heeled shoes.

  • survivor50

    I recorded it for my SWISS wife.
    She’s been hearing this from me since 1979… the dual national kids too !
    She now gets it, and became an American citizen, and VOTES!!!

  • Snogard

    Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.