Post DNC Debate Poll Results

Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, conducted a random survey of 760 registered Democratic voters across the U.S. regarding the performance and opinions of the Democrats that took place in the first Democratic Primary debate. The poll has a margin of error of ± 3.6%. The total may not round to 100% because of rounding. The polls were conducted using automated telephone calls (IVR technology) and weighted by party voting characteristics. The poll was conducted for One America News Network.




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  • Beth

    Send like an oddly high number of registered Democrats are conservative or very conservative. I’d be interested to see the breakdown of how that 16% answered the polling.

    • Beth


  • Matt Van Slyke

    When asked about whisteblowers, Hillary would have Wikileaks’ Assange permanently behind bars, partly b/c he did not seek protections for whistleblowers. What a crock! Her admin with Obama has been merciless to people trying to do the right thing in firings, threats and jail time.

    Compare that to Bernie acknowledging how We The People received an infinitely valuable “education” from someone who broke the rules and thankfully remains alive by somehow hiding from Security State thugs.

  • Brian

    How is this a Scientific Poll and how could anyone rely on a sample so low! In Statistics in order for it to be a reliable random sample you need at least 1% of the population involved (Registered Democrats). Assuming they made the 1% bar, this would mean that there would be only 76000 registered democrats (assuming the Dems were from Nevada). If not and this was taken from the American populace all over you can hardly call this a reliable poll.

  • Collin

    I have a quick question, did this poll only count people who watched the debate or did it reach out to everyone who is a registered Democrat? The reason I ask is that with the majority of pundits calling the debate for Hillary wouldn’t it make sense that a lot of people would say Hillary when asked “Who do you think won the debate?”

  • ethan ott

    The only reason that Hillary won is because Hillary lied 80% of the time,unlike bernie sanders who told the truth and deserves to win becuase hillary is no good

  • Paul

    If 68.4% of 2014 HS Graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, why is 89% of your survey participants have post grad to some college. And only 10% represent those with only HS or some HS education. Don’t you find that skewed in favor of those more well educated?

  • Gabriel Doria

    Here’s why this poll is innacurate: 10 states including New Hampshire, Ohio and California have semi-closed primaries, that means that people who are registered as undeclared or unaffiliated like myself can vote for Bernie Sanders. 16 states have open primaries, that means that you can be registered as whatever you want and vote for whatever you want. So we have a lot of republicans that have switched and say they are voting for Bernie and a lot of unaffiliated people who are not being taken into account in some of the major primary/swing states. This poll only asked people registered as democrats what about the unaffiliated voters and the republicans that are switching over?

  • Gabriel Doria

    Here’s why this poll is innacurate: 10 states including New Hampshire, Ohio and California have semi-closed primaries, that means that people who are registered as undeclared or unaffiliated like myself can vote for Bernie Sanders. 16 states have open primaries, that means that you can be registered as whatever you want and vote for whatever you want. So we have a lot of republicans that have switched and say they are voting for Bernie and a lot of unaffiliated people who are not being taken into account in some of the major primary/swing states.

  • Anna Schmidt

    I remember the day years ago when Hillary Clinton looking a combination of angry and deeply hurt claimed that The Republican Party was lying about her. She was incredulous about what she then called,” A vast right wing conspiracy.” Well since then it has been hard to prove that anyone would fear the power of a woman so much that they would fabricate complex lies about her. We now have proof, Hillary Clinton has been subjected to character assassination by members of the GOP for decades. She angered them when she went to China to speak on women’s rights, her speech was amazing, and since that time super PACs lead by Karl Rove and others have spread misinformation in attempts to defame Hillary Clinton. A book “Clinton Cash” filled with innuendos and unsubstantiated theories about nefarious activity by Bill and Hillary Clinton designed to defame their humanitarian work around the world, much of which has been debunked. Fact checking done on the book proved many of the accusations were lies. The narratives being pushed by the GOP are Hillary can’t be trusted, she is a liar, she stole from the Clinton Foundation, they used Hillary”s position as SOS to get donations, Chelsea is her lawyer’s child, Hillary caused the Benghazi attack, one of her books “It takes of Village to Raise a Child” was even assigned a subversive label by the GOP, it goes on and on and on… As I said previously it started when as First Lady Hillary wanted to speak about women’s rights in China. The GOP was livid, they tried to stop her, she went anyway…that was the start of the war against Hillary Clinton. Those are the facts. THERE IS A RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY AGAINST HER, IT IS A FACT!

  • Gary Stebnitz

    Oh for haven’s sake, Hillary had Bernie shining her shoes. There was no contest.

  • Leslie

    18-49? That’s a pretty huge age range, especially compared to the other categories. I’d also be interested to know how many were landlines and how many were mobiles, because I think that’s a really telling detail.

  • Cassady

    If this poll is in any way accurate, and Bernie is within eight points of Hillary ALREADY this early in the race, then Bernie won.

    Hillary is the conservative here. Bernie is the liberal. The LAST thing America needs right now is another conservative running the country. Into the ground.

  • Christine

    Hillary won the debate hands down !

  • Amie

    Who “won” the debate is such a subjective opinion and really quite meaningless. Hillary was clearly more polished and prepared, but that’s just not something Bernie will ever think is important. No candidate had perfect answers on every question. This debate put Hillary in a more positive light than has been the case so far in her campaign, so plenty of people are bound to think that she won. Considering all the evidence that we have, it’s likely that Bernie resonated with more people.

    What bothers me is that Hillary supporters insist all the polls are skewed. That “Bernie bots” and “Rove trolls” just sat around voting hundreds of times. There is NO reason to believe this was any more likely than for Hillary fanatics. Both candidates have their share of trolls. I went to a debate party with about 50 Bernie supporters and not one of us voted in a poll. It’s ridiculous to say that the online polls must be wrong when there are so many that have roughly the SAME result. Not to mention that it isn’t just online polls. All focus groups had him winning, Google Trends showed he was the most searched candidate, and he gained by far the most Facebook and Twitter followers. It isn’t a definitive “win” but who’s to say this poll makes anything definitive? Hillary supporters are acting like it’s the one and only metric we should trust. Maybe Hillary “won” for this group of voters but it’s hardly a landslide.

    And yet, they will only talk about the debate win and not that Bernie is just 8 points behind in a national poll without Joe Biden.

  • This poll is a FAKE! there is absolutely no way the young people between the ages of 18 to 24 would have polled this way. I work with them at universities and this is most definitely NOT correct. Stop sticking up for a Corporate Shill.Stop making excuses for Corporate controlled media because see the revolution has begun and there is going to be a whole lot of explaining to do when this is all over.

  • Hillary will not defend the middle class, she supports too-big-to-fail. Hillary is a neoliberal, she’s not a liberal democrat. I can’t vote for the republican Hillary because I care about the future of the middle class.

  • Thomas Finnegan

    760 landlines? How’d they actually contact these people?

  • Reshay Ramirez

    This poll seems quite accurate in my opinion but I’d like to know why that all those polled were questioned “Do you now have more or less favorable opinion of said candidate except Hillary? Hillary and her supporters deserves to have that question answered also… Go Hillary #45

  • Margaret

    Yep, Hillary showed up, polished and with real policy ideas, not just railing at the rich. Definitely the one who I want in control. Bernie can’t help coming off as a curmudgeonly old guy, and a socialist. A non starter for the general election.

  • Teresa Welby

    Of course Hillary won.

  • Ron McElroy

    I saw someone who looked and sounded like Harry Truman. The media is backing Dewy.

  • Spencer Williams

    Bernie won the debate because he has influenced the other Democratic candidates the most. They’ve all shifted to the left.

  • Barb

    There is still space on the Starship Enterprise for you if you think Sanders will be our candidate! We progressives love what Sanders says – always, but in reality, do you really think he can beat a Republican? The only issue I’ve had with Bernie is he’s rarely, if ever, voted yea on gun control legislation and he seems to have one issue, Wall Street and how the middle class is being screwed (which I believe as well).
    Hillary isn’t perfect but she IS experienced and she is qualified to lead our country…and every damn one of the Republican candidates is afraid of her-the reason they continue to pound on Benghazi and her emails. My spouse and I will vote for Hillary, she WILL be the Democratic candidate and she will be our next President!

    • Slomo

      Why do Hillary supporters always spread false information? He has voted for background checks and banning automatic weapons. In 2008, Obama called Hillary Clinton “Annie Oakley” for her PRO gun stance. She will say and do anything to get elected, and by your comments, it seems that Hillary supporters will do the same. Shameful.

      • Gary Stebnitz

        My God, he voted against the Brady bill five times and still hasn’t answered for that..

    • Okay, where do I start? Bernie Sanders could easily beat a Republican. Any Democrat could beat a Republican at this stage, especially if it turns out to be Donald Trump. You know why? Because the majority of African-Americans, Mexicans, Jews, homosexuals, women, and educated white people will be voting Democrat. Racist, sexist redneck territory is small compared to the rest of America. Second, Bernie Sanders has much more experience than Hillary Clinton. He’s been fighting corporate welfare since 1995 (likely way before that). He has turned Vermont into the most progressive state in the country. For God’s sake, he’s been a senator since 2007, a Representative from 1991-2007; he’s voted against the Iraq War while Clinton was the typical reactionary to vote for it. While Hillary was giving speeches at Goldman Sachs, he was voting for the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Please, don’t vote for Clinton. America will stay the same if you do–the same establishment system. All Americans deserve basic necessities like free health care, free college (w/ no stifling debts), and a much stricter regulatory approach to Wall Street and corporations.

    • Sonia

      I definitely believe Bernie could beat any republican, hands down. They might be afraid of Hillary, but they’re terrified of Bernie. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be calling him a Commie, and they’d say his name more often and he’d have more media coverage. Hillary’s pockets are lined by Wall Street. She’s not going to take them on like Bernie will. Bernie has been for the equality of all people across the board since the start of his political career and before then. Hillary is new to equality. Don’t vote based on who the media says is electable, Bernie has the experience, and is 100% presidential material.
      According to the polls that I’ve seen, it looks like Trump is still the Repub. front runner, (someone site me and correct me if I’m wrong, please. Not sure if my sources are credible), and Sanders is polling better than him as far as I remember…

  • Robert LaBob

    I have seen several polls and reports that say it came out as Sanders, Webb, Hillary, then the other two. I noticed the focus on Webb’s background in reports and just finished reading, Grid The Crossing which gave some of his background in good leadership. This man is definitely worth a lot to this country experience wise.

  • Michael


    Gravis Marketing
    “Providing the political advertising software and services that get the campaign responses and results you want.”

    That’s your source – a company that proclaims on it’s website that they “get the campaign responses and results you want”.

  • Linda

    Seems there is a consistent conflict in the polls as MSM say Hilary won and social media claim Bernie won 4 to 1. My conspiracy side says: Billionaire owned MSM has it’s corruption and a lot to lose if Bernie becomes president.

  • RM Griffin

    To my mind, it was an inconclusive photo finish, between Clinton and Sanders, with each having problems in different areas, though both were clearly the frontrunners. The huge differences in polls, is an indication of our changing times and technologies. While internet polls are not scientifically based, they do show massive support for Sanders among the tech savvy, who have been exposed to his campaign, unlike the traditional poll, which may or may not be contacting people who rely on main stream media for information about candidates. Given that Sanders has been downplayed and dismissed as a fringe candidate, despite drawing huge crowds and competitive campaign contributions (without super pacs), I think it is fair to say, that as the media is forced to give him more exposure, we can expect to see the same kinds of shifts in polling that we have seen in New Hampshire, Iowa and California.
    The best take away from this first Democratic Debate, is that people have seen for themselves, that those seeking the Democratic nomination, are capable of civilized discourse about important issues and have the ability and willingness to explain their positions and how they intend to implement policy. We should all be grateful that at least some of our politicians can show the world that not all Americans behave like ignorant spoiled brats.

  • JamesT


    * This is a robo poll conducted on landlines. Its demographic favors Clinton heavily, as people itching to start revolutions don’t typically feel compelled to talk to robots in their kitchen to pass the time.

    * It has Clinton only up +8 where it matters: Who are you voting for.

    If its remotely accurate (though it is not), it means they’re statistically tied now. Which would be incredible: That would put Bernie ahead of Obama when Obama won his primary. Therefore we should discount it until we have other polls saying the same thing.

  • June Milby

    I think Hillary won the debate, O’Malley came in second, Bernie was third, Webb-fourth and Chaffee a distant fitfth. I think Chaffee would do everyone a favor if he got out of the race now. Webb, too, for that matter. Hillary knew her stuff and kept her cool. That was also true of O’Malley. I think Bernie came off as an old man who no longer knows how to talk without yelling. He also kept calling for a revolution. I don’t think we want a revolution, we want our country to work for all of us, not just the rich and privileged. We don’t want to roll back protections and assistance to pre-Roosevelt days, but we also don’t want to wipe out all the rich. We want the deck I stacked, not the table overturned.

  • Linda

    Bernie clearly came through much better, the internet including twitter, google searches, and website hits shows that. The dissonance is that the media that I’ve watched for years is portraying an alternate reality of Hillary winning as if it were not only credible but valid. It is so disconnected from what occurred last night that I’m watching them as if the media is now the show vs. the candidates. What is going on here? Why are they spinning an alternate reality? I already noticed the whiteout by allegedly liberal media of a candidate that was drawing record crowds and far more than any candidate on either side. That is more than a little strange.

  • Jane Baker

    I did not miss 1 minute of the debate and while I liked Bernie in some respect, it was very clear to me that Hillary won the debate. She remained calm and poised when taking tough questions and gave a lot of the answers that I was wanting to hear. I thought that Bernie Sanders was too loud and shrill. He came off as angry and spewed hate at the wealthy too much. I like some of his ideas, but they will never get done unless we have a Democrat Congress. O’Malley did a good enough job, but I was least impressed by Chaffee and Webb. They should be on the Republican stage.

    • Warren

      Are you serious? While I agree that Hillary was very calm and poised (as she admitted to voting for the Iraq war and supporting spying on American citizens), Bernie was “too loud and shrill?” This is the problem with voting nowadays. It happened in the Clinton years, I heard people (women in particular) say that he was much more handsome than Bob Dole so he had their vote (?!). As an American, you’re voting for what comes out of their mouths, not their tone, not their looks, not their hairstyle (I’m looking at you Senator Sanders). Please reconsider this odd decision, because not only does Bernie Sanders have a RIGHT to be angry at the wealthy (who deserve far more “hate” than he “spewed” last night), a lot of Americans agree with him on the issue of income inequality. I completely agree with you on Chaffee and Webb though.

    • Please, don’t be that brainwashed, simple-minded voter who only looks at insincere presentation as “electable.” Honestly, tell me who looked the most genuine and passionate on that stage. Clinton was poised and calm, because she’s a calculating politician; simple as that. Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about the look of his hair or how loud he exclaims facts. He was spewing hate at the wealthy because they deserve it! Look at what state the country is in. The job market is horrible. Hospitals and universities are greedy. Banks and other firms are even greedier. Yeah, I think it’s time to change things.

  • Matt

    Haha you’re some lying asses … no matter what the media says and they are trying really hard to say Hillary won the debate the American people who watched it know what really happened I can’t believe how far journalistic integrity has fallen you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    • Gary Stebnitz

      Hillary had Bernie shining her shoes. He was simply no match for her and now with Biden probably bowing out, Bernie might as well go home.

  • jk

    These numbers are pure propaganda, garbage, Hillary…? Won? Paaaaleeeease!

  • Well,ONE THING I can say..We got what America deserves,A REAL DEBATE WITH ADULTS IN THE ROOM.

  • damspahn

    As someone who is intimately familiar with research, I find a number of red flags in these demos.

  • Charlotte

    Any commenters who lack the ability to distinguish between “to” and “too” probably shouldn’t be questioning the academic credentials of those polled, nor the integrity of a candidate who may change a stance when more information is made available. That isn’t flip-flopping, that’s intelligent assessment of all available information.

  • Shelly Ramsay

    Polls like this are meaningless to me. The real poll is the honest people on the internet. They say Bernie won and I’m going to have to agree. He won on the issues. Clinton seemed to bobble when asked the tough questions. She flip flops to much for my taste and I don’t like that Obama has not endorsed her yet. Seems a bit curious to me. Bernie all the way!

    • Sandra Barron

      Polls done within social media are NOT true and scientific polls. We learned that in 2008 and 2012 when the right wing skewed poll results within social media to make it appear McCain and Romney were winning when in fact, they weren’t. There is no way of telling who voted in these social media polls. Or how many times any particular person voted in them. We already knew yesterday morning that Bernie groups, whether they be bots or republican trolls, were seeking to skew those results. I think it’s a real shame that liberals who support Sanders have sunk so low as to use right wing and Fox News tactics.

    • Jim Hubbard

      What you’re admitting is you have confirmation bias. A real poll didn’t tell you what you wanted to hear, so you are disregarding it in favor of meaningless, non-scientific polls that tell you what you want to hear. You claim those non-scientific, online polls are taken by “honest people” without any possible hope of showing whether the people taking the polls were indeed honest.

    • terra

      Obama is not going to endorse anyone..he is the president and the leader of the Democratic Party…its would be like choosing which kid is your favorite. And Bernie did not win.. he lost on Gun Control and Foreign Policy..he ducked so much its a wonder he didn’t hit his head on the floor.

      Hillary knew the facts and did not bobble.

  • CNN fair? It was as if Anderson Cooper was instructed to go for Hillary’s jugular from the first question on, it was an inquisition when it came to the woman! We know now who Anderson is working for!

    • Fara

      I agree with Nina, Hillary was called in last, seemed to be a deliberate thing for women to be last in all things these men have to say and do about women anymore. When I found out Anderson was going to be moderator I said who picked him, I knew he would go for Hillary’s jugular. He didn’t go quite that far, but if he had I think Bernie may have let it be known that women were to be respected. CNN has become a clone of Fox News if anyone has been watching it these last 2 years. It get closer and closer to how they present news.

    • pook

      He went for everyone’s jugular. Did you miss him interrogating Bernie on socialism and gun control? Or O’Malley on his record in Baltimore?

  • Terje

    A cheap quickie poll taken in a few hours following the debate is questionable.

    But do you really expect anyone to take it seriously when it shows Jim Webb winning 12% of the primary vote, and Linc Chafee at 8%? (To say nothing of 36% of the sample having a post-graduate degree – compared to 9% of the population…. Democrats may have higher education levels, but that is just to far off to be credible.)

    There is a reason people don’t take Gravis seriously – it is because they try to pass off sloppy polling like this as being for real.

    • Robbie

      I agree about Chafee at 8% being odd. However, your concern about graduation rates not reflecting the population might be off. Gravis is not comparing to the U.S. population, but to likely primary election Democratic voters. So education is likely to be much higher in primaries than general elections.

      • Justin

        Disagree Robbie, simply because it completely ignores the enthusiasm of millennials that have never participated in a primary. It remains to be seen whether their enthusiasm will translate into primary voting, but given the sheer volume in volunteer efforts I see on behalf of Bernie (unlike I’ve seen for any other candidate) I am pretty confident these newer voters will be turning out for the primaries.

    • JBfromNC

      I suspect the first question was, “did you watch the entire debate?” That would skew the results toward a more educated sample, as well as a slightly disprortionately African American sample. Interesting that you assume they only polled Democrats.

      • Levi

        Funny you didn’t read the first line where they said they polled registered Democratic voters. Yes, they only polled Democrats.

      • pook

        Why on earth would more African-Americans watch the whole debate? Of all the weird stereotypes I’ve heard about black people, “they’re unusually interested in watching political debates on television” is not one of them.

    • Digitus

      This poll sure represented how I looked at the debate and it fits well with other reviews by political wonks. It seem to be a pretty accurate poll for whatever that’s worth.

  • AG

    I was thoroughly impressed with Clinton last night, and haven’t been excited about her run since she announced until that debate.

    Bernie Sanders also proved he’s no fluke. I don’t know how electable he is, but I think he and Hillary actually make a formidable team. I have to say, while Obama has gotten a lot accomplished this year, I’m very hesitant to vote for someone little experience in politics again.

    It seems like the Democratic field is in good hands. I used to consider myself a moderate, but there currently seems to be no saving the current Republican Party, which is in total shambles.

    • terra

      Obama was a state senator and a US senator…
      And he has got allot done in the 7 years he has been in office. Most things that no one else has been able to do.

  • Marie

    Ah, finally a poll without America Rising & Rovesters. Much appreciated!

  • CS

    Interesting. 90% of D’s polled claim to be college graduates. I could make a snarky remark about how it makes sense that they would side with Hilary but I’ll refrain

    • Jesse D’Amato

      CS, how could 90% claim to be college grads when only 58% claim to have a bachelors or post grad degree?

      • David

        Because many college graduates have associate degrees.

      • Bill

        Where do you get your numbers from?

        • non college grad

          Learn to read. 31% say “some college” which is generally what people say if they have not completed a degree… It could also include some people who have an associates but no higher degree, but only about 1 in 10 Americans fall into that category. A further 10% indicate no college instruction at all, or a total of 41% without a bachelor’s or higher degree.

          58% said they have a bachelors or higher degree. Which is conceivably consistent with the demographics of “liberals” concerned enough with politics to watch preliminary debates and thus be in a position to participate in this poll.

    • terra

      Why would you say it makes sense for those with an education wouod vote for Hillary in that snarky way? Is there something wrong with being educated and wanting someone that has knowledge and education?

      • ron

        Dear lord, if we let the educated people decide, we’ll be teaching evolution, vaccines are safe, tolerance is good and greed heads need to be reigned in. Why, why, that’s SOCIALISM.

        • Wil

          The sad part is, I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not.

    • Digitus

      It doesn’t add up to 90%. Only 58% had a BA or grad. degree. You must have added the “some college” in there. Read more carefully, maybe?